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Nov 27, 2022

Dec 8, 2022 | Management


CAT Mock Test 2022 was released by the conducting body on the official website. All the candidates must solve CAT Mock Test 2022 to understand better the syllabus, question paper structure, and types of questions. By solving these free online CAT mock tests, the candidates can evaluate their overall and sectional performance in the CAT Exam. The ideal time to solve these sample papers and mock tests is at least 30 days before the exam. The mock tests for CAT 2022 will be released officially. Candidates can take up these mock tests by logging in.

Read along to get complete details of the CAT mock test and other related information. 

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CAT Latest Notifications

  • Dec 8, 2022: CAT 2022 result is expected to release in the first week of Jan 2023. Read More

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CAT Mock Test Exam Overview

The exam conducting body released the CAT mock test on Nov 8, 2022. CAT Mock Test is intended to assist candidates in self-evaluation and help candidates identify the weaknesses and gaps in exam preparation so that they may make the necessary corrections and get enough points to place in a high percentile.

Both computers and mobile devices can be used to take the CAT Mock Test Series. CAT Mock Test Series will help candidates prepare by enhancing their accuracy, speed, and time management. After each practice exam, evaluate how candidates perform, then level up gradually to beat the competition.

CAT Mock Test Series Key Features

The following benefits are available to candidates who choose the online CAT mock test.

  • Expert-curated questions covering each section are included in the CAT Mock Test.
  • Each CAT Mock Test is enhanced with specific solutions for improved comprehension.
  • Both computers and mobile devices can be used to take the CAT Mock Test Series.
  • Only English-language mock tests are offered for the CAT exam

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CAT Mock Test 2022 Dates

Listed below are the important dates related to CAT mock test 2022. The dates will be updated after the official announcement. CAT 2022 will be conducted on Nov 27, 2022, and the admit cards were released on Oct 27, 2022.

CAT Mock Test Dates



CAT Mock Test 2022 Release Date

Nov 8, 2022

CAT 2022 Exam Date

Nov 27, 2022

CAT Answer/ Response Sheet 2022

To be announced

 CAT Answer Key Deadline To Object

To be announced

CAT 2022 Final Answer Key Release

To be announced

CAT 2022 Result Declaration 

To be announced

Click Here for CAT Mock Test 2022

CAT Mock Test 2022

CAT mock test offered by IIM will assist applicants in becoming accustomed to the actual exam environment because it is created like the actual CAT exam, complete with login, sectional MCQs, screen calculators, timings, etc. IIM offers applicants with limited vision the option of taking a special CAT mock test.

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CAT Mock Test Structure

The following are the main characteristics of the online CAT mock tests that the administering IIM releases each year in Oct 2022 for your reference:

CAT Exam Mock Test 2022 Structure

Exam Duration

  • 120 minutes 
  • 40 minutes per section

Total Number of Questions


Total Marks




Number of Answer Choices


Type of Questions

MCQ and non-MCQ

Onscreen Timer


Status of Answers

  • Answered
  • Not Answered 
  • Not Visited
  • Marked for Review

Candidates can take up a free CAT Mock Test to test their knowledge about various topics that have been covered. The candidates can also check the online test series for CAT by GetMyUni, which will play a crucial role in revision and learning time management. As a candidate solves more CAT sample papers, the confidence level will also increase gradually. Although the CAT exam pattern for this year has been revised, it is still good to solve the CAT Previous Year Question Papers for practice.

Steps to Take Official CAT Mock Test 2022

Candidates should carefully follow the steps outlined below to complete the CAT mock test, which will help them grasp the navigation process and how to answer the questions.

  • Step 1: Visit the official website. 

Official website for CAT mock test

  • Step 2: Click on 'CAT Mock Test"

CAT mock test

  • Step 3: Enter the login details. 
  • Step 4: General Instructions page will be displayed on the screen.

CAT mock test

  • Step 5: Now click on "I am ready to begin".

CAT mock test

  • Step 6: The section-wise questions will appear on the screen. 

CAT mock test

  • Step 7: Click on "Save and Next" and attempt the question paper. 

Candidates should use a keyboard to enter their responses. It will be available for candidates to review. Candidates, however, will look at the responses for that particular section. No back-and-forth allowed.

The applicants must press the submit button after responding to each CAT 2022 mock exam question. Candidates will be informed of the number of questions that have been resolved and the number of questions still pending review after the two hours.

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CAT Mock Test Pattern 2022

According to the most recent information, CAT Exam Pattern has undergone a considerable alteration. Each section now has a 40-minute time limit instead of the previous 60-minute limit, making the total time 120 minutes. Additionally, the number of questions is listed below.

CAT Mock Test Pattern


Number of Questions

Maximum Marks

Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)



Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)



Quantitative Ability (QA)






Importance of CAT Mock Test 2022

Only studying the exam material won't improve your CAT 2022 score. One needs to have taken exams before in order to be able to provide their best effort when the time comes. Mock exams provide candidates with a taste of the CAT exam, preparing them to manage it comfortably and confidently. During CAT preparation, experts advise students to do at least 35 to 40 full-length online mock examinations and 10 to 12 sectional mock tests.

