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Aug 8, 2023 | Architecture, Computer


TANCET cut off 2023 will be announced online by Anna University. The institution, on the other hand, does not formally publicize the TANCET 2023 cut off scores. TANCET pass marks for MBA 2023 are the minimum qualifying percentile score in TANCET that candidates must achieve to be considered for admission to participating universities.

On the basis of TANCET marks for MCA 2023, all selected candidates will be invited to additional rounds. TANCET 2023 is a state-level entrance exam held every year by Anna University (AU) to grant admissions to applicants in various government and private colleges for post-graduate programs offered by Anna University. 

Latest Updates on TANCET

  • Aug 8, 2023: TANCET supplementary counselling for MBA program will take place on Aug 8, 2023. Read More

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TANCET Cut Off 2023 (Expected)

TANCET cutoff for MBA 2023 is the score applicants must achieve to be considered for admission to universities that accept the highest TANCET scores 2023. TANCET MBA Cut off 2023 is expected to be above 50 for the open category based on the previous year's cut offs. TANCET MBA collegewise cutoff for prestigious colleges like LIT Chennai and VEC Chennai is anticipated to be higher than the previous year. 

The candidates must note that the tables below show the expected TANCET cut off 2023. The conducting authorities will release the actual information regarding the same after announcing the TANCET 2023 result. 

TANCET MBA Cut Off 2023

The minimum scores needed for candidates applying for each category are considered to determine the TANCET Cutoff for MBA 2023. TANCET pass marks for MBA that applicants receive are considered while shortlisting them for the admissions process.

Category Expected TANCET MBA Cut Off
Open Category 50+
Backward Classes 40+
Scheduled Caste 30+
Scheduled Tribe 25-30

TANCET MBA College wise Cutoff

TANCET MBA college wise cutoff for the top participating colleges is shown below based on patterns from the previous year's cutoff. TANCET cut off 2023 first few to fill up are colleges like Vel Tech High Tech Dr. Rangarajan Dr. Sakunthala Engineering College and PSG.


Open category (Expected)

Velammal Engineering College, Chennai


Vel Tech High Tech Dr. Rangarajan Dr. Sakunthala Engineering College, Chennai


Measi Institute of Management, Chennai


Gnanam School of Business, Sengipatti


PSG Institute of Management, Coimbatore


Thiagarajar School of Management, Thirupparankundram


Galaxy Institute of Management, Chennai


Coimbatore Institute of Management and Technology, Coimbatore


PSNA College of Engineering and Technology, Dindigul


JJ College of Engineering and Technology, Tiruchirappalli


Sona School of Management, Salem


TANCET ME Cut Off 2023

TANCET cutoff for ME 2023 from previous years has been prepared. Below are some charts of the expected cutoff for ME 2023 for several courses offered through TANCET 2023. 

TANCET ME Expected Cut Off 2023
Ranks ST  MBC General 
1-10 A A A Above 70
11-30 A A A 60-70
31-60 A A B 57-51
61-100 A A C 50-47
101-500 A B D 47-45
501-1000 A B/C E 45-43
1001-1500 A C E 43-42
1501-2000 B C/D F 42-41
2001-2500 B D F 41-40
2501-3000 B/C D F 40-39
3001-3500 C E F 39-38
3501-4000 C E F 38-37
4001-4500 C/D E F 37-36

TANCET Cut Off 2023 ME/MTech (Expected)

The expected TANCET ME 2023 cut off for the various candidate categories is below. The official TANCET cut off 2023 scores have not yet been released and TANCET cutoff for MBA 2023 scores is based on expert analysis. Candidates check out the same for reference. 

TANCET ME Expected Cut Off 2023
Ranks  BC  SC
1-10 A A Above 70
11-30 A A 60-70
31-60 A A 57-51
61-100 B A 50-47
101-500 C A 47-45
501-1000 C/D A/B 45-43
1001-1500 D B 43-42
1501-2000 D B/C 42-41
2001-2500 D C 41-40
2501-3000 E C 40-39
3001-3500 E E 39-38
3501-4000 E/F E 38-37
4001-4500 F D/E 37-36

TANCET MCA Cut Off 2023 (Expected)

The expected TANCET MCA cut off 2023 is given below as a table. The official TANCET 2023 cut off scores have not yet been released and TANCET pass marks for MCA are based percentile score in TANCET exam done by experts. Candidates check out TANCET cut off 2023 for reference. 

