MFM (Master of Fashion Management): Course Details, Eligibility, Admission, Fees

Duration: 2 Years
Avg Fees: ₹50K - 4 LPA

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MFM is a two year postgraduate management course that deals with the study of the marketing strategies used in luxury fashion including how well-known fashion houses maintain their iconic brand images. MFM courses prepare students for a wide range of job opportunities Showroom Sales Manager, Technical Design Manager, Cutting Assistant Costume Designer, Fashion Coordinator, Fabric Quality Control Manager, Fabric Quality Control Manager.

Table of Contents

MFM Course Details

Degree Masters
Full Form Master of Fashion Management
Duration 2 Years
Age No age limit
Minimum Percentage Minimum 50 percent under graduation score
Average Fees ₹50K - 4 LPA
Similar Options of Study MBA Fashion Designing
Average Salary INR 3-8 LPA (Source: PayScale)
Employment Roles Fashion Designer, Fashion Event Manager,Consultant

About MFM Course

The MFM course duration is 2 years long. MFM's full form is Master in Fashion Management. MFM course detail is a postgraduate degree that provides students with a thorough understanding of the subject through the integration of academic and practical knowledge.

Eligibility Criteria for MFM Course

MFM eligibility criteria requires the applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with at least 50% in the former subject from a recognized university in order to qualify for admission to the Master of Fashion Management program. MFM course applicants must have a maximum of 24 years of age.

Students who have a B.Sc in Fashion Designing and earned at least a 50% grade point average will be eligible for this program. Additionally, students must pass an entrance exam at the college level or national level to take the course.

Who Should Pursue MFM Course?

The MFM programme seeks to develop effective leaders for the MFM sector. It concentrates on the growth of managerial, financial, and risk issues associated with the sector. For individuals that want to stand out in their industry, the following things should be taken into consideration while choosing an MFM programme.

  • Candidates must sincerely care about the topic.
  • If a student has a Bachelor's degree in a relevant field, they should be able to enrol in the course.
  • Candidates can enrol in the course to hone and expand their fashion management abilities after at least a year of relevant experience.

When To Do MFM Course?

Both nationally and internationally, MFM offers a variety of professional opportunities. Any time is a good time to pursue MFM. The following are a few variables that impact MFM:

  • Before pursuing a career in MFM, it is best to have at least a year of experience as a Fashion Consult in the industry. Even if it is not necessary, gaining weight while being welcomed is an excellent thing.
  • Candidates must have three to five years of professional experience if they plan to study MFM overseas.
  • Due to the high expense of the programme, it is advised to have some resources on hand and work experience before enrolling in MFM.

How to Get Admission to an MFM Course?

MFM admission requirements differ between colleges and universities. Applicants for a master’s in fashion management degree must meet certain requirements. Applications for admission can be submitted online or offline. Admission to MFM course colleges in India is determined by college entrance exams. The general admission process consists of the following components:

How to Apply for an MFM Course? 

Students can find information on admission for MFM courses on the college website. Online applications for MFM programs can be found on the college’s websites. Students can also submit their applications in person or online. The offline application process involves students visiting the campus, filling out an application form, and picking up a brochure.

Selection Process 

Admission to the program is determined by a candidate’s grades. Applicants who meet the college’s admission requirements and clear their minimum score cutoffs are eligible. The official university website for an MFM program provides details about the students selected for the program. Students receive their final results either by email or via the college website. Additionally, applicants with strong fashion knowledge are encouraged to apply.

Types of MFM Courses

Aspirants can pursue the course in full-time or part-time mode. Below are the types of MFM courses in detail:

Full-Time MFM

A two-year, full-time MFM is available. Practical knowledge is more important than theoretical understanding in this line of work. A full-time course provides the benefit of allowing students to connect closely with teachers and other students, thus expanding their exposure, experience, and knowledge.

Part-Time MFM

There is a part-time MFM. In this line of business, practical expertise supersedes theoretical comprehension. The advantage of a part-time MFM is, it allows candidate flexibility to work while studying.

Distance MFM

When pursuing an MFM after having a bachelor's degree but lacking the time to attend traditional sessions, distance learning is the ideal option. Depending on the candidate's schedule, it takes two or three years to finish.

MFM courses are available in all colleges and universities according to their admission requirements. Students who wish to apply for admission to these top universities need to take a competitive entrance exam. Studying exam patterns can also help students pass master’s degree entrance exams. To be admitted to MFM courses, applicants must score well on entrance exams from national, state, and college programs. There is a possibility that entry exams and cutoff scores may differ between colleges and universities. The following are some of the most popular MFM entrance exams: 

A Quick Glance at the MFM Entrance Exams 

In order to prepare for the Master in Fashion Management entrance exam, students should become familiar with the syllabus and exam pattern. It is more likely that the students will pass their entrance exams. An entrance exam generally takes the following form: 

  • The entrance exam will be administered online through a computer-based test.
  • The exam lasts for two hours.
  • Exams are conducted in English.
  • There are three sections to the paper: Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Ability, and Verbal Reasoning and Reading Comprehension.
  • The maximum score for the exam is 228 points.
  • Correct answers will receive +3 marks.
  • An incorrect answer will result in a -1 mark.

