CAT Preparation 2023: Preparation Tips, Best Books, and Strategy

Mar 3, 2023 | Management


CAT Preparation 2023: CAT 2023 exam is one of the toughest MBA exams for candidates planning to get admission into India's top business schools like the IIM's. Candidates planning to appear for CAT 2023 exam are advised to have a clear, well-devised CAT preparation plan that encompasses all the factors and helps candidates score the 99+ percentile. 

Common Admission Test (CAT) 2023 is conducted to assess a candidate's analytical, logical, and verbal skills through 2 different sections Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning. Check out the CAT 2023 preparation strategy, tips, and methods on this page.

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CAT Exam Preparation 2023

Common Admission Test or CAT is the maximum famous MBA front examination in India, taken with the aid of over a lakh aspirants each year. It is the street to India's quality B-schools, the IIMs. Naturally, it's also the hardest front examination to crack. So CAT 2023 aspirants need to make an education plan that encompasses all of the factors that contribute to scoring 99+ percentile. CAT is an inherent ability test to evaluate a candidate's analytical, logical in addition to verbal skills, all of which are vital for a successful profession in commercial enterprise management. Thus to crack the CAT examination, one wishes for a good education plan.

Like each year, CAT 2023 question paper can be of excessive trouble, so you want to ensure that there's no hole in your education.

How to Prepare for CAT Without Coaching?

The top choice for MBA candidates is the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs). But only a select few can enroll in IIMs. People who want to pursue an MBA at one of India's top business schools must take the CAT exam. The appropriate approach, a lot of effort, and consistent CAT preparation are necessary to succeed on the Common Admission Test or CAT. Candidates can not only pass the CAT 2023 exam but also raise their scores greatly with the best advice and CAT preparation. Candidates can succeed on the CAT exam even without attending any coaching classes. The top CAT preparation advice, books, and downloads that will aid in preparing for the IIM MBA entrance exam are all included in this post.

Is It Possible To Prepare For CAT without Coaching?

Numerous CAT exam winners and professionals advise that getting instruction and mentorship is valuable. However, it is not always required. One of the top scorers in the 2020 CAT exam, Vishesh Garg, claims that getting CAT tutoring is unnecessary for achieving high scores. Today, coaching institutions do not want candidates to know that they can succeed in the CAT without their assistance.

Most candidates enroll in coaching sessions with high expectations, so they are willing to spend a hefty charge. Even though joining a coaching program can be beneficial, it does not guarantee that you will pass the CAT 2023 and earn the desired score. Numerous prior CAT toppers passed the admission test without seeking tutoring.

Candidates, particularly first-time CAT test takers, follow coaching schools blindly and spend much of their hard-earned money doing so. Some candidates, however, are unable to enroll in any coaching sessions. The hefty costs and willingness to perform well in your study could be the cause.

According to Ashish Sen, who scored a 99.99 percentile on the CAT exam in 2020, independent study significantly affects how well you prepare for the exam. Abhilasha Balakrishnan, the winner of the CAT 2020 exam, revealed that he did not enroll in any tutoring. In his opinion, self-study is sufficient if one has a precise understanding of the program. Shivam Chandak studied for the CAT 2019 exam without enrolling in any coaching, and he solely used the internet to practise CAT questions and take CAT mock exams.

Success Tips on How to Prepare for CAT 2023 Without Coaching?

The key issue is how to begin the preparation without coaching. A decision is made before enrolling in tutoring for CAT preparation based on a number of variables. Candidates can succeed in the CAT exam if they adhere to the advice provided below on how to study for the exam without coaching.

  • Take a mock exam
  • Understand the exam format
  • Management of time
  • Form study groups.
  • Use technology and the right study materials.
  • Be driven and confident in yourself.
Best Time for CAT 2023 Preparation How to Prepare for CAT 2023 Exam in 3 Months
Is CAT Exam Tough? How to Crack CAT Exam?

Take Mock Test

Before starting your CAT education, step one could be to take a ridicule check to decide wherein you virtually stand. CAT 2020 topper Adit Sanjanawala commenced his education for CAT by taking a ridicule check to discover his base stage. According to him, through taking mock checks, a candidate can be capable of apprehending their strengths and weaknesses. Similarly, topper Ravi Pranshu regarded in round forty mock checks of CAT to apprehend his errors and regions wherein he had to focus.

