Bachelor of Technology (BTech Chemical Engineering) Chemical Engineering is an undergraduate engineering degree that focuses on combining engineering concepts along with chemical science and basic mechanics which are essential for designing a chemical process. The course duration is just like another engineering course, that lasts 4 years and is divided into 8 semesters of study. The B.Tech Chemical Engineering Subjects is designed in such a way to enhance students with problem-solving ability in the chemical science field and provide major insights into design, operations, and controls involved in basic Chemical engineering and chemical processing. It also deals with the working, maintenance, designing, and analysis of concrete structures and analysis of various types of reactions that are deployed in the production of chemical byproducts and efficient transportation of chemical components. The Chemical engineering subjects that are pursued in this course are Optimization of Chemical Processes, Polymer Technology, Equilibrium Staged Operations, Process Dynamics and Control, the strength of materials, etc, which are very much essential for a skilled Chemical engineer. BTech Chemical Engineering course provides the required knowledge to the students related to ways of designing an efficient and safe processing unit and material science along with nanotechnology

The minimum eligibility to pursue this course is 50% in 10+2 exams with physics, chemistry and maths background, from a recognized university. BTech Chemical Engineering course makes way for talented individuals to work in major petrochemical companies and polymer companies associated with material and plastic equipment production, mining organizations, etc. B. Tech Chemical Engineering jobs for the graduates are abundant in both the private sector and the public sector owing to the fact that nanotechnology and applied chemical sciences are beginning to take over the job market. The graduates of this course are skilled to implement a variety of processing and transportation methods and efficiently monitor the progress so as to ensure that the chemical by-product is contained without any hazardous effluents. Owing to their higher job role and risk, they're often offered lucrative figures as salary.

B.Tech in Chemical Engineering Course Fee in India:

Chemical Engineering colleges in India are very high in number. Colleges must have well-equipped laboratories, a friendly environment, student-friendly staff, etc. Hence the course fee for Chemical Engineering is similar compared to other specializations in engineering. Chemical Engineering average course fee ranges from INR 25Kto 2 Lakh per annum.

B.Tech in Chemical Engineering Course Salary in India:

Chemical Engineering graduates are among the moderate earners compared to other engineering graduates depending on how soon they progress well in the field that is very highly competitive. Owing to higher work rates associated with their job, they are often provided with a higher pay scale than other domains in the engineering field. The average Chemical Engineering salary in India is 7.86 Lakh per annum. The pay rise is subjected to experience gained and work ethics possessed by the candidate. There are several openings for Chemical engineers across various cities in India, owing to a recent surge in the market for Chemical engineering.

B.Tech Chemical Engineering Course Details

Degree Bachelors
Full Form Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering
Duration Course Duration of Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Chemical Engineering) is 4 Years.
Age 17-23
Minimum Percentage 50-60%
Subjects Required Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
Average Fees Incurred INR 25,000 - 2 L per annum
Similar Options of Study B.Tech (Biotechnology), B.Tech (Biomedical Engineering), B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) etc.
Average Salary Offered INR 7.86 L per annum
Employment Roles Chemical Engineer, Senior Process Engineer, Project Engineer, Production Engineer, Production Manager, Sr Software Engineer, Business Development Manager, Research Scientist, Solutions Architect etc.
Placement Opportunities Reliance Industries Limited, Wipro Technologies Ltd, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd, Bechtel Corporation, Renault Nissan, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, EXL, Hindustan Unilever etc.

B.Tech in Chemical Engineering:

The B.Tech Chemical engineering course is an undergraduate engineering course, which basically involves certain aspects of fundamental Chemical engineering and its wider applications in Engineering subjects related to the course. Chemical engineering deals with basic engineering concepts and its application in petrochemical and various related fields such as nanotechnology, chemical processing, plastics industry, Nuclear Chemistry, process designing and analysis, and pharmaceutical industry, etc. However, the knowledge obtained from this course can be expanded to various other technological applications such as the transportation of chemical components and equipment manufacturing that is deployed in petrochemical extraction sites. Chemical engineering syllabus facilitates this stream expansion as it contains subjects enhancing the knowledge of both Chemical science and the basic engineering concepts for problem-solving purposes.

The BTech Chemical course duration is just like every engineering course of 4 years and it is divided into 8 semesters of study. The subjects are designed in a sequential order to first enhance the candidates with basic engineering concepts and move onto the applied chemical sciences and mechanics of structures along with analyzing properties of various materials that are deployed for a chemical process engineering. Knowledge is always unbound when it comes to Chemical engineering. Aspirants who are keen on acquiring in-depth knowledge about Chemical engineering can opt for higher studies in Master of Technology [M. Tech](Chemical engineering) or in any other specialized courses such as Master of Technology [M. Tech](nanotechnology) or any specialized course such as petrochemical science, process engineering, etc in premium universities across India and abroad.

