NMAT Exam Pattern 2023: Total Marks, Marks Distribution

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NMAT Exam Pattern 2023 will include 108 questions from all three syllabus sections, namely Language SkillsLogical Reasoning, and Quantitative Skills. NMAT paper pattern 2023 will have 36 MCQs. NMAT total marks are 324 for 2 hours to attempt 108 MCQs.

There will be a sectional time limit in NMAT 2023, which is 28 minutes for the NMAT Language Skills pattern, 40 minutes for NMAT Logical Reasoning, and 52 minutes for the NMAT Quant section. As per the NMAT marking scheme, 1 mark will be given for every correct answer, with no negative marking. The NMAT 2023 exams for the MBA are in process from Oct 10, 2023 will be held till Dec 19, 2023.

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NMAT Exam Pattern 2023

NMAT paper pattern, the test is conducted in an online manner. NMAT pattern will have three main sections in the paper, namely- Logical Reasoning, Language Skills, and Quantitative Skills. The NMAT total mark is 324 for all three sections.

Some of the highlights related to the NMAT exam pattern for 2023 are tabulated below.

NMAT Exam Pattern 2023
Highlights Particluar
Conducting Body/Authority GMAC or Graduate Management Admission Council
Exam Level National level Exam
Medium of the NMAT Exam English
Number of Sections 3 (Language Skills, Quantitative Skills, and Logical Reasoning)
Total Number of Questions 108
Time Allotted 120 minutes or two hours
Type of Questions MCQ or Objective type questions
Mode of Exam Online mode or CBT (Computer Based Test)
Total Score Range 36 - 360

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NMAT Section-Wise Exam Pattern

For a better understanding, the NMAT exam pattern for each of the three sections has been explained below:

NMAT Section-Wise Exam Pattern
Section Time Allotted MCQs
Language Skills 28 minutes 36
Quantitative Skills 52 minutes 36
Logical Reasoning 40 minutes 36
Total 120 minutes (2 hours) 108

NMAT Exam Pattern 2023 for Language Skills

The language skills section tests the candidate's oral thinking and comprehension skills. The main features of the NMAT Language Skills exam pattern are:

NMAT Exam Pattern 2023 for Language Skills
Sections Details
Number of Questions 36 MCQs
Time Duration 28 Minutes
Score Range 12-120
Topics Weightage

Para Jumbles

Sentence Completion


Reading Comprehension

Error Identification Prepositions

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NMAT Exam Pattern 2023 for Quantitative Skills

There is no negative marking, and the NMAT Quantitative Skills scaled score ranges from 12 to 120. The overall difficulty level of this section is moderate to high

NMAT Exam Pattern 2023 for Quantitative Skills
Sections Details
Number of Questions 36 MCQs
Time Duration 52 Minutes
Score Range 12-120
Topics Weightage


Data Interpretation Charts, Graphs, Caselets, and Tables

Number Properties

Probability and Algebra

Geometry and Mensuration

Data Sufficiency

NMAT Exam Pattern 2023 for Logical Reasoning

Based on the previous papers, the difficulty level of this NMAT Logical Reasoning pattern is moderate. Candidates must maintain a good pace so that they do not miss any questions.

NMAT Exam Pattern 2023 for Logical Reasoning
Sections Details
Number of Questions 36 MCQs
Time Duration 40 Minutes
Score Range 12-120
Topics Weightage

Blood Relations

Direction and Ranking puzzles

Critical Reasoning

Logical Deductions

Statements and Assumptions


Seating Arrangements

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Changes in NMAT Exam Pattern 2023

In 2020, some changes were made in the NMAT paper pattern and continued in the 2021 exam. Important changes in NMAT test pattern are mentioned below:

  • The number of questions decreased from 120 to 108.
  • There are 36 MCQs in three parts of NMAT exam.
Changes in NMAT Exam Pattern 2023
Section Number of Questions
2023 - 2020 2019
Language Skills 36 32
Logical Reasoning 36 40
Quantitative Skills 36 48

NMAT Sectional Time Limit

  • The length of the NMAT Language Skills section has been increased from 22 minutes to 28 minutes
  • NMAT Logical Reasoning time increased from 38 minutes to 40 minutes
  • NMAT Quantitative Skills section was shortened from 60 minutes to 52 minutes
How to Score in NMAT 2023? NMAT Passing Marks 2023

NMAT Marking Scheme 2023

The NMAT total marks or the total score range for the exam is between 36 and 360. NMAT lowest marks is 36 and 360 is the maximum mark. According to the GMAC exam pattern, the following points about the NMAT marking scheme are:

  • Total of 120 minutes is reserved to answer 108 questions.
  • Each 1 mark is awarded for each correct answer to all objective questions.
  • No negative marking is made.
  • Marks are not deducted for unanswered questions.
NMAT Marking Scheme 2023
Response Marks Awarded/Deducted
Correct Answer +3 Marks
Incorrect Answer No negative marking
Unattempted Question No addition or deduction

NMAT Marks Distribution 2023

The candidates must always attempt the paper in order to maximize the NMAT paper total marks. The marks distribution as per the NMAT by GMAC exam pattern 2023 is given below. 

NMAT 2023 Score Range
Subjects/Sections Number of Questions Score Range
Logical Reasoning 36 12 - 120
Language Skills 36 12 - 120
Quantitative Skills 36 12 - 120

NMAT Section-Wise Time Limit

The candidates must complete the NMAT sections or the subjects within the given time period. The total time allotted to complete the NMAT 2023 is 120 minutes or two hours. The table for the NMAT section-wise time limit is given below.