TANCET MCA Cut Off 2023
Ranks Cut Off Scores
1-10 73-55
11-30 55-50
31-60 50-47
61-100 47-44
101-500 44-36
501-1000 36-32
1001-1500 32-30
1501-2000 29-27
2001-2500 27-26
2501-3000 26-25

TANCET 2023 MBA Cut Off

The expected TANCET cutoff for MBA 2023 is mentioned below category-wise in the tabular form:

TANCET MBA Cut Off 2023 (Expected)
Category Expected Cut Off for TANCET MBA
Unreserved 37.5
Other Backward Classes 35.25
Scheduled Caste 25.5
Scheduled Tribes 22.5

The expected TANCET cut off for MBA 2023 Ranks and the corresponding TANCET 2023 cut off marks is mentioned below:

TANCET 2023 Expected Ranks Based on Scores
Obtained Scores TANCET Rank List (Expected)
23-22 2501-3000
25-23 2001-2500
27-25 1501-2000
30-27 1001-1500
33-30 501-1000
42-34 101-500
46-43 61-100
51-47 31-60
54-52 11-30
70-55 1-10

TANCET cutoff for MBA 2023 marks are determined on the basis of various criteria like the number of students giving TANCET 2023 exam the difficulty level of the exam, the number of seats available, previous year's TANCET cut off marks. Candidates who have scored more than TANCET cut off 2023 marks are eligible to apply for the counselling process. TANCET cut off 2023 would differ for each college; therefore, the candidates must check TANCET cut off 2023 for each institution and then apply. 

Steps to Check TANCET Cut Off 2023 

TANCET 2023 cut off marks will be uploaded on Anna University's official website. Here's how the candidates can check TANCET cut off 2023 online:

  • Step 1: Candidates must visit Anna University's official website - annauni.edu.
  • Step 2: Locate the link for TANCET cut off 2023 on the homepage.
  • Step 3: Click on the link.
  • Step 4: Candidates will be shown two PDF files for colleges and category-wise TANCET cut off for MBA 2023.
  • Step 5: View and download TANCET cut off 2023 PDF files for further reference.  

Factors Affecting TANCET Cut Off 2023 

TANCET 2023 cut off marks will be decided by the respective colleges based on the following factors.

  • The number of candidates appearing for the test.
  • The difficulty level of the exam.
  • Normalized TANCET 2023 cut off score. 
  • The number of seats for admission.
  • Average marks scored in the exam. 
  • Previous Years' TANCET cut off for different branches.

How to Calculate TANCET Cut Off for MBA and MCA?

Before calculating TANCET cut off for MBA 2023, candidates will have to calculate the normalized TANCET 2023 cut off marks. The normalized score is generated from TANCET 2023 raw scores (marks obtained in the exam) by using the following formula:

TANCET Normalized Score = 40 + (10/S) (R– M)

S stands for Standard Deviation, R stands for Raw Marks (Total marks obtained from all three sections), and M stands for Mean Marks (Total marks from all the sections divided by 3).

TANCET Previous Years' Cut Off 

Candidates can find the previous years and the expected current year's TANCET cutoff for MBA below:

TANCET Cut Off 2021

For admission to the various participating institutes, candidates can refer to the college and category-specific TANCET 2023 cut off marks shown below. TANCET cutoff for MBA shown below are from past years; TANCET 2023 cut off marks may change.

