MTM is a two-year-long postgraduate course that deals with tourism management and its adjoining aspects. MTM full form translates to Master of Tourism Management. The MTM course is available to its students in both regular and distance learning modes. For distance learning, students have to complete a term of 4 years. Master of Tourism Management offers specializations to its students in the field of tourism management industries such as airlines, hotels, event planning, travel agencies, and resort planning. Upon the completion of the course, graduates can opt for various job opportunities such as Travel Consultant, Sales Manager, Office Supervisor, Tourism Manager, Travel Trainer, Tourism Marketing Executive, etc.

MTM Course Details

Degree Masters
Full Form Master of Tourism Management
Duration Course Duration of Master of Tourism Management [MTM] is 2 Years.
Age No age limit
Minimum Percentage 50%
Subjects Required Subjects corresponding to post-graduate.
Average Fees Incurred INR 10,000 to 50,000 PA
Average Salary Offered INR 2.7 LPA [Source: Payscale]
Employment Roles Travel Consultant, Blog Writer, Travel Consultant, Business Development Executive, Office Supervisor, Ticketing Guide, Accounts Assistant, Tour Guide, etc
Placement Opportunities Make My Trip, Treebo, Go Ibibo, Lufthansa, American Express, Qatar Airways, Thomas Cook, Viva Holidays, Yatra, and Oberoi

About MTM

One of the more queries that a student may have is ‘What is MTM?’ MTM is a postgraduate program specializing in the areas of tourism management and its related industries. MTM course full form stands for Master of Tourism Management. Throughout the duration of the course, students are introduced to a variety of concepts in regional, national and international tourism and their specific tenets. Graduates of the course also develop a concise idea as to how various industries in tourism differ from one another. Merriam Webster defines tourism as ‘The guidance or management of tourists.’ Thereby, inculcating various managerial hospital management aspects into the students is a central goal of the course. Personality development, communicative abilities, and interpersonal skills form a core aspect of training to enhance the student’s ability best suited to the professional demands of the industry. MTM courses have incorporated the various global trends that have emerged in the last decades in terms of tourism, vacationing, exploring, and accommodation. 

Table of Contents

Eligibility Criteria for MTM

For admissions into the MTM course, students must ensure they satisfy the basic eligibility criteria. The basic MTM eligibility is passing the BTM, BTS or a BHM degree with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized board. For certain colleges, the MTM eligibility criteria 2021 also includes securing a sound performance in the entrance exams. There is no age limit for candidates applying to MTM.

How to Get Admissions in MTM?

For admissions into the MTM course, aspirants of the course must ensure that they satisfy the basic eligibility criteria of securing a 50% mark in their Bachelor’s degree. Students from BTS. BHM or BTM background can opt for the course. The admissions for the MTM course in India can be based in two ways, either through merit or an entrance-based selection. For entrance-based selection, students must score a minimum of 50% in the respective entrance exam. Generally, after the entrance exam, the selection process is usually followed by an interview or a counseling session. Applications for a Master of Tourism Management degree can be availed by visiting the college website or directly approaching the admissions office of the concerned institution. The admission procedure details are mentioned below:

How to Apply?

MTM degree details are available on the website of the colleges through which the candidate can begin their application process. The application form for the MTM admission process can be availed through both the offline and the online modes. Candidates are required to fill out the application form through their preferable mode and provide the required documents for the procedure. The application process is complete after the candidate has paid their registration fee. After the application procedure is complete, the students will receive further correspondence from their respective colleges. Before applying for the admission process, candidates must ensure they satisfy the basic eligibility criteria.

Selection Process

The selection process for MTM courses is generally based on the candidate’s performance in relevant bachelor's exams. For top MTM colleges in India, admissions are strictly offered to candidates on the basis of their performance in the entrance exams such as CAT, CMAT, MAT, and XAT. The admit card and other relevant details are published in the college portal beforehand. Some colleges conduct an additional process of personal interviews after the entrance exams. Candidates can view their results by logging in to the college portal or receive them directly via email.

