GMAT 2020 Results

Exam Date : January 1, 2020 To November 23, 2020

The Result is the outcome of what a candidate has performed in the Exam. GMAT Entrance Exam releases its results immediately after a candidate finishes his exam. That scorecard is not the exact report card but it gives an idea of how a candidate has performed in the test. As it is not an official scorecard, so it would not be accepted by any of the University.

The Candidate has to wait for the official scorecard which will be available on the official website of GMAC sooner. When a candidate receives an unofficial scorecard, he could understand whether he would be selected or not. Accordingly, he can prepare himself for the next entrance examination.

GMAT Entrance Exam 2020 Results

Results Announcement for GMAT Entrance Exam Score 2020

  • Result: A GMAT scorecard is provided immediately as soon as you finish your GMAT exam. This scorecard is not exact and is called GMAT unofficial scorecard.
  • Unofficial score: GMAT unofficial score will not be accepted by any university. Hence, a candidate has to log in and report his or her original score to the desired university.
  • This unofficial result will include your Quantitative, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, and the total GMAT scores of an aspirant.

GMAT Score Usage

The total GMAT Result score report can be used to determine:

  • Whether candidates are eligible for the schools of their choice.
  • After these results, candidates can think over and decide to re-attempt the GMAT test.
  • If candidates accept the GMAT Result score, right after the examination then it would be the final GMAT Result score and an official email would be sent to their registered email consisting of their GMAT Result scorecard within three weeks of the GMAT test.
  • If a candidate cancels GMAT results, the score can be retrieved within 60 days by paying a fee of USD 100.  
  • Candidates have to understand that, after 60 days, a cancelled GMAT Result score cannot be accessed.
  • After the following whole procedure of GMAT results, a candidate can proceed further for GMAT Counselling to get admission.

The GMAT Result scores are based upon the particular marks in the different GMAT Exam categories:

  • The overall GMAT rank is based on actual marks in each GMAT Exam category.
  • Higher the GMAT Result score, the better is the GMAT Rank. It is based on GMAT entrance cutoff also.

Steps to access GMAT Result Score

  • Official Website: The GMAT Result score is accessible on the GMAT official website. Once it is made available, it can be accessed at any time of a year.
  • Email: Candidates will be sent an email to their registered Email ID which will include a unique link, within 20 days of taking the GMAT test.
  • Credentials: Candidates will have to use their unique link to view their official GMAT score report.
  • Access: This email will be complete with instructions about accessing the GMAT Result score.

Note: In circumstances when a candidate has no longer access to the email with the link of GMAT Result Score, they can contact the GMAT Customer Service or the Pearson VUE by phone for assistance.

Candidates who have completed the GMAT 2020 Application and cleared the same can check the Counselling dates and the colleges accepting GMAT Scores in India to plan their admissions.

This data will be available on GMAT handbook on the official webpage.

A sample of GMAT scorecard is as shown below:

GMAT Results

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Discussion Forum

GMAT 2017 total GMAT results score report

What is the purpose of the total GMAT results score report?

Asked By: Anamika Mathur,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

The total GMAT results score report will be used to determine the following: -

  • If the candidate is eligible enough for the schools of their choice.
  • Whether they want to re-attempt the GMAT test.

GMAT 2017 scores

When will the GMAT scores be announced?

Asked By: Padma R,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

The GMAT result score will be available right after the exam on the official website.

Email id provided during admission , no-longer have access

The Email Id I provided during the application process for the GMAT 2017 examination is currently blocked and i have no access to it. What can be done?

Asked By: Abhijith kumar,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

In circumstances when the candidate has no longer access to the email with the link of the GMAT Result Score, they can contact the GMAT Customer Service or the Pearson VUE by phone for assistance.

Scores of all the exams

I have appeared for GMAT twice. Will the scores of both the exams be on the score card?

Asked By: Bablu Aggarwal,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

The Scorecard that the candidates will receive, will include scores of all GMAT exams that the candidate has taken within the past five years. The score reports that are sent to schools will only include those scores that the candidate has accepted.

Any GMAT scores cancelled by the candidate will not be included

Tenure for the release of GMAT score

How long does the GMAT score take to be released?

Asked By: Kawar Anish,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

The candidate appeared for GMAT will get their score within 20 days from the date of exam.

GMAT score report

How do I interpret my GMAT Score Report?

Asked By: Shikha Suvarna,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise
  • The total GMAT Score Report has the following components:
    1) Your Quantitative Score (0 – 60), with percentile
    2) Your Verbal Score (0 – 60), with percentile
    3) Your Total GMAT Score (200 – 800), with percentile
    4) AWA Score (half-integers from 0 to 6), with percentile
    5) Integrated Reasoning score (integer from 1 to 8)
    Your “Total Score” combines your Quantitative and Verbal scores, but doesn’t take any other parts into account.

GMAT scores

After I take the GMAT, how soon will I know my score?

Asked By: Virat Sagar,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise
  • Immediately after taking the test and before leaving the test center, you are given the option of reporting or canceling your scores. You will see your unofficial scores and will be given two minutes to decide whether to accept them. If you do not make a choice, your scores will be canceled. The total GMAT score report arrives about 20 days later, finally including your AWA score.

Validation of the GMAT scores

How long are the GMAT Scores valid for?

Asked By: Aniket Chhabra,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise
  • GMAT scores are valid for five years and are available for reporting for up to 10 years.