M.Tech Admission 2024: Application Form, Eligibility, Entrance Exams, Colleges

Duration: 2 Years
Avg Fees: ₹50K - 4 LPA
Thasleen Mohideen
Thasleen Mohideen

Updated on - Jan 8, 2024

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MTech admission is for candidates who want to study advanced technology and engineering courses. Entry to M.Tech in India is through the national, state, or university-based entrance exam. The major MTech Entrance exam is GATE to enroll in IITs and NITs, while others are SRMJEE, and TANCET which are mostly conducted at the state level or by the concerned universities. After qualifying for the exam, candidates will have to sit for the counseling session which is conducted by state-level authorities and college administration respectively.

M.Tech is a two-year full-time program for candidates who want to pursue an advanced level of study in the technology and engineering fields. Let us look at MTech admission 2024 in detail, including the admission schedule, major entrance exams, and eligibility requirements.

M.Tech Syllabus and Subjects M.Tech Scope in India

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MTech Admission 2024 Application Deadline

Below are the key dates for applications for MTech admission in India as well as the important dates to submit their applications. 


M.Tech Application Last Date (Tentative)

IIT Kharagpur
March to May 2024 
IIT Madras
March to May 2024 
IIT Hyderabad April 2024 
IIT Bombay March 2024 
IIT Delhi April 2024 
IISc Bangalore
February 03 – March 23, 2024 (Applications Open)
IIT Roorkee
2nd week of April 2024
IIT Gandhinagar
December 29 – February 09, 2024
IIT Bhubaneswar March 2024
IIT Guwahati
March to April 2024
IIT Kanpur April 2024
IIT Mandi
Open till October 31, 2024
March to April 2024
IIT Indore
April to June 2024

State Wise MTech Admission 2024

Although GATE is one of the most primary entrance exams which is needed to be qualified to study M.Tech in India. There are also certain state-wise exams for colleges that are conducted by concerned administrations governed by several states to offer admission to M.Tech programs. Below is a list of state-wise admission for 2024: 

State-Wise Exam

Application Date (Tentative)

Exam Date (Tentative)

AP PGECET 1st week of May 2024 to 2nd week of June 2024
1st week of July 2024
TS PGECET 2nd week of March 2024 to 3rd week of June 2024
4th week of June 2024
OJEE February 2024 March 2024
TANCET February 01 – 22, 2024 February 25, 2024
WBJEE February - March 2024 April 2024

MTech Admission Process 2024

The MTech admission procedure consists of entrance examinations, merit, GD, and PI. The top universities have distinctive admission processes for students who are looking to enroll in M.Tech programs in 2024. Online admission for M.Tech. programs are also available for enrolment without an entrance exam.

The admission process may vary depending on the institution. The application process for the M.Tech program is given below in a detailed way.

Eligibility Criteria

The following conditions must be satisfied to be admitted to an M.Tech program in India:

  • Candidates must have a B.Tech or BE from an accredited university.
  • A student must have a minimum overall GPA of 50% or above.
  • Along with the prerequisites for passing the admission exam, the candidate must also meet the merit set by the preferred colleges of their choice.
  • There is a 5% relaxation for the SC/ST group.
M.Tech After B.Tech MTech after BSc

Application Process

Candidates can apply in two ways: without GATE and with GATE. Shown below is the procedure for MTech admission: 

MTech Admission through GATE

Admission through GATE is for IITs, NITs, CFTI, and some of the top private universities. Below is the step-wise process for admission: 

  • Candidates need to go to the official website of the GATE conducting authority.
  • They need to fill out the form as per the guidelines given and select the entrance exam center.
  • The need to pay the GATE Fees and submit the application.
  • After qualifying for the exams, candidates need to apply to the college of their choice with GATE scores.
  • On a particular day, a merit list will be made available. After being selected, a candidate must either deliver a paper in person or submit a report online.
  • Seat allotment and counseling will be held separately.

