GATE Books 2024: Subject Wise Book List for Preparation

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GATE Books 2024 involves a list of essential books for preparation like R.C.C., Theory of Computation, Integrated Electronics, Farm Machinery, Heat Transfer, Complete Master Guide GATE, and many more. It will enable students to understand the syllabus, topics, and essential chapters in the examination. GATE preparation books for C.S.E. are given by authors like Morris Mano, Hamacher, Mishra K.L.P, Pearson, and Galvin.

The right GATE 2024 books will also help candidates in cracking the exam. Many aspects contribute to the best GATE exam books 2024. The below article consists of all the lists of the best GATE exam books for various papers and subjects asked in the GATE 2024 exam.

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GATE 2024 Books List

GATE books 2024 will help candidates prepare effectively for the GATE examination. Candidates can study the syllabus and pattern thoroughly by being aware of the finest GATE 2024 Books for preparation. What are the best GATE books 2024 depends on a variety of factors, such as, the topic and details should be based on the question paper being asked and the syllabus structure followed. The book should be prepared based on the exam point of view.

The list of best GATE exam preparation books for different courses is listed below for the candidates, along with the author's name.

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Best Books for GATE 2024 CSE (Computer Science Engineering)

The flourishing era of I.T. sectors and job opportunities have made this GATE civil engineering books a chosen branch amongst all tech lovers. The table below displays some of the reviewed best books for GATE CSE 2024.

Best Books for GATE 2024 CSE
Topic GATE Books Author
Computer Networks Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach James F. Kurose, Keith W. Ross
Databases Database System Concepts Silberschatz, Sudarshan, Korth
Algorithms Introduction to Algorithms Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, Clifford Stein
Theory of Computation An Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata Peter Linz
Operating Systems Operating System Concepts Silberschatz, Galvin, Gagne
Digital Logic Digital Logic Computer Design M. Morris Mano
Engineering Mathematics Higher Engineering Mathematics B. S. Grewal, Edition
Computer Organization Architecture Computer Organization and Architecture Hamacher, Vranesic, Zaky
Compiler Logic Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools Alfred V. Aho, Ravi Sethi, D. Jeffrey Ulman
Programming Data Structure The C Programming language Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie
Classic Data Structures Debasis Samanta
Aptitude A Modern Approach to Verbal Non-Verbal Reasoning R.S. Aggarwal
Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations

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Best Book for GATE Chemical Engineering (CH)

The demand for GATE chemical engineering books has increased massively after the boom in the chemical industries in the past few years. To score well in the examination, candidates can refer to the below-mentioned GATE 2024 books for chemical engineering.

GATE Chemical Engineering Books
GATE Books Author
An Insight into Chemical Engineering M.Subbu
Chemical Engineering For Gate Principles Solved Problems & Objective Type Questions Ram Prasad
Essentials of Chemical Reaction Engineering Fogler
Heat Transfer JP Holman
Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics JM Smith
Principles of Mass Transfer and Separation Processes BK Dutta
Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering McCabe - FPM and MO

GATE Books for Agricultural Engineering (AG)

GATE preparation books for Agricultural Engineering, along with the author's name, are listed below for important topics. Candidates must check on the table for exam preparation.

GATE 2024 Books for AG
GATE Books Author
Handbook Of Agriculture: Facts And Figures For Farmers, Students And All Interested In Farming Indian Council Of Agricultural Research
Principles of Agricultural Engineering Volume-1 T. P. Ojha
Tractors and Their Power Units John B. Liljedahl
Soil And Water Conservation Engineering R Suresh
Irrigation A M Michael
Irrigation Engineering N. N. Basak
Concepts and Applications in Agricultural Engineering Mahendra Kumar Mohanty, Nikunja Bihari Dash
Fundamentals Of Food Engineering D. G Rao

Best Books for GATE Civil Engineering (CE)

Most candidates prefer books such as Strength of Materials, Highway Engineering, etc.  for GATE civil engineering and opt for higher studies because of the salary differences. To score well and stand out in the examination, candidates must review the list of GATE books 2024 for preparation of civil engineering mentioned in the table below.