TANCET 2021 Cut Off



JJ College of Engineering and Technology

Open: 12.667

Gnanam School of Business (Stand Alone), Sengipatti, Thanjavur

Open: 13.333

Vivekananda Institute of Management Studies (Stand Alone), Coimbatore District

Open: 18.667

University of Madras, Chepauk, Chennai

Open: 54

SC: 43.3

ST: 35.3

Velammal Engineering College, Chennai

Open: 46

SC: 38.3

ST: 36

Sona College of Technology (Autonomous), Salem

Open: 34.333

SC: 14

ST: 19.3

PSG College of Technology (Autonomous), Coimbatore

Open: 61.333

SC: 47.3

ST: 35.6

Vel Tech High Dr Rangarajan Dr Sakunthala Engineering College, Chennai

Open: 34

SC: 21.3

Loyola Institute of Technology, Chennai

Open: 40.667

SC: 31

PSNA Colleges of Engineering and Technology

Open: 30.333

SC: 20.3

TANCET Cut Off 2019

TANCET 2019 cut off marks are prepared by considering the various categories and the minimum scores required for candidates applying for the respective category. Candidates will be shortlisted for the admission process by considering their marks in the exam.

Candidates can refer to the below table to get TANCET cut off marks for 2019:

TANCET Cut Off 2019 Category-Wise
Category TANCET MBA Cut Off
General 38-40
Other Backward Classes (OBC) 33.25-35.5
Scheduled Caste (SC) 20.5-35.5
Scheduled Tribe (ST) 19-36

College-Wise TANCET Cut Off 2018

TANCET cut off marks for 2018 for top participating colleges such as PSG College of Arts and Science cut off marks and other colleges have been shown in the below table.

TANCET Cut Off 2018 for Different Institutes
Institutes Participating Cut Off Score
Vel Tech High Tech Dr Rangarajan Dr. Sakunthala Engineering College, Chennai 34
Music Institute of Management, Royapettah 32.333
Velammal Engineering College, Chennai 31.333
Gnanam School of Business, Sengipatti 13.333
Thiagarajar School of Management, ThirupparankundramPSG Institute of Management, Coimbatore 53.333
PSG Institute of Management, Coimbatore 35
Galaxy Institute of Management, Chennai 33.5
Sona School of Management, Salem 34.5
PSNA College of Engineering and Technology, Dindigul 30.333
JJ College of Engineering and Technology, Tiruchirappalli 12.667
Coimbatore Institute of Management and Technology, Coimbatore 11.333

Category-Wise TANCET Cut Off 2018 for MBA

The following table shows the Category-Wise TANCET MBA cut off for 2018:

TANCET MBA Cut Off 2018 for Institutes Based on Category
Institutes Participating General Other Backward Classes(OBC) Backward Class Muslim(BCM) Most Backward Classes(MBC) Scheduled Caste(SC) Scheduled Tribe(ST)
University Departments of Anna University - CEG, Chennai 64.667 58.333 57.333 53.333 51 40
PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore 61.333 56.667 56.667 50 47.333 35.667
Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, Kancheepuram







University of Madras, Chepauk 54 51 48.333 47 43.333 35.333
University of Madras, Chepauk 59 55.333 55.667 50.667 46.333 -
Thiagarajar School of Management (Co-Ed), Madurai 53.333 49 47.667 40.333 36.667 27.667
Kumaraguru College of Technology, Chinnavedampatti Post, Coimbatore 50.333 47.333 32.333 39.667 38.333 29.67
St. Joseph’s College of Engineering, OMR, Chennai 46 43.667 43 35.333 32 -
Easwari Engineering College, Ramapuram, Chennai 45.333 42.667 43.667 35.333 32.667 -
R M K Engineering College, Gummidipoondi, Thiruvallur 34 31.6 - 30.2 27.6 -

TANCET ME Cut Off 2018

TANCET last year cut off for ME 2018 is shown below. TANCET cut off for ME varies with the candidates' category, the minimum marks required for admission to various universities, and the number of candidates participating in the examination. TANCET rank secured by the candidate in the exam can be determined by the scores they obtained in the examination.

