GATE Mock Test 2023 (Out): Attempt Free Sample Mocks Now

Exam Date

Feb 4, 2023

Result Date

Mar 16, 2023

Feb 3, 2023 | Engineering


GATE Mock Test 2023 link has been activated by the conducting body, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur. Candidates who have registered for the exam can take GATE 2023 mock test on the official website. 

GATE mock test 2023 is a simulation of the actual exam which will showcase the difficulty level of the exam and help in providing a clear idea of the time allotted for the same. Since GATE 2023 is one of the toughest exams to crack, candidates need more rigorous practice to crack the exam paper.

The mock test will be conducted online well before the exam commences. GATE Mock Test and sample papers will have ample questions for candidates to learn about the exam pattern and the difficulty level. 

GATE Exam Dress Code GATE Exam Day Instructions

To enhance exam preparations, candidates are highly recommended to practice GATE mock test papers as a part of their revision process. Practising sample papers is necessary to ensure efficiency. It helps applicants identify their weaknesses and can help them focus on the same.

Solving mock test papers will also increase the applicant's speed, time, and accuracy. Aspirants will be well-versed in the GATE marking scheme.

Latest Updates on GATE 2023

  • Feb 3, 2023: GATE 2023 exam begins on Feb 4, 2023. IIT Kanpur has released important exam instructions on the official website. Read More

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GATE Mock Test 2023

To perform well on the exam, candidates must complete the online GATE mock test 2023. Candidates must also be aware that the characteristics of the GATE 2023 Mock Test will be identical to those of the actual question paper.

Additionally, completing the GATE practice test can help candidates build confidence and grasp how the exam's questions are structured.

GATE Mock Test 2023

GATE Subject Codes

GATE Papers


GATE Mock Test for AE

Aerospace Engineering

Click Here

GATE Mock Test for AG

Agricultural Engineering

Click Here

GATE Mock Test for AR

Architecture and Planning

Click Here

GATE Mock Test for BT


Click Here

GATE Mock Test for CE

Civil Engineering

Click Here

GATE Mock Test for CH

Chemical Engineering

Click Here

GATE Mock Test for CSE & IT

Computer Science and Information Technology

Click Here

GATE Mock Test for CY


Click Here

GATE Mock Test for ECE

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Click Here

GATE Mock Test for EE

Electrical Engineering

Click Here

GATE Mock Test for ES

Environmental Science and Engineering

Click Here

GATE Mock Test for EY

Ecology and Evolution

Click Here

GATE Mock Test for GG

Geology and Geophysics

Click Here

GATE Mock Test for IN

Instrumentation Engineering

Click Here

GATE Mock Test for MA


Click Here

GATE Mock Test for ME

Mechanical Engineering

Click Here

GATE Mock Test for MN

Mining Engineering

Click Here

GATE Mock Test for MT

Metallurgical Engineering

Click Here

GATE Mock Test for PE

Petroleum Engineering

Click Here

GATE Mock Test for PH


Click Here

GATE Mock Test for PI

Production and Industrial Engineering

Click Here

GATE Mock Test for ST


Click Here

GATE Mock Test for TF

Textile Engineering and Fiber Science

Click Here

GATE Mock Test for XE

Engineering Sciences

Click Here

GATE Mock Test for XL

Life Sciences

Click Here

GATE Mock Test for BM

Biomedical Engineering

Click Here

GATE Mock Test for XH

Humanities & Social Sciences

Click Here

GATE Mock Test for NA and ME

Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

Click Here

GATE Mock Test for GE

Geomatics Engineering

Click Here

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GATE candidates can use the GATE Mock Test for their specific subjects or courses to assist them to prepare for GATE 2023 exam. Our team has assembled the GATE Exam mock test for CE, EE, ME, ECE, and CS on this page.

Use this article if you were wondering where to receive a free GATE mock exam. It should be mentioned that the GATE exam 2023 is anticipated to take place in Feb 2023, making it crucial for all students to finish their GATE coursework as soon as possible and take as many of the mock test series as they can.

Steps to Access GATE Mock Test 2023

GATE 2023 mock test will be made available on the official website by the exam's administrators. Candidates will get access to online practice tests for the GATE exam 2023. It should be mentioned that all of the papers will have access to the GATE 2023 mock test. To practise the GATE mock test, follow these steps:

The steps to access the GATE mock tests 2023 are as follows:

  • Step 1: Candidates must visit the Official Website
  • Step 2: Login using Credentials
  • Step 3: Attempt the test 
  • Step 4: Submit and check scores upon completion

Click Here to Access GATE Mock Test 2023

Practice Online GATE Mock Test Series

Mechanical, civil, electrical, computer science, and electronic and communication engineering GATE Exams are offered. Additionally, individuals who have earned their engineering bachelor's degree but wish to enrol in a master's programme may take the GATE admission exam.

One of the crucial study tools that facilitate exam preparation for students during the preparation process is the GATE mock test series.

Online GATE Mock Test Series practice is a fantastic way to thoroughly review or practise a range of questions. control over the CBT exam mode is also provided.

GATE Mock Test for Mechanical Engineering

Candidates for mechanical engineering can consult the GATE Mock Test for Mechanical Engineering, which has different sets of questions from topics including fluid mechanics, theory of machines, thermodynamics, and heat transfer.

Candidates should attempt the GATE ME Mock Test 2023 to examine their comprehension of these topics because it will help them identify their areas of weakness so they can strengthen those areas.

Because it is based on the GATE Syllabus 2023, taking the mechanical GATE mock test that is provided above will help students get a better understanding of the exam format and sorts of questions.

Aspirants can use this set of ME mock tests to assess their readiness for the exam and discover fresh approaches to study, making getting high marks less of a hassle.