Top MFM Colleges in India 

MFM courses are offered by a large number of colleges in the country. Students who are interested in learning fashion marketing and costume designing may find the Master of Fashion Management course appealing. Students at MFM colleges in India are prepared for success. List of best colleges for MFM in India that offer postgraduate courses: 

MFM Colleges in India


List of Colleges

Average Fees (INR)


NIFT, Navi Mumbai



NIFT, New Delhi



NIFT, Hyderabad



NIFT, Kannur



KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research 6.5 LPA


NIFT, Bhubaneswar



NIFT, Chennai



NIFT, Shillong



NIFT, Patna



Mod’art International, Mumbai


Top MFM Colleges in Bangalore

Below is the list of colleges which are the top MFM colleges in Bangalore:

SL.NO. Institutions
3 Mount Carmel College
4 Presidency University
5 Garden City University

Top MFM Colleges in Mysore

Below is the list of colleges which are the top colleges of MFM in Mysore:

SL.NO. Institution
1 Cresta School of Management, Science and Arts
2 Parsons School of Design
3 AND Academy
4 JSS Polytechnic for Women

Top MFM Colleges in Mumbai 

The top MFM Colleges in Mumbai are given below:

SL.NO. Institution
2 ITM Institute of Design and Media
3 Amity University
4 JD Institute of Fashion Technology
5 SNDT Women's University

Top MFM Colleges in Chennai 

Here is the list of top colleges of MFM colleges in Chennai:

SL. NO. Institution
4 ICAT Design and Media College

Top MFM Colleges in Government Colleges 

Government Colleges that offer MFM are affordable and cater to the economically backward and financially despondent section of society. Here is a table of government colleges offering MFM:

Sl.No Institution
1 NIFT, Mumbai
2 NIFT, Kolkata
3 NIFT, Delhi
4 NIFT, Chennai
5 NIFT, Shillong

Top MFM Colleges in Private Colleges

Numerous prestigious universities in private universities offer a range of MFM programmes. Numerous famous schools and universities are located throughout the country. The top universities that offer an MFM are listed below:

SL.NO. Institutions
1 ESEDS School of Design, Kolkata
2 LPU, Chandigarh
3 Pearl Academy, Delhi
4 Amity University, Kolkata
5 Vogue Institute of Design, Mumbai

Study MFM in Abroad

Students may decide to enrol in an international programme at MFM if they can afford it. The length of an international MFMprogramme can range from one to two years, depending on the course, the college, and the nation.

Students may access some of the best facilities, lecturers, and resources, as well as a global perspective on the subject and various cultures when they study for an MFM abroad.

Top MFM Colleges Abroad

The table below contains the list of some of the best colleges abroad for MFM:

Institution Fees 
University of Toronto, Canada CAD 78,533.02
University of British Columbia, Canada CAD 81,034.07
Technical University of Munich, Germany EURO 20,474.12
Teeside University, UK GBP 16,407.95
University of Alberta, Canada CAD 40,350.30
Coventry University, UK GBP 31,100.03
University of East London, UK GBP 24,448.80
Parson School, USA USD 51,190.40
London School of Arts and Design, UK GBP 24,022.10
St. Martins School of Design, Italy EURO 46,1742.32

Top MFM Colleges in the USA

The USA is home to some of the greatest organisations and colleges in the world that provide the best programmes in MFM. The following table lists the top American colleges and universities that offer an MFM:

SL.NO. Institution
1 Harvard University
2 Texas A&M University
3 Northeastern University
4 Arizona State University
5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Top MFM Colleges in Germany 

One of the most sought-after degrees offered by German universities is an MFM. The best universities offering an MFM in Germany are shown in the table below:

SL.NO. Institutions
1 ESMT Berlin
2 WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management
3 Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
4 Macrodamia University of Applied Science
5 ISM Academy

Top MFM Colleges in Canada

Canada is a fantastic alternative to think about for your MFM courses, giving a plethora of research opportunities to help you enhance your skills. Here are the top universities in Canada for MFM:

SL.NO. Institution
1 University of Toronto
2 University of British Columbia
3 University of Alberta
4 McGill University
5 York University

Top MFM Colleges in Australia

Gaining knowledge and skills through an MFM in Australia can ultimately improve your chances of finding a job both in Australia and abroad. The best universities in Australia offering an MFM are shown in the table below:

SL.NO. Institution
1 University of Melbourne
2 University of Sydney
3 RMIT University
4 Victoria University
5 Deakin University

Fee Structure for MFM

MFM fees in India vary based on the facilities and infrastructure available. MFM course fees in India range from INR 50,000- 4 LPA. The fee structure of public universities and colleges differs from that of private institutions. The following is a list of MFM fees for colleges in India offering this degree: 

MFM Course Fee
SI.No Name of the Institutes Average Annual Fees (INR)
1 Amity School of Fashion Technology 3.50 LPA
2 International Institute Fashion Technology 4.70 LPA
4 Jaipur National University 5 LPA
5 Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole University 2 LPA

Syllabus and Subjects for MFM Course 

Students can choose from a variety of core and elective courses, such as basics of fashion, the process of garment manufacturing, fashion marketing and merchandising fashion styling and photography, and the fashion design process. Costume designers gain the skills they need to work in the marketing field as a result of studying the subject. The following topics will be covered in the MFM course: 

  • Fashion Finance & Economics
  • Logistics & Resource Management
  • Fashion Communication
  • Lifestyle Journalism
  • E-Commerce

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Why Choose the MFM Course?