Several Master of Tourism Management colleges in India offers admissions strictly on the basis of the student’s performance in the entrance examinations. Students must ensure they are prepared for the entrance exam along all the lines of requirements. Through the entrance-based selection process, the colleges ensure they select the best candidates with the core knowledge and the skillset required for the Master of Tourism Management degree duration. Listed below are some of the popular entrance exams for MTM:

A Quick Glance at the MTM Entrance Exams

The MTM degree entrance exams are conducted by colleges to ensure they select the best candidates in accordance with the various demands for the course. Students aspiring for the MTM course should prepare for the entrance exam along all the lines of requirements. A timely preparation beforehand goes a long way to ensure they deliver a sound performance in the entrance process. The general entrance exam pattern for MTM duration is listed below:

  • The duration of the MTM entrance exam is 210 mins
  • There is an added 30 mins time for those attempting innovation and entrepreneurship
  • The exam is conducted online
  • The regular section has 100 sections
  • There are 25 questions in the additional section
  • The total marks of the paper are 400
  • For those attempting the additional section, the total marks is 500
  • For each correct attempt, there is a score of +4 marks
  • There is a negative marking of -1 for every incorrect attempt

Top 10 MTM Colleges in India

The Master of Tourism Management colleges in India prepares their students with an in-depth understanding of the concepts in tourism management and other relevant areas. Along with providing a detailed understanding, these colleges also provide professional training in order to meet the industry demands. Listed below are some of the top MTM colleges in India:

Master of Tourism Management Colleges

Sl No.

Name of the Institute


ILAM, Bengaluru


University of Mysore


University of Calicut


Northeastern Hill University


Government Arts College, Coimbatore


GD Goenka University


NIMS University




Sikkim University


Anna Adarsh Women for College

Fee Structure for MTM

The MTM fee structure for a college depends on several underlying factors. Some of those factors include placement opportunities, training process, area of specialization, infrastructure, institutional facilities, and faculty. The average fee incurred for MTM courses is INR 10,000 - 50,000 PA. Listed below is the fee structure of MTM degree for various colleges:

MTM Course Fees

Sl. No.

Name of the Institute

Total Fee Structure


Anna Adarsh College for Women, Chennai

INR 48.000 PA


University of Mysore, Mysuru

INR 38,000 PA


IGNOU , New Delhi

INR 12,000 PA


Alakh Prakash Goyal Shimla University, Shimla

INR 36,000 PA


ILAM, Bengaluru

INR 36,000 PA


Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Ambala

INR 44,000 PA

Syllabus and Subjects for MTM

The syllabus and subjects for MTM courses are designed in a manner so as to provide its students with an in-depth understanding of tourism management and relevant areas. The MTM syllabus is divided into 4 semesters over its 2-year duration to make the course more flexible for the students. The syllabus is divided into core and elective subjects patterns. The top MTM colleges in India focus not only on providing their students with a critical approach to the subject matter but also on providing them with the best professional training. Areas of study under the MTM course include hospital management, rural tourism, project management, presentation skills, and tourism planning. Certain subjects in the MTM degree may vary from colleges but the core subjects remain the same. Listed below are some of the subjects taught in the 2-year duration:

  • Tourist Behaviour
  • Cargo Management
  • Travel Agency Management
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • HRD for tourism
  • International Tourism
  • Tourism Business
  • Marketing Research
  • Geography of Tourism

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Why Choose MTM?

The tourism sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors not only in India but all around the globe. MTM courses enable its students to inculcate critical approaches and professional skills pertaining to the field of tourism management. With globalization and its various tenets coming into place, a variety of job opportunities have opened up for tourism management offering a lucrative salary. With the right amount of skills obtained and an adequate training period, the MTM course ensures its students meet all the professional demands. To understand ‘Why Choose MTM?’, we can make it simpler by breaking it down to the next three questions:

What is MTM All About?

MTM is a 2-year postgraduate program that deals with the aspects of tourism management and its relevant areas. MTM meaning translates to Master of Tourism Management. The MTM course can be pursued in both regular and distance learning modes. For distance learning, the duration of the course is 4 years. It is an integration of various core and optional subjects in the domain of national, regional, and international tourism. The various areas of study in the MTM degree include business tourism, travel tourism, managerial economics, HRD, planning development, etc. Some of the essential subjects in MTM courses include principles of management, airlines ticketing, tourist behavior, travel agency management, tourism planning development, the geography of tourism, and cultural heritage tourism. The areas of recruitment for a Master of Tourism Management degree are available in the fields of airlines, hotel management, cruise lines, blog writing, event management, and hospitality management. The job roles after completing the course include Tour Guide, Content Writer, Assistant Sales Manager, Tour Operator, Tourism Promotion Executive, and Country Manager.

What Does An MTM Graduate Do?

MTM can be a fulfilling career for students who want to explore the world and learn about new places. More than obtaining all the credible knowledge from the course, the MTM degree graduate stands out as an individual that has an innate love and admiration for travel and hospitality. After the completion of the MTM course, jobs are available in a variety of sectors where students can carve out a desirable career with their individual skills. The job roles include Tour Operator, Country Manager, Content Writer, Tour Guide, Account Sales Manager, and Business Development Manager. 

