IIFT Preparation 2023: Section Wise Tips & Preparation Plan

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IIFT Preparation 2023 tips will provide guidance to aspirants of IIFT 2023. The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) is among the most prestigious and coveted institutions in India and every year, thousands of aspirants apply for the entrance exam.

But cracking the IIFT can seem like an insurmountable task, especially with the ever-evolving syllabus, pattern, and difficulty level. Below are the IIFT Preparation 2023 tips and tricks to help you prepare for IIFT 2023 exam so that you can ace this exam with flying colours.

IIFT preparation 2023 section-by-section plan should be understood by students in order to pass the test. To get admission to the prestigious campuses of the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade throughout India, about 35,000 applicants sit the IIFT's difficult exam each year.

Students should pay close attention to every detail, especially the section-by-section preparation plan for the IIFT 2023 exam. Every stage of the selection process is meticulously screened, and the ultimate decision is difficult.

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IIFT Preparation Tips 2023

IIFT Preparation Tips 2023 will help students who are looking to score well in the IIFT entrance exam 2023. Here are some important IIFT Preparation Tips 2023 to keep in mind.

  • Firstly, students must start their IIFT Preparation 2023 early and give themselves enough time to go through all the topics.
  • Secondly, students must make use of study material from reliable sources such as books recommended by IIFT or mock tests released by the institute itself.
  • Thirdly, students need to focus on improving their speed and accuracy while solving questions. It is a vital aspect of the IIFT Preparation 2023 plan.
  • Lastly, students should not forget to revise regularly and take mock tests closer to the exam date to check their progress in IIFT Preparation 2023.

By following these IIFT Preparation 2023 tips, students can give themselves the best chance of acing the IIFT entrance exam and getting into the institute of their choice.

How to Prepare for IIFT 2023 Exam 

IIFT preparation 2023 tips are given below that can help students discover how to prepare for the IIFT exam 2023.

Be familiar with IIFT Exam Format and Question Types: The IIFT exam is a computer-based test consisting of multiple-choice questions. There are four sections on the exam: English Comprehension, Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning, General Awareness, and Quantitative Analysis.

Understand the IIFT Syllabus: Once you are aware of what topics will be tested, it becomes easier to start your preparation. Solve as many questions as possible to improve your problem-solving speed.

Pay Attention to all Sections: To prepare for the English Comprehension section, brush up on your grammar and reading comprehension skills. For the Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning section, practice solving puzzles and practicing your mental math skills. For the General Awareness section, read up on current affairs and static GK. For the Quantitative Analysis section, brush up on your math skills and learn some basic data interpretation techniques.

Time Management is Key to doing well on the IIFT exam 2023: Make sure you can answer all of the questions within the time limit. To help with this, students must practice timing themselves when they take mock exams or do practice questions. This way, students can get an idea of how long each question takes to answer and how much time they need to answer for each section.

When taking the actual exam, make sure to read each question carefully before answering it. If a question seems unclear, take a moment to reread it before moving on. Once you've answered all of the questions, go back and check your work to make sure you didn't make any careless mistakes.

Get Comfortable with Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning: these are also important sections of the exam and can often make or break your chances of getting a good score. Spend some time practicing various types of questions from these sections so that you can attempt them confidently on test day.

Stay Up to Date with Current Affairs: IIFT looks for students who are aware of what’s happening in the world around them. Make sure you read the newspaper daily and know about the major happenings both in India and abroad. This will also help you with the General Knowledge section of the exam.

Take IIFT Mock Tests: Perhaps one of the most important preparation tips for IIFT exam 2023 is to take as many mock tests as possible before the actual exam. This will give you a fair idea of what to expect on test day as well as help you track your progress and identify areas that need improvement. Additionally, taking mock tests under timed conditions will also help improve your speed for IIFT Preparation 2023 as well as for IIFT exam.

IIFT Section-Wise Preparation Tips 2023

Key insights for the IIFT preparing 2023 exam's Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning, and General Knowledge sections are given below as IIFT Section-Wise Preparation Tips 2023. 

IIFT Preparation 2023 VARC section 

  • There will be 35 MCQ questions in the VARC portion. This portion often has a medium level of difficulty and carries the most weight on the test.
  • The section for Reading Comprehension is basic and fact-based. This portion is manageable because there aren't any inference-based passages.
  • Practising more RC passages can, especially the challenging ones.
  • Review the English grammar you learned in school for VA. Consult the High School English Grammar book by Wren & Martin.
  • The applicants should concentrate on reading quickly because each passage is about 800 words long.
  • Improve your grammar and reading speed to get ready for this section.
  • Read editorials from newspapers, blogs on the internet, books and short tales, business reports, etc.

