PTE Eligibility Criteria 2024: Age Limit, Number of Attempts

Hafsha Qureshi
Hafsha Qureshi

Updated on - Feb 22, 2024

PTE eligibility criteria 2024 is very important for any candidates to understand before the PTE exams. PTE stands for the Pearson Test of English (PTE). It is designed to test the English language proficiency of non-native English speakers who wish to study or work in an English-speaking environment. It is an online exam. PTE exam 2024 has three sections: Reading, Writing and Speaking.

PTE has not mentioned any specific PTE eligibility criteria 2024. PTE eligibility criteria 2024 includes information on the age limit, educational qualification, and eligibility criteria. It also includes citizens of countries that are allowed to take the PET, as well as the number of attempts one can take. Read along to find the full details of the PTE eligibility criteria 2024. 

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PTE Eligibility Criteria 2024 Highlights

The PTE eligibility criteria 2024 highlights are there for candidates to understand the exam in a short glance. The Pearson PLC Group, the conducting body of the Pearson PTE exam, has not laid specific PTE eligibility criteria 2024 criteria for candidates looking to appear for the PTE Academic Exam. 

The common highlights for the PTE exam 2024 are listed below for applicants to follow:

PTE Eligibility Criteria 2024 Highlights
PTE Eligibility Factor Requirements
Age Limit Lower Age - 16 years
Parent Consent Mandatory - 16 to 18 years
Upper Age - No limit
PTE Eligible Countries Universities and Colleges in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand

PTE Eligibility Criteria 2024

PTE eligibility criteria 2024 is crucial for students who wish to study abroad at colleges and universities. The language of instruction in university or college programs is English. Let us now go over the entire PTE eligibility criteria for domestic candidates. 

Age Limit: There is a specified age limit for the candidates in the PTE exam. However, to take the PTE test, the candidates must be at least 16 years old. Additionally, applicants who are below 18 years of age need to take a parental consent form signed by either parents or guardians before taking the test. The consent form is available on the official website of PTE Academic.

Qualification: There are no educational criteria for PTE eligibility criteria 2024. This exam tests the English language proficiency of non-native English speakers who are seeking to study or work in an English-speaking environment.

List of Eligible Countries: The USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, and China are the countries that accept the PTE academic score.

Number of Attempts: There are no limits on the number of times a candidate can sit the PTE test.

However, some rules need to be followed. For example, applicants cannot book more than one date at a time. So in case you booked a date for May, to be on the safe side, you cannot book another for your plan B as a backup date in July. You need to sit the first exam and receive your test score to be able to book for another.

The other rule is that while you are awaiting your PTE score report, which takes around 2 hours to 7 days, you cannot book another date for sitting in the PTE exam. This rule is again in line with the first rule that applicants cannot book two dates at the same time.

PTE Eligibility Score: PTE Exam Eligibility 2024 does not have a minimum score for the PTE exam. But, from the range of 10-90, a score of 50-63 is considered good enough. It is expected to score in the range of 65-75 or above for better and standard university options. 

To get accepted into top universities, candidates should score as much as they can in the PTE exam.

Aspirants must qualify for this exam to pursue their career to study abroad for candidates from India or any other country where English is not the native language.

Major Countries That Accept the PTE Score

PTE scores are accepted around the whole world by employers, governments, universities and professional associations. PTE exam eligibility 2024 can be identified in countries where PTE scores are accepted. These include countries like the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, China, and many more.

PTE Eligibility for Canada PR

The PTE eligibility for Canada PR is very simple for candidates that want to choose Canada as their study location. Any Canadian university and college accept the PTE test. The PTE 2024 exam is the preferred choice to help you obtain your Letter of Acceptance from a Canadian University.

It is a new additional measure to support international students. There’s a two-stage temporary visa process in which students receive in Approval-in-Principle to start their Canadian education online and from home when completing the first stage.

The IELTS exam is valid for Canadian immigration, but PTE for Canada is not. Not just Canadian universities accept these test scores, but they are also accepted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). 

Candidates must know the details about the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) to know the scores they must ideally score so that they will be considered for immigration to Canada. Canadian universities accept student visas and PTE scores. Applicants cannot use it for a permanent resident visa in Canada. The PTE for Canada is not the right language test for Canada.



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