MTech Admission without GATE

Certain colleges enroll candidates without GATE. Below is the admission process for MTech admission without GATE:

  • Some colleges conduct their self-administered entrance exam and some admit based on merit lists. 
  • Candidates should check the college website and the college if they conduct entrance exams or not. 
  • If not, candidates can directly apply to college under the merit list. In some merit lists enrollment colleges, candidates are expected to have a work experience of minimum 2 years
  • They should have a minimum aggregate of 50% from an accredited university in B.E. or B. Tech.
  • Candidates need to pay a registration fee online after application.
  • Students typically need a passport-size photo, an XII grade report, a graduation grade report, their caste certificate for the applicable SC or ST, and a transfer or migration certificate.
  • A merit list will be made public on a specific day. If a candidate is chosen, they must present a paper in person or submit a report online.
Direct MTech Admission Without GATE Preferred M.Tech Alternatives Other Than GATE Entrance Exam

Selection Criteria

Admission to an M.Tech program in 2024 is subject to a few requirements. Applicants must perform well on the entrance exams and in the subsequent GD and PI processes. Evaluating the M.Tech. selection process steps:

  • Candidates are chosen based on how well they perform on entrance tests, their academic background, and their professional experience.
  • The results of the GD and PI personality tests will be taken into consideration heavily during the screening process.
  • The results of the first two phases and the entrance exam are taken into account.

MTech Specialization Admission 2024

There are no specific criteria required for admission into an M.Tech specialization. As long as the candidate qualifies for the required entrance exams, they are eligible to pursue any M.Tech specialization. Below are some of the major M.Tech specializations:

MTech Admission Exams

Admission for M.Tech is conducted generally through an entrance examination. The entrance examination that is conducted for admission to IITs and NITs in the country is known as GATE. Other entrance examinations are conducted by universities themselves such as SRMJEE, and BITS. Below is a table of the MTech admission entrance examination:

Entrance Exam

Application Date (Tentative)

Exam Date (Tentative)

GATE August 30 – October 16, 2023
February 4, 5, 11, and 12, 2024
IPU CET May 2024 June 2024
SRMJEEE PG January 2024 March 2024
BITS HD April 2024 June 1, 2024

M.Tech Entrance Exam Syllabus

Some universities have prerequisites that applicants must fulfil, including passing the entrance exam, to be admitted to the M.Tech program. The table below displays the syllabus for M.Tech 2024 admission:

Computer Science
Electrical Engineering Physics
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Mathematics
Biotechnology English Chemistry

M.Tech Entrance Exam Prerequisites

Before sitting for any MTech admission tests, Students should follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Candidates should arrive early at the testing location. The gates often open two hours in advance. Candidates should practice effective time management because there will be thorough checking. They ought to arrive on time for the test.
  • Remember to bring the necessary ID documents and admit card. Without these crucial documents, they will not be permitted to enter the exam room.
  • No watches, calculators, phones, or other electronic devices will be permitted in the exam room, along with books and notepads.
NIT Patna GATE Cutoff IIT Delhi GATE Cutoff
IIT Bombay GATE Cutoff IIT Patna GATE Cutoff
IIT Hyderabad GATE Cutoff IIT Kharagpur GATE CutOff

MTech Admission Fees

For admission to the program, there are numerous entrance exams held at the national, state, and university levels in India. The M.Tech admission fees at a government college might range from INR 50,000 to INR 4 LPA.

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MTech Admission 2024: Top Colleges

Numerous universities in India offer M.Tech degrees. At prestigious colleges, online applications for M.Tech degrees are encouraged. The entrance exam results are the initial step in the admission process before moving on to GD and PI.

Below is a list of the top 10 M.Tech. schools, admission fees, and entrance deadlines:


Admission Links

Average Fees (INR)

IIT Kharagpur IIT Kharagpur Admission Link 4.64 LPA
IIT Madras IIT Madras Admission Link 4.22 LPA
IIT Hyderabad IIT Hyderabad Admission Link 10.02 LPA
IIT Bombay IIT Bombay Admission Link 64,000 PA
IIT Delhi IIT Delhi Admission Link 2.4 LPA
IISc Bangalore IISc Bangalore Admission Link 1 LPA
IIT Roorkee IIT Roorkee Admission Link 61,000 PA
IIT Gandhinagar IIT Gandhinagar Admission Link 50,000 PA
IIT Bhubaneswar IIT Bhubaneswar Admission Link 8.1 LPA
IIT Guwahati IIT Guwahati Admission Link 4.4 LPA

IIT Guwahati MTech Admission 2024

IIT Guwahati is one of the prestigious IITs central government universities in Assam. GATE has to be qualified to gain admission. Candidates also have to pass B.tech or B.E with a minimum aggregate of 50%. There is a 5 % relaxation for SC/ST candidates. 

