GMAT Eligibility Criteria 2024: Age Limit, Reservation Criteria

Hafsha Qureshi
Hafsha Qureshi

Updated on - Jan 17, 2024

GMAT eligibility criteria 2024 must be checked by the aspirants before applying. Mainly, the basic eligibility criteria for GMAT 2024 entrance exam is that a candidate should have a graduate degree in any discipline from any recognized university, in terms of educational qualifications.

A candidate should at least be of 18 years of age to apply and fill the GMAT application form. A candidate should possess at least or a minimum of 60% of aggregate in graduation.

GMAT 2024 Eligibility

Interested candidates must make sure they satisfy all elements in GMAT entrance exam eligibility criteria. They are discussed below with its classification.

GMAT 2024 Fundamental Criteria

The basic eligibility criteria all candidates must meet are as follows.

  • Nationality of a particular candidate is not a constraint or an element in GMAT exam eligibility criteria. The GMAT exam is an international level of exam and hence, any candidate from any country aspiring to pursue an MBA can take GMAT.
  • GMAT eligibility criteria 2024 have not prescribed the maximum age limit for a candidate. However, an aspirant taking GMAT must be at least 18 years of age. If the age of a candidate happens to be within 13 to 17 years, then that particular candidate must produce written proof of consent from their guardian.

GMAT 2024 Specific Criteria

The specific criteria to appear for GMAT 2024 are below.

  • GMAT Educational Qualification: The applicant must be a graduate from a recognized university or educational institution.
  • Every applicant is entitled to take the GMAT exam 5 times in a year, and 8 times in a lifetime.
  • Nevertheless, candidates must make another attempt in GMAT only after 16 days of the previously held test.
  • Most importantly, aspirants who score a perfect 800 as score must wait for 5 years to attempt GMAT exam once again.

GMAT 2024 University Acceptance Criteria

Over 600 universities around the world accept the GMAT exam as an eligibility entrance test for admission. However, each university has rights to define their eligibility criteria.

  • Some universities have outlined the eligibility criteria based on each course program.
  • Even if a student fails to notice them, GMAT 2024 offers a wide scope of opportunities and a candidate can opt for other colleges as well.

Key Points to Ensure GMAT Exam Eligibility

Candidates must make sure they meet the following mandatory criteria for GMAT 2024 entrance exam before applying.

  • Candidate must have a minimum three-year bachelor's degree according to GMAT exam eligibility.
  • Candidates may choose to appear for the exam five times within 16 days as per the stated GMAT eligibility.
  • There is no upper age limit for the GMAT.

Note: The GMAT 2024 score is valid for 5 years. Candidates should have a thorough idea about GMAT eligibility India 2024 before proceeding with the registration.

GMAT 2024 Criteria for Disabled Candidates

Test-takers with disability can also take the GMAT 2024 exam. Certain criteria have been framed exclusively for disabled candidates which are discussed below. A disabled candidate is expected to mention the following in their application and they is completely responsible for the shared data.

Candidates must mention, the existence of an impairment or disability that limits a major life activity.

  • The current level of disability or impairment and how it prevents a person from taking a computer-adaptive GMAT exam under normal conditions.
  • The convincing rationale as to why special accommodations must be given inside the GMAT 2024 exam hall.

We have mentioned the list of disabilities for which special accommodation will be provided.

GMAT Criteria for Disabled Candidates
Disability Website for Reference
Learning and Cognitive Disease
Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
Sensor Disability
Physical and Systematic Disease
Psychological Disease

Website links provided are of the official website. Hence, candidates can get credible information for various disabilities.

After Ensuring GMAT 2024 Eligibility

Candidates can fill the following information only after they fulfil the eligibility criteria for GMAT India. After creating an account on the official website, one can fill important details like name, date of birth and other personal details.

Background data such as nationality, ethnicity, gender must also be filled. Candidates must also upload a photograph, digital signature, and other necessary documents according to the given specifications. Finally, payment for the GMAT application must be done.

GMAT Reservation Criteria

For candidates with disabilities, there is special reservation criteria are provided. The GMAT test-takers will have to submit a few documents along with their application to claim this provision.

  • The impact for impairment and how it limits their ability to take the online GMAT exam under standard conditions.
  • The existence of an impairment that limits a major life activity when compared to most other people.

The following categories are considered under the disability criteria.

  • Psychological Disabilities
  • Learning and Cognitive Disorder
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
  • Sensor Disabilities (Hearing or Vision)
  • Physical and Systematic Disabilities

GMAT Online - System Requirements

Candidates are required to have their personal computers/laptops satisfy the following requirements to be able to take the test. Hence, it is always better to make sure to check these requirements before applying for the examination.

GMAT Online System Requirements
Equipment Technical System Requirement
Operating System All operating systems should be genuine and not copyrighted.
Only Windows 10, Windows 8 (32 and 64 bit), Mac OS 10.13 and above (excluding beta versions)
Every other operating system or versions of operating systems are not eligible.
Firewall Do not take the examination in setting with a corporate firewall (or VPN), or alert your network provider about the network requirements
Display Minimum resolution: 1024 x 768 in 16-bit colour. Additional monitors are forbidden.
Internet Browser Latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox for online registrations and other exam-related work.
Internet Connection A consistent connection speed of 1 Mbps down/up is essential. Try to use wired networks as opposed to wireless networks. Mobile hotspot and internet tethering is completely prohibited
Webcam This must have a minimum specification of 640x480 at 10 fps. Webcam can be internal or external.
Browser Settings Internet cookies must be enabled. Any pop-up blocking application must be disabled.
Work Computer It is recommended to use personal computers as work computers might not allow the OnVUE software.
Power Ensure that the system is connected to a power source before starting the examination and to avoid the battery getting drained during the examination.

Note 1: Mac OS users need to make sure that they allow the OnVUE software within their "System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy" settings for Microphone, Camera, Automation, and Input Monitoring.

Note 2: Make sure that the audio and microphone are not muted before starting the examination to avoid complications during the proctor check-in.


What is GMAT eligibility criteria 2024?

The overlying eligibility criteria for GMAT is that a candidate should have a graduate degree in any discipline from any recognized university.

What is the eligible age limit for GMAT 2024?

Students aged 18 and above can apply for the exam. There is no upper age limit for the exam.

Is there any GMAT 2024 eligibility criteria for disabled candidates?

Disabled candidates must mentioned the following information while applying for GMAT 2024: - The current level of disability or impairment; how it impairs the applicant's ability to take a computer-adaptive GMAT exam under normal conditions. - Explanation for why special accommodations must be given inside the GMAT 2024 exam hall.

Which categories come under the GMAT eligible category?

The following categories are considered under the disability criteria: Psychological Disabilities, Learning and Cognitive Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Sensor Disabilities, (Hearing or Vision), Physical and Systematic Disabilities.



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