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IGCSE Board Application Form 2021

International General Certificate of Secondary Education- (IGCSE) programs and qualifications set the global standards for international teaching. They are created by subject specialists, rooted in academic stiffness and reflect the latest educational study. The four stages of the IGCSE Pathway lead seamlessly from primary, secondary and through pre-university years. Institutions can grow the curriculum throughout how they want candidates to learn. Every year, approximately a million IGCSE learners prepare for their bright future with an education from IGCSE International. 


Admission related important points:

  • Late entry candidates have to pay late entry fees in addition to the subject fee.
  • Entry Amendment or Change of syllabus made after 22nd January 2021 will incur additional fees.
  • Candidates registering with other examination bodies for the May/June 2021 session are advised to check timetables for examination clashes before completing IGCSE/GCE examination Registration. 

IGCSE Registration Form 2021 Highlights

Here are the highlights of the IGCSE registration form 2021 below.

Board name

International General Certificate of Secondary Education



Exam name

International General Certificate Exam Administrative Zone 4


Registration/Admission form


How to Fill IGCSE Board Application Form 2021?

In completing the registration form the following instructions should be followed:

Step 1: Each candidate must submit only one registration form for the examination.

Step 2: Insert and check all personal information. Your name and address must be clearly and correctly placed and spelled. Your correct date of birth must also be inserted in the space provided. Use CAPITAL letters.

Step 3: Insert the number of one of the following: Identification Card, Passport, or Driver’s Permit. The registration form will not be accepted without a form of valid identification. Each candidate must provide proof of identity by bringing to the Examination Venue one of the three (3)aforementioned identifications.

Step 4: Insert and check syllabus title and syllabus code (where applicable paper option) at the correct level you wish to be examined.

Step 5: Candidates who wish to carry forward a previous session AS Level result must include in the registration form: syllabus title, session, previous center, and candidate numbers.

Step 6: Sign your registration form and attach a recent passport size photograph in the space provided.

Step 7: Ensure your bank draft is of the correct amount of pounds sterling.

Step 8: Retain your bank draft receipt.

Instructions to Fill IGCSE Board Application Form 2021

Candidates must follow the instructions given below while filling in the IGCSE board application form.

IGCSE Application Form (Blank)

IGCSE Application Form Payment

  1. Only bank drafts are accepted and can be purchased at any commercial bank.

  2. Bank drafts for total fees must be in pounds sterling.

            Fees include:

    • Subject Fee
    • Late Entry Fee (if applicable)

      3. Bank draft should be made payable to UPPER-LEVEL EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE LTD

Cambridge Assessment has registration quality standards for the following five key areas: 

  • Mission and educational values. 

  • Educational management and leadership.

  • Approach to teaching and learning. 

  • The way in which the physical environment supports teaching and learning and meets our requirements for the secure administration of examinations.

  • Legal requirements. 

When you have completed the Application Form, send it to your local Cambridge representative. They will review the form and may come back to you for more information.

When IGCSE Board has all the information they need then they will make arrangements with you for the approval visit. If for any reason you are not ready to move to the approval visit stage they will advise you on the most appropriate steps to take. 

Cambridge International will contact you within five working days of submitting your application form.

Cambridge International Important Definitions

 In these Terms the following words and phrases will have the meanings given below:

  • “Administrative Guide”  - means the Cambridge publication entitled.
  • “Cambridge Administrative Guide” - which provides detailed information and guidance for exam officers who are responsible for administering Cambridge examinations.

  • “Assessments” -  means the method used to evaluate a candidate's performance in relation to a Qualification.

  • “Cambridge” - means Cambridge International Examinations.

  • “Cambridge Marks” - means any trademark, registered mark or design or any other identifier that is identified with Cambridge, University of Cambridge, University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate or Cambridge Assessment including “CIE”, “Cambridge International Examinations”, “University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate”, “UCLES”, the “University of Cambridge” and “Cambridge”.

  • “Centre” - will be read as meaning the same as “School” when reading any documents that are produced by Cambridge, including those that form part of the Agreement.

  • “Certificate” - means the document produced by Cambridge recording the achievement by a candidate of having successfully completed the respective Assessments for a Qualification;

  • “Commencement Date” - means the date that Cambridge receives cleared funds in its bank account Cambridge International School (UK) Registration Application Form Issue 2 Cambridge International School (UK) Registration Application Form for the payment of the registration fee from the School.

  • “Confirmation Letter”- means the letter identified on its face as such which is sent by Cambridge to the School confirming that the School’s registration application has been successful.

  • “Entry” -  means a candidate submitted for a Qualification.

  • “Fees”- means sums payable by the School to Cambridge for the provision of the Services and that will be described in the Fees list applicable to the School as provided by Cambridge and amended from time to time.

  • “Force Majeure” - means, in relation to either Party, any circumstance beyond the reasonable control of that Party including (insofar as beyond such control but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing expression), without limitation any strike, lock-out or another form of industrial action, war, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, compliance with law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction, accident, breakdown of plant or machinery, fire, flood, storm or Act of God.

  • “Handbook” - means the Cambridge publication entitled “Cambridge Handbook”, which sets out the rules for administering Cambridge Qualifications and Assessments and the obligations between Cambridge and schools, as amended by Cambridge from time to time.

  • “Materials” - means any administrative materials produced by Cambridge in printed or electronic form, relating to the Syllabuses, Modules or Assessments.

  • “Module” -  means a component part of a Qualification.

  • “Party” - means either Cambridge or the School depending on the context.

  • “Qualification” - means a Qualification offered by Cambridge to the School so that the School

    may offer them to candidates at the School.

  • “School” - refers to the school that has signed the Confirmation Letter and will be read as meaning the same as Centre when reading any documents produced by Cambridge that refer to a Centre.

  • “School’s Premises” - means premises available to the School, and which are used for the purposes of examination administration.

  • “Services” - means those services provided by Cambridge to Schools as described in the Cambridge Handbook.

  • “Staff” - means all employees, officers, agents, advisors, or contractors of the School.

  • “Syllabuses” - means the curriculum content prepared by Cambridge which comprises the Qualifications.

    “Taxes” - means withholding or other taxes, duties, or other amounts.

  • "Terms” - means the terms contained in this document.  

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