Chemical Engineering jobs aren't always restricted to only extraction on-site monitoring and operations, however, candidates can also apply for the analysis and research sciences sectors. Chemical engineers have a wide range of opportunities to choose from in terms of job opportunities such as Maintenance Engineer, Process Engineer, Design Engineer, Senior Molecular Analyst, etc. in numerous chemical processing and natural resource extraction conglomerates and other such companies involving the material analysis and process design and can also join as technicians in equipment manufacturing companies which supply exquisite equipment specially designed to aid chemical processing and extraction along with nuclear reaction. The graduates of this course are entitled to receive salaries with often lucrative figures owing to the higher amount of risk and work associated with the job. There are several chemical engineering colleges in India that offer this course with par excellence. Below mentioned are some of the top Chemical Engineering colleges:

The Chemical Engineering Scopes are boundless even though there is a decline in natural resources. Graduates are entitled to work in many chemical manufacturing units for commercial purposed and designated purposes, research centers, nanotechnology science, etc which are major dependants in the near future. The popularity of this course is bound to expand in the near future.

B.Tech in Chemical Engineering Quick Links:

What is a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering?

What is Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Chemical Engineering)?

Chemical engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the application of physical science (chemistry and physics), and life sciences (biology, microbiology, and biochemistry) with mathematics and economics, to the process of converting raw materials or chemicals into more useful or valuable forms.In addition to producing useful materials, modern chemical engineering is also concerned with pioneering valuable new materials and techniques such as nanotechnology, fuel cells, and biomedical engineering. Some of the basic functions of Chemical engineering largely involves the

  • Design
  • Improvement
  • Maintenance
  • Analysis

Owing to the importance of extraction of natural resources and processing them properly along with lesser wastage, there has been a large demand for chemical engineers over the years. But, however, due to the evolution of nanotechnology and polymers, this field has widened which now has massive intakes  The economic parameter the chemical industry pose toward the GDP of the country has opened up career opportunities for the graduates of this course and has created several Chemical engineering government jobs. 

This course deals with the construction, design, and maintenance of chemical process and mechanisms based on the need of the product and actively involve in works like chemical compound research, nuclear chemistry, buildings, applications of nanotechnology in the production of fibers, commercial food products, Glass Technology, atomic research, etc. The subjects are designed in a sequential order to first enhance the candidates with basic engineering concepts and move onto applied physics and chemical sciences along with mechanism studies that are essential for the construction of process. The Chemical engineering syllabus consists of subjects such as:

  • Equilibrium and Staged Operations
  • Optoelectronics
  • Polymer materials and properties
  • Solid State Chemistry
  • Thermodynamics and applications
  • Fluid Dynamics

Much of the course is designed to provide practical knowledge on major criteria that play a key role in the chemical processing business. They are also taken for on-site training in major extraction and manufacturing sites and given training on processing methods and even training on transportation of chemical materials and disposal.

Chemical Engineering is one of the most demanded domains of engineering and will be never seeing a decline for years to come owing to the importance of chemical science and applications in improvement across various sectors in the country contributing to development scales. Owing to their greater importance, graduates are assured of higher earning potential as years pass by. Chemical Engineering subjects include several practical sessions along with theoretical sessions which enables the students to analyze real-time scenarios faced. Visit B.Tech for other major Specializations apart from Chemical Engineering.

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Why Choose B.Tech in Chemical Engineering?

Why choose Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Chemical Engineering)?

Chemical Engineering is one of the most demanding career choices among the candidates who are willing to follow their passion for chemical processing and nanotechnology. During this course, the students are trained for special skills so that they are able to understand the work ethics required in this industry. Chemical engineering is one of the most sought engineering disciplines because it deals with the extraction of chemical products and processing including planning, designing, and overseeing the process and maintenance of equilibrium and safety. It covers various fields of chemical technology in mineral-based industries such as:

  • Petrochemical plants
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Synthetic fibers
  • Petroleum refining plants etc.

Over the years with the great expansion of scientific knowledge, the basis of applying science particularly chemistry to develop technology has increased tremendously. This has lead to the development of the profession of Chemical Engineering. This branch of engineering is a varied field, covering areas from biotechnology and nanotechnology to mineral processing.

In recent years, the demand for Chemical engineering has drastically increased owing to the rise of deployment of nanotechnology, however, it still remains an endangering field owing to the depletion of resources and adverse effects of polymers in ecology perspective. The course offers adequate training and knowledge for students to gain exposure both in the field of technical development and in-process Management. This course equips the students with the necessary skills required in managing petrochemical extraction sites regularly to survey the process. Its curriculum is designed in such a way which helps the students to become reflective individuals, empowered to meet the challenges and wide-ranging career.

