PhD is doctoral program with the duration of 3 to 5 years that deals with a variety of research methods and specialisation and some of these specialisations include English, Microbiology, Psychology and more. Graduates of this course have a wide variety of job opportunities in the world of research. Ph.D graduates primarily work as consultants, researchers, professors, and R&D industry experts.

Ph.D Course Details

Degree Doctorate
Full Form Doctor of Philosphy
Duration Course Duration of Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] is 3 Years.
Age No age limit
Minimum Percentage 60% in Post Graduation
Average Fees Incurred NR 72,000 - 4 LPA
Average Salary Offered INR 3.4 LPA [Source: Glassdoor]
Employment Roles Professor, Principal Scientist, Research Associate etc.

About Ph.D 

According to Wikipedia, "A Doctor of Philosophy is the most common degree at the highest academic level awarded following a course of study. PhD is  awarded for programs across the whole breadth of academic fields. Because it is an earned research degree, those studying for a PhD are required to produce original research that expands the boundaries of knowledge, normally in the form of a thesis or dissertation, and defend their work against experts in the field. The completion of a PhD is often a requirement for employment as a university professor, researcher, or scientist in many fields"

It is a versatile degree which equips graduates with in-depth knowledge on the topic they choose to study about and increases their job scope by a lot. A PhD course prepares students for the research they are interested in pursuing by introducing them to all the important research-related subjects, which give them exposure to all the important research methods, ethics, citation techniques, and more.

Table of Contents:

Eligibility Criteria for Ph.D 

The admission procedure for Ph.D courses requires a master's degree from a recognized University. Students should have secured a minimum of 45-50% in their exams post, which they are required to qualify any one of the national/state level entrance exams to get admitted for Ph.D. Students should prepare their research proposal as they will have to send it to the college of their choice for the application process. The Ph.D eligibility criteria depend on the college and the course students are interested in applying for.

How To Get Admission for Ph.D?

The admission process for a Ph.D is not complicated, but it is a tedious process as there are many steps to the admission process. If students qualify the eligibility criteria for the course, they will be able to get admission for PhD. Along with getting good grades in masters, students are expected to appear for an entrance exam. There is no minimum or maximum age requirement for the admission. 

How to Apply? 

Students can apply online or offline. Due to the COVID pandemic, the admission process for most universities has become online. Students need to visit the official website and look for the course they are interested in. Then they should fill out the phd admission form by giving out their name, phone number, email address, course they are interested in, etc. For offline registration, the students must visit the respective college and fill out the application form by attaching the required documents.

Selection Process

Once the application is accepted, based on the college, there can be a final round of group discussion or personal interview done by universities, where they ask the aspirants to explain their research proposal and defend its relevance before confirmation of admission

Ph.D Courses

Ph.D is a postdoctoral degree that lasts between 3 - 6 years, depending on the specialization and college students decide to pursue and if the education is full-time or part-time.Doing them has also opened up multiple avenues and job profiles. In India, the Ph.D. courses provide excellent exposure to multiple opportunities and qualify them to work in their respective research areas either in India or abroad.

Listed below are some of the top specializations of a Ph.D course:

Other popular Ph.D specialisations are listed below:

      Ph.D Courses List

Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering

Ph.D in Bio Science

Ph.D in Economics

Ph.D in English Literature

Ph.D in Maths

Ph.D in Hindi

Ph.D in Sociology

Ph.D in History

Ph.D in Commerce

Ph.D in Management Studies

Ph.D in Chemistry

Ph.D in Biology

Ph.D in Media Studies

Ph.D in Psychology

Ph.D is a competitive course which many students apply for. Since a PhD qualification is a very valued qualification not provided by many colleges, there is a lot of competition amongst students to get an admission there. To make the decision making process fair, colleges introduce an entrance exam as a screening process. The eligibility to the entrance exam depends on the course aspirants are interested in. There could be subject or age restrictions based on the specialisation. For more information, students should look at phd admission 2021 entrance exam details on college websites. Some of the most popular Ph.D entrance exams are listed below:

  • GATE
  • DBT Biotechnology Eligibility Test
  • AIIMS PhD Entrance Exam
  • BARC PhD Admission Test
  • Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University Lucknow - PhD Admissions Test
  • BINC Examination
  • BITS PhD Entrance Examination
  • ICMR Junior Research Fellowships

A Quick Glance at the Ph.D Entrance Exams 

The eligibility criteria of the above-mentioned entrance exams are entirely dependent on the conduction body; hence it varies. While the format of the entrance exams varies on the specialisation, as each college or subject has its own governing body. Below listed are some of the general guidelines of the Ph.D entrance examinations:

  • The exam pattern includes logical, reasoning, and knowledge-based questions. The mode of the test will be both online and offline.
  • The papers would be objective, and if there are subjective questions, they are asked to judge argument and reasoning skills.
  • The syllabus, mode of examination, and question pattern may change according to a university/conduction body.

