PG Diploma in Artificial Intelligence  Syllabus and Subjects:

The subjects followed in the curriculum of PG Diploma in Artificial Intelligence are listed below:



1 Introduction to AI
2 Problem Formulation
3 Production System
4 Ontology
5 Propositional Logic
6 First-Order Predicate Logic
7 Fuzzy Logic
8 Pattern Recognition
9 Distance-Based Neural Networks
10 Multilayer Neural Network
11 Decision Trees
12 Population-Based Search

PG Diploma Artificial Intelligence Syllabus:

The Syllabus followed in the curriculum of the course emphasizes the practical and theoretical aspects of learning. The syllabus for the course is listed below:



1 Machine Learning
2 Artificial Intelligence
3 Machine Learning
4 Deep Machine Learning
5 Algorithms
6 Types of Machine Learning
7 Linear Algebra
8 Regression
9 Clustering
10 Reinforcement Learning
11 Neural Networks
12 Natural Language Processing
13 Predictive Analysis
14 Ensemble Techniques
15 Machine Learning Applications across Industries

Other Related Syllabus and Subjects:

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