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About Ramjas College, Delhi University

Ramjas College, Delhi University was established in the year 1917. This college was founded by Rai Kedar Nath. Ramjas College is one of the top three colleges under Delhi University. They believe in holistic education that focuses beyond academic achievements. 

Ramjas College DU Admission can be made by candidates who fulfill the eligibility criteria.  The College invites all students irrespective of gender, caste, religion, and physical challenges to make us a rich and varied community. They offer various undergraduate and postgraduate programs. They also encourage the students to take part in extracurricular activities.

Ramjas College Delhi provides the students with many facilities and a good infrastructure for the best and comfortable experience of students. They train their students to be good and honest professionals and be responsible for society.

Ramjas College DU Highlights 
Year of Establishment 1917  
Type of College Public
 Approval NAAC  
Affiliation Delhi University
 Infrastructure   Library, Hostel, Health Care
 Fees Ramjas College Fees 
 Admission Details Ramjas College Admission
 Address University Enclave, Delhi India  
 Courses Undergraduate, Postgraduate
 Website www.ramjas.du.ac.in

Ramjas College Quick Links:

Ramjas College Courses:

The courses offered at Ramjas College DU are as follows:

Courses Specialization
B.A English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Economics, History, Political Science, Music, and General
Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Physics, Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences
B.Com General, and Honours
Bengali, English, Hindi, Philosophy, Sanskrit, Economics, History, Political Science, Music, and Operational Research
M.Sc Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Mathematics, Statistics, and Operational Research
M.Com -
Certificate Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, French, and German
Diploma Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, French, and German

Ramjas College Placement:

The average salary package received by Ramjas College DU is 3 LPA while the highest package is 9 LPA.

Top Recruiters:

The Oberoi Group Career Launcher SP Jain
Axis Risk Consulting Right Relevance ZS Associates
Deloitte Ernst & Young KPMG

Ramjas College Infrastructure Facilities:

Ramjas College has a well-planned infrastructure. They maintain their buildings and classrooms very well. They provide the students with various facilities for their comfort.

  1. Ramjas College has a library which is accessible by the students and the staff
  2. The library also has internet facilities.
  3. The entire library is computerized and the students can easily access it.
  4. The college also provides the students with a fitness center for the health benefits of the students. 
  5. The fitness center is fully air-conditioned and well equipped.
  6. The gym has a shower room and changing room.

Ramjas College Cut off:

Ramjas College DU declared the academic years cut off on the official website. The Ramjas College cut off is based on different courses and categories of students. The cut off depends on that year's academic percentage of 12th boards and the number of students interested to apply.

Ramjas College, Delhi University Eligibility Criteria and Admission Procedure

Ramjas College Eligibility Criteria:

Ramjas College DU course eligibility criteria differ according to the program level.

Courses  Eligibility 
BA/ BA[Hons]/ B.Sc[Hons]/ B.Com/ B.Com[Hons]
  • The candidate must have completed 10+2 with relevant subjects from a recognized board.
MA/ M.Sc/ M.Com 
  • The candidate must have completed an undergraduate program with relevant subjects from a recognized board.

Ramjas College Admissions:

Ramjas college Delhi takes the admission process very seriously. Every candidate must apply and pay the fee on time.

  • The candidates who meet the eligibility criteria can apply.
  • The application form is available online on the official website.
  • The application form is also available directly in the college.

Courses and Fees Structure of Ramjas College, Delhi University

See all Courses and Full Fee Structure
Ramjas College, Delhi University Commerce Courses and Fees Structure
Course Name Fees Interested
Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com]  3 year(s), Full Time Rs. 31,715
Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] {Hons.}  3 year(s), Full Time Rs. 35,115
Master of Commerce [M.Com]  2 year(s), Full Time Rs. 21,883

Live Application Forms

Ramjas College, Delhi University Science Courses and Fees Structure
Course Name Fees Interested
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]  3 year(s), Full Time Rs. 39,660
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] {Hons.}  3 year(s), Full Time Rs. 41,893
Master of Science [M.Sc]  2 year(s), Full Time Rs. 22,477
Ramjas College, Delhi University Humanities and Arts Courses and Fees Structure
Course Name Fees Interested
Bachelor of Arts [BA]  3 year(s), Full Time Rs. 31,715
Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.}  3 year(s), Full Time Rs. 31,829
Certificate Course  1 year(s), Full Time
Master of Arts [MA]  2 year(s), Full Time Rs. 21,883
Ramjas College, Delhi University Law Courses and Fees Structure
Course Name Fees Interested
Certificate Course  1 year(s), Full Time

Ramjas College, Delhi University FAQs


How good are Ramjas college courses?

