GATE Preparation 2023: Subject-Wise Tips, Tricks, Best Books

Mar 21, 2023 | Engineering


GATE Preparation 2023 includes developing a strategy that covers all of the topics from the GATE Syllabus while utilising the best resources available. GATE Preparation is heavily influenced by the stream/paper chosen by applicants. Students can do well on the exam if they use the correct study material, online video lectures, and the top books for GATE 2023.

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GATE Preparation 2023 is an important factor as it is one of the biggest examinations organized by IIT Kanpur, as an eligibility test for candidates who want to pursue postgraduate or PhD studies in India.

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GATE Preparation Tips 2023

The following are the GATE Preparation 2023 tips for candidates. 

  • Know Your Syllabus: This is the first and most important action that you must take for GATE Preparation 2023. You should review the GATE syllabus for your specific subjects before starting your exam preparations. Making a good preparation plan would be made easier for you if you thoroughly understand the syllabus. Additionally, you can determine the subjects on which you need to concentrate more.
  • Understand the format of the test: This is yet another crucial stage in GATE Preparation 2023. Understanding the format of the test is essential because it will aid in both your preparation and performance later on. Therefore, it is advised that you review your GATE exam pattern before making any further study plans for GATE Preparation 2023.
  • Make a Good Study Strategy: A well-thought-out study plan aims to get the job done in half for GATE Preparation 2023. You can move forward with creating the study plan after examining the exam format and the syllabus for your main subject. It would be simpler for you to finish the study material if you use this study plan to organise your time and themes in your GATE Preparation 2023.
  • Start Your Preparation Early: The GATE exam demands a focused effort over an extended period of time. It is advised that you start studying as soon as possible since you will have extra time to learn the material and constantly review it.
  • Motivation and Trust: The two key components that can help you ace any test are motivation and trust. You won't have to worry about anything if you are committed to your studies and faithful to your objective for GATE Preparation 2023. Additionally, get inspiration from your seniors and mentors. You can also increase your confidence in this way.
  • Refer To Quality Books And Take Notes: Choosing the best books for GATE Preparation 2023 is important when preparing for the GATE exam. Your knowledge will be strengthened and your GATE trip will be easier if you consult the proper books. Even though the GATE study material is identical to what you read for your engineering degree, you still need to refresh your memory, which calls for the best GATE study guides. It is advised that GATE candidates conduct extensive research before buying GATE books for optimal GATE Preparation 2023. You can talk to your mentor about this; their knowledge may be able to assist you in making the finest book choices.
  • Practice Previous GATE Question Papers and Mock Exams: Getting familiar with the GATE exam format by practising GATE previous year papers and mock exams is a great idea. You can learn more about the types of questions, difficulty levels of question papers, test patterns, and other things by completing last year's papers. Additionally, it will assist you in enhancing your time management abilities. You will have a good sense of the subjects you need to emphasise more.
  • Learn How to Manage Your Time: Time management is crucial for any competitive exam as well as for GATE Preparation 2023. In order to finish your paper accurately, you must learn how to manage your time during the exam. You can hone this skill as you practise the exam questions.
  • The Secret Is Revision: Always keep in mind that revision is the key to moving this trip forward. Once you've covered every area, you may begin developing a revision plan. In this way, you can become more familiar with your course material. As they say, practice makes perfect, and this is what we need to do in GATE Preparation 2023.

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How to Prepare for GATE 2023?

Following are GATE Preparation 2023 tips and guides on how to prepare for the GATE 2023 exam.

