MA Economics is a two-year-long postgraduate course that deals with the areas of finance, management and developing their skills accordingly with industry demands. MA in Economics is available to students in both regular and distance learning mode.  Some of the job roles are Branch Manager, Teacher, Research Associate, Stock Broker, Trade Analyst, Data Analyst. Strategy Analyst, Economics Journalist, and Marketing Manager.

MA Economics Course Details

Degree Masters
Full Form Master of Arts in Economics
Duration Course Duration of Master of Arts [MA] (Economics) is 2 Years.
Age No age limit
Minimum Percentage 50%
Subjects Required Graduation from the recognized university.
Average Fees Incurred INR 50,000 - 2 LPA
Similar Options of Study M.Sc (Economics), MA (Political Science), MA (History), MA (Sociology) etc.
Average Salary Offered INR 6 LPA [Source: Payscale]
Employment Roles Data Analyst, Economist, Research Analyst, Sr Business Analyst, HR Manager, Analytics Manager, High School Teacher, Business Analyst, Content Writer, Lecturer, Speaker, Digital Marketing Manager etc
Placement Opportunities Kotak Mahindra Bank, Accenture, Zocdoc Inc, Pershing Llc, Crisil, Buhler India Pvt Ltd, Genpact, etc

About MA Economics

MA Economics is a postgraduate program designed specifically for students to provide insights into the areas of banking, finance, trade, and economic management. Merriam Webster defines Economics as ‘The science concerned with making, selling, and using of goods and services.’

Therefore, MA economics in India is concerned with inculcating into students the understanding and approach of the various art of selling, buying, and managing in the science of economics. The course, over the years, has incorporated significant concepts in the areas of banking, wealth distribution and consumption, demand and supply of the market, and consumer behavior.

The purpose of the best MA economics colleges in India is to create graduates to cater to the professional demands of the various sectors under economics. 

Table of Contents

Eligibility Criteria For MA Economics

For admission in MA Economics, aspirants of the course must ensure they satisfy the eligibility criteria. The basic MA Economics eligibility criteria involve passing the undergraduate degree from any recognized board with a minimum of 50% marks. In addition to the merit-based eligibility, several MA Economics colleges conduct an entrance-based selection process for the same. This is to ensure the colleges select the best candidates with the required skills. There is no age limit for applying for the MA Economics admission. 

How To Get Admissions in MA Economics

While applying through the online mode, students are required to log in to the college website, fill in the details and make the payment online. For both the procedures, candidates are required to provide valid documents for the verification process. For MA Economics course details, students should visit the college website through which they can begin their application process. Top colleges for MA Economics conduct the entrance examinations to ensure they select the best candidates along all the lines of requirements. The details of the MA admission process for Economics are listed below: 

How To Apply?

For selection into MA in Economics, students should visit the college websites and look into the course details. Applications for the course can be availed by students through both offline and online procedures. For the offline method, students need to visit the college admissions office, collect the form, fill in the details and make the payment of the registration fee. While applying online for a Master in Economics, students are required to download the form, fill in the details and make the payment online. For both the procedures, valid documents for the same are required to be submitted for the verification process.

Selection Process

The selection process for the MA Economics course duration is either based on merit or the entrance exam procedure. Students must ensure the basic eligibility for MA Economics of securing a minimum of 50% marks in the Bachelor’s degree. In addition to the merit-based selection, the MA Economics best colleges conduct an entrance exam to select the best suitable candidates for the course duration. The admit card and other details of the entrance process are published on the college portal beforehand. Students can view their results by logging in to the college portal or receive them directly via email.

