GRE Result 2024: Check General Test Scores

Jaya Laxmi
Jaya Laxmi

Updated on - Jan 17, 2024

GRE result 2024 will be known within minutes after completing the test. Candidates can visit the GRE Counselling to check what to do with their test scores and apply to universities. It is important to note that engineering candidates must score higher marks in the Quantitative Section, while humanities candidates must score higher in the verbal section.

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GRE 2024 Results Highlights

GRE Test scores will take 10-15 days for the score to appear on the ETS account. The candidates are advised to check the details on the scorecard carefully before sending them to the universities. The GRE 2024 Score report contains the following details:

  • Contact Information (name, phone number, and email)
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Intended Graduate Major
  • Test Date(s)
  • GRE Test Score(s) and the associated percentile ranks
  • Authorized Score Recipients and the scores reported to those institutions
  • The cumulative record of scores reported within the last five years.

The score report sent to the universities (opted for during the registration process by the applicant) only includes contact information, intended graduate major, GRE Test Score, and the associated percentile ranks.

If your name has changed since you last took the test and the score report contains your old name, you need to consult with the GRE Service for assistance.

GRE 2024 Computer-Based Test Result

All the sections of the test equally contribute to the total score. A raw test score is computed once the test is complete. A raw test is mainly the number of questions the candidate has answered correctly. The process of equating difficult questions is taken into account, and the raw scores for both sections are converted into scaled scores on a 130-170 scale.

The verbal and Quantitative parts of the test are section adaptive, i.e., the candidate's performance in the first section will determine the question's level of difficulty in the other section. For example, suppose the candidate performs better in the first section. In that case, the question will get difficult in other sections, and correctly answering the difficult questions will raise the score.

GRE 2024 Paper-Based Test Result

The raw score is computed for the Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning sections of the paper-based test. With the process of equating, the raw scores are converted into scaled scores, ranging from 130-170, similar to the computer-based test. The raw scores are the number of questions that were answered correctly.

How to Access the GRE test Score?

The candidates can follow the given steps to access the GRE test scores from the official website.

  • Visit the official website of GRE
  • Sign in to your ETS Account
  • Enter the details required
  • The result will be displayed on the screen
  • If you want, you can take a print of the result


The ETS has provided the service of sending the GRE Score Report to the institutions of the candidate's choice. The candidate has to mention them in the application form during the registration process.

Understanding the GRE Test Score

GRE score has been considered for a large range of graduate programs, but candidates are unable to analyze which range of scores is good. So, an NGO providing educational services came up with a specific set of scores at various sections, which has been considered a good GRE score. GRE General Test score includes

  • A range of 130-170 in one-point increments for the main sections of Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning.
  • The overall range is 260 to 340.
  • For Analytical Writing, it ranges from 0-6 in half-point increments.

GRE-ETS takes approximately 10–15 days after the test date to report the scores to the recipient universities. The official score report appears on your ETS account five weeks after taking the test for the offline mode.

GRE score validity

Once the score is obtained, it stays valid for five years, proving to be a standout feature of the GRE test. The applicant can take the next attempt only after 21 days of the previous exam date. Students can take the exam up to five times a year with a gap of 21 days.

GRE 2024 Score for Subject Tests

Each subject test will have a total score on a range of 200-990 score scale with a 10-point increment. Subscores are reported on a 20-99 score scale with a one-point increment for Biology and Psychology tests.

GRE Sample Score Report

GRE Results Percentile

The test score is reported in the GRE percentile rank. The percentile rank of the GRE score indicates the total percentage of examinees taking the exam and receiving a lower score.

The percentile ranks for the general test takers and subject test takers are based on all of the scores of the candidates who had taken the test within a recent period, regardless of when the reported scores were earned.

GRE 2023 Results Percentile
Scaled Score Verbal Reasoning Percentile Rank Quantitative Reasoning Percentile Rank
170 99 97
169 99 97
168 98 95
167 98 93
166 97 91
165 95 89
164 94 87
163 92 85
162 90 82
161 88 79
160 85 76
159 82 73
158 80 70
157 75 67
156 72 63
155 68 59
154 64 55
153 60 51
152 55 47
151 51 43
150 47 39
149 42 35
148 38 31
147 34 27
146 30 24
145 26 20
144 23 17
143 19 14
142 17 12
141 14 10
140 11 8
139 9 6
138 7 4
137 6 3
136 4 2
135 3 1
134 2 1
133 1 1
132 1
131 1

Additional Score Reports (ASR) for GRE

Additional GRE Score reports are the ones you request as extras apart from the official report sent by the ETS. There are three different ways to order the additional reports: online, mail, and fax. The scores that have been earned on and after 1st July of 2011 are available with the ETS.

The fee charged by the ETS for the additional score reports is $27 per score recipient. Once the candidate has requested the ASRs, they cannot be changed or canceled, or refunded.

What is a good GRE Score?

There is no good or bad GRE score. Every University will release minimum score criteria for admission. As per their preferred universities, the candidates should score either equal or higher score to get admission. A Higher GRE score may also qualify the students for the financial grants their college provides it so. They can refer to the below table to get a rough idea of good previous year scores.

GRE 2023 Score
Subject Quant Score Verbal Score
Business 152 149.5
Education 147.3 150.8
Engineering 158.9 148.7
Humanities and Arts 149.2 156.5
Natural Sciences 153.1 150.8
Social Sciences 150.1 152.9
Other Fields 148.9 149.7
Total 145.8 150.8

GRE 2024 Score Range

The table given below shows the score range of each section of the GRE.

GRE 2024 Score Range
Section Name Score Range Increment Point
GRE Verbal Reasoning 130-170 1 Point
GRE Quantitative Reasoning 130-170 1 Point
Analytical Writing Assessment 0-6 0.5 Points

GRE Total Score

The GRE Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning scores contribute to the GRE total score of the GRE general test, and the overall score range happens to be 260-340 (130+130=260 and 170+170=340). GRE minimum score for each section is 130, and GRE maximum score is 170 for each section. The average GRE score ranges from 145-155. The GRE subject test score range is 200-900.



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