SHIAT 2020 Exam Centres

Exam Date : August 2, 2020
Result Date : August 7, 2020

The SHIATS exam is conducted in 24 exam centres. The exam centre of the candidate is communicated through the admit card. The university generally tries to allocate the first preferred exam centre to the candidiate but, in case of unavailability, they allocate the next preferred exam centre. The candidate also cannot change the exam centre once it is allocated.

SHIAT 2020 Exam Centers

SHIAT 2020 Exam conducted by Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences (SHUATS) will conduct its SHIAT 2020 exams in 24 cities across India. Each city has its respective codes assign to it. Candidates should take note these codes are assigned to them for educational purpose, therefore, candidates are requested to chose from any of the listed cities below at their own convenience as they schedule accordingly after verifying their SHIAT #year Exam Dates in other to prepare along. 

Below is the list of cities and their codes across India.

SHIAT 2019 Exam Centres
City Code
Allahabad 1
Agra 11
Bareilly 12
Bengaluru 13
Bhopal 15
Calcutta 19
Chandigarh 21
Dehradun 22
Dimapur 23
Guwahati 24
Gwalior 25
Hyderabad 27
Imphal 29
Indore 30
Jaipur 31
Lucknow 37
Nagpur 41
New Delhi 43
Patna 45
Raipur 48
Ranchi 49
Shillong 51
Udaipur 55

SHIAT 2020 Map view for the Exams Centres across India (location of the cities)

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