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Goa SSC Syllabus 2021

Goa 10th syllabus 2021 will be available on the official website - The syllabus help candidates to understand the objectives of the Goa SSC board examination 2021. GBSHSE SSC syllabus will be available in PDF file format, making it easier for the candidate to download the same. The Goa Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education will announce the SSC syllabus 2021 for maths, science, social science, and other subjects. All subject topics and marks allocation are included in the syllabus.


Table of Contents

Goa SSC Board Exam Syllabus 2021 Highlights

Candidates can go through the important dates & details given below to stay updated regarding the Goa SSC board exam syllabus.

Board name

Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education 


Goa SSC syllabus 2021

Question paper maximum marks

100 marks

Exam duration

3 hours

Negative marking

No negative marking

Exam date

To be notified

How to Download Goa SSC Syllabus 2021?

Follow the steps mentioned below to download the Goa board SSC syllabus 2021 from the official website:

Step 1: Visit the official website of the board -

Step 2: Click on the 'Students' option at the top of the page.

Goa 10th Syllabus 2021

Step 3: Select 'Student Material' under the 'Students' section.

Step 4: Click on the 'Goa SSC Syllabus 2021'. A new window pops up with the syllabus of Goa SSC 2021

Step 5: Download the PDF and save it for further reference.

Goa 10th/SSC Subjects 2021 

The subject code and details of respective Goa board SSC subjects are given below:


Subject Code


English F.L.


Revised syllabus & modified model

question paper

Hindi S.L.


Revised syllabus & modified model

question paper

Marathi T.L.


Revised syllabus & modified model

question paper

History & political science


Regular syllabus in theory with

modified model question paper and

syllabus in practicals

Geography & economics


Regular syllabus in theory with

modified model question paper and

syllabus in practicals

Word processing


Revised syllabus, in theory, practicals with modified model question paper.

Desk top publishing


Revised syllabus, in theory, practicals with modified model question paper.



Revised weightage for content/subject

units & blue print

Science (practical)


Revised practical marking scheme

The above table gives details of the Goa board class 10th subjects. The board has made changes to the topics which are to be taken care of before appearing for the examination.

Theatre Art Syllabus

This subject is newly added to the curriculum of the board. This subject provides a medium through which the individual can express their ideas and reaction to the impressions they receive and by expressing them learn to evaluate and experience them.

Objectives of Theatre Art Syllabus:

1) To enhance confidence in movement and speech. To strengthen concentration and logical organization of ideas thus developing the power of analytical thinking.

2) To promote the growth of the development of self-awareness and expression.

3) To develop tolerance and sensitivity towards oneself and others in society. To develop an appropriate attitude toward oneself and others through creative thinking and expression.

4) To understand the inner and outer conflicts of life and help find solutions.

5) To create aesthetic awareness

6) Artistic Awareness and develop imagination and creative thinking.

7) To integrate the learning experience of other subjects into drama.

8) To develop a sense of discipline and appropriate social responsibilities

First Term Syllabus:

1) Introduction to World Theatre (Greek, Roman, Globe, etc.) (2 periods)

2) Study of Goan Folk Theatre Forms ( Ranmale, Jagar, Kalo, Gaulankala) (4 periods)

Improvisation (9 periods)

1) Individual improvisation (Using poem and text)

2) Group improvisation (Using poem and text)

Role Analysis (4 periods)

1) Characters from Text.
Introduction to Make-up: (base make-up demonstrate by drama teacher) 4 periods

MUSIC (4 periods)

1) Introduction of Background music (Recorded music, Sound effect, live music)

Second Term Syllabus:

Improvisation (6 periods)

1) Improvisation based on the photograph (Painting/Sculpture)

Role Analysis (3 periods)

1) Class Discussion on the lesson from language text.

MUSIC (4 periods)

1) Reacting to music, feel the music.

Theatre as Socially Useful Productive Work (2 periods)

1) Motivate students to write for 5 to 10 min. skit and directing it by using theatre
elements. (Provided theme)

2) To enhance the ability of the student in writing, directing and designing and
develop leadership quality.

As a Part of Academic Activity

A) Production & Practical

1) Group improvisation – using poem & Text.

2) Group improvisation – based on the photograph, painting/sculpture.

3) Write & Direct 5 to 10min. script

B) Assignment

1) Role Analysis – Character from the text.

2) Write 5 to 10 min. a skit on the given subject.

The assessment pattern for the Goa board SSC examination is as given below:


Type Marks Total


Summary (theory paper for 35 min)








Summary (theory paper for 35 min)









Weightage according to the forms of questions is as follows:

Form of Questions Marks for Each Question No. of Questions Total Marks
Long answer type (LA) 03 01 03
Short answer type (SA-I) 01, 02 06 10
Short answer type (SA-II) 03 01 03
Very short answer type (VSA) ½ 08 04
Total 20

 Weightage according to the difficulty level of questions is as given below:

The Estimated Difficulty Level of Question








Goa 10th Syllabus PDF for Regular/Pre-Vocational/NSQF/CWSN

Find below the PDFs of the various subjects for the candidates to view and download:



 English CWSN


 Hindi S.L


 Marathi T.L.


 Social science 1 CWSN


 Social science




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