Through CAT mock checks, applicants get a concept of approximately the problem stage of the paper and the way they are able to navigate among the 3 special sections. Along with that, applicants can be familiarised with the number of attempts they want to position into every segment for scoring well.

Remember that during CAT applicants will need to answer the Non-MCQs in which they must examine the passage and choose the excellent sequence. Mock assessments additionally offer alternatives to study the questions. Mock assessments of CAT may be like actual examinations, wherein every phase can have sectional timings.

Know the CAT Exam Pattern

Once accomplished with reading what you want to recognise on the way to put together for CAT without training via a ridicule test, you want to test the examination sample in addition to the syllabus of CAT. As in step with the typical examination sample of CAT, the query paper has a hundred questions overall, and the examination turned out to be performed online.

Candidates are required to reply to the questions within the sectional time allotted. Topper Rahul Manglik targeted know-how and completed the syllabus to make certain accuracy, after which he targeted growing his problem-fixing accuracy.

A total of three sections of Quantitative Ability, Verbal ability and reading comprehension, information interpretation & logical reasoning type the CAT question paper. Prepare a sectional strategy on how and once to begin the preparation of CAT for each section.

Time Management

Shivam Kumar CAT topper, said, "Candidates should spend plenty of their time analysing the road methods." Make time management your priority. It's not simply getting ready for Verbal Ability or Reasoning or Quantitative Ability, but, preparing for all sections at the side of correct time management.

Attempting all queries accurately inside the time allotment of an hour for every section is relatively tough if you do not have the tricks of finding queries easily. Candidates ought to specialise in dissecting their robustness strictly.

Create Study Groups

Be socially active and try to find like-minded people who are just as motivated to crack CAT 2023 as you are without the help of educational articles. A good company can make or break results. Therefore, candidates should seek out people who are taking or have taken CAT exams.

Participating in like-minded groups, new topics, and discussions will be useful during the exam period. It is not always required that all candidates participate in the self-prep. Those who have taken coaching courses can help others. Basic questions and problems can be answered and solved with the help of other team members. Study group members can motivate each other and create a healthy environment instead of bothering each other.

Get the Right Study Material

The marketplace is flooded with sufficient CAT coaching to look at material. Those getting ready without education must preserve a watch on which can be the best books, question banks, coaching notes, sample papers, etc., through top authors.

Search for books that can be wealthy in content material instead of heavy as consistent with the amount. While getting ready for the CAT 2023 examination, I usually cross for best instead of the number of books.

Use the Technology

Just because you aren't attending coaching classes now any longer restricts admission to the internet. Browse at some point and make use of Google services. Try to figure out which might be the quality instructional sites that could help and improve your CAT preparation efforts.

Several YouTubers are to be had this time, who provide an explanation for every subject matter of the CAT syllabus in lucid language. Ronit Banerjea said he used the internet and organised through numerous preparation websites. Clear your principles by learning new techniques for fixing questions from the internet.

Be Motivated & Have Faith In Yourself

Although now no longer directly, this issue is of extreme significance because it acts as a guiding pressure in any area. Make yourself encouraged by ways of including an effective sticky observer in the front of your desk. Check the identical on everyday foundation and make yourself effective. Notes should be "I can clear CAT with desirable marks", "I get a name from IIM", or something that conjures up you.

According to topper Ankit Desai, who scored 99.9 percentile in the CAT examination, the principal issue of clearing the CAT is steady self-motivation.

How to Prepare for CAT without Coaching? Advantages of CAT Exam

When to Start CAT Preparation 2023?

There isn't any best time to begin CAT education. If you ask experts, they'll recommend 'one year. However, many CAT check-takers have scored 99+ percentile with simply 5 months of education. So, it virtually relies upon the candidate, how to sound his /her CAT education plan and their willpower in the direction of it. If you're making plans to appear in CAT 2023, the time to begin getting ready for it's March. 

To start with, candidates need to solve questions initially: Can you be part of a training institute? And how much time are you able to commit to studying? Book a seat as quickly as possible if candidates could be part of a training institute. If you intend to put it together for CAT through self-study, get directly to it now. The solution for the query is at least 14-28 hours a week.