The best colleges for MA Economics in India conduct an entrance exam-based selection to ensure they select the best candidates. Several private and government colleges for MA Economics in India follow the entrance exam procedure to ensure the students have a pragmatic view of the subject area in addition to the academic reading of the course. Listed below are some of the popular Master of Arts in Economics entrance exams in India: 

A Quick Glance At The MA Economics Entrance Exams

Aspiring candidates for the MA in Economics course should prepare for the entrance exam process tediously. They should ensure timely preparation in order to finish all the important portions. Students should be well versed with all the details of the entrance exam details of the respective college before appearing for the exam. Listed below are details of the MA Economics entrance exams in general:

  • The mode of exam is online
  • The total number of questions is 120
  • The maximum number of marks to be obtained is 360
  • Questions asked are objective in nature
  • The question paper is structured in an MCQ type pattern
  • The total duration of the exam is 120 mins

Top MA Economics Colleges in India

 The top MA Economics colleges in India provide the best institutional and infrastructural facilities to groom their students for the professional field. Along with providing an in-depth understanding of the economical concepts, the students are also exposed to real-time experiences through practical training. Listed below are some of the best MA Economics colleges in India: 

MA Economics Colleges in India

Sl. No.

Name of the Institute


United Group of Institutions, Allahabad




St Xavier’s College, Mumbai


Presidency College, Kolkata


Kristu Jayanti College


Christ University


Fergusson College


St Joseph’s College, Calicut


Mount Carmel College


Magadh Mahila College

Fee Structure For MA Economics

The MA Economics fees charged by an institution depend on a variety of underlying factors. Some of the governing factors that influence the fee structure include institutional facilities, infrastructure, faculty, placement opportunities, etc. The average annual fee for the course is INR 50,000- 2 LPA. Listed below are a list of MA Economics colleges in India and their fee structure: 

MA Economics Fees

Sl. No.

Name of the Institute

Fee Structure


Presidency College, Kolkata



Shyamlal College, New Delhi

INR 50,000 PA


United University, Allahabad

INR 85,000 PA


Bharath Institute of Higher Education, Chennai

INR 50,000 PA


Rayat Bahra University, Mohali



Krupanidhi Degree College, Bengaluru


Syllabus And Subjects For MA Economics

The syllabus and subjects for MA Economics are structured in a manner to provide the best possible understanding of the concepts of economics and adjoining areas. The 2 year MA Economics duration is divided into 4 semesters to make the course more flexible for the students.

Some of the areas of study in the syllabus include microeconomics, macroeconomics, banking concepts, trade analysis, consumer behavior, and probability. Several top MA Economics colleges in India follow a core and elective subject pattern to provide a diversified approach to training for the students. Job roles after MA in Economics include Banking Manager, Marketing Consultant, Digital Marketer, Trade Analyst, Stock Broker, Marketing Manager, and Lecturer. Some of the core subjects for Master of Arts in Economics are listed below:

  • Theory of Consumer Behaviour
  • Demographic Economies
  • Calculus and Function
  • Consumers and Producers
  • National Income Output
  • Economics of Infrastructure
  • Public Economics
  • Elementary Statistics
  • Economics of Agriculture
  • Quantitative Methods

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Why Choose MA Economics?

Master of Arts in Economics is one of the essential courses for individuals who want to excel and carve a niche for themselves in the world of finance and economical concepts. The MA Economics course details introduce students to an in-depth analytical approach of varying concepts of market economy, budget, supply and demand, banking, trade, and the stock market. The MA Economics duration ensures the students are best prepared to handle all the professional challenges upon entering the job industry. Along with being one of the most diversified career options for students, the MA economics course also provides a lucrative prospect of earning a handsome salary.

What Is MA Economics All About?

MA Economics is a 2-year long postgraduate course specializing in the field of banking, supply and demand, trade, stock market, etc. The course is available to the students in both regular and distance learning modes. MA full form translates to Master of Arts in Economics. The students are trained in the 2-year duration to meet the various professional challenges upon joining the working industry. After MA Economics duration, various designations are available to graduates such as Marketing Manager, Stock Broker, Trade Analyst, Branch Manager, Financial Analyst, Policy Analyst, Investment Banker, Research Associate, etc. The average salary offered to a graduate of MA in Economics is INR 6 LPA (Source: Payscale).

