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Hafsha Qureshi

Updated on - Jan 17, 2024

GMAT syllabus 2024 has been prescribed by GMAC, and the exam paper will have questions based on Writing, Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Reasoning, and Integrated Reasoning. The questions may be objective or subjective.

GMAC follows a unique exam pattern for the GMAT, and the level of difficulty of a question shall depend upon the candidate's previous answer. GMAT 2024 syllabus comprises 50 topics as a whole. 

Table of Content

Classification of GMAT Syllabus 2024

GMAT Subjects Comprises of Four Important Exam Topics.

  • Analysis of Argument (Analytic Writing Assessment)
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Integrated Reasoning

GMAT 2024 Analytical Writing Syllabus

This is the first section of the GMAT exam paper. This section includes ANY ONE of the following essays.

  • Argument Essay: In this essay, the candidate would have to write an essay of about 600 words on a given topic. The topic will be summed up in a couple of lines, and the candidate will have to write for or against the claim in the GMAT entrance test.
  • Issue-Based Essay: This essay will include a paragraph on a given subject, and the candidate will be responsible to find out the fallacies, inconsistencies, and contradictions in the essay. The estimated word count should be around 350 words.

Articulation of the idea is a core component in writing essays. Keeping the paragraphs short and punctuating properly makes it easy for a reader to understand the text

  • Using simple words with some idioms and phrases along with examples adds flavour to an essay.
  • Content is very important, giving appropriate titles helps one to impress the reader.

GMAT 2024 Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus

Quantitative Aptitude measures the ability to solve quantitative problems and interpret graphical data as per the syllabus of the GMAT entrance exam. It is comprised of two types of multiple-choice questions.

  • Problem-solving
  • Data sufficiency

Both of the sections require a basic knowledge of arithmetic as well as elementary algebra and common concepts in geometry. GMAT quant syllabus has been mentioned below.

GMAT Exam Syllabus 2024 for Arithmetic Syllabus

GMAT 2024 Syllabus for Arithmetic
Number System & Theory Simple and Compound Interest
Multiples and Factors Speed, Time, and Distance
Ratio and Proportion Pipes and Cisterns
Decimals Work Time
Percentages Ratio and Proportion
Averages Mixtures and Allegations
Powers & Roots Descriptive Statistics
Profit & Loss Sets
Real Numbers Probability
Fractions --

GMAT 2024 Algebra Syllabus

GMAT 2024 Syllabus for Algebra
Permutation and Combination Monomials
Algebraic Expressions and Equations Polynomials
Functions Exponents
Equations Arithmetic and Geometric Progression
Solving Linear Equations with one and two unknowns Quadratic Equations
Solving Equations by Factoring Inequalities and Basic Statistics
Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Quadratic Equations

GMAT 2024 Geometry Syllabus

GMAT 2024 Syllabus for Geometry
Lines and Angles Triangles
Circles & Cylinders Quadrilaterals
Rectangular Solids Coordinate Geometry

Holding on to basics is the key to an exam like GMAT. After getting fundamentals cleared a candidate can build on the concepts by practising a lot of these above-mentioned topics.

GMAT 2024 Verbal Reasoning Syllabus

The Verbal Section measures the candidate’s ability to read and comprehend the given data and to reason and further evaluate arguments, followed by correcting the text or given sentence to form a standard written English.

Three types of multiple-choice questions are used in the Verbal Reasoning section:

  • Reading Comprehension: GMAT 2024 entrance test candidates will be given a passage, which they have to understand and answer the related questions. To understand the given passage in a better way, one has to practice reading daily.
  • Sentence Correction: A grammatically incorrect sentence will be provided, with 5 alternatives, one of which will be correct.
  • Critical Reasoning: A short passage will be given, and then answer questions based on its premise and conclusion. A candidate has to think critically.

GMAT 2024 Integrated Reasoning Syllabus

  • This section measures your overall ability to understand and evaluate multiple origins and types of information like verbal, numeric and graphical.
  • This is the second section of the GMAT. Following are the type of questions asked in the integrated reasoning section.

Multi-Source Reasoning

  • These questions are in the form of multiple tabs, which the candidate can navigate across.
  • The questions involved are generally from critical reasoning and sometimes quantitative reasoning might also be involved.
  • An online calculator is provided to help with calculations.

Table Analysis

  • A table is given to the test taker along with 3 questions and each question will have 2 choices in the GMAT exam.
  • The test taker must be able to accumulate useful data and exclude unimportant data to solve the question in a short time.

Graphics Interpretation

  • A form of graphic presentation will be displayed - either a chart or a graph.
  • The candidate will have to analyze the information present in the graph and be able to answer two questions each for every graph.
  • A minimum of three choices will be given to choosing from.

Two-Part Analysis

  • A question prompt is given and has a small table related to it.
  • The test taker has to choose 2 answers out of 6 available options.

GMAT Syllabus 2024 Language Requirements

The GMAT 2024 syllabus tests the English language comprehension of the candidates. Students need to be well-versed in the language to score better. Fluency in oral and written communication goes a long way in the GMAT 2024 syllabus.

The exam is one of the toughest exams in the country for college admissions, hence, it becomes more important to get a hold or have a good command of the English language.

GMAT 2024 Other Important Topics

GMAT syllabus for MBA includes pronoun agreement, pronoun ambiguity, the test masters catalogue of idioms, misplaced modifiers, parallel construction, verb, tenses, subject/verb agreement, noun agreement, comparison words, quantity words, redundancy, the subjunctive mood, indirect and direct speech, active and passive voice, sentence structure, punctuation.

A prospective candidate aspiring to score over 800 as a GMAT exam 2024 score must not omit any single topic but focus on each topic in depth.

GMAT 2024 Exam Pattern

GMAT 2024 consists of 4 sections - Analytical Writing, Quantitative Skills, Verbal and Integrated Reasoning. GMAT consists of 80 questions in both objective and subjective categories. GMAT is a 3 hours 7 minutes computer adaptive test course. The exam pattern of the GMAT is tabulated below.

GMAT Exam 2024 Pattern


Time Duration

Number of Questions

Score Range

Analytical Writing Assessment

30 minutes

1 Topic (Essay)


Integrated Reasoning

30 minutes

12 questions



62 minutes

31 questions



65 minutes

36 questions


GMAT Exam Total Marks

3 hours 7 minutes



GMAT 2024 Exam Pattern Changes

GMAT 2024 has some changes in the recent year papers. A few of the points regarding the changes are given below.

  • Pure reasoning questions are comprised of the new GMAT exam pattern.
  • The new GMAT syllabus consists of the addition of conversion of questions.
  • The set question that comprises 'both' and 'neither' is added.
  • The new GMAT syllabus includes coordinate geometry in the GMAT Geometry syllabus.


How many Indian B-Schools accept GMAT scores?

More than 1000 B-Schools in India accept GMAT scores at the time of admission.

What does GMAT Maths Syllabus include?

GMAT Maths syllabus includes Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry. Apart from these, there are problem-solving and data sufficiency.

How is GMAT Syllabus classified?

GMAT syllabus is classified into 4 categories - Analysis Writing, Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Reasoning and Integrated Reasoning. These classifications are made to test the skills and abilities of the candidates in the respective mediums.

What does Integrated Reasoning include for GMAT syllabus 2024?

The Integrated Reasoning section for the GMAT syllabus includes 4 broad sub topics: Multi-source Reasoning, Table Analysis, Graphics Representation, and Two-Part Analysis.



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