IIT Guwahati MTech Admission 2024

Last Date to Apply 

IIT Guwahati MTech Admission 2024

Oct 12, 2023

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IIT Bombay MTech Admission 2024

IIT Bombay is one of the central universities offering M.Tech and specialization programs. They have to meet the criteria set by the university, such as 50% of the total aggregate in B.Tech or B.E from an accredited university.

IIT Bombay MTech Admission 2024

Last Date to Apply 

IIT Bombay MTech Admission 2024

March 2024

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IIT Delhi MTech Admission 2024

IIT Delhi is a central university in NCR. Candidates who have passed the GATE are admitted to the college. They should also have 50% of the total aggregate in B.Tech or B.E from an accredited university.

IIT Delhi

Last Date to Apply 

IIT Delhi MTech Admission 2024

April 2024

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IIT Madras MTech Admission 2024

IIT Madras is one of the central prestigious universities located in Tamil Nadu. They need to have a B.Tech or B.E, accounting for 50% of their overall aggregate, and qualify for the GATE entrance examinations. 

IIT Madras

Last Date to Apply  

IIT Madras MTech Admission 2024

May 2024

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DTE Kerala MTech Admission 2024

The Department of Technical Education in Kerala is one of the most prestigious government institutions in India. A candidate should have a B.Tech or B.E degree from an accredited university with a minimum aggregate of 50%. There is a 5% relaxation for SC/ST candidates. 


Last Date to Apply 

DTE MTech Admission 2024

May 2024

BITS Pilani MTech Admission 2024

BITS, Pilani is a private university under the Birla Group of Institutions in Pilani, Jhunjhunu. Candidates who complete BITS HD are accepted into the college for M.Tech courses. Candidates need a B.Tech or B.E, accounting for 50% of their overall aggregate.

BITS, Pilani

Last Date to Apply 

BITS, Pilani MTech Admission 2024

March 2024

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How to Select the Right M.Tech College?

Below are some of the tips that will help students to select the right M.Tech college after graduating from college:

  • Choose the institution rationally to pursue M.Tech.
  • Students must prepare for GATE if they want to get admission to IIT or NIT. There are some state-level exams for state government universities. 
  • Some private universities like BITS have their own set of exams such as BITS HD to name a few. 
  • Students should decide on what field of study they want to pursue; this will enable them to focus on their college search.
  • Examine the surroundings, compatibility, dorm life, and general preferences by taking a campus tour.
  • Students need to achieve the required marks in accordance with the standards established by the universities of their choice.
Top M.Tech Colleges in Popular Cities
Top M.Tech Colleges in Hyderabad
Top M.Tech Colleges in Chennai
Top M.Tech Colleges in Ranga Reddy
Top M.Tech Colleges in Coimbatore
Top M.Tech Colleges in Bhubaneswar

Skills Required for MTech Admission 2024

Applicants for the M.Tech program must possess the necessary skills and competence to excel in the program. These skills are as follows:

  • Adaptability
  • Direction 
  • Sharp observation
  • Patience
  • Technical expertise
  • R&D

Tips to get Admitted into M.Tech 2024

Following are some recommendations for gaining admission to the M.Tech program:

  • Take the appropriate entrance exam seriously.
  • Examine the course offerings and syllabus.
  • Learn about the placement and internship opportunities the college offers.
  • Candidates should be familiar with the subject matter of the course.
  • PCM is the focus of the entrance exam. study carefully.
  • Take at least a year to study for the 2024 entrance exam.
  • If students decide to continue with the course, they should make a wise choice.

MTech Fee Structure


How can I get admission to MTech?

Admission to MTech can be done through GATE for IITs, NITs and other esteemed private universities. Some universities may conduct their own entrance exam.

Can I do MTech without GATE?

Yes, apart from GATE, there are certain universities which conduct their own entrance exam for admission to MTech.

Can I qualify for GATE without coaching?

If you have the willpower and determination along with hard work then you can qualify for GATE without coaching. Although, a bit of luck may be required.

Which entrance exam is best for MTech?

GATE is one of the most pursued entrance exams in the country for admission to MTech.

How many attempts of GATE are allowed?

There is no upper age limit or cap on the number of attempts for the GATE exams, even though a score is only valid for three years after it has been announced. A candidate may take the GATE exams as many times as desired.