GATE Biotechnology Syllabus GATE Architecture and Planning (AR) Syllabus
GATE Life Science Syllabus GATE Geology & Geophysics (GG) Syllabus

GATE Mock Test for Civil Engineering

 One of the best study tools for candidates in civil engineering to use to get ready for the GATE Entrance test is the GATE Mock Test for Civil Engineering. The process of taking a mock test for the GATE Civil Engineering exam is fairly engaging and enjoyable, and it allows applicants to assess their degree of exam readiness.

Therefore, we offer here the free GATE Mock test for Civil Engineering to make it simpler, more interactive, and more entertaining.

Candidates can measure themselves using the provided mock exams, and they can also learn about the difficulty of potential exam questions. Mock test questions for the subjects of Strength of Materials, RCC Design, Soil Mechanics, etc. are provided in the table below.

GATE Mock Test for Electrical Engineering

GetMyUni has created a GATE EE mock test to aid applicants in understanding their level of preparation and the syllabus they have mastered. To help students start their exam preparation as soon as possible, the questions on various themes are collected here and made available on this page.

These test series are organised into several sets and delivered in a chapter-by-chapter fashion.

Electric Circuits, Control Systems, Power Systems, Electrical Machines, and other chapters are covered in the EE section of the GATE 2023 mock test series. Those who want to pass the test must read the recommended chapters according to the GATE Electrical Engineering Syllabus. 

GATE Mock Test for Computer Science Engineering

 It is one of the essential study tools that help candidates regularly review the material they have studied. Questions from the chapters Digital Logic, Operating System, Algorithms, etc. are included in the GATE Mock Test for Computer Science Engineering. Candidates who want to dominate the GATE CSE examination must be well-versed in both these and the CS curriculum areas.

Subject matter specialists produced the CSE mock exams that are being presented while taking into account the level of competition and comprehensiveness. 

GATE Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering GATE Metallurgy Syllabus
GATE Syllabus for CSE GATE Syllabus for ECE

GATE Mock Test for Electronics and Communication Engineering

Network theory, electronic devices, analogue circuits, and other topics are covered in the GATE Mock Test for Electronics and Communication Engineering. Candidates can more accurately gauge their comprehension of the provided topics with the aid of the GATE Mock Test ECE. S

tudents can analyse more quickly and provide faster answers if they run into problems thanks to ECE Mocks.

Students can alter their preparation strategies significantly if necessary thanks to the analytical report from the test series. Additionally, it makes it possible for them to respond to complex queries more quickly and accurately.

GATE 2023 Mock Test- Important Features

  • GATE mock test simulates the actual exam, therefore practising it will give the candidate vital information about the GATE exam.
  • GATE 2023 mock test will last a total of 180 minutes.
  • The mock test's questions will follow the same format as the GATE question papers.
  • The subject-specific component of the test will be worth 85 marks, and the General Aptitude (GA) section will be worth 15 marks.
  • There will be a total of 10 questions in the GA segment. Questions 1 through 5 will each receive one mark, while questions 6 through 10 will receive two. There will be 55 questions on the topic-specific paper.

Virtual Calculator

  • The on-screen or GATE Virtual Calculator is available on the computer screen during the test to guide the candidates with faster and more accurate calculations for lengthy problems.
  • The best assistance for numerical-type questions.
  • Getting familiarized with the on-screen scientific calculators during GATE mock test will enable the candidates to save time during the actual examination.

Virtual Keyboard

  • Candidates will get access to the on-screen keyboard during the online GATE 2023 mock test.
  • Upon selecting the question, the candidate can type in their answer or select one of the options from multiple choices via the on-screen keyboard depending upon the type of question.
  • The on-screen keyboard facility is best for candidates who have problems using a computer mouse.

On-Screen Timer

  • The total duration of the test is 3 hours.
  • The timer is displayed on the screen throughout the exam time to guide the candidates to check the time left to attempt the remaining questions.

GATE Mock Test 2023 Benefits

One of the most eagerly awaited tests for engineering graduates is GATE. Candidates are recommended to practise the GATE 2023 sample exams to achieve high marks. Candidates can better comprehend the format of the exam's questions by taking the GATE to practise test 2023.

One of the most important parts of exam preparation is revision. Before taking the GATE examination series, you should review your subject matter several times. The secret to earning a better exam grade is frequent revision. You can perform better on any test series or exam if you merely thoroughly review the syllabus.

  • Time management skills are improved as a result of taking several GATE test series in preparation. You will eventually discover the most effective way to respond to every question. You have 180 minutes to complete the 65 questions on the entire exam. The question paper carries a total of 100 points.
  • Reduce errors: The Gate 2023 test series was created by BYJU'S professional faculty and follows GATE exam requirements. You will become familiar with all levels of questions in the GATE 2023 by practising exam-level questions in the test series. Each question's solution is supplied to assist you in achieving high effectiveness. It takes practice to get flawless. Use as many Gate test series as you can for practice.
  • Mock exams are the best way to gauge your level of preparation, so assess yourself. To correct all preparation errors after finishing the course, you must practise the GATE 2023 sample exam. The exams help you repeatedly review all of the concepts by checking your grasp of them.
  • Experience and Familiarity: The GATE mock test is identical to the real exam, thus practising the GATE 2023 sample test will give you an idea of how long the exam will go over all—180 minutes. The mock test's questions will follow the same format as those in the GATE exam.
  • Candidates can become comfortable with the exam methodology and pattern by practising the GATE 2023 sample test.
  • Candidates who have taken GATE to practise exams will be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • By resolving the problems in a practice GATE 2023 mock exam, students may better comprehend the subjects.
  • Applicants must learn how to manage their time during the GATE exam and how to keep track of their time spent on each question.


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