GATE Exam Day Instructions 2024: Guidelines, Documents

Hafsha Qureshi
Hafsha Qureshi

Updated on - Mar 18, 2024

GATE Exam Day Guidelines 2024 specifies all candidates must reach the exam centre on time, carry a valid ID card, admit card, and recent photograph. These guidelines are to be followed for the exam and it is considered vital for every candidate.

GATE 2024 exam, or the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, opens the door to many opportunities for engineering candidates. Both for the job and educational opportunities. 

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GATE Exam Day Guidelines 2024

The candidates are suggested to go through the GATE exam day guidelines 2024 before appearing for the examination. Here are a few points that candidates should follow:

  • Reach the GATE examination centre before the exam commencing time.
  • Do not forget to take the GATE 2024 admit card.
  • Check that all the information published on the GATE 2024 hallticket.
  • Candidates should cooperate with the staff and invigilators regarding the checking process. 
  • Furthermore, make a point to avoid all the excess and unnecessary baggage to the exam hall. 
  • Candidates are supposed to carry their photographs. The photographs should be the same as presented on the GATE 2024 hallticket.

GATE Exam Day Guidelines 2024 for PwD Candidates

There are some additional rules that PwD candidates are appearing for GATE 2024 must follow. However, candidates with a certain percentage of disability can apply for a scribe. Here are the GATE exam day guidelines 2024 for PwD candidates:

  • Candidates with 40% and above disability can bring a scribe for the exam. Candidates are allowed to have the scribe for either reading or writing.
  • The candidates must be carrying the necessary documents issued by the government of India to prove their disability. 
  • Besides, the candidates can bring the scribe for the GATE exam or ask the conducting authority to help with the scribe. 
  • If the conducting authority provides the scribe, the candidates can meet the scribe the day before the exam. 
  • Moreover, there is no restriction on the scribe regarding the educational qualifications, marks scored or age barrier. 
  • Additionally, candidates are liable to select more than one scribe. To avoid any emergency, the candidates can always keep another scribe. If the candidates feel the need to change the scribe, they can do so in any situation. 
  • The candidates from the PwD category are facilitated by choosing their examination mode. The candidates can opt for Braille mode, computer mode, print mode or recording the answers. The GATE conducting authority is responsible for converting the answer using various electronic gadgets.
  • Furthermore, the candidates can reach the examination centre a day before the actual day of the examination to check for all the devices to avoid any technical error on the D day of the exam.
  • However, all the necessary documents mentioned under GATE exam day guidelines 2024 are to be carried concerning the scribe for the examination. 
  • The candidates with scribes are granted 20 minutes additional time.
  • Suppose, if any candidate with a disability is not applying or appearing for a scribe, they will have a compensatory 1-hour minimum to 3 hours maximum time to complete the examination. 
  • Another facility that the PwD candidates are liable to be that they can carry devices such as calculators, tailor frame, braille slate, abacus, geometry kit, braille measuring kit, and augmentative communication devices for assistance. 
  • PwD candidates can also opt for receiving the reading material in Braille or E-Text or on computers having suitable screen reading software for the examinations in open-book format.
  • For candidates facing challenges with hearing, the questions will be provided in the descriptive format. 
  • Moreover, the questions requiring visual input will have alternate options for visually impaired candidates.

ID Card Specifications for GATE 2024

Carrying a valid ID card is mandatory and mentioned in the GATE exam day guidelines 2024. The ID can be any of the following:

For Indian Citizens

  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Voter ID card
  • Aadhar Card
  • College ID
  • Employee ID 
  • Driving License

For Foreign Nationals

  • A valid passport
  • The government recognized or issued ID
  • College ID
  • Employee ID

Last Minute Preparation Tips for GATE 2024

Candidates must follow the last-minute instructions to ace the exam. Here are some tips to improve the performance of GATE 2024.

  • Stay Focused: Candidates must keep calm and focused in their preparation. Avoid unnecessary stress that can lead to anxiety. 
  • Revise the Notes: Candidates are requested to review the notes they prepared while covering each topic. It will help in quick revision. 
  • Practise from Sample Papers: During the last few days, candidates must concentrate on the practising questions from the sample papers. It will act as a good revision. 
  • Apply for Mock Tests: Mock tests serve the purpose of analysing the preparation. Candidates should focus on the weak areas and cover those. 
  • Get Enough Sleep: Getting enough sleep in the days leading up to the exam is essential. This will help candidates to stay alert and focused on test day.

One Day Prior Checklist for GATE Exam 2024

There are things that the candidates often forget on the day of the GATE exam 2024. Therefore, we have listed the important documents to carry for GATE. Arrange these beforehand to appear for the examination. 

  • Admit cards are the most important document to be carried; if the candidates have not yet downloaded the admit card, it is the best time to do so.
  • If possible, visit the exam centre the day before the exam to avoid any confusion on the exam day.
  • Keeping all the documents arranged and packed a day before the exam is helpful.
  • Any electronic gadgets or things prohibited in the exam room should not be carried in the exam. 
  • Try to maintain a healthy diet the day before, avoid junk and overeating. Listen to meditative music that soothes the mind.

Additional GATE Exam Day Guidelines 2024

As all the candidates appearing for the GATE 2024 exam are already aware of the necessary documents to be carried for the examination. Here are some additional GATE exam day guidelines 2024 for the candidates after entering the exam hall.

  • Candidates are advised to read the instructions and read the questions carefully quickly.
  • Marking the known answers will be helpful.
  • Wasting time over unknown questions is highly unacceptable. Advancing towards the known questions will be wise.
  • Next, saving a considerable amount of time for revision is highly recommended.
  • Furthermore, there is negative marking for incorrect answers. Therefore, avoiding the unknown answers is the best choice.



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