They are hired for the major projects by the government or private chemical firms. Some of the Chemical engineering jobs that the candidates are recruited are:

  • Process Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • On-Site Technician
  • Production Engineer
  • Project Manager 

The scope for chemical engineers is tended to grow in there due to industrial expansion and the related scarcity of resources needed. Overall chemical engineers could make very important contributions to the improvement and maintenance of the quality of life.

B.Tech in Chemical Engineering Course Preparation tips:

Some of the essential course preparation tips for a candidate who wants to pursue B.Tech Chemical Engineering are:

Get to know of the Syllabus: The syllabus of the course is one of the essential factors which a student should focus upon as this helps a student to focus during the time of the examination.

Make a Plan: Make a course plan that can help the student to plan according to the study of the work which enables them to keep both balanced.

Strengthen Your Fundamentals: This course requires the student to be strong on basic physics, mathematics, and chemistry along with designing. Students are required to be strong in their fundamentals.

Connect With Fellow Students: Start connecting with peers who can help you with providing an exchange of knowledge that might help you to excel in the course.

Keep Updated: It is essential that the candidates keep themselves updated on the recent trends in the petrochemical and chemical processing field and the research work done in the field by subscribing to various journals.

B.Tech in Chemical Engineering Subjects:

B.Tech Chemical Engineering Subjects
Semester I
SI No Subjects
1 Technical English
2 Engineering Mathematics– I
3 Engineering Physics
4 Engineering Chemistry
5 Computer-Aided Engineering Drawing
6 Computer Programming
7 Chemistry Laboratory
8 CAD laboratory


B.Tech Chemical Engineering Subjects
Semester II
SI No Subjects
1 Engineering Materials
2 Chemical Process calculations
3 Introduction to Chemical Engineering
4 Engineering Physics-2
5 Mathematics-2
6 Engineering Immersion Lab
7 Computer Programming-2
8 Physics Laboratory
9 Materials laboratory


B.Tech Chemical Engineering Subjects
Semester III
SI No Subjects
1 Energy Balance and Thermodynamics
2 Fluid Mechanics
3 Mechanical Operations
4 Instrumental Methods of Analysis
5 Mathematics-3
6 Soft Skills
7 Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
8 Mechanical Operations Laboratory


B.Tech Chemical Engineering Subjects
Semester IV
SI No Subjects
1 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
2 Mathematics-4
3 Heat Transfer
4 Chemical Technology
5 Membrane Separation Technology
6 Elective
7 Chemical Engineering Instrumentation Lab
8 Chemical Technology Lab.


B.Tech Chemical Engineering Subjects
Semester V
SI No Subjects
1 Chemical Reaction Engineering I
2 Optimization Techniques
3 Diffusional Mass Transfer Operations
4 Statics and Strength of Materials
5 Elective
6 Probability and Statistics
7 Mass Transfer Laboratory
8 Strength of Materials Laboratory
9 Chemical Reaction Engineering lab


B.Tech Chemical Engineering Subjects
Semester VI
SI No Subjects
1 Chemical Reaction Engineering II
2 Process Dynamics and Control
3 Materials Technology
4 Equilibrium Staged Operations
5 Process Dynamics and Control
6 Numerical Methods
7 Process Control lab
8 Mass Transfer Lab
9 Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab


B.Tech Chemical Engineering Subjects
Semester VII
SI No Subjects
1 Process Equipment Design and Drawing
2 Elective
3 Modeling, Computer simulation & Optimization
4 Polymer Technology
5 Transport Phenomena
6 Process Design and Integration
7 Chemical Process Control Lab.
8 CAD Labroratory


B.Tech Chemical Engineering Subjects
Semester VIII
SI No Subjects
1 Elective
2 Elective-6
3 Final Project
4 Comprehensive Viva Voce

B.Tech in Chemical Engineering Course Fees:

The average course fees for the BTech Chemical Engineering curriculum may range from INR 25,000 to INR 2 lakhs per annum. This amount varies based on the prestige, faculty, infrastructure, and placement history of the college, university, or institution, and even the facilities provided by the college. 

B.Tech in Chemical Engineering Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering

The students are expected not be having any supplementary or compartment in any of the subject/subjects at 10+2/Diploma level that is yet to be cleared at the time of taking admissions. For candidates who are looking for Lateral entry admissions into the 2nd year of the course, it is mandatory to have passed all the respective examination in the respective domain. One of the basic eligibility is a minimum of 50% in 10+2 exams with a science background and an aggregate of over 60% in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. Some universities expect a good rank in JEE Examinations whereas some expect good ranks and cutoffs score in university-level entrance examinations.

