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Updated on - Dec 21, 2023

CAT response sheet 2023 was released on Dec 5, 2023, by IIM. Applicants can download the CAT 2023 response sheet at, using their login credentials. Candidates can use IIMCAT response sheet to estimate their results.

Candidates can use the response sheet with the CAT answer sheet 2023 to calculate their tentative scores before the announcement of the results. IIM CAT response sheet 2023 is an official copy of the student's answers to the exam questions.

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Table of Content

CAT 2023 response sheet release date was Dec 5, 2023. IIM has released the CAT response sheet 2023 download link along with the answer key on the official website, Candidates can access their CAT 2023 response sheets by authenticating in with their user ID and password.

CAT exam response sheet includes the candidate's marked responses as well as the right IIM responses. During IIMCAT response sheet 2023 and answer key challenge window, candidates can check the response sheet with the answer key to submit objections about the answers. 

CAT Response Sheet 2023 Click Here

CAT 2023 result is expected to be declared by the second week of Jan 2024, following the close of the objection process. CAT 2023 result will be announced after considering the genuine objections filed by the candidates.

CAT Cut Off 2023 CAT Qualifying Marks 2023

How to Download CAT Response Sheet 2023?

Follow the steps mentioned below to download CAT response sheet 2023.

  • Step 1: Candidates must visit the official CAT test 2023 page as the first step.
  • Step 2: Click the CAT login window, input the password and CAT 2023 registration ID, and then click on the submit button.
  • Step 3: After being redirected to a new page, candidates can download the CAT response sheet for 2023 there.
  • Step 4: Determine the likely scores based on the CAT exam format for 2023.
  • Step 5: Download the response sheet CAT 2023 and print it out for future reference.
CAT Answer Key 2023 CAT Percentile Predictor 2023

How to Challenge CAT 2023 Answer Key?

The Indian Management Institute (IIM) of Indore would also allow candidates to contest the CAT answer key before announcing CAT's final results. Answer fundamental objections window concluded on Dec 8, 2023.

Candidates who disagree with any of the offered keys may contest them by using the actions outlined below:

  • Step 1: Open the answer key challenge link on the official CAT 2023 website.
  • Step 2: Enter the CAT login ID and password and select "sign-in" from the menu.
  • Step 3: A page of instructions will be presented on the screen, outlining the start and end dates and the window of time for challenging the CAT 2023 answer key.

Candidates can follow these instructions:

  • Click the close tab.
  • Download the CAT 2023 answer key, and then, if there are any discrepancies.
  • Click the objection form and fill out the necessary information.

Candidates should continue with the following steps:

  • Step 5: After a new page has loaded, the candidate must click the plus sign (+).
  • Step 6: A page with instructions describing how to object to the CAT answer key will be shown. The cost for each objection submitted against the CAT 2023 answer key is Rs 1,500 for candidates.
  • Step 7: The candidates must click the close tab after being presented with an instructions page.
  • Step 8: Select the Objection tab and press "+" to raise a question.
  • Step 9: A new window will open, allowing candidates to select the section, question type, and question number.
Direct Link to Raise Objections Against CAT Answer Key 2023 Click Here (Closed)

Candidates who wish to contest the CAT 2023 answer key may do so by selecting one of the following:

  • "None of the choices are appropriate."
  • The answer Key provided is incorrect.
  • "More than one possibility is valid"

The number of complaints that may be raised will not be limited. Therefore candidates may present many objections. Candidates must, however, pay Rs 1,200 as an objection fee for each objection.

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CAT Score vs Percentile 2020 CAT Score vs Percentile 2019

CAT Response Sheet 2023 Dates

IIM has released the IIMCAT CAT response sheet 2023 and the answer key on the official website, Applicants can enter their accounts with their registration ID and password to view their CAT 2023 response sheets. CAT response sheet release date 2023 was Dec 5, 2023.

CAT Response Sheet includes both the candidate's marked responses and the proper IIM responses. Candidates can check the tabular below for CAT response sheet date 2023.

Event Name  Dates (Tentative)
Upcoming Exam Events
CAT 2023 Result Announcement Dec 2023 - Last Week
Past Exam Events
CAT Exam Date 2023 Nov 26, 2023 
CAT 2023 Response Sheet Date Dec 5, 2023
CAT 2023 Provisional Answer Key Dec 5, 2023
Last Date to File Objections to the Response Sheet of CAT 2023 Dec 5 - Dec 8, 2023

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Advantages of CAT Response Sheet 2023

Some of the advantages of having the CAT response sheet 2023 are pointed out below.

