GRE Exam Date 2024: Important Dates and Events

Jaya Laxmi
Jaya Laxmi

Updated on - Jan 17, 2024

GRE exam dates 2024 are available on the official website. The GRE General Test is conducted throughout the year, while the GRE Subject Test is available three times a year in April, September and October. Candidates can take the GRE Subject Test every 14 days. Candidates can schedule their GRE General Test up to six months in advance and at least two days before the exam.

Graduate Record Examination or GRE is a standardized test conducted by Educational Testing Services. This test is taken for the sake of admission into various colleges across the world. The candidates must check the GRE exams dates given below and make sure not to miss out on any important events. Additionally, candidate's can also utilize the GRE Reference Books to start preparing for the exam.

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GRE Exam Dates 2024

The GRE aspirants can appear for the GRE 2024 exam whenever they are ready to take the test. They must book the slots and can appear for the exam multiple times in a year. It is important for candidates to know various GRE Dates from the application process of GRE until when the scorecard is sent to the requested Universities.

  • Candidates are advised to have an idea of the ETS GRE dates along with other dates.
  • Candidates should Keep in their mind that GRE is not similar to Indian Exams where the entire process happens once or twice a year with fixed dates. In GRE there are a lot of factors like when they choose to take the exam when they are applying among others.
  • Candidates can take GRE 5 times a year with a gap of 21 days. Candidates have to choose GRE test dates so that there is a gap of 21 days between 2 consecutive exams. A candidate is eligible to appear for the GRE 2024 a total of eight times in their lifetime.
  • The date of the GRE Result or scorecard is relative to when the candidate chooses to write the examination.
  • Below mentioned are the GRE exam dates 2024 in India.
Events Dates
GRE 2024 Registration Applications are open throughout the year
GRE 2024 Dates of Examination Candidates can flexibly choose the exam date while they apply
GRE Result Declaration 15 days after the exams

GRE Dates and GRE Exam Dates

There are two types of ways that the GRE exam is conducted. They are an online computer-delivered test and offline paper-delivered test. For GRE paper-delivered test the candidates have to appear the examination on the GRE specified dates. While to take GRE computer-delivered test, the candidate has to select the test date and GRE test centres according to their suitability.

The paper-delivered test is not available in countries that have the internet option to take tests. Thus in India, only GRE computer-delivered tests are available.

When to Book GRE Exam Date?

  • First Come First Serve: To book a slot for GRE, candidates should remember that GRE Exam slots are scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis. So. It is up to the applicant to decide the slot and GRE Exam Date of the GRE.
  • But with such flexibility offered for GRE Exam slot and GRE Exam date arises another problem. During the peak season of GRE (generally around August to December) it is hard to get an appointment at the desired centre according to one's comfort.
  • GRE-ETS takes approximately 10–15 days after the test date to report the scores to the recipient universities. Although the scores will be made visible for the candidates on GRE Exam date after the GRE is over.
  • But it will take 10-15 days as mentioned about for the score to appear on candidates ETS account. This makes the planning of the GRE Exam date a vital part in the preparation of your GRE.
  • One can opt to take the next GRE Test attempt only after 21 days of the previous exam date. Students can take the ETS-GRE exam up to five times a year with a gap of 21 days.
  • The offline or paper-based GRE General Test and the GRE Subject Tests are available up to three times per year. The GRE Exam Dates comes in the months of October, November and February at limited test centres in selected cities. Know more about offline GRE 2024 Exam Centres.
  • ETS gives students the liberty to reschedule GRE Date or cancel the GRE exam registration in case of any inconvenience.

Note: When selecting an exam date for GRE make sure that you receive the exam scores in time to apply for your desired universities before the application deadline.

Rescheduling of GRE Exam Date

Candidates are permitted to reschedule their test dates within the testing year. The rescheduling should be done at least four days before the scheduled GRE Date or else the test fee will be forfeited.You must pay the US$50 rescheduling fee before you can register for a new test appointment. You can only reschedule or cancel through your ETS account online or by phone. To find the appropriate phone number for your region and additional information, visit Reschedule or Cancel Your GRE General Test Registration. Be prepared to provide your appointment number and the full name you used when you made the appointment.

Cancellation of GRE Registration

Candidates can cancel the scheduled GRE test registration through your ETS-GRE account or by informing GRE Services by phone or email. Candidates can visit the above-mentioned link to get more details about Cancellation of GRE Cancellation procedure.


When will the GRE exam dates release?

The GRE exams do not have specific dates as they are conducted throughout the year. Students have the flexibility to choose any day that suits their need.

When is the GRE registration?

Students can register for the exam any time of the year. The have the flexibility of booking a slot six months in advance as well as two days before the exam.

When are the GRE Subject Tests conducted?

The GRE Subject Test is usually conducted in the months of April, September and October.

How many times can a candidate appear for GRE?

Candidates can take GRE 5 times a year with a gap of 21 days. Candidates have to choose GRE test dates so that there is a gap of 21 days between 2 consecutive exams. A candidate is eligible to appear for the GRE 2024 a total of eight times in their lifetime.



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