Tour Operator: The role of a tour operator is to provide their clients the best possible travel experience through their management skills. They arrange logistics of the travel, handle the budget and ensure the clients get the best exploration experiences. Communication and interpersonal skills become an important feature of a tour operator whose job is to ensure their clients do not face any discrepancies in their accommodation and travel.

Reasons Why MTM Can Fetch You A Rewarding Career?

The aspect of globalization changed the way businesses were run and operated. Tourism is one of the core areas that have greatly benefited from this scenario. Today, MTM courses offer not only a detailed approach to aspects of tourism but also provide lucrative career options in a diverse range of fields. With the demand for tourism rising in recent years, graduates of MTM have a wide range of scope to excel in their particular area of specialization within the various tenets of tourism management.

Diversity: The world of the professional industry within the realm of tourism is not limited to tour guidance and logistical aspects. With the world becoming digital, various job sectors have opened up in accounting, management, writing, consultation, etc that provide a lucrative pay range. From airlines to hotels and from casinos to event planning, the world of tourism management is bound to provide a varying range of opportunities.

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Preparation Tips for MTM

Students should be familiar with the various aspects of the MTM course. Before applying for the admission process, they should look into the MTM degree details and prepare themselves accordingly. They should start preparing for the course beforehand with a timely preparation. Listed below are some of the preparation tips for MTM: 

Time Management: There are a variety of topics that the students of the course have to study throughout the 2 year duration. Time management skills come in handy to tackle a huge load of the syllabus. 

Mock practice: Students should download the question paper of the exams from previous years to enhance a better chance at scoring good results.

Practice Regularly: Regular practice should be an innate feature of an aspirant who wants to excel in this course. Before joining MTM, they should develop such traits.

Study about the course: Students should look in detail into the various tenets of the course, the specializations, and the career prospects it offers.

Scope for Higher Education

Master of Tourism Management offers a wide range of job opportunities to their graduates. If one does not wish to immediately join the working sector, they can always opt for higher education to gain even a deeper understanding of the concepts of tourism management. Higher educational experience also ensures a higher starting salary upon joining the working sector. Listed below are some of the higher educational scope after MTM:

  • MBA Tourism and Travel
  • Ph.D in Travel and Tourism
  • Phil in Tourism
  • Master of Tourism Administration
  • Executive MBA

Salary of An MTM Graduate

The average starting salary of an MTM graduate in India is INR 2.7 LPA (Source: Payscale). The salary pay that a graduate receives depends upon varying factors such as knowledge of the core area and the skills acquired during the course. The scope of salary increases if the students opt for higher education after an MTM degree.

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Career Options After MTM

While conducting research into the course, students should look into the various career opportunities that the course offers. Moreover, detailed analysis should also be done into the scope for higher education after the MTM course duration. Depending upon the core skills and area of interest, there are varying career options available to a student who need to segregate and find out their niche within the options provided. Listed below are some of the career options available to MTM graduates:

  • Tour Operator
  • Tourism Manager
  • Content Writer
  • Tour Guide
  • Travel Agent
  • Travel Consultant
  • Travel Executive
  • Business Development Executive

Skills that Make You the Best MTM Graduate

Apart from the core knowledge of the subject area under tourism management, there are a certain set of prerequisite skills that are needed to excel in the course. MTM has a very practical approach whereby interpersonal skills and communicative abilities along with hospitality and management form the crux of the learning criteria. Having these sets of skills, the graduates will not only maintain professional demands but excel within the working industry. Some of these skills are listed below:

  • Diligence
  • Commitment
  • Communication skills
  • Patience
  • Listening skills
  • Research and planning
  • Problem-solving
  • Confidence
  • Time management
  • Enthusiastic
  • Leadership qualities

See Various Master of Tourism Management [MTM] Colleges in India

Fee Structure of Master of Tourism Management [MTM] in India

(In Lakhs)

Fee Structure by State for Master of Tourism Management [MTM]

All Over India

Interested cta gif
Public Colleges
₹ 6,450 (Minimum Fee) (Maximum Fee) ₹ 69,378
₹ 30,000 (Average Fee)
Private Colleges
₹ 37,500 (Minimum Fee) (Maximum Fee) ₹ 1.55 Lakh
₹ 94,600 (Average Fee)

Uttar Pradesh

interested cta gif
Public Colleges
₹ 10,400 ₹ 48,000
₹ 30,000

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