B.Sc Hons. Zoology Jobs, Scope, Salary in India

Duration: 3 Years
Avg Fees: ₹10K - 1 LPA
Sakshi Chaudhary
Sakshi Chaudhary

Updated on - Jan 6, 2024

Jobs after B.Sc Hons. Zoology is plenty for the graduates. Some B.Sc Zoology Hons graduates can build up their career in research and animal science. In addition, there are plenty of job scope for the graduates in the field of teaching after completion of the course, and even there are broad scope in public and private sectors of various organizations.

Career Prospects and Job Scope for B.Sc Hons. Zoology

B.Sc Hons. Zoology scope after graduation is in diverse fields. As science groups are accepted as a universal language worldwide, the job scope for a science graduate completing a Zoology Honours course is in good numbers. The average salary for a B.Sc Hons. Zoology graduate is around 5.58 LPA - 10 LPA. After the competition of the course, the students can enter any related organizations and work accordingly. B.Sc Hons. Zoology Jobs for students after completion of the course, jobs for freshers are:

  • Microbiologist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Medical Coding Intern
  • Dialysis Technician
  • Junior Research Fellow

B.Sc Hons. Zoology Job designation for aspirants with experience are;

  • Research Scientist
  • Associate Research Scientist
  • High School Teacher
  • Clinical Data Manager
  • HR Manager

Areas of Recruitment For B.Sc Hons. Zoology 

B.Sc Hons. Zoology graduates are recruited to almost every area of working profiles. As science is one of the important branches of study, most organizations prefer B.Sc Hons. Zoology graduates over others. Jobs after B.Sc Hons. Zoology is in diverse fields. Some areas of recruitment are:

  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Associates
  • Scientific

Salary Packages For B.Sc Hons. Zoology 

B.Sc Hons. Zoology salaries in the public and private sectors are around 5.58 LPA - 10 LPA. However, the salary packages may vary based on the skills and working experience possessed by the graduates.

Some of the very best positions offered to B.Sc Zoology Hons are:

B.Sc Zoology Hons Salary in India



Quality Assurance Auditor


Field Sales Executive


Business Development Manager


Government Jobs For B.Sc Hons. Zoology Aspirants

B.Sc Hons. Zoology graduates have high value in almost every government sector. Most of the research institutes and scientific institutes prefer B.Sc Hons. Zoology graduates. Graduates with a B.Sc Zoology Hons outshines in their respective jobs.

Some of the famous B.Sc Hons. Zoology Jobs in the government sector are:

Top B.Sc Zoology Hons Government Jobs in India

Top Government Companies

Job Profiles


The Chennai Medical Department

Medical Coder


National Zoo, Bhubaneswar

Zoo Keeper


WildLife Institute of India

WildLife Educator


Other Government jobs for B.Sc Zoology Hons are:

  • Wildlife Conservationist
  • Zoology Faculty
  • Naturalist
  • Junior Research Associate
  • Junior R&D Officer

Private Jobs for B.Sc Hons. Zoology Aspirants

Like that of jobs in the government sector, there are umpteen number of job opportunities in the private sector. Some of the reputed organization which hires B.Sc Hons. Zoology  graduates are:

Top B.Sc Zoology Hons Private Jobs in India

Top Private Companies

Job Profiles


Amaze Coding Solutions

Medical coder


TechIndia Infoway

Clinical Analyst


MM Milk Producer Company Ltd.

Area Officer


Some other B.Sc Hons. Zoology Jobs offered in this sector are:

  • Field Operations Executive
  • Biology Specialist
  • Quality Analyst
  • Junior Research Fellow
  • Clinical Analyst

Job Opportunities Abroad For B.Sc Hons. Zoology

B.Sc Hons. Zoology has a variety of job opportunities to choose from. The sectors include scientific, research, teaching, and many more. Most companies abroad prefer B.Sc Hons. Zoology as a science stream is one of the important batches of study. Some of the important profiles in the world of science are:

  • Zoology Teacher
  • Animal Caretaker
  • Forensic Expert
  • Researcher
  • Animal and Wildlife Educator

Top Companies

  • InterExchange
  • Gapforce
  • Cultural Vistas
  • GYRUS Infotech

Best Countries

  • America
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • Newzealand
  • Canada

Various Career Designations Abroad for B.Sc Hons. Zoology Student

There are a good number of job offers opened for B.Sc Hons. Zoology Hons graduates abroad. Some of the very best versatile job designations that attract B.Sc Hons. Zoology graduates to work abroad are:

  • Veterinary Scientist
  • Ecologist
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Field Trials Officer
  • Marine Scientist
  • Nature Conservation Officer

B.Sc Zoology Honours Fee Structure

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