Ramjas college courses are well-revised every year and they provide various undergraduate and postgraduate courses. 


What is the Ramjas college cut off?

The cutoff changes every year depending on the number of candidates applying. The cut off will be announced by the college during admission.Ramjas College cut off 2020 - Check here

Student Satisfaction Rating 

Based on 93 Student's Reviews 7.8/10  
Overall Rating
Social Life
Rating Distribution
Needs Improvement
Top Feature & Summary
This institute is recommended by 77/93 students

Ramjas College, Delhi University Ranking

Arts Ranking
Publication Name Rank
The Week 10
India Today 10
Science Ranking
Publication Name Rank
India Today 17
Commerce Ranking
Publication Name Rank
India Today 8

Approval, Recognition, Affiliation and Accreditation

The college is approved by NAAC; affiliated to University of Delhi - [DU], New Delhi.

Hostel Details

Ramjas College Hostel Details:

Ramjas College Infrastructure is one of the main attractive features of the college. The college also provides its students with hostel facilities. Ramjas College facilities are to make the students feel at home in the hostel.

  • There are general rules and regulations that the students have to follow.
  • There are special rules for women.
  • They provide a hostel mess from where the students can eat home-like food.
  • There are medical facilities available for the students.
  • Any kind of medical emergency will be attended and the local guardian will be informed immediately.
  • There is a common room, where the students can play sports and entertain themselves in various ways.
  • The common room for boys and girls are separate.
  • There is a small gym only for boys.


Computer labs

Contact Details and Location

Address : University Enclave ,Delhi India
Website : http://www.ramjascollege.edu

Student Reviews

Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com], batch of 2018

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate 8 for everything Starting from the daily routine and the quality and method of teaching.


There are many societies in the college like gaming, dancing, singing, taekwondo. Etc The biggest festival os the college fest in which the college invites the famous celebrities.

Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com], batch of 2017

The Daily routine such as timings is 5-6 hours. teachers provide assignments projects take tests regularly. It helps us to revise the chapters and make it easier for the semester exam to perform well.  


Each society of ECAC organizes an inter-college festival through the academic session. The annual college fest of Ramjas is held every year. It refreshes the mind of the students and everyone who take part in it. College life is absolutely amazing. 

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Mathematics), batch of 2018

Class timing is good and a bit hectic too. All the working days except Sunday are from 8 am to 4 pm. The time will vary from department to department. My experience is good and I learned many new things.


There are many societies such as collective literary, woodcraft, maths, commerce, NSS, Hindi and much more are there, which is working smoothly and there are many fests conducted in the college.

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc], batch of 2018

Classes are held from 9:30 am to sometimes 6:30 am.It is hectic but required in order to make us hard working professional


The theater society, Shunya is considered one of the best acts of the University of Delhi. There are several activities taking place with Ramjas College growing atmosphere. There are more societies to provide exposure to your hidden talents

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Physics), batch of 2019
  • Ramjas College has various clubs and associations for its students. Various cultural and national festivals are celebrated with vigor. 
  • The overall life at Ramjas College is enjoyable. 

  • Assignments, projects, and examinations are held regularly at Ramjas College. 

Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] {Hons.}, batch of 2017
  • The quality of teaching is very good at Ramjas College, Delhi University.
  • Overall experience is good at this college.

  • Life at Ramjas College, Delhi University, in general is good Overall experience in college has been fabulous.

