M.Tech syllabus differs according to the specialization that students decide to pursue. M Tech full form is Master of Technology. M Tech is a postgraduate program that comes under the discipline of technology. This master program comes up with a duration of 2 years consisting of 4 semesters. The M.Tech course focuses mainly on the implementation of existing technologies and gives a gateway towards technical research. 

Semester Wise M.Tech Syllabus

The M.Tech subjects depend on the specialization that students decide to pursue, as, with every specialization, different subjects would be considered the core subjects. M.Tech syllabus despite being different from each other as certain modules are common across subjects. These subjects are mentioned below: 

M.Tech First Year Syllabus

Semester I

Semester II

Water Resource Engineering

Dyestuff Technology

Printing Technology


Communication Skills

Practical Workshops


Practical Workshops II


M.Tech Second Year Syllabus

Semester II

Semester IV

Power Electronics & Drives


Engineering Management


 M.Tech Subjects

M.Tech subjects list depends on the specialization that the aspiring student focuses on. The subjects are divided into both core and elective subjects. Elective subjects are optional subjects that make the course flexible and diverse. The core subjects are essential subjects that all M.Tech students study irrespective of their specialization.

Core Subjects:

  • Applied Operations Research
  • Astronautics
  • Bioinstrumentation/ diagnostics
  • Biomedical Materials and Mechanics
  • Complex System Development
  • Data Mining and Analytical Marketing
  • Drug Delivery and Cellular/Tissue Engineering
  • Dynamics, Controls, and Robotics
  • Energy and Sustainable Development
  • Energy Economics and Engineering
  • Engineering Mathematics and Modeling
  • Environmental and Water Resources Systems Engineering
  • Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology
  • Environmental Geophysics
  • Environmental Processes
  • Financial Engineering
  • Geohydrology
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Micro and Nanoscale Engineering
  • Nanosystems
  • Semester in Strategic Operations
  • Structural Engineering
  • Technology Management for ECE
  • Thermal-fluid Sciences
  • Transportation Systems Engineering

Specialisation-wise M.Tech Syllabus

Students often wonder, “What are the subjects in M.Tech?”. The general syllabus of the M.Tech subject will change according to the specialization. M.Tech is a two-year-long postgraduate course. The first year of the course is focused on core subjects relating to engineering. The second-year focuses on the specialization. Listed below are the general syllabus from the third semester onwards for specializations.

M.Tech Artificial Intelligence

Tech Artificial Intelligence is a two-year post-graduation program focusing on Computational Intelligence, Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Neutral Networking. Computational Intelligence: Computational Intelligence (CI) is the theory, plan, application and advancement of naturally and linguistically motivated computer paradigms. Generally, the three fundamental pillars of CI have been Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems and Evolutionary Computation. 

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M.Tech Process Engineering

M.tech Process Engineering mainly focuses on design, control, operation, control and optimization of processes. Process Engineering is involved in all kinds of industries such as chemical, agricultural, advanced material, food industry, software industry, drug industry, etc. 

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M.Tech Applied Electronics

The course with such credentials can also host a professional to several industries like Automobile, Heavy Electronics, and Farming Industry. It deals specifically with the alignment of Electronics and its Practical Application in the regressive and Contemporary Industry. 

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Other Important M.Tech Syllabus and Subjects:

M.Tech Course Structure

M.Tech course structure consists of both core and elective subjects. The M.Tech course is a two-year-long postgraduate course. In the first year of education, the students are introduced to general core and important subjects in engineering. The third semester onwards, students are introduced to specific subjects relating to their specialization. Additionally, practical workshops give the students a chance to learn about the specialization in greater detail. The course structure is:

  • VI Semesters
  • Core Subjects
  • Elective Subjects
  • Practical Workshops

M.Tech Teaching Methodology and Techniques

M.Tech teaching methodology and techniques encompass traditional lecture-based training as well as practical workshops. The main aim of the practical training and workshops is to give the students a chance to use their knowledge in a practical setting. The traditional classroom teaching methods allow the students to ask the queries they might have and get answers to them. 

  • Traditional Classroom-Based Teaching
  • Practicals Workshops

M.Tech Reference Books

Students should always invest in M.Tech books. By investing in reference books, students can ensure that they have all the important resources they might need to successfully ace the exams and courses. Purchasing or renting out books on the subjects and specialisation is key as it helps students to plan ahead about the way they would want to pursue the education.

M.Tech Reference Books



Technical Writing and Professional Communication for Non-native

Thomas N. Huckin and Leslie A. Olsen

Momentum, Heat and Mass transfer

C.O. Bennet and J.E. Myers, McGraw Hill

Educational Research An introduction

Borg, Walter R. & Meridith, D. Gall

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