Syllabus & Subjects for Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA]:

  • BBA course is the base for the Management education which would be effective if there are plans for taking higher education programs like MBA, PGDM etc.

  • The BBA course duration varies from university to university also the course is known by various names like B.B.S (Bachelor of Business Studies) and B.M.S (Bachelor of Business Management Studies).

  • BBA course correspondence can be taken up either as Full-time Course or Part-time course.

  • The BBA course duration is for 3 to 4 years divided into semesters with following BBA course subjects:

Sem. I

Sem. II

BBA Course Subjects of Study

BBA Course Subjects of Study

Human Resource Management I

Effective Communication I

Principles Of Management I

Managerial Economics I

Financial Accounting

Business Law I

Quantitative Methods I

Principles of Management II

Computer Applications

Management Accounting I




BBA Course Subjects of Study

BBA Course Subjects of Study

Business Law II

Quantitative Methods In Business II

Management Accounting II

Managerial Economics II

Business Environment

Financial Management I

Family Business Management

Effective Communication II

Project Work

Human Resource Management II




BBA Course Subjects of Study

BBA Course Subjects of Study

Operations Management

Environment Management

Marketing Management

International Marketing

Direct Taxes

Export/Import Management

Indirect Taxes

Public Relations Management

Research Methodology in Management

Project Management




BBA Course Subjects of Study

BBA Course Subjects of Study

Management of Services


Decision Making

Retail Management

Business Strategy for Entrepreneurship

Rural Marketing

Market Research

Supply Chain/Logistics Management

Financial Management II

Management of Co-Operatives & NGO

Management of Small Scale Industries

 Specialization of Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA]:

  • Logistics & Supply Chain

  • Human Resource

  • Professional

  • Family Business Management

  • E-Banking and Finance

  • Marketing

  • Hospitality and Tourism Management

  • Insurance & Risk Management

  • Financial Markets

  • Event Management

  • Operations

The above mentioned are the BBA course details of the specialization topics that can be opted by the students along with the BBA course subjects allowed per semester.