LPUNEST Books 2024: Best Books for LPUNEST Preparation

LPUNEST books 2024 must be referred by applicants to score well. There are no fixed books to refer to for the exam. However, the LPUNEST books 2024 mentioned below will cover the syllabus. Hence, students can use them in their preparation process.

Along with the LPUNEST books 2024, candidates must also refer to other study materials available online. LPUNEST books 2024 mentioned below contains quality questions, tricks and tips, and many sample papers to solve and practice for LPUNEST 2024.

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  • LPUNEST 2024 Books List
  • How to Select the Best Book for LPUNEST 2024?

LPUNEST 2024 Books List 

There are no specific reference books for LPUNEST 2024. Candidates are advised to refer to whichever books prove useful for the preparation of LPUNEST. Applicants can go through the list of LPUNEST books 2024 mentioned below and select the best suitable options as their study material to prepare for LPUNEST 2024.

LPUNEST 2024 Reference Books for Physics

LPUNEST Reference Books for Physics are mentioned below.

  • NCERT Physics 11th and 12th class
  • Concepts of Physics by HC Verma Vol-1 and Vol-2
  • Understanding Physics of ELECTRICITY & MAGNETISM by DC Pandey
  • Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced OPTICS & MODERN PHYSICS by DC Pandey
  • Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced WAVES & THERMODYNAMICS by DC Pandey
  • Concepts of Modern Physics (SIE) by Arthur, Shobhit Mahajan, and S. Rai Choudhury
  • Problems In General Physics by IE Irodov
  • Physics Vol-1 and Vol-2 by Resnick Halliday for theory and non-trivial problems
  • New pattern Physics Book by DC Pandey

LPUNEST 2024 Reference Books for Mathematics

LPUNEST Reference Books for Mathematics are mentioned below.

  • NCERT Maths 11th and 12thI.
  • A. Maron and A Das Gupta (Subjective).
  • RD Sharma class 11th and RD Sharma class 12th
  • Coordinate Geometry for IIT JEE by SK Goyal
  • Differential Calculus for IIT JEE
  • Integral Calculus for IIT JEE by Amit Agarwal
  • Vectors & 3D Geometry by Arihant PublicationsTrigonometry for JEE Main & Advanced by Arihant Publications
  • Chapter-wise and Topicwise Solved Papers (1979 - 2016) by Amit Agarwal
  • A Practice Book of Mathematics JEE Main & Advanced by Arihant Publication
  • Problems Plus In IIT Mathematics by A Das Gupta
  • NCERT Exemplar Problems: Solutions Mathematics

LPUNEST 2024 Reference Books for Chemistry

LPUNEST Reference Books for Chemistry are mentioned below.

  • NCERT Chemistry 11th and 12th class.
  • Arihant Problem Collection Objective for IIT JEE.
  • New Pattern Textbook of Physical Chemistry for Competitions (JEE Main & Advanced) Vol-1 and Vol-2.
  • Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by RC Mukherjee.
  • Numerical Chemistry 22/E by P Bahadur.
  • Organic Chemistry by Robert Thornton Morrison.
  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee.
  • NCERT Exemplar Problems: Solutions Chemistry.

How to Select the Best Book for LPUNEST 2024?

Selecting the right books to prepare for LPUNEST 2024 is crucial for all applicants. Although there are no specified LPUNEST books2024 that only focus on the preparation of the exam. There are a few books referred by the institutes for covering the LPUNEST 2024 syllabus. Applicants should keep in mind the following points while selecting the LPUNEST books 2024 from the given options.

  • The book should cover all the topics falling under the LPUNEST syllabus.
  • The language and tone of the content present in the book should be easy to understand.
  • The book's reputation is determined by reviews and recommendations, which guarantees content quality.
  • The content of the book should be up to date.¬†


Which LPUNEST books are the best for beginners?

There are a lot of options available to study for LPUNEST 2023, yet the book that covers all the topics with detailed explanations is considered the best book. Check the article above to know more.

Is NCERT Book good for LPUNEST 2023 preparation?

Yes, NCERT books are good for LPUNEST 2023 preparations as they have most of the topics included with exercises and answers.

How to get the best book for LPUNEST 2023 preparation?

The best book for LPUNEST 2023 preparations is mentioned in the article above. Candidates may check out these books for their preparations for LPUNEST 2023.

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