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May 30, 2021

Apr 20, 2021 | Management


Through the MAT exam, AIMA intends to test a candidate's English comprehension skills, their Analytical and Logical aptitudes, and their General Knowledge. The syllabus for all the modes in which the exam is held, i.e., IBT, CBT and PBT, is the same. The candidate is expected to attempt questions based on Language Comprehension, Data Analysis and Sufficiency, Intelligence and Critical Reasoning, Mathematical Aptitude, and lastly, Indian and Global Environment. The candidates need rigorous practice to clear the exam with a good score. Find all the information related to the MAT 2021 syllabus on this page.

Highlights of MAT Syllabus 2021

The MAT question paper will be divided into 5 sections. The candidates can go through the table given below to understand what kind of questions each section will have.

MAT Syllabus 2021
MAT SUBJECTS Important Topics
Language Comprehension Fill in the blanks, Reading Comprehension, English Proficiency, Para Jumble
Data Analysis and Sufficiency Table, Graphs, Data Sufficiency, Venn Diagram, Charts (Column, Bar, Pie)
Mathematical Skills Number System, Mixtures & Allegation, Profit & Loss, Sequence & Series, Interest, Ratio & Proportion, Trigonometry, Height & Distance, Algebra, Permutation & Combination
Intelligence and Critical Reasoning Passage Conclusion, Fact Inference Judgment, Statement Argument, Pie Chart, Blood Relations, Analogy
Indian & Global Environment Section Current Affairs, World Records, Books and Authors, Top Officials of Big Companies

MAT Section-Wise Syllabus 2021

Take a look at some important topics from each MAT subjects that are most commonly asked in the MAT Exam every year. The section below gives a detailed description of the MAT section-wise syllabus for 2021. Candidates can refer to the same to understand the MAT syllabus of 2021.

Each and every section of the MAT exam has been divided into an equal number of questions in the Multiple Choice Question format. Although the Indian and Global Environment section is not included in marks calculation, it has a total of 40 questions. Candidates can check the GATE section-wise syllabus weightage below.

Mathematical skills

This part of the MAT Syllabus 2021 tests the mathematical understanding of the candidate. This part consists of topics like Ratios and Proportions, Linear Inequations, Quadratic & Linear Equations, Profit and Loss, Geometry, Percentages, Averages, Time-Speed-Distance, Geometric Progression, Partnership (Accounts), Number System, Work and Time, HCF & LCM and Vectors.

MAT Section-Wise Syllabus 2021: Mathematical Skills
Total No. of Questions 40
Weightage in MAT Syllabus 2021 20%
Weightage in Percentile Calculation 25%
Types of Questions Multiple Choice Questions

Language Comprehension

The Language Comprehension section in the MAT exam syllabus 2021 tests the ability of candidates to understand the language and derive meaning from the given material. This section comprises two sections i.e. Reading Comprehension and English Vocabulary & Grammar. It contains topics like Verbal Reasoning, Syllogisms, Using the same word with a different meaning, Antonyms, Idioms, Contextual Usage, Analogies, One-word substitution, Fill in the blanks, Odd-One Out, Jumbled Paragraphs, Sentence Completion, Sentence Correction and Foreign language words used in English.

MAT Section-Wise Syllabus 2021: Language Comprehension
Total No. of Questions 20
Weightage in MAT Syllabus 2021 50%
Number of Passages asked 4 passages
The difficulty level of passages Moderate
Types of Questions Multiple Choice Question
Format of Questions Based on the information given in the passages.

Data Analysis and Sufficiency

This section of MAT syllabus 2021 will examine the interpretational skills of the candidate and his ability to draw conclusions from the data. The questions of Data Interpretation are mostly based on different graphs such as Puzzles, Series, Table Charts, Data Sufficiency, Bar Graphs, Graphs, Line Charts, Column Graphs, Pie Chart, Venn Diagram, and many others.

MAT Section-Wise Syllabus 2021: Data Analysis and Sufficiency
Total No. of Questions 40
Weightage in MAT Syllabus 2021 20%
Weightage in Percentile Calculation 25%
Types of Questions Multiple Choice Question

Intelligence and Critical Reasoning

The Critical Reasoning section of the MAT syllabus 2021 will be used to test the reasoning skills of the candidate. This section contains the Mathematical Reasoning & Verbal Ability Question. Different topics like Critical Reasoning, Sequencing, Visual Reasoning, Coding, Decoding, Identifying Valid Interferences, Assumption-Premise-Conclusion, Statements & Assumptions, Matrix Arrangement, Identifying Reasons, Linear Arrangements, Family Tree, Effect & Cause, etc.