What Does An MA Economics Graduate Do?

The Master of Arts in Economics introduces students to the various concepts of economics and relevant areas. The various specializations available in the course ensures students learn all important concepts and also develop skills in accordance with the professional demands. Various job roles are available to graduates of the course such as Banking Manager, Marketing Manager, Trade Analyst, Stock Broker, Research Associate, and Academic Lecturer. Career opportunities after MA Economics duration are available in abundance at both the public and private sector organizations. 

Marketing Manager: The role of a marketing manager is analyzing the market solutions and providing adequate economic forecasts. They generate new leads for business and brand awareness. In addition to the managerial responsibilities, the job portfolio also extends to market analysis, public relations, and budgeting.

Reasons Why MA Economics Can Fetch You A Rewarding Career?

MA Economics is one of the highest-paying career courses available to students in India. Along with paying a handsome salary, the field of economics also offers a wide range of diverse job opportunities. Professionals with a wide range of skills can opt for jobs from various fields which further adds leverage to their skill set. The average salary of an MA in Economics graduate in India is INR 6 LPA (Source: Payscale). With greater experience over time, the figure is bound to increase at regular intervals. 

Lucrative Pay: The career after MA Economics duration is one of the highest paying in India. With an average salary of INR 6 LPA after graduation (Source: Payscale), the figures increase as the candidate gains more experience and expertise. There are various areas of specialization available to candidates after the completion of the course to work hard and earn their way up the ladder. 

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Preparation Tips For MA Economics

The Master of Arts in Economics demands not only an in-depth knowledge of the academic concepts but also a certain set of skills. Some of them are communication, problem-solving, and numerical skills. Before joining the course, students should prepare adequately so as to meet the demands of the MA Economics duration. Listed below are some of the preparation tips for an MA in Economics: 

Regular Practice: Practicing the important concepts at regular intervals ensures a well-wrought understanding of the course details.

Mock Practice: Students of the course should perform the mock practice of questions from previous years to be able to understand the concepts better.

Time Management: Time management throughout the course duration becomes one of the most important qualities for managing the hefty syllabus.

Developing Skills: In addition to the academic readiness of the important concepts, students should also work on developing different sets of skills such as communicative and numerical in order to stand out from the rest. 

Scope For Higher Education

Ample career opportunities are available to graduates of MA Economics providing a lucrative salary. If one does not wish to pursue the job industry immediately after graduation, one can opt for higher education. Higher education means a higher starting salary upon joining the industry. Some of the scopes of higher education MA in Economics are listed below:

Salary of an MA Economics Graduate

Graduates of MA in Economics duration find employment in areas of banking, trade, stock market, academic institutions, and research institutes. Both the public and private sectors offer lucrative salary pay to jobs after the course duration. The salary pay is one of the highest in the country given the number of skills that the candidates learn apart from academic reading. The average salary of an MA Economics graduate is INR 6 LPA (Source: Payscale).

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Career Options After MA Economics

There are a variety of designations available to graduates of the course depending upon their area of interest. With the demand for economical purview in almost every sector around the globe, the scope of diversity is endless. In accordance with the area of interest and skills acquired, students can apply for areas of recruitment such as banking, academic institutions, research centers, trade, stock market, media, and digital marketing. Listed below are some of the career options after MA Economics:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketer
  • Stock Broker
  • Trade Analyst
  • Research Associate
  • Lecturer
  • Risk Analyst
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Investment Analyst

Skills That Make You The Best MA Economics Graduate

With MA in Economics being one of the most dynamic courses available, academic reading is not sufficient to stand out from the rest. Various skills are to be developed by students during the course duration in order to not only carve a niche but also to excel in the professional field. They should be good with numbers and budgeting concepts in order to tackle problem situations in the field of economic management. Listed below are a few skills that make one an adequate MA Economics graduate: 

  • Numerical skills
  • Problem Solving Approach
  • Expert in one technical domain
  • Cost-cutting skills
  • Managerial abilities
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal approach

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