Bachelor of Arts [BA], batch of 2016
  • Classes held daily and very less holidays . Mostly classes started from 8.30 a.m at Ramjas College and exams are held twice a year 1st part in November 2nd part in may class tests also held 1 month before exams assignments are also given and taken 1 month before exams.
  • Highly qualified teachers hire students and their way of teaching and method of teaching is outstanding and they give private notes too No extra efforts required after taking regular classes. A student never gets bored in Ramjas 

  • In ramjas college there are many societies available dance society, fashion society, singing society, nss societies, spectrum society, drama society, and many more
  • 85% festivals programme takes place all of over year. Sports functions takes place a lot and cultural function takes place very much in think twice a month life is superb in college.

Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] {Hons.}, batch of 2017
  • The classes start at 8.30 and can go on up to 3.30pm. However, there are breaks in between for students to refresh themselves and also have a great time with their friends.
  • College takes enough care about interaction and understanding students needs. For this, there are different societies that one can join in order to pursue their hobbies.
  • The examinations are held every semester along with internal examination in the mid of the semester.
  • However, usually, there is one test and one assignment for every subject that fetches you marks fo internal assessment.
  • My overall experience in the college has been great.
  • Being in the final year of my graduation, I have had enough experiences and have learnt a lot about living a practical life.
  • There is a lot to gain from Ramjas and a lot of giving through your talents.

  • There are numerous student societies in the college. You can join any of them as per your interest.
  • The popular societies of Ramjas college are Dance, singing, drama, debating, placement, enactus, NSS, etc.
  • Diwali and Holi are celebrated with a great enthusiasm. You also have freshers party every year at Ramjas College, Delhi University.
  • There is rain dance when it comes to college freshers party. Teachers day is celebrated by the students in their respective classrooms.
  • However, students have the allowance to take initiative and organize any of the functions for festivals. The college also organizes fests.
  • The life in college, in general, is just awesome.
  • The part where you make so many friends, you move out into the city to visit places, you go to other colleges for their functions like fests all give you a different exposure.

Bachelor of Arts [BA] (History), batch of 2019
  • The faculty in Ramjas is extremely good. The professors are so knowledgeable and experienced, which is reflected in their way of teaching. I am from history honours and my faculty is the best in all over DU. The other departments to have best professors. The daily routine is not at all exhausting. Students are given break after classes.
  • The method of teaching is smooth and very interesting. Teachers cooperate with the students and help them a lot. The teach us good morals and we enjoy it a lot.  The quality of teaching is very good and students easily understand what is being taught.I am extremely happy to be a Ramjasite and every day is a good experience here. There are things happening in the college of student's interests. The crowd here is mixed hence bringing diversity. The college is rich in greenery too.
  • I personally feel proud to be proud of Ramjas college.

  • Societies in Ramjas has extremely talented students,be it the Backbeat-music society,Rampage-fashion society,Wordcraft-literary society,Focus-photography society,Spicmacy-fine arts society,Shunya-dramatics society,Enactus-placement cell society,debating society,NSS and department societies too. We also have one society which is working on the 100th year celebration of the college named Centennial. Shunya is known as the best society of dramatics all over DU. Students get a lot of exposure here and they get the best platform to show their skills, creativity, talent, and intelligence here.
  • The main fest of the college is MOSAIC which is super amazing and students enjoy a lot here since they wait for it so eagerly. The main department fest of history hons is Had-Anhad which is also very good. College is full of joy and excitement on the fest day.
  • The college life is veru extra ordinary,students get alot to experience and they are so much excited about things happening here. The college welcomes guests from different spheres and we come to witness beautiful things in those functions. College is full of life and amusement with the best faculties and great crowd. I personally feel extremely happy to be a Ramjasite.

Bachelor of Arts [BA] (English), batch of 2014
  • Everything was pretty organised in my department. Professors used to come on time for the classes and assignments were collected monthly keeping in mind the convenience of all the students together.
  • My experience at college cannot be expressed in words. It was fantabulous.

  • College is awesome in simple words. Enactus, Shunya, etc are some of the famous societies of the college.

Master of Science [M.Sc] (Physics), batch of 2017
  • Class timings are ok.

Discussion Forum


What is the admission procedure in Ramjas College

Asked By: Anonymous 26 May 2016


Hi Jyoti,


Candidates seeking admission in the Ramjas College should note that he/she should follow the steps given herein. The procedure is also posted on the College Website www.ramjascollege.edu and a copy on to the College notice board for reference.