Best Books for GATE Civil Engineering
Topic GATE Books Author
Engineering Mathematics Higher Engineering Mathematics B.S. Grewal
Surveying Surveying (Vol. 1,2,3) B.C.Punmia, Askok jain, Arun Jain
Strength of Materials Strength of Materials U.C Jindal
Design Of Steel Structures Design Of Steel Structures S.K. Duggal
Highway Engineering Highway Engineering S.K.Khanna, C.E.G.Justo
Structural Analysis Basic Structural Analysis C.S.Reddy
R.C.C. Design R.C.C. Designs (Reinforced Concrete Structures) B.C.Punmia, Ashok Kumar Jain, Arun Jain
Engineering Hydrology Engineering Hydrology K Subramanya
Fluid Mechanics Fluid Machines Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Dr P.N.Modi, Dr S.M Seth
Irrigation Engineering Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures S.K Garg
Soil Mechanics Foundation Engineering Basics and Applied Soil Mechanics Gopal Ranjan, A.S.R.Rao
Aptitude A Modern Approach to Verbal Non-Verbal Reasoning R.S. Aggarwal
Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations R.S. Aggarwal
Environmental Engineering Water Supply Engineering(Environmental Engineering Vol.1) S.K. Duggal
Sewage Disposal And Air Pollution Engineering( Environmental Engineering Vol. 2) S.K. Duggal

GATE Books for Electrical Engineering (EE)

GATE books for Electrical Engineering are the best study material to prepare for this paper. The GATE electrical engineering books, highly recommended by various experts, are tabulated below.

GATE Books for Electrical Engineering
Topic GATE Books Author
Power Electronics Power Electronics P.S.Bimbhra
Signals Systems Signals and Systems Oppenheim Alan V, Willsky Alan S, Nawab S. Hamid
Control Systems Control Systems Engineering I.J.Nagrath, M. Gopal
Electrical Machines Electrical Machinery P. S. Bimbhra
Measurements A Course In Electrical And Electronic Measurements And Instrumentation A K Sawhney
Electromagnetic Fields Engineering Electromagnetics William H Hayt, John A Buck
Engineering Mathematics Higher Engineering Mathematics B. S. Grewal
Power Systems Electrical Power Systems C. L. Wadhwa
Power System Engineering I Nagrath, D Kothari
Analog Digital Electronics Integrated Electronics: Analog And Digital Circuits And Systems Christos C. Halkias, Chetan D. Parikh Jacob Millman
Digital Logic and Computer Design M Morris Mano
Electrical Circuits (Networks) Circuit Theory: Analysis Synthesis Abhijit Chakrabarti
Fundamentals of Electric Circuits Charles K. Alexander, Matthew N. O. Sadiku
Aptitude A Modern Approach to Verbal Non-Verbal Reasoning R.S. Aggarwal
Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations R.S. Aggarwal

GATE Books for Geology and Geophysics (GG)

GATE preparation books for Geology and Geophysics are listed below in the table. Candidates must check on the book list shared for GATE exam preparation.

GATE Books for GG
GATE Books Authors
A Textbook of Geology G. B. Mahapatra
Principles Of Engineering Geology K M Bangar
Engineering And General Geology Parvin Singh
Engineering Geology R. Nagarajan , A. Parthasarathy , V. Panchapakesan
Text Book of Physical Geology G B Mahapatra
Structural Geology Marland P Billings
Economic Geology Umeshwar Prasad
Principles of Geomorphology W.D. Thornbury
Principles of Petrology G W Tyrrell
Dana’s Textbook of Mineralogy William E. Ford
Quantitative Geophysics and Geology Louis Lliboutry
Fundamentals of Geophysics William Lowrie
Solved Problems in Geophysics Elisa Buforn, Carmen Pro, Agustn Udas

GATE Books for Mechanical Engineering (ME)

As the competition will be high, candidates are advised to go through a few of the best GATE 2024 books for the mechanical engineering stream. The table below displays all the important and recommended GATE books 2024 for mechanical engineering books available in the market.

GATE Books for Mechanical Engineering
Topic GATE Books Author
Heat Transfer Fundamentals of Engineering Heat and Mass Transfer R.C. Sachdeva
Machine Design Design of Machine Elements V Bhandari
Engineering Mathematics Higher Engineering Mathematics B. S. Grewal
Fluid Mechanics Introduction to Fluid Mechanics Fluid Machines S. K. Som
Manufacturing Production Technology R.K. Jain
Theory of Machines Vibration Theory of Machines S S Rattan
Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering and Management O. P. Khanna
Thermal Science Engineering Thermodynamics P.K. Nag
Strength of Materials Strength of Materials Dr B.C. Punmia, Ashok Kumar Jain, Arun Kumar Jain
Aptitude A Modern Approach to Verbal Non-Verbal Reasoning (Edition: Revised) R.S. Aggarwal
Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations R.S. Aggarwal
Engineering Mechanics Engineering Material Materials Science And Engineering I P Singh
Engineering Mechanics S. Timoshenko, D.H. Young, J.V. Rao, Sukumar Pati

GATE Books for Production and Industrial (PI)

GATE exam books for preparing the Production and Industrial (P.I.) papers are given in the table below.