If candidates begin CAT 2023 education now, you ought to end the middle syllabus of CAT in Jul-Aug. After that, begin fixing preceding years CAT question papers, mock check collection, and pattern papers to increase velocity and accuracy. The ultimate months (Oct-Nov) before CAT should be committed to mock tests.

CAT 2023 Exam Pattern

CAT exam is a highly competitive exam and a difficult one to crack due to its exam pattern and marking scheme. Candidates should understand the CAT exam pattern, to begin with, CAT preparation. CAT exam pattern 2023 has been mentioned below.

CAT Exam Pattern Highlights



Duration of the CAT Exam

2 Hours (120 Minutes)

Name of the CAT Section

  • Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)
  • Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)
  • Quantitative Aptitude (QA)

Section-wise Duration

  • 40 Minutes for Each Section (VARC, DILR, QA).
  • 53 Minutes 20 Seconds for PwD candidates for each section.

Slot-wise Session

  • Slot 1: 8:30 am - 10:30 am (Morning Session)
  • Slot 2: 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm (Afternoon Session)
  • Slot 3: 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm (Evening Session)

Number of Questions

66 Questions

CAT Exam Total Marks

198 marks

Mode of the CAT 2023 exam

Computer-Based Mode (CBT)

CAT Marking Scheme

  • For every right answer, +3 will be awarded
  • For every wrong answer in MCQs, -1 will be deducted
  • No negative marks for Non-MCQs

Important Topics for CAT 2023

As suggested above, candidates must complete the latest CAT syllabus by September 2023. Go via all of the crucial subjects for CAT 2023, theorems, formulae, and questions and be thorough with the concepts. Take study a few crucial subjects from all of the 3 sections of CAT Syllabus below:

CAT Important Topics

CAT Syllabus

Important Topics for CAT 2023

Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension

Para-Jumbles, Para Summary, Antonyms, One Word Substitution, Sentence Completion

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning

Syllogism, Seating Arrangement, Tables, Charts, Graphs, Caselets

Quantitative Aptitude

Geometry, Algebra, Mensuration, Time and Work, Number System, Trigonometry

CAT Preparation Section Wise Strategy

CAT guidance is extensively divided into components:

Practising Mock Tests

They are incomplete without each other. The applicants should study each of those components of CAT examination guidance one with the aid of using one. The perfect way of tackling the 2 can be an equitable time distribution for every section. However, candidates may need to dedicate greater time to your susceptible areas.

Covering the CAT Syllabus

There is one most effective rule you should observe for every section, first end the syllabus and then pass mock tests. Remember, if you have not finished the syllabus, you may be unable to resolve mock questions too. Given underneath are a few key suggestions on the way to put together for CAT section-wise:

  • Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension: This phase has parts - Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension. For Verbal Ability, paint in your vocabulary and grammar. Questions in this phase can vary from Sentence Completion and Cloze Tests to Synonyms, Antonyms, Analogies, Spellings, Words Often Confused and Odd Words. Solving those calls for robust vocabulary, studying skills, and reasoning power.
  • Reading Comprehension can take loads of time withinside the examination in case you aren't an excellent reader. So, examine, examine and examine more. Start studying editorial portions of newspapers, enterprise journals, fiction novels and non-fiction books to enhance your studying skills.
  • Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning: This phase has questions within the shape of graphs and charts. They may be calculation-primarily based, counting-based, good judgment-based, or shape-based. There aren't any set formulae or theorems to put together DILR, so the important thing lies in growing the ability to perceive the precise answer. This can most effectively be performed with the aid of using the normal exercise of some questions.
  • Quantitative Aptitude: This phase is the maximum calculation in-depth and also, you have to work towards QA bankruptcy-wise purposely. Candidates need to maintain in their thoughts that fixing a QA query with one hundred according to cent accuracy withinside the given time restriction is the important thing to attain nicely in this phase. Quantitative Aptitude is the phase wherein a disproportionate percentage of college students rate one hundred percentile. If candidates put it together nicely, you could too.

