KMAT 2019 Syllabus

Exam Date : August 4, 2019
Result Date : August 15, 2019

KMAT Karnataka Syllabus 2019

KMAT 2019 is proposed to be conducted in offline (Paper and Pen-based) mode only. KMAT 2019 will be with a moderate level of difficulty. The KMAT 2019 Exam pattern and Syllabus are decided by KPPGCA. Only the candidates who satisfy the KMAT Eligibility can apply for the exam.

KMAT is described below as per the Karnataka Private Post Graduate Colleges Association (KPPGCA).

  • Topics: The syllabus of KMAT Karnataka 2019 will be based on topics like Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, Logical and Abstract Reasoning, and Quantitative Ability.
  • Difficult Level: KMAT Karnataka is proposed to be conducted with a moderate level of difficulty without creating confusion in paper-pencil (offline) mode. 
  • Reference: The candidates appearing for KMAT Karnataka 2019 can refer to the prescribed books by conducting authority in order to score well in the Examination.

KMAT 2019 Syllabus Section Wise

KMAT Karnataka is proposed to be conducted with a moderate level of difficulty without creating confusion in paper-pencil mode. The exam will have MCQs only. Section wise syllabus for KMAT Karnataka is as follows-

Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension

English language ability of the candidate would be tested through questions on Grammar, vocabulary, sentence completion, synonyms, antonyms, comprehension of passages, etc.

There would be questions on the understanding of the contents of the passages and choice of appropriate words, phrases, expressions, and similar language skills. This shall include the passages with questions based on their contents to test comprehension.

Logical and Abstract Reasoning

This section includes questions to measure how quickly and accurately a candidate is able to think. The section may have questions in sets as well as individual ones based on Verbal Reasoning, analogy among others.

Quantitative Ability

The questions in this section will be of matriculation standard. This shall include questions to know how fast and accurate a candidate can work with numbers, do numerical calculations, understand various arithmetic problems involving ratio & proportion, percentage, interest, time & speed, etc.

Apart from Arithmetic, also the questions may be based on Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and parts of mathematics. This test also helps to measure your power of quantitative reasoning, interpretation of tables, common graphs & charts.

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Discussion Forum

Quantitative topics

What are quantitative topics need to prepared for KMAT exam?

Asked By: Subhra,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

Hi Subhra, topics which are there for quantitative analysis for KMAT exam are including arithmetic, decimals, geometry and many more which are to prepare for and the details regarding the topics are there for your reference in Syllabus of KMAT.


What is the syllabus we need to refer for KMAT exam?

Asked By: Mihir,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

Hi Mihir, the syllabus which you need to refer for KMAT exam consist of Verbal ability, Quantitative, Current affairs and much more about which you can refer the Syllabus section of KMAT exam

Main subjects

What are the main subjects in the KMAT exam?

Asked By: Chetan Sanju,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

The four main subjects are as follows: -

  • Verbal Ability
  • Reading and comprehension
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Quantitative Ability and General Awareness.