  • Be Familiar With the Syllabus and Exam Format: It's important to approach your upcoming situation completely prepared. You should be familiar with the GATE 2023 exam's fundamental material and format before beginning your preparation. In contrast to the GATE 2023 exam pattern, which will offer you a sense of how the test will be administered, the syllabus will let you know which topics and units you must focus on. The schedule for the entire period of GATE Preparation 2023 will be easier to coordinate as a result.
  • Establish A Study Schedule: The next step is to plan a study strategy for GATE preparation. The numerous topics and units should be divided according to your preferences in a customised study programme that is produced based on your aptitude. You will be able to track your progress in your GATE Preparation 2023 and know what needs to be studied when by having a well-planned study timetable available. By doing this, you'll be less likely to get distracted from your preparation.
  • Choose Right Reference Resources: You can consult your undergraduate textbooks to help you study for GATE 2023 since the exam's syllabus may be comparable. However, additional books for reference are also strongly advised in addition to the textbooks. You will be able to get a broader range of knowledge that will be beneficial during the exam by consulting additional books. You can watch online lectures and look into previous GATE toppers' interviews in addition to the top books for GATE 2023 to learn more about their sources of study.
  • Consultations to Ensure Clarity: The best technique to get unstuck in your studies during the GATE Preparation 2023 phase is to communicate with someone. Have constructive interactions with your lecturers and fellow students. This will inform you of your friends' advancement and inspire you to study. It is always helpful to discuss ideas and subjects with teachers or classmates. Join as many online GATE Preparation 2023 groups as you can; there will be plenty of opportunities to learn new things.
  • Identify Your Strengths: It is crucial for you to recognise and concentrate on your strengths throughout the GATE Preparation 2023. A thorough study of the subjects in which you are confident can increase your chances of doing well on those tests. You could also concentrate on getting higher scores in the two required components of GATE 2023, the Engineering Mathematics and Aptitude Test, which will cover fundamental subjects. To study for these two areas, consult newspapers and sample questions from competitive exams. You can also consult works by Kenneth Rosen, BS Garewal, and Erwin Kreyszig for Engineering Mathematics.
  • It Is Important to Revise: Revision is one of the important aspects of GATE Preparation 2023. To ensure that everything stays fresh in your mind, you must allow enough time for reviewing different topics and chapters. Set aside a few hours each day for revision because it will assist in your progress and help you understand the material better. This will also give you an idea of how much of the chapters and ideas you have read have stuck with you. Regular revisions should be made.
  • Learn Time Management: The candidates should be able to manage their time well because the exam only lasts three hours. There is a greater chance that not all of the questions will have been solved by the time the exam is completed if the time is not handled well. Solving the GATE 2023 sample test while sticking to the time limit is the greatest approach to learning time management. This will enable you to practise finishing the exam in the allotted time. You can make sure that this does not interfere with your chances of doing well on the exam by developing good time management skills.
  • Take Care of Your Body and Mind: Keeping yourself in good physical and mental health is just as necessary as concentrating on your studies. Even with hard study, you won't be able to perform well on the exam if you are ill and not feeling well. So, be sure to eat well, get sufficient sleep, and take breaks between study sessions. To keep yourself energised during breaks, you can always engage in extracurricular activities.
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Section-Wise GATE Preparation Tips 2023

The following are detailed GATE Preparation Tips 2023 for each section.

GATE Preparation Tip 2023 General Aptitude 

GATE General Aptitude is a prerequisite for all GATE 2023 exams. The Verbal Ability and Numerical Ability sections of the General Aptitude exam are separated. Here are some GATE preparation tips 2023 for General Aptitude listed below.

GATE Preparation Tips 2023 Verbal Ability 

  • Enhancing your vocabulary is the simplest method to succeed on the GATE Verbal Ability test.
  • Install vocabulary-building apps that provide daily word suggestions.
  • Listening to English podcasts is a fantastic approach to developing vocabulary and speaking proficiency.
  • Make it a point to speak English in conversation.
  • To answer questions, use shortcuts. On several websites, including Youtube, you can find a number of shortcuts.
  • Start regularly reading the newspaper.
  • Learn the basics of grammar, including the rules for tenses, adjectives, prepositions, and other terms. 
  • Make-up cue cards. Note any new words you come across along with their definitions. Keep these cards updated.
  • Before reading the passage, read the questions. This will both save you time and give you a head start on the question.

GATE Preparation Tips 2023 Numerical Ability

  • Cover all the fundamentals first. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the basics.
  • Become proficient in time-saving methods such as tables up to 40, squares up to 30, cubes up to 20, and percentage equivalents of fractions up to 25.
  • Keep a formula book or chart, and review it frequently.
  • Utilize all of the web resources that are at your access.
  • Get familiar with shortcuts and how to use them.
  • As you practise the questions, be consistent.
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GATE Preparation Tips 2023 Engineering Mathematics

GATE Preparation 2023 tips for Engineering Mathematics are listed below.

