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Nasir , batch of 2022
25 Aug 2017 Rating :

The daily routine is hectic and strenuous but very enjoyable. Quality of teaching is good and varies from teacher to teacher but methods are awesome. Overall experience is nice.


The best part of our college is clubs and association. The seniors are very helpful and down to earth.Kashi yatre, technex and spardha are some of the main fests. College life is overall nice and interesting.

Sumeet , batch of 2021
17 Aug 2017 Rating :

Daily routine is fully motivational and challenging as there is lot of competition among students to perform better. Great it is actually one of the best in India. It is just amazing.


There are many clubs in IIT Varanasi like Science and Technology Council, Film and Media Council, Cultural Council, Social Services Council which are further subdivided into 5-8 clubs. There are many fests held every year like Spardha- India's largest sports festival, Kashiyatra-cultural fest, Technex Science and Tech. Fest. It is amazing where you just have to grab every single opportunity you get to be great.

Saurabh , batch of 2012
08 Aug 2017 Rating :
  • 3 hours per subject per week is the schedule, The projects are important here teaching is good
  • The campus is good but hostel accommodation is  not so good
  • The gymkhana and other clubs are present at our college
  • Sparta is the tech fest here, organized each year by the students
  • Life is great here, you will appreciate food and beauty here.
Sameer B.Tech (Chemical), batch of 2013
27 Apr 2017 Rating :
  • The daily rouitne Classes were mandatory at our time with min 75% of attendance.
  • The Quality of teaching is good at certain point due to the curriculum followed at Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Varanasi.
  • Teachers are not that good as per other IIT standards. Although, the routine and teaching methodologies are similar to IITs standard.
  • There will be societies for everything that happens on the campus e.g. finance, sports, singing, astronomy, quiz, lit, etc.
  • Main festivals a:t Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Varanasi Kashiyatra (cultural), Spardha (sports), Technic (Tech) Pretty chilled out with few campus restrictions for girls
Rohit B.Tech (Electrical/Electronics), batch of 2016
14 Jan 2017 Rating :
  • Class starts from 8 am to 5 pm in Indian Institute of Technology.
  • The quality of education is super.
  • The faculty are quite friendly with students.
  • Indian Institute of Technology campus holds many fests such as Hagman, Kashi yatra, technic, Antara Gini etc.
  • Life in this college is awesome.
Manish B.Tech, batch of 2020
24 Dec 2016 Rating :


Cultural Council at Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Varanasi:-

  • Dance Club
  • Theatre Club
  • Literary Club
  • Quiz Club
  • Western Music Club
  • Indian Music Club
  • Fine Arts Club


Sataha B.Tech (Mechanical), batch of 2018
19 Oct 2016 Rating :
  • The daily routine is set by a committee of teachers of each department with HOD's and director of the college, which is planned very well so that student have no extra burden.
  • As all the teachers of an IIT are well talented, the way of their teaching is excellent.
  • My overall experience in college is superb, I only can say that I am so lucky that I got this college, IIT Varanasi.
  • There are so many student societies and clubs in our college like music, dance , social etc. and there are also so many festivals like Sparda ( the sports festival), Kasiyatatra( cultural festival), Technex ( tech festival) etc.
  • And, in general, the life in the college is awesome at IIT Varanasi.
  • Here, we get well-settled campus with natural greenery, which is the best part, the whole campus is fully green, contains a temple of Lord Vishwnath which is the centre of tourism.
M.Tech (Mechanical), batch of 2015
29 Feb 2016 Rating :

Classes start from 8 am to 12 pm, 12 to 2 pm is for lunch then 2 to 4 pm or up to go up to 5 pm. There are two sessions before the end semester examinations.

Two or Three Class Assignments were used be given for each subject.

Faculty taught very well. Use of slide show and visual aids is common practice. Small and useful projects for a subject course is useful for creation of interest about a subject

Overall experience in the college is excellent, there i met with people from all across the India people from Kerala, people from West Bengal, Punjab, Rajasthan, Assam. I had an overall experience which improved my personality.