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CAT Preparation Without Coaching Points to Remember

  • Know the exam pattern and syllabus. Based on your robust and susceptible regions, make an instruction plan and a simple timetable. Decide on hours of examination and persist with the plan.
  • Start with VARC. Develop the dependence on analysing newspapers, journals and editorials every day and beef up your analysing comprehension and vocabulary. Once RC is in control, flow to QA after which DILR.
  • Join CAT preparation businesses on social media (Facebook, Quora, Telegram, YouTube and different online examination forums) or create your personal online examination organisation on any of those systems in which aspirants can trade their views, clear their doubts and proportion CAT instruction material.
  • Utilise the internet to view motion pictures and examine blogs with the aid of using MBA professionals associated with CAT preparation. The Internet is an excellent supply of examination instruction material.
  • Practice as many online CAT mocks, take a look at collections as you could and examine your overall performance in every one of them. Candidates' purpose is to enhance the pace and accuracy with every new mock they take a look at.
  • Don't get disheartened in case you do not initially rate nicely in mock checks. With exercise, your overall performance will improve.

CAT Preparation Through Coaching

CAT preparation is a long-term plan. One has to begin getting ready for it a minimum of 6 to 9 months in advance. Candidates who plan to put together CAT preparation via self-examination must begin even earlier. Candidates who are part of a training institute for CAT guidance are guided nicely by mentors and coaches. The training institute additionally presents all of the examined fabric and CAT mock check collection to candidates while guiding them through complicated subjects and questions. However, they may be required to prepare for six to 8 hours daily.

Best Books For CAT Preparation 2023

CAT exam preparation largely depends upon the CAT books candidates study from. CAT section-wise books are mentioned below, so take a look at the list of best books for CAT:

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension


VARC Books for CAT

Author Name/Publisher

How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT

Arun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay/Arihant

30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary Mass Market Paperback

Wilfred Funk & Norman Lewis/ Simon & Schuster

How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CAT

Sharma and Upadhyay

PSC for VA for CAT

Nishit Sinha

High School English Grammar & Composition

Wren & Martin 

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning


DILR Books for CAT

Author Name/Publisher

CAT Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning

Gautam Puri

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for the CAT

Nishit K. Sinha

Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency

Ananta Ashisha

How to Prepare for Data Interpretation for CAT

Arun Sharma

 Quantitative Aptitude

 CAT QA Books

QA Books for CAT

Author Name/Publisher

NCERT Mathematics Books (Class 6 to 10)


How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT

Arun Sharma

Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT

Sarvesh Sharma

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations

Abhijit Guha

Quantitative Aptitude for CAT

Nishit Sinha

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CAT Topper Exam Tips and Strategy

CAT 2021 - 2020 toppers have mentioned their tips for CAT 2023 preparation and which CAT books to refer.

CAT Topper Exam Tips

CAT Toppers

CAT Topper Interviews

Chirag Gupta

CAT 2021, 100 percentile

I started preparing in March. I focused mainly on giving mock tests and analyzing them. I used to work on my weaknesses by watching various CAT preparation YouTube videos on various topics.


Bir Anmol Singh

CAT 2021, 99.94 percentile

I started preparing in April. I solved Arun Sharma sir's CAT books for VARC, LR, DI and Quant. I attempted as many past year CAT questions papers (timed attempt) that I could attempt, on weekends.


Mohit Babu

CAT 2021, 99.85 percentile

I started my preparations in April. My strategy mostly involved solving the previous years' mock papers from different coaching institutes. After that, I analyzed my weak areas and then focused on improving them.


Vinayak Prabhu

CAT 2021, 99.82 percentile

If you are dedicated, self-motivated and can stick to sincere practice then you don't need any coaching. But coaching will give you a competitive edge because they will share their years of experience, which you can't have on your own.


Mayank Kapoor

CAT 2021, 99.69 percentile

A coaching institute gives you a routine, which is a big factor. Most of us have other things that we are busy with but if we have a schedule, then it will nudge us to be regular with the prep.


Sagar Sengar

CAT 2021, 99.48 percentile

I started preparing around the end of June this year and went into full-throttle mode by the end of August. My overall strategy was first to complete the theory end to end and then practice different kinds of problems across all the sections. 


Vinay Kotwal

CAT 2021, 99.40 percentile

Being from a mathematics background, I had a hold over the Quant section. I mainly focused on the VARC section. I referred to Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis. I also used to read the newspaper daily to improve my English.


