BITSAT Preparation 2024: Preparation Strategy, Study Plan

Hafsha Qureshi
Hafsha Qureshi

Updated on - Jan 16, 2024

BITSAT preparation 2024 plan is essential for candidates to develop. Applicants must know how to prepare for BITSAT in a way that covers all five parts of the syllabus. In addition, candidates must revise the whole BITSAT syllabus at least once before the final exam.

The BITSAT prep guide below will provide the candidates with the essential points to consider to formulate their strategy. The BITSAT preparation should be consistent in nature throughout the year. In addition, applicants must solve the previous year's question papers and mock tests for BITSAT preparation in 15 days before the exam. Read along to understand about the prep guide to BITSAT 2024.

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How to Prepare for BITSAT 2024?

It is essential for candidates to know some important preparation tips for BITSAT before they come up with a study plan. Candidates can prepare a sound study plan based on the tips for BITSAT preparation guide. Candidates can follow the tips provided below to prepare for BITSAT 2024.

Know Your Syllabus

The applicants are encouraged to review the official BITSAT syllabus before starting their preparations. The themes, topics, and units that must be studied for the entrance exam will be made clear to the students through the syllabus. Understanding the syllabus will help the students to develop an effective BITSAT preparation strategy.

The candidates can also be well-prepared for BITSAT 2024 by properly understanding the material beforehand. The syllabus will include topics from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English Proficiency, and Logical Reasoning.

Practice Mock Tests

In the months leading up to the exam, BITSAT mock test 2024 is crucial. The candidates will be able to prepare for the test and learn how the question papers will be created through mock test for BITSAT. The use of mock exams will also enable students to gauge their degree of exam preparation and advancement. This is an essential component that candidates must add for their BITSAT preparation.

Time Management

The candidates also need to improve their time management skills. The candidates should make sure they are proficient time managers because the exam must be finished in the allocated amount of time. Applicants can practice finishing the mock test and the papers from the prior year within the allotted time. Developing this skills is one of the most important tips for BITSAT preparation.

Prepare Notes

Preparaing notes for subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology is the first step to solve the problem of how to prepare for BITSAT. It is recommended for candidates to make short, crispy and to the point notes for their BITSAT exam preparation. This is because long, bulky notes are hard to revise during the last days of BITSAT exam preparation. Thus applicants can revise quicky for their BITSAT preparation in 1 month before the exam.

The applicants are recommended to make notes on challenging subjects while studying. By taking notes, the candidates will be able to understand the topics better and review them whenever and wherever they are. The candidate's questions will be answered by these notes as well.

Revise Regularly

Revision is a preparatory practice that students should include in their daily schedule. Students will be less likely to forget what they have previously learned if they regularly revise. For the candidates to feel more secure in their BITSAT preparation for the exam, revision is crucial. Regular revision will ensure candidates have opted for the best way to prepare for BITSAT.

Be Healthy

The candidates should also take good care of their health so they can take the test without concerns. The candidates should get enough sleep and have a balanced diet while preparing. Taking part in extracurricular activities will also aid applicants in maintaining their health and focus. Being positive and healthy is one of the most underrated BITSAT exam preparation tips.

BITSAT Preparation 2024: Syllabus Breakdown

It is essential for candidates to know the syllabus breakdown to develop a BITSAT preparation strategy. Knowing the syllabus breakdown will help the candidates to know how to prepare for BITSAT in 4 months. It can also help the applicants to know how to prepare for BITSAT in one month.

The subject-wise syllabus breakdown for the BITSAT preparation is provided below for the candidates.

BITSAT Physics Syllabus Breakdown

To know how to prepare for BITSAT Physics, candidates must understand the number of topics and the required days to complete them. The syllabus breakdown for Physics is provided below for the candidates.

Parameters Particulars
Name of the subject Physics
Total Number of Topics 18
Ideal Number of Topics to be covered in a Day 3 (18x3 = 54 Days)
Days left for revision and practicing test papers 36 Days

BITSAT Chemistry Syllabus Breakdown

Candidates must understand the syllabus breakdown to know how to prepare for BITSAT chemistry. The syllabus breakdown for BITSAT chemistry preparation is as follows.

Parameters Particulars
Name of the Subject Chemistry
Number of Topics (Total) 14
Topics to be covered in a day 4 (14x4 = 56 Days)
Number of Days Left for Revision & Mock Test Practice 34

BITSAT Maths Syllabus Breakdown

Candidates must understand the syllabus breakdown to know how to prepare Maths for BITSAT. The syllabus breakdown for Maths for the BITSAT exam preparation.

Parameters Particulars
Name of the Subject Mathematics
Number of topics 12
Topics to be covered in a single day 4 (12x4 = 48)
Days left to revise and practice test papers 42

How to Prepare for BITSAT in One Month?

The BITSAT preparation of any candidate should be consistent throughout the year (or the time they have till the final exam). Candidates can follow the daily study plan provided below if they want to know how to prepare for BITSAT.

Particulars Details
Time to be Devoted on Daily Basis 12 Hours
First Session (3 Hours)

Choose a subject.

Carefully Study the Topic/Subject.

For further details on the subject, take help from other study materials.

Highlight the key details.