 Top 10 Ph.D Colleges in India

Below is the list of the 10 best Ph.D Colleges in the country:

NIRF Ranking

Top colleges for Ph.D


University of Calcutta


Amity University


Amrita University


Delhi University


JNU Delhi


Andhra University


Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT]


Center for Distance Education, Aligarh Muslim University


BITS Pilani


Manipal Institute of Technology Manipal

Fee Structure for Ph.D 

The course fee for Ph.D depends on the college students are interested in applying for. There are many factors which would influence the fee structure, such as the location, facilities, faculty and infrastructure. Ph.D is one of the few courses where there are many Phd scholarships available for students. Private organisations,colleges and NGOs provide scholarships to help students pursue their research without any financial burden.The average course fees range from INR 72,000 - 4 LPA. The fees can be paid e yearly.

Syllabus and Subjects for Ph.D

The course and subjects for a Ph.D degree depends on the specialization that aspirants decide to pursue. There are over 1000 courses in which students can choose to specialise and therefore, for understanding the course subjects, aspiring students should search about phd course details online.

Listed below are some subjects that the students get a chance to study: 

  • Research Methodology
  • Ethics of Interviewing for a research course
  • How to write a research proposal
  • Introduction to social media as a research tool

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Why Choose Ph.D?

A PhD is a doctoral research degree and normally the highest level of academic qualification you can achieve. The degree works towards a thesis offering an original contribution to your subject. There are many specializations that students can pursue based on their interests. PhD graduates can have a very rewarding career after graduation, as not many people pursue this course. To understand the answer to the question, "Why choose Ph.D?" we should make it simpler by breaking it down to the following three short questions:

What is Ph.D All About?

A full time Phd course duration is 3 - 4 years, for part-time the duration is 5-6 years. Aspirants can pursue a Ph.D degree in whichever field of education they are interested in.The primary focus of this educational program is to introduce students to the research and exploration aspects of the subject they choose to pursue. Students can pursue subjects such Humanities, Engineering and more. There are many job opportunities for students after this course as they can become researchers, professors, and consultants. 

What Does a PhD Graduate Do?

The speciality of the PhD course is that it provides knowledge in theory through research. It enables students to work as a researcher, professor, consultant or an analyst etc. They have a variety of shared responsibilities and functions in their role; some of them are:

Research and Development: Phd graduates are responsible for representing new areas of research and ethics.Their role entails them to study and research the missing parts in the field they are interested in.

Teaching and Educating: Graduates of this course are the most aware of the different themes in the subject they choose to research about. Therefore, a part of their job is to teach and educate the younger generation about their subject and research.

Reasons Why Ph.D Can Fetch You a Rewarding Career?

Ph.D is an important and essential degree for the job market today as it provides students with all the essential skills to learn about a specific specialisation and excel in it. The skills can help students make a career in the field of teaching and research and therefore, help them create a remarkable difference in the field they are interested in.

Demand: The role has a lot of demand in the Research, Teaching and innovation industries. Therefore, student's don't need to worry about gaining work experience after graduation.

Long-Term Demand: PhDs will always have a demand in the job market as the knowledge they possess is very key for every industry to succeed and continue. Due to this reason, no-matter the situation of the market, it is very less likely that PhDs will find their job threatened.

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Scope For Higher Education

Internationally as well, students can pursue a PhD for a prospectus career option. Many colleges around the world provide students with the opportunity to study this course. Additionally, if students are interested, they can decide to pursue a Master's in Computer application abroad. It can help them look for a job in the country they choose to study.

Salary of a Ph.D Graduate

It is impossible to predict the exact salary that a phd graduate earns, as many factors can affect this decision. Some of these factors students can control if students do internships and gain work experience can increase their chances of getting a higher salary. According to Glassdoor, a Phd graduate's average salary is INR 3.4 LPA in India. This value can change depending on the city, years of experience, designation, etc.

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Career Options After Ph.D Graduation

Job opportunities are available in plenty for Ph.D graduates in both the public and private sectors. The job roles offered will be of the highest level of employment owing to their knowledge and research-based experience. The most common roles the graduates work as are:

  • Consultants
  • Professors
  • Learning Counsels
  • Analysts
  • Research Scientist

Skills That Make You The Best Ph.D Graduate

Phd graduates need to have skills that will help them succeed in their professional lives.These skills don't just help the students succeed in their research process, after they have completed their research, aspirants will need these skills to ensure that they succeed in their workplace. Some of these skills include:

  • Quantitative Analysis Skills
  • Research Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • The Ability to Work Under Pressure
  • Interpersonal Skills

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