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Exam Date

Jun 24, 2021

Result Date

Jul 13, 2021

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Syllabus for YCMOU MBA is set by Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, to test the ability of the students in different aspects. The exam also tests the personality, attitude, and knowledge of the student. The candidates can start preparing for the exam by going through the syllabus and practicing regularly.

YCMOU MBA 2021 Syllabus

In the YCMOU MBA 2021 Syllabus, all the questions (hereafter referred to as ‘items’) are of the ‘Multiple Choice Questions’ (MCQs) type, wherein each item is given four options. The candidate has to ‘select’ only one of the given options as the correct answer to the item and indicate the same by clicking on the corresponding circle. Every item carries 2 marks.

Examples that follow are simply to illustrate the nature of the items likely to appear in the different ‘sections’ of the exam- question paper. The eligible candidates have to go through the syllabus to improve themselves and to clear this exam.

Illustrative Examples

The examples given for each section are merely to illustrate the nature of the task required.

The examples cited here are just to give an idea about the nature of the entrance examination and questions appearing in the entrance examination may vary from illustrative examples.

Reading Comprehension

In this component, a passage (consisting of about 450-500 words or 25-30 lines) will be given. The candidate has to read the passage very carefully, understand the details, and answer the items that follow it.

Some items are meant for the testing understanding of what is stated therein. Some others are intended to test the interpretation and analysis of what is read. Certain others are intended for the testing understanding of the contextual meanings of specific words/phrases.

It is important to thoroughly read the passage a sense of the principal ideas, facts, an organization of content, information relating to ideas, attitudes, tone, and general style of presentation before one attempts to answer the items.

Each item is expected to be answered based on what is in the passage and not based on personal opinion or knowledge.

Candidates are advised to read all the options before selecting an answer. Here is an example to illustrate.

Directions: Read the passage given below and answer all the items following the passage based on what is stated/implied in it.

Since then, the span of man’s life grew to eighty years. The first thirty years of his whole long life are, in fact, those of man’s own life. At this stage, he is sound both in body and mind and is full of fire.

After that, in the next eighteen years, he leads the life of a donkey. At this age, he does nothing but abuse. Thereafter, he steps into the life of a dog. At that stage, man lacks the vigor of the past, but all the same, the memory of the days gone by does not slip away.

Therefore, he can do little but sit apart and bark at others. Finally, he glides into the life of a monkey when he, not only in his conduct but also in his physical appearance, apes the monkey.

1. The focus in the passage is on the character of a..........

(A) dog (B) man

(C) donkey (D) monkey

2. The first thirty years of man’s life can be called his own because..........

(A) He remains free from any worries

(B) He enjoys his educational life

(C) He is then sound in body and mind

(D) He can live life as he wants

3. The phrase ‘full of fire’ used in the passage means:

(A) Tremendous heat

(B) Great enthusiasm

(C) Extreme joy

(D) A thirst for knowledge

Verbal Ability

This section contains items for testing your language competency- vocabulary, syntax, grammar, etc. It may have items on antonyms, synonyms, verbal analogies, sentence completion/correction. Some examples of items of this kind are as follows.

Example 1:

Directions: Choose the option that is opposite in meaning to the word ‘Recession’

(A) Approach

(B) Recoil

(C) Retraction

(D) Withdrawal

Example 2:

Directions: Choose the option that is nearest in meaning to the word Stubborn’

(A) Shaky

(B) Irregular

(C) Obstinate

(D) Confident

Example 3:

Directions: You are given a key pair of words in capitalized print and a list of four pairs marked as A, B, C, D. Select an option in which the pair of words are related to each other in the same way as those in the key pair.

Key Pair - ART: Painting

(A) Sketching: Printing

(B) Drawing: Painting

(C) Science: Chemistry

(D) Patient: Doctor

Numerical Ability

This section contains items designed for testing the candidate’s ability to apply computational, algebraic, geometrical, graphics, symbolic and logical techniques to familiar situations.

The intended is to test the ability to recognize numerical relationships and perform basic numerical operations.

Here are some illustrations.

Example 1:

Which is the number, which when squared and added to 12 becomes seven times its value?