GATE Books for PI
GATE Books Name of the Author
Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Modi & Seth
IC engine Mathur Sharma
Machine Design VB Bhandari
Production S K Mondal NotesSwadesh Singh
Strength of Material Sadhu Singh
Thermodynamics P.K Nag
Theory of Machine SS Ratan

GATE Books for Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

The best reference GATE books 2024 for ECE are tabulated below. These are excellent GATE books that have been well-reviewed by a lot of experts in the industry and are available in the market, as well as in various e-shopping portals.

GATE Books for Electronics and Communication Engineering
Topic GATE Books Author
Digital Circuits Digital Logic and Computer Design M. Morris Mano
Analog Circuits Microelectronic Circuits: Theory and Applications Adel S. Sedra, Kenneth C. Smith
Signals Systems Signals Systems Alan V. Oppenheim, Alan S.Willsky, S.Hamid Nawab
Electromagnetics Principles of Electromagnetics Mathew N.O. Sadiku
Engineering Mathematics Higher Engineering Mathematics B. S. Grewal
Networks Fundamentals of Electric Circuits Charles K. Alexander, Matthew N. O. Sadiku
Control Systems Automatic Control Systems Benjamin C. Kuo
Electronic Devices and Circuits Semiconductor Physics and Devices Donald A. Neaman, Dhrubes Biswas
Analog and Digital Communication Principles of Communication Systems Goutam Saha, Herbert Taub, Donald Schilling
Quantitative Aptitude A Modern Approach to Verbal Non-Verbal Reasoning R.S. Aggarwal
Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations R.S. Aggarwal

GATE 2024 Books for Biotechnology

There has been an increase in the number of candidates appearing for the GATE Biotechnology stream as it is one of the most flourishing industries in the coming era. Candidates can check out some of the best GATE Biotechnology books available.

GATE 2024 Books for Biotechnology
GATE Book Name Author
GATE Guide Biotechnology G.K.P
Biotechnology GATE B.M. Agarwal, Akanksha Singhal, Vidhika Goel
Biotechnology for CSIR- NET, SET, GATE, JNU, AIIMS, JAM Vinita Thakur

GATE General Aptitude Book 2024

To stand out in the general aptitude exam paper, applicants are highly advised to go through the list of GATE books 2024 for Aptitude is mentioned in the below table.

GATE General Aptitude Book 2024
GATE Book Name Author
How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude Arun Sharma
A Modern Approach to Verbal &Non-Verbal Reasoning R.S. Aggarwal
High School English Grammar Wren & Martin
Reasoning & Aptitude 2018 Nem Singh
Quantitative Aptitude Test T. S. Jain

GATE Preparation Books for Other Papers

Candidates can refer to the list of the GATE books 2024 for preparation. GATE prep books are shared for all the papers, highlighting the essential books for preparation.

GATE Preparation Books for Other Papers
Papers GATE Books Authors
Aerospace Engineering Fundamentals of Aerodynamics John D Anderson
Agricultural Engineering Principles of Agricultural Engineering T.P.A.M Michael Ojha
Architecture and Planning Architecture Planning Jinisha Jain
Biomedical Engineering Introduction to Biomedical Engineering Domach
Biotechnology GATE Biotechnology B. M. Agarwal
Chemical Engineering An Insight into Chemical Engineering M. Subbu
Chemistry Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations R.C. Mukherjee
Ecology and Evolution Fundamentals of Ecology and Evolution Pranav Kumar
Environmental Science and Engineering Environmental Engineering Sewage Waste Disposal and Air Pollution Engineering Santosh Kumar Garg
Geology and Geophysics Fundamentals of Geology and Geophysics Amresh Singh
Mathematics GATE Mathematics Kuldeep Chaudhary
Mining Engineering GATE Mining Engineering B. N. Bhagat
Metallurgical Engineering Metallurgical Engineering GKP
Petroleum Engineering Introduction to Petroleum Engineering John R. Fanchi, Wiley-Blackwell
Physics Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering Riley
Production and Industrial Engineering Production and Industrial Engineering GK Publisher
Statistics Probability and Mathematical Statistics Manish Malik
Textile Engineering and Fibre Science Textile Science Rastogi Deepali and Chopra Sheetal
Humanities and Social Sciences Sociological Theory, Fifth Edition George Ritzer
Geomatics Engineering Geomatics Engineering Mukesh Rai
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering RK Rajput

