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Updated on Jul 13, 2023 by Kripal Thapa

Kripal Thapa

Updated on Jul 13, 2023 by Kripal Thapa

The BBA subjects have a variety of topics, including management, marketing, finance, and human resources. Students can finish the three-year course in six semesters. The BBA syllabus may change depending on the institution's or university's curriculum. BBA 1st year subjects focus on concepts in auditing, business economics, business communications, etc.

The entire BBA syllabus is framed to train students on how businesses operate using various strategies. BBA course is designed based on the principles and practices followed according to the latest trends and requirements in the business world. 

Table of Contents

BBA Subjects

The BBA general subjects are classified as core and elective. Students can choose elective subjects based on their interests, career scopes, or future education goals. The BBA subjects list can vary according to the different specializations that the students decide to pursue. 

Core BBA Subjects

Listed below are core subjects in BBA that help students develop basic principles and knowledge of the course. BBA subject list 1st year covers a majority of these courses:

  • Financial Management
  • Accounting
  • Essentials of Marketing
  • Business Organisation and Principles of Management
  • Business Law
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Business Management

Elective BBA Subjects

Listed below are elective subjects in BBA that students select according to their interest area and expertise:

  • Marketing and Operations Research
  • Commercial Bank Management
  • Security Analysis
  • E-Commerce
  • Digital Marketing
  • Advanced Sales & Distribution
  • Retail Management
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BBA Subjects in Detail

BBA subjects semester wise consist of various other courses along with some general courses that span across BBA specialization. In the table below are BBA subjects list in detail:

BBA Subjects  Topics
Managerial Microeconomics Basics of Demand and Supply, The Consumption Decision, Production, and Costs.
Macroeconomics for Managers The Usefulness of Macroeconomics for Managers, Some Important Macroeconomics Aggregates, Economic Fluctuations and Stabilisation Policies.
Business Communication Skills Introduction to Communication, Types of Communication, Business Letters,  Drafting of Business Letters, Oral Communication, Application of Communication Skills.
Business Accounting Conceptual Framework, Recording of transactions, Preparation of final account, Introduction to Company Final Accounts, Computerised Accounting.
Business Mathematics  Set theory – Introduction, definition, Sep Operation, Fundamental Laws of Set Operation, Set Construction, Progression & Annuity – Arithmetic, geometric, Annuity, Investment Compounded Continuously. 
Profit Planning & Control  Profit Management – Meaning, Nature and Concept, Kinds of Profit Theories of Profit, Profit Planning and Control – Break Even Analysis, Affects of Cost Change on B.E.P. 

Semester-Wise BBA Syllabus

The main BBA course subjects that are included in the course are Principles of Management, Business Economics, Accounting, Finance and more. BBA syllabus pdf includes subjects coverd in all six semesters. The tables below show the general BBA syllabus that is designed to impart knowledge to students on business fundamentals and various factors involved in the functioning of the corporate sector:

BBA Syllabus 1st Year

The table below contains the list of BBA 1st year subjects:

Semester I

Semester II

Principles & Practice of Management

Organisational Behaviour

Business Economics

Business Mathematics 

Business Law


Office Management 

Entrepreneurial Development

Functional English

Business Statistics

Business Informatics

Business Communication

BBA 1st Practical Subjects

The list given below are practical subjects offered in BBA syllabus 1st year:

  • Auditing
  • Business Communication
  • Office Management
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BBA Syllabus 2nd Year

The table below contains the list of BBA 2nd year subjects. It is bifurcated into BBA 3rd semester subjects and BBA 4th sem subjects:

Semester III

Semester IV

Production Methods

Operations Research 

Manpower Management 

Sales & Distribution Management 

Human Resources Management

Business Ethics, Values and Governance

Business Economic (Macro)

Quantitative Analysis

Business Finance - I 

Industrial Relations & Labour Laws

Direct Taxation

Research Methodology

BBA 2nd Year Practical Subjects

In the list given below are practical subjects offered in BBA Syllabus for second year:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Research Methodology
  • Quantitative Analysis
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BBA Syllabus 3rd Year

The table below contains the list of BBA 3rd year subjects. It is bifurcated into BBA 5th semester subjects and BBA 6th sem subjects:

Semester V

Semester VI

Management Information System

International Marketing 

Marketing Research & Consumer Behaviour

Business Policy and Strategic Management 

Company Organization 

Financial Institutions and Markets 

Supply & Chain logistics 

Comprehensive viva-voce 

Summer Training / Summer Training Report  

Project/ Dissertation

BBA 3rd Year Practical Subjects

The list given below are practical subjects offered in BBA syllabus for third year:

  • Management Information System
  • Marketing Research & Consumer Behaviour
  • Summer Training
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Specialisation-wise BBA Syllabus

The first and second semesters of each BBA course concentrate on essential management principles and the syllabus of BBA 1st year subjects remains common for all specializations. The course content and project requirements vary in BBA specialisation subjects. Below is a list of a few subjects under each BBA specialization.