Ved Vineet

CAT 2021, 99.40 percentile

Along with the CAT preparation, I have limited time on weekdays. I devoted two hours on all the weekdays. However, I had to stretch during the weekends; thus, 4-5 hours of preparation on the weekends helped me score well.


Sareen Shah

CAT 2021, 99.35 percentile

I knew that Quant and DILR was my strong point. Had to attempt the most there. VARC was unpredictable and hence focused majorly on RCs rather than other questions.


Shreshth Khare

CAT 2021, 99.28 percentile

I began preparing in August. I joined the All India Test series offered by TIME and IMS. My strategy was to take the mock in the designated window and analyze it thoroughly. 


Kshitiz Singhal

CAT 2020, 99.99 percentile

My suggestion for the aspirants is to work on your fundamentals, speed and accuracy.


Ekansh Agarwal

CAT 2020, 99.98 percentile

I would say that mock tests are the most important part of CAT preparation. Attempt as many mock tests as possible.


Naval Mittal

CAT 2020, 99.97 percentile

Solve as many types of questions you can from each section. Secondly, focus on your accuracy.


Swarnadeep Ghosh

CAT 2020, 99.92 percentile

Attempt all kinds of mock tests, difficult and easy. Maximize your strengths and do not stress about the weaker areas.


Sabyasachi Mishra

CAT 2020, 99.90 percentile

Focus more on concepts than the mock tests. I would say that mocks do not matter much. What you learn from the mock tests is what matters.


Ravi Prinshu

CAT 2020, 99.78 percentile

Be self-disciplined, take mock tests regularly, and decide your preparation strategy by identifying your strengths and weaknesses.


Aruneet Dutta

CAT 2020, 99.52 percentile

You have to decide your own preparation and test-taking strategy through trial and error method. You are the best person to decide which preparation method works best for you. 


Deepanshu Arora

CAT 2020, 99.49 percentile

Take as many mock tests as possible and analyze your performance. This would improve your exposure to the various question types.


Gahana Agarwal

CAT 2020, 99.30 percentile

It is necessary to keep yourself motivated by any means possible through the entire preparation phase and not to let mocks scores and percentiles affect your mindset.


Arijit Kumar

CAT 2020, 99.10 percentile

Work on your strengths. Refer to the CAT preparation books like Arun Sharma and take ample mock tests and practice various question types.


CAT Preparation Mock Tests

The next stage is to start taking mock exam series and sample papers once you have finished the CAT course. The candidate's exam preparation is greatly influenced by practice exams, sample papers, and CAT question papers from prior years. In addition to helping applicants increase their speed and accuracy when answering questions, practising simulated CAT questions also helps them gain confidence before the real test. The following is a list of some of the main advantages of passing CAT mock tests:

  • Understanding the CAT question paper format and the weighting of each question is made easier with the aid of mock exams.
  • Practice mock tests can aid with time management because the CAT has a time limit.
  • A negative marking system forces the candidate to decide which questions to answer and which to skip. 
  • By practising mock tests, candidates can learn which types of questions they can quickly and accurately answer with 100% correctness and which ones are not their cup of tea. This decision-making is simple in the actual CAT exam.
  • The more practice examinations a candidate takes the better equipped he or she is to handle unexpected questions. The secret is to take a variety of mock tests rather than a lot of pretending examinations.
  • By completing practice exams, applicants can also learn tips and strategies to answer questions more quickly without using formulas or computations.

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CAT 2023 Preparation Through Self-Study

Applicants should choose self-study if they are unable to attend daily classes. Yes, independent study is a viable option for CAT exam preparation. Many CAT top scorers did their studying for the test. Self-study candidates need not be concerned about CAT 2023 preparation. They only have to take the following actions:

  • Join discussion groups on websites like Facebook, YouTube, Quora, and Telegram.
  • Download study apps for the MBA entrance exam.
  • Purchase top CAT prep books.
  • Obtain online study materials from MBA tutoring organisations, such as CAT mock test series.
  • Make a CAT preparation schedule for each month.
  • The CAT exam is delivered online. The question papers are often moderately difficult.

The CAT exam is delivered online. The question papers are often moderately difficult in difficulty. The difference between an easy and difficult issue is how quickly and accurately you can utilise your intellect to answer it.

