GMAT 2020 Important Dates

Exam Date : January 1, 2020 To November 23, 2020

GMAT Entrance Exam has important dates for its exams and the admit card but it varies from one candidate to another. As each candidate can apply any day of any month and accordingly he will receive the notification for issuing of admit cards and scorecard. All this, a candidate would be able to download the document from the official website of GMAT. Important dates also include GMAT Application form to fill and process. Details about GMAT 2020 Important dates and exam schedule has been discussed widely below.

GMAT 2020 Exam Dates

GMAT 2020: Points to Remember

  • Before scheduling the GMAT Exam, candidates have to make sure that the application deadline for the university to which they apply is before the release of GMAT 2020 results.
  • Candidates with a disability must take pre-emptive measures to receive special accommodation in the exam hall on the GMAT Entrance Exam day.
  • Well-before a candidate schedules the exam, he or she has to consider the required time for preparation. As this plays a vital role in the GMAT Exam score.
  • Analyzing the vicinity of the GMAT test centre is important.

GMAT Entrance Exam: Scheduling the Date

  • Registration for the GMAT 2020 can be done during any part of the year. A candidate can apply and schedule the dates based on his or her convenience.
  • The dates of the GMAT Exam are flexible. Moreover, the exam can be taken 5 times in a year and can be rescheduled within 16 days.
  • These facts make the GMAT Exam a viable option for anyone aspiring to make a career in management and business.

Despite the option to choose the GMAT Exam date is left unto the candidate, the slot of the exam is determined by GMAC. Because it can vary depending on the number of aspirants applying for that particular day.

How to Choose GMAT 2020 Exam Date

Steps to choose the GMAT Exam date is explained below. Have a look into it.

  • The process begins with creating an account on the official website.
  • One can read the GMAT handbook and gather information regarding the application dates for universities.
  • After this GMAT 2020 exam date can be scheduled in a comfortable date.

Test-takers with disability:

If an aspiring candidate has a disability, he or she can visit the section: to register as a test taker with disabilities and proceed. 

Most importantly, candidates should not schedule the date before GMAC sends an acknowledgement for their special accommodation.

Manipulation of Dates for GMAT 2020 Exam

It is advised in the interest of the candidates to register carefully and think twice before mentioning the GMAT Exam date. However, in case of any unexpected commitments, the candidate is entitled to reschedule or cancel the scheduled exam at some cost.

GMAT Entrance Exam Reschedule - Pay the Price: If a candidate reschedules the exam within 7 days of the previously scheduled date, then the aspirant has to pay an additional amount of U.S $250. And if the date is beyond 7 days then he or she is expected to pay the only U.S. $60.

GMAT Refund - Back to Pocket: A candidate can cancel the scheduled GMAT Exam either within 7 days or after 7 days and the refund amount varies accordingly. Perhaps, if an aspirant cancels within the 7-day time frame then, he or she will not receive any refund, however, the aspirant receives the U.S. $80 if the cancellation of GMAT Exam is after seven days.

GMAT 2020 Exam Bonus Information: This information is important for a prospective candidate. But these costs will be relevant for candidates who have completed their GMAT Exam.

Costs of different elements of Scorecard
Elements Cost (USD each) 
Additional Score Report 35
Enhanced Score Report 30
Cancel Score (Online after the candidate leaves the exam hall) 25
Reinstate Score 50
AWA Essay Rescoring 45
GMAT Handbook Free Download

GMAT Online Exam Dates

The GMAT Online registrations will be started soon. The test slots will be available between April 20, 2020 and July 15, 2020. Candidates can check their eligibility for this option and start applying for any test slot between the given dates.


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Discussion Forum

How many times can I give GMAT 2018 exams in a year?

How many times can I give GMAT 2018 exams in a year?

Asked By: kunal soni,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

Hi Kunal,

The dates of the GMAT Exam are flexible and the exam can be taken 5 times in a year and can be rescheduled within a period of 16 days.

Good Luck!

When can I fill GMAT 2018 Application Form?

When can I fill GMAT 2018 Application Form?

Asked By: pankaj udas,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

Hi Pankaj,

Application form of GMAT will be available throughout the year. You can choose any date according to your convenience.

Good Luck!

GMAT 2017 number of attempts

How many times can a candidate attempt the GMAT exam?

Asked By: Raman Subramani,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

A candidate can attempt the GMAT exam only 5 times a year.

Last date for applying

when is the last date to apply for the GMAT 2017 exam?

Asked By: Rajiv Arora,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

There is no last date for GMAT applications.

It's available online throughout the year, you can apply and take up the exam whenever you want.

GMAT exam date

How do we choose a GMAT exam date?

Asked By: Cavya R,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

The following procedure can be adopted in order to choose a GMAT exam date:

  1. Go to the official website. Click on Find GMAT Test Location option.
  2. Choose the country you are currently residing in / want to give the GMAT exam in.
  3. Choose the available GMAT test centre in that location.
  4. A calendar will appear on the screen showing the available dates corresponding to that GMAT centre.


When can a person register for the exam ?

Asked By: Karthik Iyer,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

Registration is open throughout the year.