Benefits of GATE Books 2024

Few things that applicants should consider when choosing the finest book for GATE exam preparation. When selecting the best text for the GATE exam, candidates must keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Legible: GATE books should be simple for the candidates to read and comprehend.
  • Concise Explanation: GATE Books 2024 has a lot of challenging chapters. The explanation must be clear, concise, and simple to follow.
  • Accurate Information: GATE exam books must contain accurate information regarding the chapters and subjects covered in the syllabus.
  • Visual Representations: Candidates have a better chance of remembering what they have learned if the textbooks have diagrams to explain various topics and chapters. Candidates should try to select GATE books that use charts to illustrate the topics.
  • Avoid Using Fancy Languages: GATE 2024 books with primary language are the finest to utilize while studying. Elaborated text in GATE 2024 preparation books would confuse and fall short of helping candidates with basic ideas.

GATE Preparation 2024 Additional Factors

Candidates can examine the following items to improve their studies, perform well on tests, and use the best books for GATE preparation 2024.

GATE 2024 Syllabus

The syllabus detail required for the preparation of GATE 2024 exam is shared below for the candidates.

  •  Aspirants should familiarize themselves with the GATE 2024 exam syllabus before starting their study process.
  • The candidates can adequately organize their study schedule by knowing which topics and chapters to concentrate on and becoming familiar with the syllabus.

GATE 2024 Exam Pattern

  • The following step is to become familiar with the official exam format for GATE 2024.
  • The GATE 2024 pattern contains details regarding the types of questions that will be asked, the scoring system, the number of questions, and more.

GATE 2024 Sample Papers

  • Working through GATE sample papers and doing practice exams is one of the finest strategies to prepare for any exam.
  • The candidates can put what they have learned into practice and become accustomed to the exam format.
  • The candidates' chances of making the same errors on the test will be reduced by revising and fixing their incorrect responses.


Which GATE books 2024 are best for mathematics subjects?

Candidates should refer to the Higher Engineering Mathematics book by Dr BS Grewal Advance, Engineering Mathematics, and Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig and Dr HK Dass, respectively.

What type of GATE exam books are best for preparation?

Candidates can refer to books that are recommended to B.Tech students. In addition, candidates can find the list of best GATE books 2024 in the article.

What is the best book for GATE 2024 preparation to study Industrial Engineering?

Candidates can refer to Industrial Engineering books by Banga and Sharma. The detailed list of text for the GATE exam for Industrial Engineering preparation is shared in the article.

Where can I find the GATE books 2024 for preparation?

Candidates can check GATE 2024 books at their nearest bookstores or online. Candidates can also consider the public library for research purposes. The list of essential books is already provided on the page for the candidates.

What GATE books 2024 are needed for the exam?

There is a list of books needed for the preparation of the GATE exam for the year 2024. Some of them are A Handbook for Electronics Engineering, P.S.U.s: Electronics Engineering Practice book, GATE-2023: E.C.E. Solved Papers, GATE & ESE-2023: Engineering Mathematics, General English for GATE ESE and P.S.U.s, and GATE & E.S.E. 2023 Reasoning & Aptitude.

Which book to prefer for the GATE exam?

A list of the most preferred books for the preparation of the GATE 2024 examination is already shared on the page for the candidates. Some of the books' names are An Insight into Chemical Engineering- by M. Subbu, Heat Transfer- by JP Holman, Geophysics- by Telford, and Machine Design- by VB Bhandari.

Which GATE preparation books for CSE are best?

There are various books helpful for the preparation of C.S.E. paper for the GATE 2024, among which are Digital Logic and Number Representation by Morris Mano, Theory of Computer Science: Automata, Languages and Computation by Mishra K.L.P, GATE Practice Sets by Pearson, Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach by Pressman.



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