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IIFT previous years question papers are an excellent resource for exam preparation. Every year, NTA conducts the exam at the national level for the candidates willing to take admitted to an MBA in international business. Solving previous years' question papers allows a candidate to better understand the types of questions asked and the difficulty level of the IIFT exam over time.

This activity also helps them develop their time management abilities, allowing them to complete the question paper in the allotted time. Therefore, to prepare for the IIFT 2024 exam, candidates must refer to the IIFT previous year's papers.

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IIFT Previous Years Question Papers PDF Free Download

IIFT 2024 exam applicants can download the IIFT previous year's papers for free. IIFT question paper with solution PDF are available on the official website for the reference of the aspirants preparing to appear for the exam.

The conducting body will release IIFT 2024 question paper PDF on the official website after the exam is conducted. Candidates can check the table below for IIFT previous years question papers with solutions PDF download.

IIFT Previous Years Question Papers
Paper Download Link
IIFT 2021 Question Paper with Solution PDF Link
IIFT 2020 Question Paper with Solution PDF Link
IIFT MBA IB 2019 Shift 1 Question Paper Link
IIFT 2019 Question Paper Link
IIFT 2018 Question Paper Link
IIFT 2017 Question Paper Link
IIFT 2016 Question Paper Link
IIFT 2015 Question Paper Link

Why Solving IIFT Question Papers is Important?

IIFT exam is one of the most difficult management admission exams due to its typically high level of difficulty. IIFT previous year question papers and sample papers are crucial for IIFT preparation since they teach candidates how to tackle 110 questions in two hours in addition to teaching them the question format. The candidate benefits in the following ways from practising IIFT sample papers, mock test series, and question papers from prior years:

  • IIFT previous years question papers aid candidates in familiarising themselves with the format of the exam questions and provide them with a simulation of the real thing.
  • It assists with self-analysis of performance in each subject and topic to identify their strong and weak points.
  • OOFT previous year papers aid in increasing both speed and accuracy, allowing one to answer questions completely and quickly.
  • Finding shortcuts and ways to accurately answer problems without computation is helpful.
  • It aids in determining the kinds of questions to tackle first to secure the highest possible result.
  • Additionally, a candidate's readiness for unexpected exam questions will improve the more IIFT question papers and sample papers they complete.

Download IIFT Previous Years Question Papers

Candidates wishing to take the IIFT 2024 should download IIFT previous years question papers with solution. Candidates can better understand the difficulty level, nature, and types of questions asked in the exam by working through IIFT previous year question papers. One of the most difficult management tests in the nation is the IIFT. As a result, answering questions will enable applicants to assess their performance or level of preparedness. IIFT previous years question papers PDF are available in the table above.

How to Solve IIFT Question Papers?

IIFT 2024 exam schedule has undergone a few minor adjustments, however, the syllabus and question formats have not changed. IIFT previous year's papers will be helpful in this situation. The steps to solving the questions for maximum output are listed below:

  • Step 1: Become familiar with the IIFT syllabus and thoroughly go over all the topics.
  • Step 2: Examine the IIFT exam format and the overall exam time allotment.
  • Step 3: Use the links in this article to download the test questions.
  • Step 4: Try completing the exam with a timer since it will be given in online mode (CBT).

Advantages of Solving IIFT Previous Years Question Papers

Solving IIFT last year papers will provide an idea to the candidates about what types of questions are being asked in recent years. Candidates will get knowledge of the marking scheme of the IIFT question papers. Apart from all these, there are so many advantages which include.

  • Awareness about the exam paper pattern.
  • The structure of the paper is also cleared while solving the IIFT previous year's papers.
  • Candidates must keep a stopwatch and solve the questions as it will help them learn how to manage time efficiently.
  • By solving previous years' question papers, candidates can become used to solving tricky and time-taking questions.
  • The IIFT previous year's papers will get to know which question to solve first.
  • Candidates will also analyze their strengths and weakness in the fields while solving the questions from IIFT past year paper.
  • Practising the previous year's papers will increase the confidence of the candidate.

IIFT 2006 Question Paper.pdf

IIFT 2008 Question Paper.pdf

IIFT 2009 Question Paper.pdf

IIFT 2010 Question Paper with solution.pdf

IIFT 2011 Question Paper with solutions.pdf

IIFT 2012 Question Paper with solution.pdf

IIFT 2014 Question Paper.pdf

24_IIFT 2015 Question Paper.pdf

24_IIFT 2016 Question Paper.pdf

IIFT 2017 Question Paper.pdf

IIFT 2018 Question Paper.pdf

IIFT 2019 Question Paper.pdf


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