IBSAT 2020 Syllabus

Exam Date : December 26, 2020 To December 27, 2020
Result Date : January 6, 2021

The syllabus for this management entrance exam IBSAT is prescribed by the ICFAI Foundation. Before attempting the exam candidates should know about Syllabus and IBSAT 2020 Exam Pattern by which they will get a clear idea about all topics included in the exam.

As per the syllabus of IBSAT, there are 4 major topics that will appear in the question paper on the day of the IBSAT exam, they are,

  • Quantitative Techniques
  • Data Interpretation & Data Adequacy
  • Vocabulary, Analytical Reasoning and
  • Reading Comprehension

The candidates can go through the previous year question papers in order to know the type of questions asked in the IBSAT exam. 

Candidates can also take up the mock test papers and try to solve it within the assigned time limit set by the examination authority. The difficulty level is not as high as in the Higher Secondary School Maths and English.

IBSAT Syllabus 2020

The important topics for IBSAT 2020 are being discussed below briefly. Candidates before preparing for this exam must fulfill the prescribed IBSAT 2020 Eligibility to attempt this exam.

Quantitative Ability

This section mainly comprises of arithmetic problems which will help measure a candidate's numerical ability and problem-solving skills. This section mainly consists of about 30 questions, below-mentioned are the topics in the field of Quantitative Ability. A total of 30 questions will be asked from this section.

IBSAT Syllabus for Quantitative Ability Section
S.No. Topics
1 Arithmetic Progression
2 Decimals
3 Number systems
5 Linear equations
6 Geometry
7 Quadratic equations
8 Inequations ratio and proportion
9 Percentage
10 Partnership
11 Averages
12 Time-Speed-Distance
13 Profit and Loss
14 Co-Ordinate Geometry
15 Algebra
16 Pipes and cisterns
17 Allegations and mixtures
18 Simple and compound interties
19 Mensuration
20 Work and time
21 Permutation and combination
22 Probability

Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency

This particular field will measure the candidate's ability to solve problems related to data interpretation. Students have to be quick while answering this section. It comprises of pie charts, bar graphs, etc. And the topics from data interpretation and data sufficiency are mentioned below. A total of 30 questions will be asked from this section.

IBSAT Syllabus for Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency
S.No. Topic
1 Analogy
2 Statements assumptions
3 Bar graphs & Column graphs
4 Critical reasoning
5 Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency
6 Logical Reasoning
7 Pie chart
8 Tables
9 Venn – diagram
10 Visual reasoning
11 Analytic reasoning
12 Non-verbal reasoning
13 Ranking
14 Symbols
15 Sequencing
16 Matrix arrangement
17 Coding and decoding

Reading Comprehension

This section of IBSAT syllabus includes passages based on which questions will be asked. This section checks the candidate's comprehending skills. In these 3 passages, 30 questions will be asked.

IBSAT Syllabus for Reading and Comprehension
S.No. Topics
 1 Reading Comprehension
Passage Analysis

Verbal Ability

As per the IBSAT Syllabus, questions based on the English Language will be asked. This will check a candidate's command on English Grammar and is the most important section as it consists of 50 questions of the entire paper.

IBSAT Syllabus for Verbal Ability
S.No. Topics
1 Analogies
2 Contextual usage & English Usage
3 Incorrect words
4 Para Jumble
5 Punctuation
6 Synonyms and Antonyms
7 Replace the missing words
8 Sentence completion
9 Grammar & Idioms, etc

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Discussion Forum

Data interpretation topics

What is the data interpretation topics for IBSAT?

Asked By: Anitha,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

Hi Anitha,

topics for data interpretation are analogy, statement assumptions, critical reasoning, and many others. For all the details of the syllabus and the topics in each section, you can check the syllabus of the IBSAT exam in the syllabus of the exam section.

Quants topics

What are the Quants topics for IBSAT which is important?

Asked By: Shreya,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

Hi Shreya,

there are certain topics for quants which is important for IBSAT namely percentage, partnership, number system and many others which you can get the full details of the syllabus of the IBSAT exam in the syllabus section of the exam section.

syllabus for MBA and PGDM course is same or not?

syllabus for MBA and PGDM course is same or not?

Asked By: Richa,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

Hey Richa,

The syllabus for both the courses is same.

Good Luck!