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IIFT mock tests 2024 must be practised by aspirants. This way, candidates will know how much they have improved and where to focus more. The candidates can practice sample paper every alternate day or daily, or even weekly. The aspirants must make a study plan in which they must include practising sample test papers and IIFT free mock tests to understand the exam syllabus and pattern.

The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade is one of the most acknowledged MBA institutes all over India. The selection procedure of IIFT 2024 involves a written exam, group discussion, essay writing, and personal interview. Aspirants who are willing to appear for the exam must solve the sample paper and mock test as much as possible. The IIFT sample paper is similar to the previous year's question paper and is another essential study material. 

IIFT Exam Pattern 2024 IIFT Previous Year Question papers

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IIFT Previous Year's Sample Papers PDF

Solving the previous year's sample papers will help the candidates get an idea of the exam pattern and the ways of managing time. Some of the samples of the previous year's paper PDFs have been listed below.

IIFT Previous Year's Sample Papers
IIFT 2021 Question Paper
IIFT MBA IB 2019 Shift 1 Question Paper
IIFT 2019 Question Paper
IIFT 2018 Question Paper
IIFT 2017 Question Paper
IIFT 2016 Question Paper
IIFT 2015 Question Paper

Key Features of IIFT Mock Test 2024

According to current trends, the IIFT Mock Test 2024 has the following significant characteristics:

  • There is no mock test series; instead, each IIFT mock is a single mock.
  • The IIFT Mock Test Pdf is not it. You must hone your IIFT Mock live on the computer.
  • You cannot download the IIFT Mock test pdf because it is not currently accessible.
  • Candidates can get free IIFT practice tests through separate mocks.
  • Please be aware that it is the Free Mock Test for IIFT 2024 and that you are welcome to practise as many as you like without registering for a username or password.

IIFT Mock Test: Key Changes

If we examine the IIFT exam question papers from the previous four years, we can see that they all differ from year to year in terms of the number of sections, the number of questions, the types of questions, the scoring format, and the degree of difficulty. The reduction of the number of sections from six to four and the type of IIFT test questions in each part were the two largest changes made to the IIFT exam paper.

As a result, the IIFT Mock Test has also been changed, now featuring four sections, more than 100 questions, and several marking schemes.

Prepare With IIFT Mock Test 2024 Papers

A fantastic resource for IIFT 2024 test participants to understand the precise IIFT question paper, its themes, and composition is IIFT Mock Test paper with solution. It is now feasible to comprehend how to approach IIFT questions thanks to the solved IIFT Mocks.

Answers could be created and placed on websites for the candidates' use based on the IIFT Mock Test papers. Using the IIFT Mock Test papers with answers, you can evaluate your preparation for the IIFT 2024 and adjust your preparation plan following the revised IIFT question paper format.

Previous Year Key Changes in IIFT Exam

IIFT question paper has seen various revisions over the last four to five years. The following list of modifications to IIFT mock exams and test questions:

IIFT Previous Year Key Changes
IIFT Paper Pattern Components IIFT 2022 Exam Earlier IIFT exam pattern
IIFT Exam Date 2022 Dec 5, 2021 Nov last Sunday or Dec first Sunday
IIFT Exam Sessions 2022 Single session exam Single session
IIFT Pattern-Testing Mode 2022 Computer Based Exam Paper-based test
IIFT 2022 Test duration 2 hours from 10 AM to 12Noon 2 hours from 10 AM to 12 Noon
Total Questions 110 114 to 126
Type of Questions MCQs MCQs
Number of Sections 4 6
Sectional Time Limit No, Any question from any section can be attempted within two hours Any questions from any section
Maximum total marks 300 100
Marking Scheme 3 marks for each correct answer in VARC, QA, and DILR; 1.5 Marks for each right answer in the GK section Varying marking scheme from 0.50 to 1 Mark for each correct answer
Negative Marking 1/3rd Negative marking for the wrong answer 1/3rd Negative marking for the wrong answer
IIFT paper Difficulty Level Moderate to Difficult Moderate to Difficult

IIFT Mock Test 2024

On a single day, a single session is used to administer all of the IIFT tests. The IIFT exam paper has the following amount of questions, broken down by section:

Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension

  • 35 questions make up the first portion.
  • Each correct response is worth three marks, with a negative marking percentage of 0.33% for incorrect responses.
  • There are 5 RC Passages on the test.
  • Each of the four RC texts contains three questions, and one of them has four.
  • Even though they are longer, RC Passages are readable.

Verbal Ability

  • More Vocabulary Based questions to insert the correct pair of words to fill in the blanks
  • Choosing the appropriate words to complete the sentence
  • Creating Words by using jumbled Alphabets
  • Decoding the word substitution
  • Identification of Errors in Sentences
  • Jumbled Paragraphs

Quantitative Analysis

  • The quantitative analysis component is of medium to severe difficulty. The IIFT exam gives this section a lot of weight. This section's increased emphasis on arithmetic, algebra, and geometry is an indication that IIFT plans to broaden the diversity of its classrooms.
  • 25 questions make up the quantitative analysis part.
  • The section was of moderate difficulty, with each correct response carrying a weight of 3 marks and receiving a 0.33% negative marking penalty for incorrect responses.
  • The section has more questions on themes related to mathematics, algebra, and geometry.

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning

In IIFT, data interpretation requires more complex calculations.

  • 30 questions total for the DI and LR.
  • Each correct response is worth three marks, with a negative marking percentage of 0.33% for incorrect responses.
  • The questions are in sets and based on tables, charts, and graphs.
  • Cutoff scores for the component of the computer-based test are anticipated to decrease from last year's levels.

Logical Reasoning

Logical Reasoning has moderate to high difficulty level questions.

  • Questions are in sets on the topics like Seating arrangement, position matrix etc.

General Awareness (GK)

GK tests are not that challenging. International events constitute the basis of the majority of the queries.

  • 20 GK questions altogether
  • Each accurate response is worth 1.5 marks, with a 0.5-point deduction for each incorrect response.
  • Countries, currencies, recognising the logo, BIMSTEC, WTO Agreements, and the launch of apps are just a few of the topics covered.
  • The section's cutoff is anticipated to be at or below 4-5 Marks and has moderate to difficult questions.

Benefits of IIFT Mock Test 2024

With the aid of the IIFT exam sample test, candidates will have a platform to train and experience real exam circumstances.

  • The applicants can comprehend the IIFT question paper's structure and the kind of questions that might be asked in the IIFT exam by taking the sample IIFT mock test.
  • IIFT 2024 practice exam will assist candidates in increasing their accuracy and speed.
  • IIFT mock tests are also useful for analysing and determining one's strong and weak points.

When to Start Taking the IIFT Mock Test 2024?

After thoroughly reviewing the material, candidates preparing for the IIFT entrance exam are suggested to take the mock test. The candidate will be able to take the mock test very easily since they will be very familiar with all of the subjects, formulas, theorems, etc. Additionally, taking the mock test at the start of the preparation process allows the candidate to gauge how much he or she understands.

However, taking the IIFT practice test in 2024 after finishing the syllabus is important and helpful as it contributes to achieving higher scores. Candidates must evaluate their practice tests, identify areas for improvement, and pay closer attention to those areas.


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