Shaikh B.Tech, batch of 2019
18 Oct 2015 Rating :
  • Academics at IITisU are of IIT level.
  • Professors here are with GATE AIR 1 and many with Phd. in esteemed institutions.
  • Hence their knowledge is so immense that the quality of education is at par.
  • They also give the freedom to call them whenever we have a doubt over anything!
  • Different clubs come to the hostel itself for a briefing about their particular professionals.
  • Activities are carried on all over the years at IIT.
  • All in all, it's a great college to be a part of.
OM JOY B.Tech, batch of 2016
10 Aug 2015 Rating :
  • The quality of teaching is good at Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Varanasi.
  • Overall experience is good at this college.
  • The language of teaching is English but Hindi is often used during a conversation between students and teachers at Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Varanasi.
  • The average number of students who travel annually on an exchange program is 30-40 per year.

About Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Varanasi

IT-Varanasi, an iconic Institute was started with the mission to create excellent & dynamic technocrats who can serve to nation.  It has been recognized by the UGC & approved by AICTE.

  • IIT (BHU) is actually an upgraded and improved Institute of the Banaras Hindu University. It means that the ‘Institute of Technology’ that belongs to Banaras Hindu University has been honored with the status of an ‘IIT’

  • The adaptation of IT-BHU into IIT (BHU) has been passed by LokSabha on the 24th of March, 2011

  • It was set up by the renowned and celebrated Mahamana Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya

  • The college is Spread over 400 acres of land


  • University of Cambridge, UK

  • University of Oxford, UK

  • University of Sheffield, UK

Centre’s of advanced studies

  • CAS in Chemical Engineering & Technology

  • CAS in Electronics Engineering & Technology

  • CAS in Mining Engineering & Technology

  • CAS in Metallurgical Engineering & Technology

Alumni Record

Eminent Alumni’s are

  • VishwaNath Mishra (Venture Partner)
  • NikeshArora (President, EMEA Operations & Vice- President, Google Inc.)


Various research programmes are being provided for the students so that they can be able to scale newer heights of educational excellence and higher studies.

  • The Engineering department and technology fields have been funded by some brilliant organization like DST, ONGC, ARDB, HINDALCO, GAIL, FCI, DAE, COAL INDIA, BHEL, CSIR, AICTE, SAIL, DRDO, UGC DOE and TISCO 

Apart from the academic, co-curricular and extra curricular activities, IT-BHU students are also carrying out many innovative activities. Few of these are listed below -

  • Kashi Utkarsh - A student movement working for social upliftment of residents of slums in Varanasi.


  • Rang Samarpan - A Student Group conveying messages for social reform through Theatre activities.

  • Abhivyakti - National Theatre festival.







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The Institute of Technology Library system consists of a Main Library, and five departmental libraries which collectively support teaching, research and extension programs of the institute. All students, faculty members and employees of the institute are entitled to make use of the library facilities on taking library membership. The library, besides having a huge collection of books on engineering, science and technology offers library services through its various divisions.

The library has a rich collectio

The Training & Placement Office, IIT (BHU) Varanasi facilitates the process of placement of students passing out from the Institute besides collaborating with leading organizations and institutes in setting up of internship and training program of students.

The office liaises with various industrial establishments, corporate houses etc which conduct campus interviews and select graduate and post-graduate students from all disciplines. The Training & Placement Office provides the infra-structural facilities to conduct gro

Scholarships/Financial Assistance

The Institute offers Merit-cum-Means scholarships to 25% undergraduate students. Besides, there are several endowment scholarships offered by the Institute. Some other facilities are also provided to the undergraduate students in the form of Institute free studentship, scholarship, re-imbursement of mess charges and pocket allowances to the students belonging to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

All the students (non-sponsored) admitted to M.Tech./M.Pharm. programmes are provided fi

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