CMAT 2021 Reference Books

Exam Date : February 22, 2021 To February 27, 2021
Result Date : March 10, 2021

CMAT is scheduled to be conducted in the month of January 2021 and the result for the same will be announced in February 2021. With the exam season approaching, every student needs guidance in selecting the best CMAT Books. There are no specific books prescribed for the CMAT Examination 2021. However, many books have been published by renowned professors to help practice and train for the examination.

Referring to CMAT Books is a must while preparing for Common Management Admission Test. To crack an exam of a national-level, one of the first steps is to find the ideal CMAT 2021 Best Books. Here are some updates and information about the reference books, which are very important for candidates, discussed below.

Best Section-Wise Reference Books for CMAT 2021

The preparation for the exam involves referring to many books that are best for the same. Each section requires a distinctive set of CMAT Books for preparation, and candidates should refer from them to score well. There are many reference books and materials, however, candidates should properly research the CMAT Books and select only those that not only cover all the topics but are also easily understandable. With expert analysis and research, the section-wise CMAT Books are discussed and listed below for the candidates to go through. 

CMAT Books for Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation

Candidates should go through the list of CMAT Books for Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation for preparation. The list of books are as follows:

  • How to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude by Arun Sharma
  • Sarvesh K Verma - Quantitative Aptitude Quantum for admissions into IIMs.
  • Abhijit Guha - Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations
  • Jaimin Shah -  Quantitative Aptitude for CMAT and Other MBA Examinations
  • RS Agarwal - Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations

CMAT Books for Language Comprehension

Candidates should go through the list of CMAT Books for Language Comprehension for reference and preparation. The list of books are:

  • Norman Lewis - Word Power Made Easy
  • Baron's Pocket Guide to Vocabulary
  • Trishna - Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning for MBA Examinations
  • Arun Sharma - Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT
  • Ajay Singh - Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension
  • Nishit K Sinha - Verbal Ability and Language Comprehension
  • Sujit Kumar - Pearson Guide to Verbal Ability

CMAT Books for Logical Reasoning

Candidates should go through the list of CMAT Books for Logical Reasoning for reference and preparation. The list of books are:

  • RS Agarwal - A modern approach to Logical Reasoning
  • Arun Sharma - How to prepare for Logical Reasoning
  • Peeyush Bharadwaj - Hand on Guide to Analytical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning
  • MK Pandey - Analytical Reasoning

CMAT Books for General Awareness

The General Awareness subject involves a lot of preparation from reference materials, including many news articles and other day-to-day articles and CMAT Books. The list of the best books and materials for the preparation of General Awareness are listed below:

  • Financial Express
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Business Today
  • Economic Times
  • Financial Times
  • The Hindu 
  • Business World
  • Disha Experts - General Knowledge
  • Manorama Year Book
  • Manohar Pandey - General Knowledge

Other CMAT Books for Preparation 

Apart from the section-wise CMAT Books listed above, candidates can also check out some other important reference materials for the exam. The list of other CMAT Books are given below:

  • Gautam Puri - MBA solved papers
  • CMAT Exam Guide
  • Disha Experts - CMAT Entrance Guide
  • Arihant - CMAT 2018
  • The complete reference manual for CMAT
  • Career Launcher - Study for CMAT Exam
Best CMAT books for preparation
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How to select the CMAT Books?

Before checking the CMAT Books List, the candidates can also check about how to select the ideal books for the preparation. Given below are some points which will help the candidates in selecting the best CMAT Books for preparation.
  • While choosing the best CMAT Books for the exam, applicants must guarantee that the book is ought to be of the most recent release.
  • Candidates must ensure that the book covers all the topics that are prescribed in the syllabus.
  • The best CMAT Books for preparation should be written in a simple and effective language.
  • Candidates must ensure that the books they select are composed of prestigious writers/essayists that have correct theories and explanations
  • Books should contain test papers along with the solutions.
  • Books should include earlier years’ question papers, too.

Importance of CMAT Books

Candidates should know the importance of the CMAT Books for all the subjects, and how essential it is for the candidates to prepare for the exam. The following are certain points that denote the advantages and importance of CMAT Books. 

  • Candidates will be able to prepare extensively with the help of the CMAT Books for all the subjects since all the major and important topics are covered in the books. This will help them score high in the exam.
  • Concepts and topics are mostly simplified and easily readable for the candidates. They will be able to learn the topics and remember them well in the exam.
  • The previous year's papers and mock tests will be available in the CMAT Books, which help the candidates understand how the questions will be generally asked in the exam, and they can accordingly practise and prepare using the same.

The ultimate victory of the candidates lies not only in referring to the CMAT Books but also in utilizing them and following certain strategies and techniques to score well in the exam. Candidates should go through the preparation tips, which are discussed in the section given below for reference. 

CMAT Preparation Tips

Candidates should know about the preparation tips and strategies, along with knowing the CMAT Books, for preparing well and scoring high on the exam. Certain preparation tips and strategies to be followed are given below for the reference of the candidates.

  • Going through the exam pattern and the syllabus of the CMAT Exam is the first the foremost thing to be done. Candidates should be very thorough with the different topics and concepts. 
  • Candidates should go through a lot of reference materials and CMAT Books for learning all the important topics. 
  • Practising many previous years, question papers, and mock tests help the candidates become more efficient and their time management skills increase to a great extent. 
  • Daily preparation of about 8 to 10 hours would be required to score very high in the exam.
  • Regular quick revisions would suffice, remembering all the topics. 

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