Why CAT Mock Test 2022?

Here are some reasons to use our CAT 2022 Mock Test as practice:

  • Based on CAT from the previous year: A master database of questions derived from permutations and combinations of questions featured in previous year's CATs serves as the basis for the CAT 2022 mock exam.
  • Learn about the actual exam setting: CAT mock test is considerably different from solving practice questions at home. By acquainting the students with the question structure, syllabus, and difficulty level, the CAT 2022 Mock Test simulates the actual test environment.
  • Time management: CAT mock test 2022 is made in accordance with the actual exam paper format, making it easier for candidates to arrange their time wisely and attempt the most questions to reach their desired CAT percentile.
  • Preparation check: A test of your degree of readiness. It is crucial to assess the level of readiness regularly. Candidates can identify their areas of weakness and address them by taking the CAT Mock Test.
  • Strategy: helps you to plan. To ace the CAT, candidates must maximize their exam scores by utilizing their strengths and avoiding traps that prey on their weaknesses within the time constraints of the test. Candidates can evaluate your errors and determine how they might have been avoided after you are aware of their deficiencies and better comprehend the syllabus. By continuously practicing, candidates may make the plan even more effective.

Who Can Take the CAT 2022 Mock Test?

CAT applicants who intend to take the exam this year or final-year students who want to experience the exam before committing to studying for the CAT and applying for an IIM admission.

CAT Mock Test Latest Syllabus 2022

The most recent CAT syllabus is used for the CAT Mock Test Series. Look at the list of subjects that will be discussed in each part.

CAT Mock Test Syllabus


Quantitative Ability Syllabus 

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning Syllabus

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension Syllabus

Number System



Reading Comprehension


Pie Chart

Team Formation

Para Jumbles

Geometry and Mensuration

Radar Chart

Order and Ranking

Odd One Out


Line Chart

Binary Logic

Fill in the blanks

Modern Mathematics

Bubble Chart

Games and Tournaments 



Scatter Plot Venn Diagram

Column and Bar Graph



Routes and Network

Data Caselets - Reasoning Based DI


Why Should you Take the CAT 2022 Free Test Series?

Candidates may take CAT mock tests offered by several CAT coaching institutes in addition to the official CAT mock test. Mock exams for the CAT were created following a thorough investigation of current exam trends and curriculum. These practice exams contain questions with varying levels of complexity and difficulty. CAT 2022 mock test will assist in determining the applicants' weaknesses and in evaluating their individual performances. So it is advised to take more CAT mock tests increasingly to improve your level of exam preparation for the CAT 2022.

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Free Online CAT Mock Test Advantages

The advantages of passing online practice tests for the CAT 2022 exam are numerous. Here is a list of a few of them:

  • CAT practice test aids the candidate in comprehending the CAT 2022 exam's online procedure.
  • A reasonable comprehension of the question paper, CAT exam format, and scoring system are provided via CAT mock exams.
  • Candidates can increase their response time and accuracy by taking an online CAT practise test.
  • Candidates can tackle all types of questions, difficult, easy, long, or trick, with the aid of the CAT mock exam.
  • The applicants will discover tips and shortcuts to solve the CAT question paper in the least amount of time by practicing CAT mock test series.
  • Start practicing at the same exam time as the final exam once the CAT admit card is given out and the candidates are aware of their exam slot. This will support maintaining energy throughout the CAT 2022 exam.

Number of Questions and Sections in CAT 2022

CAT exam pattern has undergone considerable modification since the CAT 2021 exam, according to the most recent information. CAT exam pattern has undergone significant adjustments, with the number of questions, exam length, and section time decreasing from 60 minutes to 40 minutes. CAT 2022 is now 120 minutes long. Last year, 66 questions across the board were posed. Each of the three sections had a different number of questions.

CAT Mock Test Pattern

CAT Sections

Number of Questions

Maximum Marks


Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)



40 minutes

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)



40 minutes

Quantitative Ability (QA)



40 minutes




120 minutes

PwD: 160 minutes

Key Features of CAT 2022: On-Screen Calculator and Timer

A big aspect of the online CAT mock test provided by IIM is the on-screen calculator and timer because it teaches candidates how to utilize it so they won't run into any problems on CAT exam day.

On-Screen Calculator

  • Candidates can perform the necessary calculations with the use of on-screen calculations. Candidates must be familiar with using screen calculators because they are not permitted to bring any electronic devices to the CAT exam centre.
  • Candidates who don't practice using the calculator will have difficulty on exam day since, as has been the case in the past, doing so will make their task easier.

On-Screen Timer

  • The timer on the right side of the screen in the CAT 2022 mock test indicates the time remaining to complete the test. Candidates will also know how much time they have to answer the questions in each section.