NMAT Section-Wise Time Limit
Sections/ Subjects Time Allotted
Logical Reasoning 40 Minutes
Language Skills 28 Minutes
Quantitative Skills 52 Minutes

Time Break-up of NMAT 2023

The time break up of the online NMAT test 2023 are given below.

NMAT Time Break-up
Action Time Allowed
Accepting Non-Disclosure Terms And Conditions 2 Minutes
Tutorial Before Test 10 Minutes
Selection Of Section And Sequencing 3 Minutes
Attempting The Computer-Based Test (Mcqs) 120 Minutes

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Comparison With Other Management Exams Pattern

NMAT is preferred by a lot of MBA aspirants. Since the difficulty of paper and competition in NMAT 2023 is relatively less compared to other management exams in India. It is helpful for all the candidates to look at the comparisons between the NMAT and other exams.

NMAT Exam Pattern vs CAT Exam Pattern

CAT 2023 is the most challenging exam in the bunch or family of management exams. A candidate who wants to take a similar but easy exam can very well choose NMAT over CAT and still make it to one of the good B-schools in India. Here below we have displayed the differences.

NMAT vs CAT Exam Pattern
Particulars NMAT Exam Pattern CAT Exam Pattern

Verbal - 36

Logical Reasoning - 36

Quant - 36

Verbal & RC - 26

DI & LR - 24

Quant - 26

Option to Choose the Order of Exam Yes No
Total Questions 108 76
Total Duration 2 hours 2 hours
Negative Marking No 1 mark for incorrect answers
Top B- Schools Accepting Score











NMAT Exam Pattern vs XAT Exam Pattern

Again XAT Exam becomes one of the most challenging management exams. So a student who wants a comparatively easier exam can very well choose XAT over NMAT. Here are a few points to consider.

NMAT vs XAT Exam Pattern
Particulars NMAT Exam Pattern XAT Exam Pattern

Verbal - 36

Logical Reasoning - 36

Quant - 36

Part 1: Verbal & Logical Reasoning - 26

Quant & DI - 28

Decision Making - 21

Part 2: General Knowledge - 25

Option to Choose the Order of Exam Yes Yes
Total Questions 108 100
Total Duration 2 hours 3 hours
Negative Marking No 1/4 of the marks for incorrect answers

NMAT Syllabus 2023

The candidate must also update the NMAT Syllabus 2023 along with the NMAT exam pattern 2023 to prepare better.

NMAT Syllabus 2023
Section Type of Questions Important Topics
Language Skills MCQs Fill in the blanks, Para Jumbles, Error Detection, Sentence Completion, Para Completion, RC Passages
Quantitative Skills MCQs Mensuration, Arithmetic, Trigonometry, Algebra, Geometry, Data Interpretation (DI)
Logical Reasoning MCQs Statements-Assumptions-Arguments, Critical Reasoning, Puzzles, Ranking, Seating Arrangement, Syllogisms, Blood Relations

NMAT Exam Analysis

The NMAT exam is generally of medium difficulty. Below is the NMAT Exam Analysis 2023 of difficulty level and number of ideal attempts based on previous years NMAT paper analysis:

NMAT Exam Analysis
Section Difficulty Level Good Attempts
Quantitative Skills Moderate 24-27
Language Skills Easy-Moderate 25-28
Logical Reasoning Moderate 22-25
Total Moderate 75-84

NMAT Exam Pattern: Key Points

NMAT exam has a unique exam structure with below mentioned user-friendly features.

  • Three Attempts: An applicant may take the exam three times during the enrollment period - one exam and two retakes.
  • Exam Schedule: Candidates can choose the date, time, and venue of the exam at their convenience.
  • Determining the order of sections: Candidates can select the ranking of the sections of the NMAT when writing the exam. For example, you can try the QA section first, followed by VA and LR. 
  • Checking: Candidates can check their answers at the end of each section and try again if necessary.


What is NMAT exam pattern 2023?

As per the NMAT exam pattern 2023, a total of three sections are Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Skills, and Language Skills. Candidates need to answer as many as 108 questions in 120 minutes in CBT mode. Each section has 36 questions. There are no negative markings.

How many sections are there in NMAT 2023 exma pattern?

All three sections of NMAT2023 namely are Language Skills, Quantitative Skills, and Logical Reasoning, carry an equal number of questions (36).

What is NMAT exam duration 2023?

Candidates must complete the 108 NMAT 2023 questions in 120 minutes. Students will not be given additional time to complete the question paper. Aside from that, there will be a sectional time limit in the exam.

What is NMAT marking scheme 2023?

For every correct answer, one mark will be awarded to the candidates, and no marks will be deducted for incorrect answers.

How many questions will be asked in NMAT test pattern 2023?

The number of questions in NMAT 2023 is expected to be 108. All the 3 segments of NMAT i.e. Quantitative skills, logical reasoning, and language skills will have different marks weightage. The level of difficulty will be moderate as compared to other entrance examinations i.e CAT, XAT and IIFT.

Is there any negative marking in NMAT exam?

No, there is no negative marking in NMAT Exam. Moreover, there is no negative marking for skipping any MCQ in NMAT exam.

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Result Date: Jul 5, 2023

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