Many students wonder about the details of MFM courses before choosing one. In choosing a career, students commonly ask “What is MFM?” and “Why choose MFM?.” In order to provide students with an answer, we summed up the following three points:

What MFM Course is All About? 

MFM's full form is Master of Fashion Management. The MFM course in India's duration is of two years. The official web pages of the university or college offering the course provide information about MFM Course. MFM students are prepared to work in textile mills, home furnishing companies, large retailers, brand marketers, manufacturers, consultancy organizations, e-retailers, international brands, startup firms, etc.

What Does an MFM Graduate Do? 

An MFM degree can lead to a wide range of career options, including the public and private sectors. The study of fashion management can provide students with a great deal of knowledge that they can utilize in their careers. Professionals can improve their skills and earn money at the same time. Graduates with a master's degree in fashion management are eligible for a number of careers.

Technical Design Manager: The Technical Design Manager drives the technical implementation of projects and oversees the daily operations of the project design team. The role is critical for maintaining communication from the project design team with project management, estimating, automation, production, and senior management. During costume projects.

Reasons Why MFM Course Can Fetch You a Rewarding Career? 

Graduates with an MFM course can work in textile mills, home furnishing companies, design BPO's, large retailers, brand marketers, manufacturers, consultancy organizations, e-retailers, international brands, startup firms, etc. There is a high demand for technical design managers in textile mills and large retailers. Public and private sectors hire graduates of MFM programs. 

Career Scope and Options: Graduating students of MFM programs are likely to work for rapidly developing textile mills that develop fashion techniques. As technology advances, students who possess a broad spectrum of skills will be in demand. In addition, students have the opportunity to work in textile industries like Ampm Fashion Pvt Ltd, Decathlon, Monte Carlo,

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Preparation Tips for MFM Course 

A student must be well prepared in order to enroll in an MFM course as a career option. Following are some tips for students seeking admission to the MFM course:

Developing a Study Plan: Students should prepare a study plan if they wish to pass their tests. Students who are prepared will be able to reduce unnecessary pressure and receive adequate training. Each student’s time should be allocated based on the strength and weaknesses of each subject.

Tips for preparing for the exam: To prepare for the exam, candidates should have a thorough understanding of the subject matter. Students can understand the course’s key points by understanding the basics.

Practice Makes Perfect: To reduce unnecessary pressure on test day, a candidate should practice and take notes before the exam.

Prepare Early: Early preparation helps students cover all of the important topics and gives them time to re-examine the syllabus.

Scope for Higher Education 

Master of Fashion Management is the full form of the course MFM. A technical design manager with a master’s degree can pursue a doctorate. The Master of Fashion Management program offers a variety of options. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to pursue higher education, which is another opportunity to become better informed on the topics covered in the MFM degree. Students can also prepare for careers in research and teaching with higher education. Students can take the following MFM courses following completion of their course: 

MFM Course Salary in India 

An MFM degree graduate can expect to earn about INR 3-8 LPA (Source: PayScale), which increases with experience. Students’ pay is determined by both their skills and experience, as well as how far they have progressed. 

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Career Options After MFM Course 

A variety of careers are available to graduates of the MFM program. Fashion management students learn both practical and theoretical skills that will benefit them later in life. Graduates of an MFM program can find employment with leading textile mills. By earning an MFM degree, students will be able to enhance their employability. Graduates of the MFM program might work as Showroom Sales Manager, Technical Design Manager, Cutting Assistant Costume Designer, Fashion Coordinator, Fabric Quality Control Manager, Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager. Graduates of MFM can pursue the following careers:

  • Cutting Assistant
  • Technical Designer
  • Fashion Coordinator
  • Fabric Quality Control Manager
  • Illustrator
  • Costume Designer
  • Apparel Production Control Manager
  • Design Promoter
  • Fashion Show Organisers
  • Showroom Sales Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • Personal Stylist

Skills That Make You the Best MFM Graduate 

Graduates with an MFM degree should have leadership and problem-solving skills. Skills learned by students based on their interests can also contribute to their careers. The development of certain skills must occur without personal interest in learning in order to advance a student’s career. Decision-making skills and the ability to learn new fashion management approaches are essential for a student’s success. Graduates of the MFM program should possess the following skills: 

  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Business Awareness
  • Research Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Organization Skills
  • Project Management Skills

MFM Fee Structure

See Various MFM Colleges in India