IIFT Preparation 2023 LRDI section 

  • There will be 30 questions in this area of the IIFT exam, evenly distributed between logical reasoning and data interpretation (LRDI).
  • There may be some questions in this area that need a lot of math in addition to the usual logic-based questions. Spend more time understanding the ideas and formulas.
  • Use online study groups to your advantage to learn tips and shortcuts for correctly answering LRDI questions.
  • In the final few days leading up to the exam, review all the topics and formulas.
  • To ensure that the approach is set in your memory, solve each sample question at least three times while studying the topics.
  • Utilize the IIFT question papers and mock exam series for practice. 

IIFT Preparation 2023 QA section 

  • There are 25 questions in the Quantitative Analysis (QA) segment of the IIFT exam, which is typical of moderate difficulty.
  • Calculations are everywhere in this area, thus you must be knowledgeable about formulas and theorems.
  • Make the Class 9 and Class 10 NCERT Maths books your best friend if you want to learn the fundamentals of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and mensuration.
  • Regularly review theorems and set sample questions to practise.
  • Most math, algebra, and geometry-related questions are asked. Pay close attention to those, but don't overlook Mensuration when discussing these subjects.
  • Since there is a negative marking in the IIFT exam, practise selecting only those QA questions you are confident you can answer correctly.
  • Practice mock exams and sample questions for 100% correctness.

IIFT Preparation 2023 General Awareness section 

  • Students should read newspapers, and current events periodicals, and watch business news to get ready for this component of the IIFT exam.
  • There will be some static GK questions. Manorama Yearbook and Competition Success Review might help students get ready for it.
  • Since there are only 20 questions in this portion, which is the easiest to complete, you should attempt it last in the exam.

IIFT  Important Preparation 2023 Tips

  • See the IIFT syllabus.
  • Obtain the appropriate IIFT preparation 2023 books and IIFT preparation guides.
  • Join an online study group or coaching programme (if you start your preparation early).
  • Download IIFT test questions from past years and take an online mock test.

IIFT Preparation 2023 Strategy

IIFT Preparation 2023 tips and strategies are given below for candidates.

  • To improve your understanding of logical reasoning, practise riddles and puzzles in your own time.
  • Consult IIFT question papers from prior years. If you don't have much time to prepare, concentrate more on the subjects that matter.
  • Use the reverse method if you don't have enough time to prepare. Take a mock exam to determine your score. Then choose the subjects where you need to improve.
  • Don't worry about your performance or score when answering practice questions. With every new exam, you'll get better.
  • Only answer the questions on the IIFT 2023 exam that you are entirely sure of. Take no chances with negative markings.
  • Set aside an hour each day for revision. Every day, review the formulas and theorems.
  • On the same day that you finish a topic, practise a few sample questions on it.
  • Always take a range of IIFT mock examinations to get a feel for the different exam settings.
  • Joining study groups will give you a mentor or guide to assist you to get over obstacles.

IIFT Preparation Books 2023

Candidates can use the following IIFT Books 2023 to study for the exam. It can be difficult to choose reference books for IIFT preparation because there are so many books and practice guides accessible. Below is a list of some of the best books for preparing for the IIFT Exam 2023.

IIFT Preparation Books 2023
Name of the Book Author/Publication
MBA Solved Papers (XAT, IIFT, SNAP, NMAT, CMAT) contains 19 Solved Papers & 5 Model Papers Gautham Puri
IIFT (Indian Institue of Foreign Trade) 5 Mock Tests and Solved Papers (2008-2015) Arihant
Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency for CAT/ XAT/ IIFT/ CMAT/ MAT/ Bank PO/ SSC Gajendra Kumar
Target IIFT 2018 (Past Papers 2005-2017) plus 5 Mock Tests Disha
Willey Exam Expert - IIFT Solved Papers Pradeep Kumar Gupta Captain A K Kalia
How to Get into Your Dream B-School - Strategies (Aptitude Test/ WAT/ GD/ PI) to crack CAT/ XAT/ IIFT/ SNAP/ CMAT - Chayan Mukhopadhyay Chayan Mukhopadhyay


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