Practice questions depending on the subject

1 Hour Break
Second Session (3 Hours)

Choose a different topic.

Take a compelling approach to the full theoretical section.

Emphasize the core topics.

Answer questions from BITSAT test papers.

1 Hour Break
Third Session (3 Hours)

Reassess all of the material covered in the previous two sessions ( 1 Hour)

Choose from the English/Logical Reasoning topics

Include all information relating to the topics.

Answer questions from test papers.

1 Hour Break
Fourth Session (3 Hours)

Revision of everything completed in earlier sessions

Practice questions

Review the theory sections and important concepts from the previous sessions again.

BITSAT Last 1 Month Preparation Tips

Students can follow the below tips for last-minute preparations for BITSAT 2024.

  • If candidates start their preparations around 2-3 months back, they should keep the last month before the exam for revision. Or in case the candidate starts preparing when there is only 1 month, or less time, then candidates should spend 9-10 hours on their preparations. 
  • Candidates should solve as many mock tests and previous year's examination papers as possible before the exam. This can help the candidates rectify their mistakes and improve their speed and accuracy from time to time.
  • Students should focus on improving their speed and accuracy every time they practice. Answering with more accuracy has the chance of securing better marks.
  • Students should focus on the language part also, as this can add weight to the performance of the candidates. 
  • Candidates are advised to make notes for every topic they study. Notes help the candidates in doing last-minute quick revisions. Notes also help candidates gain a better understanding of the topics.

How to Prepare for BITSAT in 4 Months?

Candidates can take a look at the 4-Month study plan for BITSAT preparation provided below.

Session Approach
Session One (Morning) (3 Hours)

Choose a subject.

Read it thoroughly.

For further details on the subject, consult additional study materials.

Highlight the most important details.

Practice questions depending on the subject

Session Two (Afternoon) (2 Hours)

Revise the subjects covered in the previous session (30 Minutes)

Pick a new subject and go over the complete theoretical component.

Make a note of the crucial details.

Maximum topic-based question practice

Session Three (Evening) (3 Hours)

Revise the subject you selected for the previous session (30 Minutes)

Pick either English or Logical Reasoning as your subject.

Practice as many questions as possible depending on the selected topic.

BITSAT Preparation 2024: During Exams

Candidates can remember the following tips while attending BITSAT 2024 exams.

  • Students are advised to choose the last day slots of the exam, preferably. This can give candidates more time for preparations. Doing this will also help the candidates analyze the previous days' exam papers and prepare accordingly.
  • Students are advised to attend the exam wisely and accurately. If any problems take time to be solved, candidates should drop that and move on to the next one immediately. This way, they can solve the easier and assure ones first.
  • Candidates are advised to prepare a strategy for writing the exam. The exam includes negative markings. Hence, the candidates should be careful in maximizing the time in the exam hall.
  • The total number of questions for BITSAT is 150.
  • Candidates who do not score well on these 150 questions can solve another 12 questions if they are looking for more marks. Candidates opting for this option should be very sure as they cannot go back to the previous 150 questions. Candidates are supposed to rethink taking up the new set of questions as there will be negative marking.
  • English and Logical reasoning sections help the candidates to secure more marks easily. Candidates can score well by focusing on these 2 sections properly.
  • Candidates are advised to keep track of time while solving mock tests and even previous year papers, as these can help maintain correct timings during the actual exam.

BITSAT Exam Pattern 2024

Students should refer to BITSAT exam pattern 2024 released on the official page before preparing for BITSAT. This helps the candidates to create a clear picture of their preparation and how to appear for the exam. Candidates can refer to the below table to know about the exam pattern.

Sections Subjects Number of Questions
Part I Physics 40
Part II Chemistry 40
Part III English Proficiency 15
Logical Reasoning 10
Part IV Mathematics/Biology (B.Pharm) 45 (Each)

BITSAT Preparation 2024 Important Books

The list of important BITSAT books to refer to is tabulated below. Candidates can check the list.

BITSAT Preparation Books: Physics

Candidates can take refer to the following books for Physics for their BITSAT preparation.

Books Authors
Arihant D. C. Pandey
Concepts of Physics H. C. Verma
Fundamentals of Physics Resnick, Halliday, Walker
Problems in General Physics I.E. Irodov
Advanced Level Physics Nelson and Parker

BITSAT Preparation Books: Chemistry

Candidates can take refer to the following books for Chemistry for their BITSAT exam preparation.

Books Authors
Inorganic Chemistry O.P.Tendon
Organic Chemistry Paula Bruice Yurkanis
Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations R.C. Mukherjee
Inorganic Chemistry J.D.Lee

BITSAT Preparation Books: Mathematics

Candidates can take refer to the following books for Maths for their BITSAT preparation.

Books Authors
Integral Calculus Arihant
Problems in Calculus of One Variable Algebra I.A.Maron
Differential Calculus Arihant
Class XI and XII R.D. Sharma
Higher Algebra Hall Knight Bernard-Child

BITSAT Preparation Books: English Profeciency and Logical Reasoning

Candidates can take refer to the following books for English Profeciency and Logical Reasoning for their BITSAT preparation.

Books Authors
BITSAT English Proficiency & Logical Reasoning Disha Expert
The Pearson Complete Guide to the BITSAT (English) One Learn Education



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