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 5

(D) 6

Example 2:

If the radius of a circle is increased by 1 cm. the ratio of the new circumference to the new diameter will be -

(A) + 2

(B) – 2

(C) (2* + 1)/2

(D) None of these

Example 3:

Rama and Krishna hire a pasture for INR 260. Rama puts 20 cows for 3 months and Krishna puts 35 cows for 2 months. The amount to be paid by Rama will be -

(A) INR 100

(B) INR 115

(C) INR 140

(D) INR 120

Business Data Interpretation

This section tests the ability for business comprehension and interpretation of the data related to business and commerce. It is tested through different forms such as tables, graphs, histograms, pie charts, polygons and the like. A series of items is given for each set of data for testing interpretation, interpolation and extrapolation abilities. Here is an example of a data set along with related items.

In a certain large-scale company, labor trouble continued for about 3 years in succession after which the factory workers went on a total strike.

During these 3 years, the company management had retrenched several workers as indicated in Table No. 1.

Table No. 1


Worker Strength

Workers Retrenched (Number)

Age-Range of

Retrenched Workers

Work Experience of Retrenched

Workers (yrs.)






1 to <3

3 to <5

5 & above































1. What percentage of the total workers retrenched were within the age range of 25-29? (Figures have been rounded)

(A) 17

(B) 56

(C) 18

(D) 57

2. What was the increase in the percentage of retrenchment between 1991 and 1992 for the workers with a work experience of between ‘3 to less than 5 years’? (Figures have been rounded)

(A) 10

(B) 7

(C) 5

(D) None of the above

3. Which of the following situations, shows the maximum retrenchment of workers?

(A) When the age range is high & work experience is high.

(B) When the age range is high & work experience is low.

(C) When the age range is at the intermediate level & work experience is low.

(D) When the age range is at the intermediate level & work experience is high.

Business Application

This component deals with items designed to test the ability to apply given data for solving simple problems related to commerce, economics, statistics, and business.

The topics that may be covered herein are Ratio - Proportion - Variation, Average - Percentage, Profit - Loss - Discount, Interest (Simple and Compound), Stocks and Shares, Taxes - Rates, Insurance Time - Work - Speed and the like.

Given here are a couple of illustrative examples.

Example 1:

The cost price of an article is INR 8.50. The selling price is to be decided so that a profit of 25% on the selling price will be made? What should be the selling price?

(A) INR 11.33

(B) INR 10.36

(C) INR 12.05

(D) INR 9.78

Example 2:

The sum of INR 4000 will amount to INR 5000 at a simple interest of 5%

(A) 4 years

(B) 6 years

(C) 2 years 6 months

(D) 5 years

Business Judgement

In this section, information about a business situation is provided insufficient details in a passage or a case report. This is followed by a series of items that will test the ability to evaluate the statements, facts and other information regarding the business and to make your judgment about the various aspects of the business as stated in the report.

Example 1:

Directions: Read carefully the passage given below and answer the questions that follow.

Secretarial practices in modern offices have seen many technological changes in recent years. A major event is the advent of computerization in every sphere of life. A leading typing institute offering regular training as well as undertaking major typing tasks on the job-work basis was quick to realize the possible use of computerization in improving its services and therefore decided to purchase the latest computers with printers, etc. to update its existing facilities. The new equipment, it was realized, would result in increased output to the extent that the work handled by three secretarial assistants would, with the new facilities, be handled, by one assistant.

It was believed that the overall profits of the institute with the use of computerized services would undergo a significant increase.

Besides, the manager of the Institute enjoyed good, cordial relations with his subordinates. In fact, on many occasions in the past, his subordinates had stayed back well beyond working hours (without any expectation of monetary compensation) to respect the commitments made to outside parties.

Over six months, the manager of the institute collected funds (partly by investing his own earlier profits and partly by raising loans from the State Bank of India) for the purchase of the required computers and accessories. He was lucky to obtain the required equipment within a week.

By the end of 8 months, after a detailed financial analysis of the existing situation, it appeared, however, that the overall profits of the institute had declined by 8% rather than showing an expected increase. There had been no change in other conditions within the set-up. Perplexed about this unexpected outcome, the manager of the institute sought advice from a firm of management consultants. The consultants worked on the details provided by the manager of the institute and finally submitted their report, giving useful advice and recommendations.

Given below is a set of factors that may not be important in the decision advice given by the firm of management consultants. Evaluate each factor concerning the classification scheme given below.

Classification Scheme Mark

  • If it is a major objective in the decision-making process.

  • If it is a major factor, influencing the decision.

  • If it is a minor factor, influencing the decision.

  • if it is an unimportant issue, in making a decision.

The following items are to be evaluated based on the classification- scheme.

  • The time required for getting new equipment.

  • Possible difficulties in getting a loan.

  • Increased productivity of subordinates.

  • Training of subordinates in new techniques of computerization.

  • Increase in profits.




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