TANCET cut off 2018 Ranks for ME, corresponding to the scores obtained by the candidates, are shown in the table below:

TANCET Cut Off 2018 for ME
Obtained Scores General (OC) Other Backward Classes(OBC) Most Backward Classes(MBC) Scheduled Caste(SC) Scheduled Tribe(ST) Expected Ranks
Above 70 A A A A A 1-10
60-70 A A A A A 11-30
57-51 B A A A A 31-60
50-47 C B A A A 61-100
47-45 D C B A A 101-500
45-43 E C/D B/C A/B A 501-1000
43-42 E D C B A 1001-1500
42-41 F D C/D B/C B 1501-2000
41-40 F D D C B 2001-2500
40-39 F E D C B/C 2501-3000
39-38 F E E E C 3001-3500
38-37 F E/F E E C 3501-4000
37-36 F F E D/E C/D 4001-4500

College-Wise TANCET Cut Off for ME 2018

Colleges that took part in the engineering admission process in 2018, under TANCET 2023 are shown in the following table for the reference of the candidates. 

TANCET 2018 Cut Off for ME as per Institutes
College Types Colleges Participating
Top Colleges in TANCET 2018 CEG, MIT, AC Tech Campus
Top Private Colleges SSN, Chennai St. Joseph College of Engineering, Chennai Vellamal College of Engineering, Chennai Sri Krishna College of Engineering, Coimbatore Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore Mepco, Sivakasi Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Chennai
University Departments of Branches of Anna University in other districts, Government Aided Colleges and Government Colleges (Subsidized Tuition Fee) GCT, Coimbatore GCE, Tirunelveli GCE, Salem GCE, Bargur Thanthai Periyar, Vellore IRTT, Erode University Departments, Trichy
Next Grade Private Colleges Panimalar Engineering College, Chennai Easwari Engineering College, Chennai Jeppiar Engineering College, Chennai SONA College of Technology, Salem Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology, Pollachi Sri Ramakrishna College of Engineering, Coimbatore Bannariamman Institute of Technology, Sathyamangalam
Average Private Colleges RMD, Gummidipundi RMK, Gummidipundi PSNA, Dindugul Sengunthar College, Erode KSR College, Erode
Other Private Colleges -

TANCET MCA Cut Off 2018

TANCET 2018 MCA cut off depends on the number of candidates appearing for the examination and the minimum score various institutions consider. TANCET scores obtained by the candidates in the exam in 2018 will decide the candidate's rank.

The Ranks corresponding to the normalized scores obtained by the candidates in TANCET MCA in 2018 are shown below:

TANCET Ranks 2018 as per Scores
Obtained Scores Ranks Expected
73-55 1-10
55-50 11-30
50-47 31-60
47-44 61-100
44-36 101-500
36-32 501-1000
32-30 1001-1500
29-27 1501-2000
27-26 2001-2500
26-25 2501-3000

TANCET 2018 Opening And Closing Rank for MCA 

The Opening and Closing Rank for MCA, as per TANCET cut off 2018, is given below for the reference of the candidates. 

TANCET Cut Off for MCA
Colleges Participating Cut Off Marks for General Cut Off Marks SC Cut Off Marks ST
Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore Opening -106 95 92
Closing-89 56 44
SVS Educational Institutions, Coimbatore Opening-103 99 91
Closing-90 76 71
Asan Memorial College of Arts & Science, Chennai Opening-101- 78 -
Closing-89 67 61
Maharaja Prithvi Engineering College Opening-101 89 71
Closing-71 65 54
Sri Sarada Niketan College of Science for Women, Chennai Opening-100 91 86
Closing-81 51 49
Fatima College, Madurai Opening-99 89 82
Closing-78 61 57
Government Arts College, Tiruchirappalli Opening-108 95 92
Closing-89 67 61
Government Arts College for Women, Pudukkottai Opening-107 99 95
Closing-92 69 62
Government College of Engineering Opening-105 92 89
Closing-79 67 61
Center for Distance Education – Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli Opening-104 91 189
Closing-81 65 63
University of Madras, Chennai Opening-101 89 85
Closing-78 59 51
Government Arts College for Women, Pudukkottai Opening-102 88 84
Closing-71 65 51
Government Arts College, Tiruchirappalli Opening -99 85 82
Closing-67 56 50
Bharathiar University, Coimbatore Opening-88 79 67
Closing-67 58 48
Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, Affiliated to Deemed University Opening-99 88 76
Closing-67 59 52
V.S.B. Engineering College, Karur, affiliated with Anna University Opening-95 88 85
Closing-64 51 49
Avinashillingam University for Women, Coimbatore Opening-93 76 71
Closing-68 58 46
Rathnavel Subramaniam College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore Opening-90 80 78
Closing-66 54 51