  • Since eigenvalue problems and matrix algebra are two of the most commonly asked questions in linear algebra, it is necessary to thoroughly cover these concepts.
  • It's important to keep in mind specific equations for differential equations, such as Bernoulli's Equation and the Differential Equation of Euler.
  • Another crucial subject is probability and statistics; you should keep in mind terms like the Bayes Theorem, Poisson, and others.
  • It's essential to remember the mathematical formulas, including Simpson's rule and the trapezoidal rule.

GATE Preparation Best Books 2023

GATE preparation books 2023 are the right study materials that must be acquired by applicants in order to effectively prepare for the GATE 2023 exam. Although there are no special books for GATE Preparation 2023, many well-known books provide the material needed to cover the exam syllabus. Particular books that are helpful for GATE Preparation 2023 are included in this section. The following is a list of the GATE books for 2023 for each section.

GATE Preparation Best Books 2023 for Mechanical Engineering

The following list includes GATE preparation 2023 best books for Mechanical Engineering.

Book Author / Publication
Engineering Mechanics S.S Bhavikatti
Theory of Machines R.S Khurmi
Production Engineering Amitabh Ghosh

GATE Preparation Best Books 2023 for Computer Science Engineering

The following list includes GATE preparation 2023 best books for Computer Science Engineering.

Book Author / Publication
Computer Organisation Carl Hamacher
Software Engineering Pressman Publications
Theory of Computation Ullman

GATE Preparation Best Books 2023 for Electrical Engineering

The following list includes GATE preparation 2023 best books for Electrical Engineering.

Book Author / Publication
Signals and Systems Oppenheim Wisky
Network Analysis Val Vulken Berg
Electrical Machines P.S. Bhimbra

GATE Preparation Best Books 2023 for Electronics and Communication Engineering

The following list includes GATE preparation 2023 best books for electronics engineering.

Book Author / Publication
Electronic Devices and Circuits Millman And Halkias
Electrical Engg. (Problems and Solutions) Natesan
Integrated Electronics Millman

GATE Preparation Last Minutes Tips 2023

GATE Preparation 2023 last-minute tips are mentioned below.

  • If you have finished the entire syllabus, try to skip the new topics for the moment. You can only read the most crucial details or notes if the topics are extremely significant.
  • Time management is key in these conditions. Therefore, taking a regular mock test can help you achieve higher results in both speed and accuracy.
  • Take notes, and don't rely too heavily on lectures from websites like YouTube. Maintain regular revisions of your notes. 
  • Increase your numerical practice. Since NAT-based questions don't carry any negative points, candidates should attempt them. So be sure to get ready for them.
  • To focus and adequately prepare for GATE, candidates should make sure they maintain a healthy lifestyle based on a well-planned timetable.

Tips to Keep in Mind for GATE Preparation 2023

Following are GATE Preparation 2023 tips to keep in mind before the exam.

  • Prefer to avoid any new topics for the time being if you have finished reading the majority of your course. Exceptions may be made if the subjects are crucial, but keeping in mind a lot of knowledge just before the exam can make it more difficult to revise.
  • Every day, take a thorough mock test and evaluate it. Work on improving your weaknesses and strong points. One of the most important elements of success in exams of this nature is time management; taking regular mock exams will improve your speed and accuracy.
  • Be careful not to read from too many sources, as this might cause confusion and stress. Continually refer to your highlights and notes. Once per day, quickly review the key formulas so you can remember them for when you need to apply them.
  • Candidates should attempt the numerical value-based questions during the test because there is no negative mark for them.
  • Most applicants ignore eating well and getting enough sleep, but these habits are essential for focusing better during the exam and cannot be learned in a single day.
  • In order to successfully execute all of their initiatives, candidates need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


If I want to self-study, what is the ideal time taken to complete the GATE syllabus?

It all depends on the person’s capabilities like their aptitude, knowledge of basics, and concentration level. An average person would take around 6-7 months to complete the syllabus.

Which subject should I begin with to prepare for my GATE exam?

Candidates can start with the easiest exam as it helps you build confidence, and then you can slowly move on to the tougher subjects.

Where do I find the study materials for the GATE exam?

Several coaching centres provide study materials at a cost. You can refer to the books mentioned in the article too.


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