WBJEE Preparations 2024: Tips and Tricks

WBJEE preparations for 2024 should be started way before the examination. The application for WBJEE 2024 will be released by the exam authority.

WBJEE Exam 2024 will conduct in April 2024. Candidates can check for the WBJEE Syllabus 2024 and start preparing for the examination. The article below provides important points, tips, and tricks for preparations.

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WBJEE Preparation Tips 2024

The candidate should be sure about the syllabus and practice methods for the examination. Students who put in effort right from the beginning get into the merit rank list. Below are a few preparation tips for the students preparing for the examination. 

  • Time Table: Create a timetable by listing down the topics for examination. Prioritize the list based on mark weightage. Stick to the timetable and study. Schedule learning new concepts during the most productive time.
  • Evaluate: Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Know which subject is difficult and which can be easily tackled. Schedule time based on that. The easier subjects can be revised even when there is less time.
  • Relevant Source: Refer to relevant source materials only. Going through a lot of wanted and unwanted materials at the time of examination can simply lead to a waste of time. Make sure of the materials to be referred to beforehand only.
  • Don’t Memorise: Make sure to practice by understanding the topics. Simply memorizing a concept will not help in completing the syllabus. It is important to understand the logic of solving problems and understanding the concepts.
  • Refer to Previous Papers: It is a must to go through the previous year's papers and attend mock tests. The previous year's papers can give a complete picture of the examination pattern. The types of questions can easily be understood by referring to the previous year's papers. 
  • Attend Mock Test: Attending a mock examination before the real examination can be helpful in understanding the question paper pattern and time constrain of the exam. There are multiple sources offering the mock test. The exam authority releases a set of sample question papers before the examination. 
  • Start with basics: Being thorough with basics is a must. Anyone who is outright with their basics can easily understand the higher aspects of topics. It becomes easier to solve problems when the basics are strong. 
  • Eat healthily: Make sure to build healthy eating habits. It can help in boosting your memory power and remembering concepts during the examination. Eating healthy can keep your body fit and this, in turn, helps you study better. Eating junk and falling sick during the examination can affect the overall performance of the examination.
  • Practice: Practice, practice, and practice. Only routine practice can make any step clearer and easier. It is compulsory to practice whatever is learned. Practice helps in recalling concepts and engraving them into the minds.
  • Proper Rest: Take proper rest. Make sure to rest properly while studying. Our body needs proper rest and proper food to process things. Only a relaxed brain can work efficiently. Keeping the body tired and unhealthy will affect the examination.

WBJEE 2024 Preparation During Exam

  • Do not Panic: Make sure you do not go through new chapters or revised chapters 10 mins after starting the examination. Breathe in and breathe out. Relax your muscles. Rushing through the notes and thinking severely about the topics and subject can only lead you to panic and worsen things.
  • Use the technique of elimination: When you are confused about the options, relax yourself and eliminate the least possible options and pick out from the others. Make sure to not keep worrying about the answer chosen or keep your mind confused about the same question.
  • Read Questions thoroughly: Make sure to read the questions completely. Do not jump to conclusions while starting to read the questions and mark the answer. Make it a point to read the question 2 times and understand and then mark the answer.
  • Time Management: It is a piece of basic advice always received. make sure that you are aware of the time taken for each question. Make sure that you are aware of the time taken and time required for the unsolved questions. The best way to get used to the time constraint is by solving numerous mock tests during preparations themselves. It can give you a perfect idea of the time required for each question and in this way you can pick up the easiest methods of solving a problem in lesser time.

What to do after WBJEE 2024 Exam?

Here are few tips and things for the candidates to do after the examination.

  • Do not Overthink: Keep yourself calm. Do not panic about the uncertainties. Think positively. Be happy that you were able to take up the examination.
  • Reward yourself: Reward yourself with something. Even if it is something small like your favorite meal, snack, or anything that you have been longing to buy for so long. This can help you feel better. 
  • Results: Wait patiently until the results come. Make sure to maintain a positive thought throughout the waiting period. 


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