TANCET Rank Predictor 2018 for MCA

A large number of candidates appear for the exam and thus making it very competitive. Hence, TANCET Rank List is generated. The rank list is prepared based on marks secured by the candidates in the exam. The process of generating TANCET cut off Rank List is dependent upon normalized scores and raw marks.

The Rank predictor is based on normalized scores. It is calculated by using the normalization score formula shown in the beginning. Candidates can check their Expected Range for TANCET MCA cut off Ranks from the table provided below:

TANCET Expected Ranks
Marks Scored in TANCET 2018 Expected Rank Range
Less than 30 70000 - 55000
30 – 39 55000– 45000
40 – 49 45000 – 30000
50 – 59 30000 – 20000
60 – 74 20000 – 12000
75– 84 12000 – 6000
85 – 100 1 – 6000

TANCET Cut Off 2018 for GATE

Candidates qualifying GATE 2018 with the required score are eligible for taking admission into TANCET Participating colleges. The below-mentioned table tells the minimum qualifying marks in GATE for each category.

TANCET Cut Off Ranks Through GATE 2018
Paper Code SC/SCA/ST (Candidates' belongings to Tamil Nadu only)
AE 17.68
AG 16.67
AR 30.11
BT 17.39
CE 16.67
CH 18.34
CS 16.67
CY 20.15
EC 16.67
EE 16.67
EY 25.72
GG 23.36
IN 16.96
MA 17.06
ME 21.82
MN 25
MT 39.65
PH 18.1
PI 17.88
TF 21.25
XE 19.66
XL 18.99
TANCET Cut Off Ranks Through GATE 2018
Paper Code Tamil Nadu BC / BCM / MBC & DNC Others (OC) (Irrespective of Communities)
AE 23.87 26.52
AG 22.5 25
AR 40.65 45.17
BT 23.47 26.08
CE 22.5 25
CH 24.77 27.52
CS 22.5 25
CY 27.2 30.23
EC 22.5 25
EE 22.5 25
EY 34.73 38.59
GG 31.54 35.04
IN 22.9 25.45
MA 23.03 25.59
ME 29.46 32.73
MN 33.75 37.5
MT 53.53 59.47
PH 24.44 27.15
PI 24.14 26.82
TF 28.69 31.88
XE 26.54 29.49
XL 25.63 28.48


What is the cutoff score for TANCET 2023?

For the open category, the TANCET 2023 cut-off score for prestigious universities, colleges, and institutes often ranges between 34 and 64.

Is 45 a good score in TANCET 2023?

For candidates in the general category, the TANCET 2023 cutoff is anticipated to be between 35 and 70 for major universities, colleges, and institutions.

What is the TANCET 2023 cut off mark for PSG?

The general category TANCET cutoff for the MBA course will be 61.333. The BE/B programme was also announced by PSG College of Technology.

How do you get the 99 percentile in TANCET 2023?

To achieve the 99%ile on the TANCET 2023, candidates must score in the range of 60–65.

When will TANCET cut off list be released?

TANCET 2023 cut off list is likely to be announced shortly after the declaration of the result.

What is the difference between the qualifying cut off and sectional cut off in the TANCET 2023 exam?

TANCET qualifying cut off is the score that must be achieved in order to pass this test, but it does not guarantee that you will appear on the final cut off list, which is determined by each college.

What is the percentile score in TANCET 2023?

Percentile scores show how an individual performed in comparison on the TANCET. A score of 100% indicates that the applicant outperformed 100% of other test takers. Based on the TANCET percentile score, DTE assigns rank.


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Result Date: Jul 3, 2023


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Result Date: May 16, 2023

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