The first and most important prerequisite is the need to understand the CAT syllabus and structure properly. During your CAT preparation, you should focus on developing your ability to select the appropriate questions, read them fast and accurately, and solve them quickly and precisely.

How to Prepare for CAT 2023 VARC?

Vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension are the three components of the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) element of the CAT exam.

Vocabulary-based questions focused on vocabulary include Sentence Completion, Cloze Tests, Synonyms, Antonyms, Analogies, Spelling, Odd Words, and Words that are Often Confused. Candidates need vocabulary knowledge, reading proficiency, and critical thinking abilities to answer these problems. Understanding the situations in which a word can be used is a crucial component of vocabulary knowledge. It will become simple as you begin comprehending a word's usage in its context.

Try to comprehend a word's etymology by learning its root meanings. One can grasp words like eloquent, loquacious, soliloquy, ventriloquize, circumlocution, grandiloquent, magniloquent, etc., by understanding the meaning of Latin roots like "loqui." When you combine your knowledge of roots with the definitions of prefixes and suffixes, you have a strong command of vocabulary.

There are two ways to approach grammar-based questions: either you follow the rules and learn about the different parts of speech, how to use them, and the applicable rules, or you practise the questions that are asked and adopt an approach to learning the types of errors that lead to questions based on error detection or sentence correction. Once you are familiar with the many errors, lots of practice will help you pass the finish line.

Reading Comprehension: By slowly developing the habit of reading, one might overcome reading comprehension. Start reading newspapers, blogs, and fiction books. Depending on the text's level, aim for a reading speed of no less than 300 words per minute. Also, read widely. Pick subjects to read about that are outside your comfort zone.


CAT Syllabus 2023 VARC

Pronouns with Exercises

Parajumbles with Exercises

Prepositions with Exercises

Subject-Verb Agreement

Types of Clauses

Examples of Articles

Phrases Modifiers

Parts of Speech

Errors in Tenses


How to Prepare for CAT 2023 DILR?

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning carry nearly the same weight as the other two components of the CAT exam. This portion of CAT 2023 was moderately time-consuming. It is hard because CAT DILR is not mathematics and has no formula. It is logic-based and involves some addition and subtraction. It is, therefore, a talent to be learned rather than a piece of information to be recalled.

Here, mental computation is crucial. Don't use the calculator; instead, rely on your head to deepen your grasp of DILR. Mastery of the one-to-twenty tables, proficiency with fractions (from 1/1, 1/2, 1/3 to 1/20), fundamental computation, etc. Practice is the key to mastering the CAT's DILR part; the more you practise, the faster you improve your accuracy.


CAT Syllabus 2023 DILR

Venn Diagrams

Approximation and Conversion Techniques


Number Systems

How to Prepare for CAT 2023 Quantitative Aptitude?

Arithmetic, algebra, advanced mathematics, and geometry are all included in the CAT Quantitative Aptitude part, which makes up one-third of the exam's questions.

Being thorough with every chapter is the only way to earn high marks in this part. Recall the basics and theories. Take on the QA section of the CAT by attempting a range of example questions. Calculations may be necessary for this section. Use your brain to calculate; it will take less time than a calculator.


CAT Syllabus 2023 Quantitative Aptitude

Permutation and Combination

Mean, Mode, Median


Mensuration Formula

Simple Interest and Compound Interest

Binomial Theorem

Square Root and Cube Root


CAT Preparation 2023 Solving Sample Papers and Mock Tests

The completion of practise questions and online mock tests is a crucial component of CAT exam preparation. During their study period, candidates must complete 40 to 50 CAT mock examinations. While October is the optimal month to begin full-fledged CAT mock tests, experts advise applicants to do topic-by-topic practise tests as they learn the material for improved concept clarity. 

  • Try to complete the practice questions on each topic you are studying at least three times. You will be able to comprehend the question and its logic on the first attempt, solve it correctly in the second attempt and solve it correctly on the third attempt in less time.
  • After finishing the syllabus, start working on the online CAT practise exams to avoid getting stuck on a particular subject.
  • Your goal in taking CAT practice examinations should be to improve your speed and accuracy when answering questions that take two hours to complete. Boost your endurance so you can sit through the three hours of the exam without being emotionally or physically worn out.
  • Analyse your performance after finishing each CAT sample or mock test to determine where you need to improve. No more than one example paper should be solved every day. After a demanding session, your mind needs to relax.
  • If the outcome is first discouraging, don't be disheartened; instead, keep identifying holes and addressing them.