Various colleges and institutes may have their own additional criteria which the students would have to satisfy in order to take admission. In the case of reserved category students, they would have to present their reservation certificates issued by the competent authorities in order to avail of the benefits applicable to them.

Holders of diploma in Chemical engineering and other mechanical or allied stream are also eligible for admission, in the second year of the course as lateral entry provided you have done their diploma after 10th.

B.Tech in Chemical Engineering Admissions:

Admission Procedure for Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering

The Chemical Engineering admission process varies for different universities based on their standard and curriculum along with reputation. The admissions can be done both online and offline methods. The candidates are required to register themselves on the official website of the college or provide the filled hard copy of the registration form within the deadline date.

Candidates who are applying for the Btech Chemical Engineering program should beforehand have their results from the respective Entrance Exams required by the selected/opted Universities. Few Universities require Candidates to have given any of the applicable Entrance Exams for Btech Chemical Engineering whose applications for admissions can be availed either from the University website or by visiting the Admissions Office of the same.

Most of the Universities/Colleges conduct a common entrance test for admission into B.Tech courses (like BITS, HITS) or take admissions through commonly held B.Tech Entrance Exams like JEE Main. Students have to qualify these exams (for which they should be eligible to appear) in order to get admission in the course. Apart from qualifying, students are also expected to secure good ranks to get into premium institutes of India. After the test, a merit list of qualified candidates is prepared and candidates are invited for admission process by the respective university or college. After the admission process, the final allotment of seats to the candidate takes place and the candidate is asked to deposit the fee for the course and register for the respective academic year.

Certain Chemical Engineering colleges provide admissions via direct method or management quota, in which the students will be asked to pay a capitation fee and take an undertaking to improve his/her academic performances in the following academic years.

Candidates should be aware of the University they are planning on opting for their B.Tech Chemical Engineering program and accordingly proceed by giving an entrance test if required by the particular University. It is very important for Candidates to score sufficient marks to be eligible for getting admission in one of the best Universities for B.Tech Chemical Engineering.

B.Tech in Chemical Engineering Job Opportunities:

Chemical Engineering is one of the key areas in the development of the chemical processing and manufacturing industry which includes process designing, chemical inspection, mineral extraction, and processing, transportation of hazardous materials, etc. Owing to the major role they play in decision making and implementing several new strategies for efficient chemical processing, they're often considered as important in any construction site. This is done with the utmost care and only graduates of this course are skillful enough to manage the role of high compliance with ease. But owing to a major development in other sectors, the scope of Chemical engineering has been restricted. However, owing to the massive growth of nanotechnology across the globe, Chemical engineering jobs have started to flourish, unlike previous decades.

Job Opportunities are available in plenty for a graduate in B.Tech Chemical Engineering in both the public sector as well as the private sector. The Job roles offered will be of the highest level of employment owing to their knowledge and research-based experience that makes them qualified to handle job roles of higher magnitude and multiple domains. The most common roles the graduates work as are:

  • Project Manager
  • Process Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Production Analyst
  • Project Lead
  • Environment and Safety Engineer

Chemical Engineering salary may vary based on the experience gained in the field and based on the skill set possessed. On average, graduates are entitled to receive INR 7.86 LPA in the initial stages and are subject to hikes based on the experience gained.

Top Colleges for B.Tech in Chemical Engineering:

Some of the top chemical engineering colleges in India are given below:

Sl. No. Name of the College
1 Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Bombay
2 Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Delhi
3 Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Kanpur
4 Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Kharagpur
5 Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Chennai
6 Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Roorkee
7 Birla Institute of Technology and Science, [BITS] Pilani
8 Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Guwahati
9 National Institute of Technology, [NIT] Thiruchirapalli
10 National Institute of Technology, [NIT] Surathkal
11 Jadavpur University, Calcutta

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Frequently Asked Questions

Graduates have several options to pursue after the completion of the Chemical engineering course. Graduates can opt to pursue higher studies such as in several Indian Institutes and M.S in several universities abroad. Students can also take up research-based studies offered in several research institutes across the country.

Generally, it's not required but during the course of their study, they'll be introduced to minor concepts in physics attributing to the study of mechanics and strength of materials.

Yes, chemical engineers are in high demand owing to greater improvement in nanotechnology and data science studies which contributes towards petrochemical extraction. Owing to the growth of several polymer and chemical production companies coming up, the demand for chemical engineering is always higher.

The graduates should be good at math and chemistry along with designing. For process designing and understanding the graduates should have good grasping skills. The graduates should be up to date with the latest technologies deployed in their field.

Students will initially be questioned about their experience in the subject. The methodology of questioning will depend on how strong you're in fundamentals and will also depend on your knowledge about their organization and operations. Chances of asking subject-based questions are however very less, but the students must be ready for all.

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