  • IIMs generate CAT 2023 response sheets to bring clarity. 
  • Test participants in exam will find out where they went wrong after using the CAT answer key 2023. 
  • Tentative/Predicted scores found using the CAT response sheet 2023 would help to anticipate the final result. 
  • Query and objection Form can be used to raise objections after analyzing the CAT response sheet 2023.

What is CAT Response Sheet Used for?

CAT 2023 response sheet is used for the following reasons. 

  • IIMs generate response sheets to add clarity.
  • Participants in the CAT test will learn where they made mistakes.
  • It would be possible to predict the outcome using the predicted scores obtained from the CAT response sheet.
  • Query-Cum-Objection Objections may be raised through the form.

Who Can Check CAT Response Key?

CAT response sheet 2023 can be accessed only by the candidates who has met the following criteria.

  • CAT response sheets for Slots 1 and 2 can only be accessed and downloaded by CAT exam candidates who will appear for the CAT.
  • Candidates for the CAT Slot 1 can analyze the response sheet.
  • Candidates for Slots 2 and 3 will also be able to accomplish this using the appropriate CAT response sheets.
  • You won't be able to access the CAT Slot 2 response sheet if you fall under Slot 1.
  • Similarly, if you show up in slot 2, you won't be able to see the CAT slot 1 response form.

How to Calculate Score in CAT Response Sheet

The candidates can use the CAT Response Sheet 2023 and answer key to double-check their responses and get their anticipated CAT score. The following procedures can be used to determine the score:

  • Step 1: Directly download the answer key and response sheet from the official CAT website.
  • Step 2: Review CAT responses on CAT response sheet and the CAT answer key. Mark the responses as correct or incorrect.
  • Step 3: Verify that CAT marking scheme is followed while adding and subtracting marks. Use the CAT marking scheme as follows:
Type of Questions  Marks for a Correct Answer  Marks for an Incorrect Answer 
MCQs +3 -1
Non-MCQs +3 0
  • Step 4: The candidate's overall score is determined using the formula below: (Number of right answers) - (CAT Raw Score for MCQs) (number of wrong answers).
  • Step 5: The final step is to add the received marks to the non-MCQ marks.

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CAT 2023 Final Answer Key

CAT final answer key 2023, which includes all correct answers, is released by the relevant IIM after candidates have raised their complaints.

  • The amount paid will be refunded to the same account from which the payment was made if the IIM finds the candidate's objection to be valid.
  • If not, it is not compensated.
  • CAT IIM will disclose the results following the release of the final CAT answer key.
  • The IIM, in charge of the exam, will announce the CAT results by Jan 7, 2024.
  • All candidates who successfully complete the CAT are eligible to participate in the selection process, which consists of the IIM Written Ability Test, a Group Discussion, and Personal Interview rounds.

CAT 2023 Response Sheet: Why Is It Released?

IIMs make the CAT response sheet 2023 public to promote transparency and let applicants know where they made mistakes. The questions and answers that the candidates marked on their IIM CAT response sheets are included.

In 2017, the CAT response sheet was made available for the first time. The applicants were given an objection form to voice their concerns and complaints over alterations to the answer key.


How to download CAT response sheet 2023?

Candidates can access CAT response sheet 2023 from the official website by logging in using their registered ID and password.

What does CAT 2023 response sheet include?

CAT response sheet 2023 consists of section-wise questions that the candidates have answered in their slot, along with their answer status.

Can I challenge CAT response sheet 2023?

No, candidates can not raise objections against their response sheet, although, candidates can raise objections against their answer keys.

Why is CAT response sheet 2023 used?

CAT 2023 conducting body will release the response sheet. Candidates can use the response sheet, which they can compare with the answer key and raise objections. Based on the objections raised, the conducting body will release the final answer.

Is CAT 2023 response sheet out?

CAT 2023 response sheet will tentatively be released by the first week of Dec 2023.

What is CAT response sheet 2023?

CAT response sheet 2023 includes the answers marked by candidates for all three sections. Candidates can match the marked answer with the answer keys provided along the CAT 2023 response sheet.



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