CAT Preparation Solve Previous Year CAT

The candidates must complete at least the last five years' worth of CAT question papers in addition to sample papers and mock exams. This will offer students a general concept of the CAT's question paper format, question kinds, difficulty level, and topical division of the questions. Candidates can access free PDFs of previous CAT exam papers.

Read MoreCAT 2023 Previous Years' Question Paper

How to Plan CAT Preparation 2023?

According to experts, to prepare for the anticipated changes in the CAT 2023 pattern, a different approach needs to be taken. According to experts, the following adjustments to your CAT preparation plan are necessary:

CAT Preparation Plan

Change in CAT Exam 2023

Required Change in preparation

Number of questions to go down to 66 or 70 from earlier 100

Testing strategy has to be adjusted. the importance of question selection

Reduced Overall CAT duration to 2 hours and Sectional duration to 40 Minutes each

Students should concentrate on planning. It might be more useful with greater time and a better chance of performing well on the test.

Difficulty Level may go up

Improve your performance in each section; IIMs may choose to accept pupils with more advanced skills.


Change in Mock Test Taking Strategy

Maintain the total number of questions and time for your mock exam in accordance with the CAT pattern. You will get a true sense of the new CAT pattern from this.

150 Days CAT 2023 Preparation Plan

CAT preparation 2023 plan for the next 150 days, starting in Jul 2023, includes your carefully allocated study time as well as everything else related to CAT preparation, such as coaching classes, at least 30 minutes per day of newspaper reading, attending expert sessions on CAT preparation, practise sessions, doubt-solving sessions, and other related activities.

You will have over 3500 hours available over the following 150 days, and CAT specialist Arks Srinivas estimates that you will devote 15 to 20 percent of those hours or one out of every 24 on CAT preparation. Candidates will have improved their speed, participated in more practice sessions, and spent more time studying for the CAT over the past three months. Candidates must therefore dedicate the next 150 days to 750 hours of CAT preparation, dividing those hours between scanning the CAT Syllabus and breaking it down into study able chunks; Select the Time Lines listed below, finishing each one in turn:

  • First 75 Days: Clear the concepts and their applications in the first 75 days, then take tests. By the end of the 75 days, students will be familiar with the subjects, types of questions, and important ideas in the CAT VARC, LR, and QA sections.
  • Next 50 Days: Develop a Plan, Take Mock Exams, and Sectional Exams
  • Last 25 Days: Conduct revisions and formulate the final plan.

Section-by-Section Preparation for CAT 2023 in 150 Days

Here is a step-by-step guide to preparing for the CAT 2023 exam in 150 days, including where to start and what to study.

Studying for the CAT in Jul, Aug, and Sep

Spend a minimum of 450 hours during Jul, Aug, and part of Sep, solidifying your understanding of the CAT syllabus' contents and gaining complete understanding by simultaneously answering practise questions on each idea. This will enable you to review your fundamentals and see where you still need to study certain ideas in depth.

CAT 2023 VARC Preparation Plan

Put equal emphasis on your verbal and reading comprehension skills. In 120 hours, you can effectively prepare for the VARC portion by doing the following.

CAT VARC Preparation Plan

VARC Topics


Verbal Ability (Vocabulary)/ Grammar

15 min per day

Reading Comprehension

30 min per day

Total Hours for VA and RC practice

75 hours

Classes (10)

20 hours

Practice on Topic Tests (100 Tests)

25 hours

Total for Next 100 days

120 hours

CAT 2023 DILR Preparation Plan

The DILR section is considered one of the toughest sections in the CAT exam. This section is all about Tables, Graphs, Charts, and Series.

CAT DILR Preparation PlanCaption



Total Classes you need (10-15)

30 hours

Revision of Classes you will need

30 hours

Daily Practice of DI and LR sets (30 minutes per day)

50 hours

Practice on Topic Tests (50 Tests)

20 hours

Total for Next 100 days

130 hours

Candidates must be thorough on Tables up to 20, Square, Square Roots, Cube, Cube Roots and other mathematical values for a time-efficient calculation.

