MSW Course Details

Degree Masters
Full Form Master of Social Work
Duration Course Duration of Master of Social Work [MSW] is 2 Years.
Age No age limit
Minimum Percentage 55%
Subjects Required Subjects corresponding to post-graduate.
Average Fees Incurred INR 1200 - 60,000 per annum
Similar Options of Study MPH, MPF, MPA, MPAff, MPP, MSP
Average Salary Offered INR 4.13 L per annum
Employment Roles HR Manager, Social Worker, HR Generalist, Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization, Assistant HR Manager, Senior HR Generalist, Sr. HR Manager, Medical Social Worker, Executive Director etc.
Placement Opportunities Inc, Automatic Data Processing Inc. (ADP), Famy Care Ltd, Consolidated Construction Consortium Ltd, Shahi Exports Pvt Ltd etc.

About Master of Social Work [MSW]:

  • Social Work, in simple terms, refers to various services designed to aid the poor and aged and to increase their welfare.

  • MSW full form is Master of Social Work which is a Post Graduate Academic Degree awarded for the program in the field of Social Work.

  • It is commonly abbreviated as MSW or MA (SW) which stands for Master of Arts in Social Work.

  • Masters in Social Work or Master Degree Programme in Social Work is aimed at training individuals who are already working or desire to work in the Development and Welfare sectors.

  • The following are some of the Universities/Colleges which provide the course:- 
    • Madras School of Social Work, Chennai 

    • Tata Institute of Socal Sciences, Mumbai

    • Christ University, Bangalore etc are among the top MSW colleges in India

  • The eligibility criteria for Social Work Masters Degree Programs is a Bachelor of Social Work degree from a recognized Institute with a Minimum of 50% in the post-graduation subject.


  • The course provides students with problem-solving skills, critical analysis, and research skills in terms of social work or society and how different are we from the other social cultures in and around the world through the MSW syllabus.
  • The MSW course duration is 2 years, usually comprising 4 semesters in which one has to attend workshops and arrange workshops in different areas for the well-being of the people.

  • Most of the universities and colleges encourage their students to take up internships in different organizations so that they get a full insight into the idea behind social work and they get the hands-on work experience.

  • The job opportunities for graduates of MSW are quite high. All jobs in this field are related to social service or charity work.

What is Master of Social Work [MSW]?

What is Master of Social Work [MSW]?

  • The question "What is MSW course?" can be easily answered with "MSW course is a masters course in social work and its various applications to bring about a change in the lives of the deprived".

  • MSW course duration is two-years which are completely based on the logic and concept of Social Work and its acknowledged impact on the various genesis of humans and animals.

  • It is for who aim to hold a clinical, supervisory, or program director role. An MSW is currently considered the terminal degree in the field of social work, in spite of the availability of higher degrees.
  • Working on Social Statistics across the nation and helping people with the principals of Social Welfare are some of the lessons to be taught during the Master's course.

  • The following are some of the subjects which are included in the MSW course syllabus for the professionals:-
    • History, Philosophy, and Fields of Social Work.

    • Theory and Practice of Counselling.

    • Project Planning and Management.

    • Social Work Research and Social Statistics.

  • Post-graduate an individual can work in some of the prolific yet famous NGO's like Smile Foundation, Nanhi Kali, and others. MSW scope is vast and huge in India with regards to the profession in social development and social work.

  • The admission procedure for the MSW course varies from colleges to colleges across the nation.

Why Choose Master of Social Work [MSW]?

Why choose Master of Social Work[MSW]?

  • Social work is one of the professions which is unique on its own, where the aspirants apart from the pen-paper test, can actually test their skill-sets and principals in a practical and creative nature.

  • Individuals post-graduation can work with some of the renowned and active NGO's or Welfare work associations which are authorized by UNESCO and UNICEF across the globe.

  • A Master of Social work graduate can grab seats in some of the reputed and authenticate media channels across the globe like Al-Jazeera, Reuters, CNN, and others.

  • An individual post-graduation can open up his/her MSW job opportunities in NGO's for several sectors like Women Empowerment, Animal Prodigy, Human Trafficking, Social Injustice and more for the welfare of the society.
  • Those who complete this degree may work in the medical, mental health, and educational fields, providing support as therapists, healthcare social workers, school social workers, and as clinical social workers.

  • Many students now prefer social work for its nobility, novelty and their urge to help the underprivileged.
  • An aspirant will be having an opportunity to initiate his/her own NGO which will be recognized by Government and other global based associations like the United Nations.  