1. ONLY the admission seekers who have registered with the University (i.e. filled the OMR form and can furnish the proof of registration) are eligible for admissions in the College. Such candidates should examine whether their percentage marks (Best of Four/PCB/PCM, whichever is applicable) falls within the cut- off percentage declared by the College for admission in different courses.
PLEASE NOTE: The candidate should submit the proof of registration at the time of admissions.

2. a. Candidates falling within the cut-off criterion declared by the College and seeking admission in Humanities and Arts courses of the college shall report.

b. Candidates seeking admission in Commerce courses - B. Com (Hons) and B. Com (Prog) of the college shall report to Room No. 1 (First Floor (Faculty in-charge Mrs. Manju Gupta).

c. Candidates seeking admission in Science courses of the college shall report.

3. After submitting the proof of University Registration and obtaining the required permission from the respective faculty-in-charge of the course, the admission seeker must obtain “the printed slip’ for purchasing the Admission Form. The admission form is available for buying by paying Rs. 300/- (Rupees three hundred only) in Rooms No. 103 & 104 (Ground Floor).

4. The candidates then should carefully fill up ALL the details sought in the application form, University Enrolment Form and Student Information Services form in his/her own handwriting and put his/her signature wherever required.
PLEASE NOTE: Physical presence of the candidate at the time of admissions is mandatory. No admissions will be done in absentia for any reason whatsoever.

No cutting, overwriting or application of white fluid is allowed in the forms. In case of any error, please bring the same to the notice of the respective faculty-in-charge who will retain the incorrect/rectified form and order again for issue of a new form by paying of Rs. 300/- by the candidate.

5. The candidate seeking admission MUST submit ALL the required Documents/Certificates in original along with 2 (two) sets of (self-attested) photo copies of all the enclosures.
PLEASE NOTE: Without ANY of the listed documents, the admission form will not be entertained.

6. The admission forms and documents/certificates will be preliminary examined, in the presence of the candidate, by the administrative staff deputed with the faculty-in-charge of the course. Please co-operate with the administrative staffs posted along with the faculties-in-charge and answer all queries raised by them.


7. After examination by the respective Faculties-In-Charge, the admission file will be delivered to the Admission Control Room and will be re-examined by the forensic experts in order to authenticate the correctness of Documents/Certificate as submitted by the candidate.

8. Thereafter, the completed and verified admission form will be signed by the Administrative Consultant of the College, Convener/Co-convener of the College Admission Committee 2015-16 and Principal/Vice-principal of the college, in that order.

9. The forms will be then forwarded to the Accounts Department for acceptance of Fees.
PLEASE NOTE: The candidate seeking admission after obtaining the required signature of the Faculty in-charge of the course in which admission is sought (i.e. after step no. 6 herein), shall report, in about 2 hours, directly to the FEE COUNTER on the back side of the Accounts Department.

10. The fee shall be charged as notified on the College Notice Board/College Website, and be deposited with personnel of the Corporation Bank placed at the Fee Counter of the College. The candidate shall obtain the receipt of payment to complete the admission process.

Thank You


Answer By: Getmyuni

30 May 2016




Important dates regarding admission process are given below please check,

S.No. Activity Date Time
1 Issue & Receipt of Registration Forms at the Registration Centers first week of June 2016 9 AM to 1 PM
(excluding Sundays)
2 Notification of First Admission List by the Colleges Last week of June 2016 9 AM
4 Notification of Second Admission List by the Colleges First week of July 2016 9 AM
6 Notification of Third Admission List by the Colleges 4 July 2016 9 AM
7 Admission and Payment of Fees 4 July to Saturday, 6 July 2016 Upto 1 PM*
8 Notification of Fourth Admission List by the Colleges (if any) 8 July 2016 9 AM
9 Admission and Payment of Fees 8 July to , 10 July 2016 Upto 1 PM*
10 Notification of Fifth Admission List by the Colleges (if any) 11 July 2016 9 AM
11 Admission and Payment of Fees 11 July to , 13 July 2016 Upto 1 PM*

Answer By: Getmyuni

16 Apr 2016

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