CAT DILR Preparation Topics and Plan

Topics & Problems on Data Interpretation

Topics & Problems on Logical Reasoning

Tables – Calculation based

Arrangements - Linear

Tables – non-Calculation

Arrangements – Circular

Bar Charts

Grouping and Distribution

Pie Charts


Line Graphs

Networks and Routes

Spider Graphs

Venn Diagrams

Triangle Graphs

Binary Logic

Scatter Diagrams



Games and Tournaments


Other Puzzles

CAT 2023 QA Preparation Plan

In the Quantitative Aptitude section, candidates must focus mainly on conceptual clarity and practice. 

CAT QA Preparation Plan

Quantitative Aptitude


QA Classes on different topics (30)

30 hours

Revision of Classes & Exercises

90 hours

Practice on Topic Tests (100 tests)

30 hours

Total for Next 120 days

180 hours

Candidates are advised to focus on enhancing their basics of Mathematics. Try to develop and practice mental calculation, as it will help save time.

CAT QA Preparation Topics and Plan

QA Topics

Time to devote for Preparation


Jul & Part of Aug 2023

Algebra & Numbers

Aug 2023

Geometry & Mensuration, Revision of Arithmetic

Sep 2023

Revision of Algebra & Numbers

Oct 2023

Focus on Revision, Practice

Nov 2023

Modes of CAT 2023 Preparation

Experts at GetMyUni and CAT toppers recommend the following three techniques for CAT test preparation to assist CAT candidates in getting ready for and passing CAT 2023 with a good mark. Choose from any of the three options.

  • Self-study using the appropriate CAT materials, or
  • Prepare by enrolling in an offline or online CAT tutoring programme.
  • Utilise a combination of self-study and CAT coaching when getting ready.

Five Step Preparation Strategy for CAT 2023

Even if you decide to self-study or enroll in tutoring, the 5 step strategy for CAT exam preparation in 2023 must include the following elements and be finished at least a fortnight before the CAT exam day, according to experts. Read the information below and learn how to prepare for the CAT exam in 5 steps.

  • Step 1: Check the CAT 2021 Exam Pattern and Syllabus
  • Step 2: Coaching or No Coaching for CAT Exam Preparation? Make a decision.
  • Step 3: Best Books for Preparation, Section-by-section planning and content
  • Step 4: Take mock exams to determine your current level of CAT exam preparation.
  • Step 5: CAT Toppers Study the CAT 100 Percentiles.

Overall Section Month-Wise Preparation Plan till CAT Exam

CAT preparation section wise with time frame and duration is allotted for the candidates to refer below.

CAT Overall Section-wise & Month-wise Preparation

CAT Sections

Jul 2023

Aug 2023

Sep 2023

Oct 2023

Nov 2023



Algebra Numbers

G&M, others, Revision of Arithmetic

Revision of Algebra, Nos

All Revision


Tables, Bars, Caselets, Pie, Charts, Line Speed Math

Spider, Scatter, Missing Numbers, Caselets





Arrangements, Distribution

G&T, VennD, Selection, Networks

Other Puzzles, Caselets, Cubes Revision















CAT 2023 Scholarship

CAT 2023 scholarships are offered by India's top B-Schools, such as the IIM's like IIM Bangalore, IIM Ahmedabad, and IIM Lucknow provide government-aided and special scholarships based on the candidates' CAT scores, academic performance, and economic background. 

The fee structure for the MBA program at IIM-Bangalore is around 20 lakhs. Hence the scholarships provided at IIM Bangalore are very important. PGP candidates with an annual income below INR 6,00,000 are eligible to apply for this scholarship. 

In addition, private institutes like LPU, Amity University, Indus Business Academy, and other top private B-Schools also grant up to 100% fee waivers to eligible candidates. Candidates' eligibility differs based on the candidate's category and the type of scholarship they are applying for. Click here to know more about CAT Scholorship.


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AMET 2023

Exam Date: Feb 25, 2023

CUET PG 2023

Exam Date: Jun 1, 2023


Exam Date: Apr 1, 2022

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Exam Date: Mar 31, 2023


Exam Date: Apr 5, 2023

Result Date: May 5, 2023

IUCET 2023

Exam Date: Apr 8, 2023

Result Date: Apr 10, 2023


Exam Date: Apr 8, 2023

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