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Aug 28, 2023 | Architecture, Engineering


WBJEE mock test 2024 was available on the official website. WBJEE 2024 mock test helps aspirants prepare better for the examination. For a strong preparation, some of the best methods can be to practice free WBJEE mock tests and sample papers easily available on the internet. This section of the article will discuss how candidates can prepare for the WBJEE 2024 exam. Keep reading to know more about WBJEE mock test 2024.

WBJEE Previous Year Question Paper 2024 WBJEE Preparation

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WBJEE Mock Test Highlights

Candidates need to solve the WBJEE mock test papers for the exam. However, it is more important to know the correct method of solving the WBJEE mock test papers. Candidates must replicate the final exam scenario while solving the sample papers. Some of the highlights related to the WBJEE mock test are as follows.

  • The WBJEE Mock test paper will have 2 sections.
  • Candidates must ensure that they finish a set of WBJEE mock paper within a time frame of 120 minutes.
  • Candidates must keep track of their progress to identify their weak sections.

Other important details related to the WBJEE mock test paper highlights are provided below in a tabular format.

WBJEE Mock Test 2024 Highlights
WBJEE 2024 Mock Test Question Type Multiple Choice Questions i.e. MCQs or Objective
Mode of the WBJEE 2024 Mock Exam Online
Duration of WBJEE 2024 Mock Test 2 hours for each paper (a total of 4 hours) 
Total Marks of WBJEE 2024 Mock Test 200
Number of Papers in WBJEE 2024 Mock Test Paper-I: Mathematics
Paper II: Physics and Chemistry
Number of Questions in WBJEE 2024 Mock Test Mathematics: 75 questions
Physics: 40 questions
Chemistry: 40 questions
Marking Scheme in WBJEE 2024 Mock Test Category-I: +1, -0.25
Category-II: +2, -0.5
Category III: No negative marking

WBJEE Mock Test 2024

Candidates can take the free WBJEE mock test 2024 offered by several websites on the internet to be better prepared for the exams. It can give a sense of the questions that might be asked during the WBJEE exam along with a better understanding of the exam pattern. WBJEE mock test paper allows students to practice effectively for the exam along with the WBJEE mock test series available online. Some of the advantages of the WBJEE mock test 2024 are given below.

Advantages of Taking WBJEE Mock Test 2024

WBJEE Mock Test

There are numerous benefits of the free WBJEE mock test 2024 or the WBJEE online mock test 2024 before the exam. The advantages of appearing for the WBJEE mock test are mentioned below: 

  • Appearing in WBJEE mock test will allow candidates to be stress-free and understand the WBJEE 2024 exam pattern better. 
  • WBJEE online mock test will allow students to go through less exam anxiety and be more concentrated, calm and focused in exam preparation.
  • WBJEE mock test paper will allow students to practice better and get familiar with the questions and the topics before the exam.
  • WBJEE mock test paper 2024 will allow candidates to get a grasp of speed and learn time management which would help students to complete the papers during exam hours.
  • free WBJEE mock test will allow candidates to practice multiple times and analyze themselves before appearing in the WBJEE exam 2024.

How To Take WBJEE 2024 Mock Test?

Now let us look at how to take EWBJEE mock test online for free. Although different websites will have a different flow of information, we will try to give a general idea of how it will look on most websites.

  • Step 1: Search "WBJEE Mock Test 2024" on Google (If websites are not already known to you).
  • Step 2: Click on the top result and visit the website.
  • Step 3: Sign-Up on the website with a valid Email ID and Password.
  • Step 4: Look for "Mock Test" on the navigation bar or search for it.
  • Step 5: Now, you can click on "Start" and start answering the questions.
  • Step 6: The mock test will go on for 4 hours, and once you submit it, you will see your score immediately.

WBJEE 2024 Sample Papers

The sample papers must be included in all aspirants' study plans to prepare for the WBJEE exam. The sample papers will help candidates to improve their performance based on subjects and topics they need to work on. Candidates will also learn to manage time and the accuracy of their answers during the exam.

Candidates must practice WBJEE 2024 sample papers to improve their speed and to also test how much they have made progress with the syllabus. Aspirants must keep practising the sample papers daily or at least weekly. The candidates who will practice sample papers will have an advantage during the WBJEE exam.

Mathematics Sample Paper 1.pdf

Sample Paper 3.pdf

Sample Paper 4.pdf

Sample Paper 5.pdf

Mathematics Sample Paper 2.pdf

Mathematics Sample Paper 3.pdf

Physics & Chemistry Sample Paper 3.pdf


When will WBJEE 2024 Mock Test paper release?

WBJEE 2024 Mock Test papers will be released soon on the official website. Candidates can keep checking on the official webpage for more information.

Is WBJEE Mock Test 2024 tough?

WBJEE Mock Test 2024 is created keeping in mind the real-time WBJEE 2024 exam. Therefore, it totally depends on the candidate's knowledge.

How to prepare for WBJEE 2024 Mock Test?

Candidates must prepare WBJEE 2024 syllabus and practice previous years question papers for better scores in WBJEE 2024 Mock Tests. They can also practice for free from various online websites.

What questions come in WBJEE Mock Tests?

MCQ or multiple choice questions come in WBJEE Mock Tests.

What is the mode of WBJEE 2024 Mock Tests?

WBJEE 2024 Mock Tests will be conducted online.


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