Top Colleges for Master of Social Work [MSW]:


Name of the College


Tata Institute of Socal Sciences, Mumbai


Madras School of Social Work, Chennai


University of Delhi, Delhi


Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi


Indian Institute Of Social Welfare and Business Management


Loyola College of Social Sciences, Thiruvananthapuram


Madras Christan College, Chennai


Christ University, Bangalore


Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad


Vimala College, Thrissur


Eligibility for Master of Social Work [MSW]:

Eligibility for Master of Social Work [MSW]:

  • The eligibility of Social Work Masters Degree Programs is Bachelor of Social Work degree from a recognized Institute.

  • Candidates who have a Bachelor's degree in Humanities / Social Science / Science / Commerce or Management subjects are also eligible. Students with a background in social work, psychology, social science, sociology or any other related fields are given preference over others.

  • MSW duration is two years similar to any other masters degree.

  • The selection is on the basis of one's performance in Entrance Test, Group Discussion, and Interview. The test measures one's mental ability and general awareness. The aim of the interview is to establish a candidate's genuine interest in Social Work.

  • Candidates belonging to the SC/ST require at least 40% marks at the qualifying examinations. This Percentage may vary depending upon the University.

  • Other MSW course details like the date of joining etc will also be given by the University.

Admission Procedure for Master of Social Work [MSW]:

Admission Procedure for Master of Social Work [M.S.W]:

  • Aspirants have to go through entrance exams which are conducted by the Individual university in accordance with their eligibility criteria.

  • Aspirants have to download the application form from the university for their choice or can refer any counseling centers nearby.

  • The individuals who aspire to the specific course have to submit the application form without fail to the mentioned designated individual or any other administration.

  • Declaration of the Entrance Exam results depends upon universities to universities in terms of their admission procedure.

  • Aspirants have to attend the counseling process as the next step for the admission conducted by the particular university.

  • Two years is the MSW course duration and fees for the course varies depending on the colleges offering the course.

  • The MSW course fees are approximately around INR 1200 to 60,000 per annum. The selection of the college matters in determining the fees.

See Various Master of Social Work [MSW] Colleges in India

Fee Structure of Master of Social Work [MSW] in India

(In Lakhs)

Fee Structure by State for Master of Social Work [MSW]

All Over India

Public Colleges
₹ 2,575 (Minimum Fee) (Maximum Fee) ₹ 85,600
₹ 20,910 (Average Fee)
Private Colleges
₹ 2,825 (Minimum Fee) (Maximum Fee) ₹ 2.42 Lakh
₹ 66,000 (Average Fee)

Andhra Pradesh

Public Colleges
₹ 8,400 ₹ 14,710
₹ 13,200


Public Colleges
₹ 9,840 ₹ 20,910
₹ 20,000


Public Colleges
₹ 16,600 ₹ 38,300
₹ 30,000
Private Colleges
₹ 20,000 ₹ 1.21 Lakh
₹ 85,000


Private Colleges
₹ 13,000 ₹ 1.60 Lakh
₹ 40,000


Public Colleges
₹ 7,500 ₹ 70,960
₹ 26,500
Private Colleges
₹ 30,000 ₹ 1.68 Lakh
₹ 1.23 Lakh


Public Colleges
₹ 4,650 ₹ 40,900
₹ 8,850
Private Colleges
₹ 2,825 ₹ 88,000
₹ 75,000

Madhya Pradesh

Public Colleges
₹ 10,000 ₹ 57,000
₹ 16,600


Public Colleges
₹ 5,650 ₹ 85,600
₹ 12,280
Private Colleges
₹ 20,000 ₹ 1.52 Lakh
₹ 27,100


Public Colleges
₹ 9,244 ₹ 42,234
₹ 38,800
Private Colleges
₹ 60,000 ₹ 1.21 Lakh
₹ 80,000


Public Colleges
₹ 9,000 ₹ 67,000
₹ 20,000
Private Colleges
₹ 27,000 ₹ 1.36 Lakh
₹ 66,000

Tamil Nadu

Public Colleges
₹ 3,800 ₹ 36,000
₹ 17,770
Private Colleges
₹ 3,010 ₹ 2.17 Lakh
₹ 31,114


Public Colleges
₹ 7,050 ₹ 22,430
₹ 21,200

Uttar Pradesh

Public Colleges
₹ 5,030 ₹ 80,820
₹ 42,500
Private Colleges
₹ 7,300 ₹ 1.08 Lakh
₹ 80,000

West Bengal

Public Colleges
₹ 2,575 ₹ 5,280
₹ 2,640

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Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

At least a bachelor degree. And no need to write an entrance exam as such.

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Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

The student has to pass Bachelor's Degree.

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Master of Social Work [MSW], batch of 2016
Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

To get admission in this college candidate must pass in 12th standard. No separate entrance exam is conducted.

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