MAT Section-Wise Syllabus 2021: Intelligence and Critical Reasoning
Total No. of Questions 40
Weightage in MAT Syllabus 2021 20%
Types of Questions Multiple Choice Question

Indian and Global Environment

The Indian and Global Environment section of the MAT syllabus 2021 will analyze the familiarity of the candidate in the current affairs of the world and India and general knowledge. In this section, questions will be asked on various topics like Current Affairs, Quotations from Important Personalities, Geography, History, Business, Major events in Corporate, Books and Authors, Science, Awards, Company Punch Lines, Top Officials of big companies, Sports, Entertainment, Politics, etc.

MAT Section-Wise Syllabus 2021: Indian and Global Environment
Total No. of Questions 40
Weightage in MAT Syllabus 2021 20%
Types of Questions Multiple Choice Question

MAT Section-Wise Syllabus Weightage 2021 Highlights

To understand the MAT syllabus 2021 and MAT Section-Wise Syllabus Weightage 2021 in a simpler way, candidates can refer to the following table:

MAT Section-Wise Syllabus Weightage 2021


Number of questions

Total Marks

Language Comprehension



Intelligence and Critical Reasoning



Data Analysis and Sufficiency



Mathematical Skills



Indian and Global Environment






MAT Syllabus PDF

The syllabus for MAT is altered every year. While several topics are deleted, many new are added to replace them. The candidates can view the PDF file and downloaded it to check the detailed syllabus for MAT 2021. Candidates must try to solve as many practice questions and mock tests, as they can get their hands on. More than theoretical knowledge, the exam will test their mathematical, logical and analytical aptitude. They must collect the best reference material to cover all the topics mentioned in the MAT 2021 Syllabus PDF given below.

Click here to download the MAT Syllabus PDF.

How to Complete MAT Exam Syllabus?

The candidates need a lot of time and practice to cover the vast syllabus given by ATMA, for the MAT 2021 exam. The exam is going to be held in three different modes, but the syllabus and the pattern for all will remain the same. Hence, the preparation strategies and tips given below can be used by all the applicants, irrespective of the mode they have opted for.

Knowing the MAT exam syllabus 2021

Analyzing the subjects of the MAT Exam syllabus 2021 is an important task. Candidates are highly advised to note down all the important topics which demand more preparation and need more focus. They must note that AIMA makes changes to the MAT syllabus every year, hence they must look for the latest syllabus on the internet, and plan on how to cover it efficiently. The candidates can even sort the topics based on the level of difficulty.

Being determined and disciplined

The MAT exam is taken by a high number of aspirants every year. The competition to get into a good Management college through this exam is hence, very tough. The applicants must prepare a time chart of how much time they need to devote to their studies each day, and try their best to stick to it. They must include ample of small breaks to give themselves some physical exercise and their minds some rest, as it improves productivity. Each subject must be given sufficient preparation time in one's schedule.

Avoid referring to a lot of MAT preparation books

The candidates will find a number of preparation books and study material for each subject. They should, however, refrain from referring to multiple books while preparing for one topic. Every author has a different way of explaining. Studying from various different books at once may confuse the reader. It is advisable that the candidates pick the latest edition of a good reference book, published at a renowned publishing house.

Making notes of every topic

For completing the MAT Exam syllabus 2021, candidates need to ensure that they make their own notes and take up a habit of underlining every important pointer of their respective reference books. This will also help them during the time of last-minute revision.

Practicing previous year papers & mock tests

The best way to get a hands-on experience of the actual exam is by solving the previous years' question papers and mock tests for MAT. These tests are easy to find. The candidates will understand the complete exam pattern, including the marking scheme, duration of the exam, the number of questions which have to be attempted, sectional division of subjects as well as time, etc.

Important points about MAT exam syllabus 2021

Below are a few important points about the MAT 2021 syllabus which can be referred to by the candidates.

  • The MAT exam syllabus is based on the guidelines mentioned and the current structure of the MAT exam.
  • MAT Exam 2021 Syllabus never had any boundaries and this also applies to define the MAT exam syllabus.
  • The MAT full syllabus is based on current trends in the examination and putting it the right way, the MAT exam syllabus is the outcome of various topics which has been earlier appeared in MAT examination.
  • The MAT exam Syllabus almost covers all the major mat subjects on the three test sections.
  • The most important point in MAT exam syllabus 2021 is that there is no repetition of MAT questions in any of the MAT examination. Only, the difficulty level of the questions in the MAT exam would not go out of the MAT exam syllabus.
  • Once the applicants know about the MAT exam pattern and other details of the examination, their next step for preparation is to go through and analyze the MAT exam Syllabus.


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