BBA Hons Subjects

BBA Hons course slightly differs from BBA. Students can specialize on any particular subject in BBA Hons. The BBA Hons subjects are given below:

  • International Business Management
  • Essentials of Marketing
  • Financial Marketing
  • Accounting
  • E-Commerce
  • Advance Sales Management

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BBA LLB Subjects

The BBA LLA syllabus contains a blend of management and law subjects, including corporate and business laws. Listed below are some core BBA LLB subjects covered in the five-year course:

  • Family Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Law of Contract
  • Property Law
  • Labour Law
  • International Economic Law

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BBA CA Subjects

The BBA CA syllabus imparts knowledge about the IT Industry and the use of computer applications in management. Listed below are some subjects covered in the course:

  • Programming Principles and Algorithms
  • Database Management Systems
  • Data Structure Using C
  • Computer Networking
  • Java Programming
  • Recent Trends in IT

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BBA HR Subjects

The BBA Human Resource curriculum concentrates on recruitment and management and offers guidance to individuals in this field. The HR-related subjects covered in the BBA syllabus are:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Human Capital Management
  • HR Audits.

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BBA Marketing Subjects

The syllabus for BBA Marketing is centered around subjects related to marketing and business management. The core subjects primarily focus on these areas:

  • Marketing
  • Total Quality Management
  • Strategic Management
  • International Business

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BBA Finance Subjects 

The BBA Finance syllabus is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of financial management in the business world. This is achieved through a range of subjects listed below:

  • Accounting, Financial Analysis
  • Investment
  • Risk Management Principles
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Markets
  • Institutions
  • Foreign Finance 

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BBA Digital Marketing Subjects

The syllabus for BBA Digital Marketing combines business management principles with digital marketing to develop innovative and successful marketing strategies. Key topics covered include:

  • Digital Marketing,
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Financial Statement Analysis

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BBA Aviation Subjects

The syllabus in BBA Aviation covers basic management concepts related to aviation and airport services. Listed below are some key BBA specialization subjects in aviation:

  • Understanding of Aviation Business
  • Aviation Marketing
  • Introduction to Aviation Industry
  • Cargo Handling
  • Airport Customer Services
  • Airport Functions of Airlines

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Other Important BBA Syllabus and Subjects

BBA Syllabus in Top Colleges

Listed below are the BBA syllabus taught at various well-known BBA colleges in India. However, some BBA subjects may change depending on the type of university.

IPU BBA Syllabus

The BBA syllabus offered at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University includes subjects on Financial Accounting and Marketing Management. Given below are some core BBA subjects:

  • Marketing Management
  • Business Laws
  • E-commerce
  • Business Communication
  • Management Accounting
  • Indian Economy
  • Information Systems Management 

CCSU BBA Syllabus

The BBA syllabus at Chaudhary Charan Singh University focuses more on subjects like Marketing and Production Management. Listed below are some core BBA subjects:

  • Business Mathematics
  • Business Communication
  • Business Statistics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Advertising Management
  • Sales Management
  • Consumer Behaviour

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MDU BBA Syllabus

Maharshi Dayanad University offers BBA course and its syllabus deals with subjects such as Cost Accounting and Capital Markets. Given below are some important BBA subjects offered here:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Macro-economic Analysis and Policy
  • Computer Applications in Management
  • Data Base Management System
  • Indian Business Environment
  • Business Research Methods
  • Production Management

BBA Syllabus Kerala University

Kerala university offers a variety of management subjects in the BBA course. Listed below are some core BBA subjects:

  • Managerial Economics
  • Financial Accounting
  • E-Commerce and Cyber Laws
  • Business Environment and Policy
  • Operations Management
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Corporate Regulations

BBA Entrance Exam Syllabus

Entrance exams act as a gatway for students to get into the BBA course. The students are tested on general aptitude and general management principles in these tests. Given below is the syllabus for BBA entrance exams:

Section A - Quantitative Aptitude Number Theory, Square Roots, HCF and LCM, Ratio and Proportion, Profit and Loss, Probability, Permutation and Combination, etc
Section B - Logical Reasoning Coding & Decoding Test, Direction and Distance Test, Logical Diagram, Data Arrangement Test, Logical Word Sequence Test, Relationship Test, etc
Section C - English Language Vocabulary, Synonyms & Antonyms, Idioms and Phrases, Rearrangement of the sentence in paragraph, Spelling Mistakes, One word substitution, etc
Section D - Business and General Awareness Current Affairs, Awards and Honors, Business and Economy, General Polity, Science and Technology, Sports, Arts and Music, Personalities, Famous books and Authors, etc

Syllabus for Distance BBA

The BBA Distance course is for applicants who cannot complete a regular BBA degree due to personal or financial constraints. This three-year program offers both intellectual and practical components to ensure a well-rounded education. BBA subjects included in the program are essential for success in the business world.

  • Communicational skills
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Business Environment
  • Quantitative Techniques in Business
  • Project Management
  • Financial Institutions and Markets 
  • Economy and Services
  • Marketing Research & Consumer Behaviour
  • Business Ethics, Values and Governance
  • Manpower Management 

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BBA Course Structure

The BBA syllabus is designed in such a way that the students get ample industry exposure and training. The course structure aims to help students learn about the BBA subjects in detail. The course structure is given below:

  • VI Semesters
  • Core and Elective Subjects
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Business Events
  • Industry Visits
  • Internship
  • Project Submission

BBA Teaching Methodology and Techniques

BBA subjects list consists of courses that require different teaching methodologies and techniques, including industry interface, industry training, and case studies. BBA teaching techniques include the following areas in its curriculum:

  • Classroom Study & Discussion
  • Industry Connect
  • Guest Lectures
  • Internships: Summer Training

BBA Project Topics

Students usually do BBA final year projects in groups. The projects give students the chance to apply all their management and business skills learnt in class. Listed below are the popular BBA project topics are:

  • Situational Analysis of the Apparel Industry in India
  • Google - Strategy and Business Development
  • Tourism Marketing Mix - SOTC - 7P's
  • Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning of Amul
  • Strategic Plans of Microfinance Firm
  • Impact of Demonetisation on Central Bank (RBI) Autonomy in India
  • Home Automation - Advertising Management project
  • A study on Digital Marketing and its impact on Revenue Generation
  • A Comparative Study on the Effect of Covid-19 on Selected Global Stock
  • A Study on Income Inequality In India

BBA Books

Listed below are essential BBA books for 1st year and final year which can be used for reference by students:



Modern Business Organization and Management

S. A. Sherlekar

Industrial Organization and Management

Sherlekar, Patil, Paranjpe, Chitale

Management: Concepts and Practices

C.B Gupta

Business Organization and Management

C.K. Shah and Suresh Garg

Business Environment: Text & Cases

Francis Cherunilam

Business Correspondence and Report Writing

R. C. Sharma, Krishna Mohan

Communicate to Win

Richard Denny

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What are the important BBA books for 1st year?

The important BBA subject books list includes "Principles of Management" by Harold Koontz, "Business Communication" by Meenakshi Raman and Prakash Singh, "Financial Accounting" by T.S. Grewal and R.K. Khosla, and "Marketing Management" by Philip Kotler.

How many subjects in BBA ?

BBA is a broad course with various subjects such as Economics, Marketing, Mathematics, Accounting, IT, etc. The subjects vary based on specialisation.

What are the subjects in BBA 1st year?

The BBA subject list for the first-year includes Financial Accounting, Organizational Behaviour, Business Mathematics, Principles of Management, and Business Communication.

Which are the top BBA subjects for specialisation?

The top BBA course subjects for specialization are Marketing Management, Finance, International Business, Business Administration, etc.

Is BBA syllabus difficult?

No, BBA is not a tough course. Students having a basic knowledge of Markets and Business can excel in the course.

What important topics are covered in BBA Finance Subjects?

Accounting, Financial Analysis, Corporate Finance, Financial Markets, etc are some important topics covered in BBA Finance.

Are there elective subjects in BBA Syllabus?

E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Security Analysis, etc are some common electives offered in the course.

What subjects are covered in IPU BBA Syllabus?

IPU offers subjects like Business Communication, Management Accounting, Indian Economy, etc in BBA course.

What is the overview of CCSU BBA Syllabus?

The BBA syllabus focuses on subjects like Advertising Management, Sales Management, Business Communication, etc

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