Important Guidelines on the CAT Mock Test 2022

When taking the official CAT mock test 2022 candidates need to remember a few key points.

How to Respond to MCQs in CAT Mock Test 2022?

  • Candidates should first click on the visible question number on the tray and then click on the proper response bubble.
  • The next question will be displayed on the screen if the applicants feel that their selection is accurate. In this instance, they should click the "Save and Next" option.
  • However, they should select the "Mark for Review and Next" tab if they are genuinely unsure about the response and wish to reconsider the option they have already selected.
  • The candidate's response to that question won't be saved if they don't choose anything.

How to Make Changes in the Answer Given in CAT Mock Test 2022?

  • When taking the official CAT mock test, a candidate may uncheck the answer they have already picked and click the "Clear Answer" button on the tray if they wish to change their selected response.
  • Candidates can select a different response and press the Save & Next or Mark for Review and Next buttons.

How Do you Go Between the Three Sections of the CAT 2022 Mock Test?

  • The purpose of CAT official mock test is to familiarise students with how to transition between various sections on exam day.
  • CAT mock test is created like the real test, and applicants must respond to questions from the three sections (VARC, DILR, and QA).
  • When applying for CAT exam 2022, keep in mind the section deadline.
  • Candidates should remember that after finishing one area of the exam, they can answer questions in another. On the CAT mock test 2022 and exam day, they get 40 minutes to respond to each question (for each section). It is not permitted to switch between the three sections at random.

CAT Mock Test for PwD Category

For PwD candidates, IIM will separately offer the official 2022 mock test for the CAT. Each segment will have an additional 13 minutes and 20 seconds to complete the questions because the CAT mock test for PwD candidates lasts 53 minutes and 20 seconds.

CAT Mock Test 2022 Assistance in Preparation and Evaluation 

CAT mock tests are crucial to the overall CAT preparation process. Candidates who take the CAT mock test in 2022 can gauge their preparedness level. Numerous websites offer free PDF download links for the CAT mock test papers with solutions. Candidates can simply prepare for the exam with the aid of CAT mock test papers in pdf format.

Additionally, the CAT mock test book is available on the websites of various online retailers. The candidates are able to identify their strong and weak areas by purchasing and practicing with the aid of those CAT 2021 mock test books.

What is a Good CAT Mock Test 2022?

It's important to perform well on the CAT mock test because it simulates the format of the CAT exam. An effective CAT mock test ought to be an accurate representation of the real test. The test should be slightly more challenging than the CAT 2022 exam.

The rigor of the CAT practical test shouldn't discourage CAT applicants, though. CAT is a decision regarding management aptitude. The correct balance of simple, manageable, and challenging questions should be present in a solid CAT mock test 2022.

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Verbal Ability (CAT).pdf

Data Interpretation (CAT).pdf




What are the benefits of sectional CAT mock test 2022?

CAT mock test will help applicants prepare for the upcoming CAT exam 2022 and will increase their chances of clearing it by a good percentage. CAT Mock Test Series was formed considering current test patterns as well as an evaluation of the previous year's question patterns. CAT test questions come with different levels of difficulty. Continuous CAT mock test preparation ensures that the candidates do not find questions difficult when the real test happens.

What differentiates PWD applicants' CAT mock exams?

IIM Indore issued official CAT sample exams for PwD candidates. Candidates with low eyesight will be given 60 minutes to complete each part. This means they will get additional 20 minutes for each part to react to the question.

How can a student assess his or her performance after completing the CAT mock test?

Students can compare the questions they were able to correctly answer in the CAT mock test 2022 and the topics that took a lot longer to solve. Students should perform this analysing practise after taking each mock test.

What is the maximum number of CAT mock tests that a student should attempt in one day?

It is suggested that a student should attempt no more than 1 CAT mock test each day. After each mock test, students should take out the time to analyze weak areas and work on them. Students usually find Quantitative Ability the most difficult among the other two subjects.

Is it important to take a CAT practise test?

Candidates should take a practise test before beginning their CAT preparation. The main benefit of taking a CAT 2022 mock test beforehand is that candidates will be aware of the major topics that require more attention.

How many CAT mock tests are sufficient?

There is no limit to how many CAT exam mocks candidates should take, but at least 15-20 are suggested for basic CAT exam preparation.

How to give an online mock test for CAT 2022?

By visiting the official website,, candidates can practice for the CAT 2022 mock test.

When can we expect the official mock test of CAT 2022 to be released?

In the final week of Oct 2022, the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) will release the CAT mock test 2022.

When is the right time to take CAT mock tests?

They should only begin taking practise exams for the CAT exam 2022 when they have finished the entire CAT syllabus 2022 and are sure of the material they are studying for.

How many CAT exam mock tests should one practice to score well in the exam?

In order to perform well in the exam, experts advise students to practise at least 35 - 40 CAT mock tests.


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