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Updated on - Apr 10, 2024

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  • 15 April 2024 :

    JEE Main 2024 session 2 paper 1 provisional answer key released, students could raise objection till April 14, 2024. 

JEE Main Rank Predictor 2024 is an essential tool for students as it helps candidates anticipate their position in the JEE Main exam. Students can use the rank predictor JEE Main 2024 to predict their ranks based on the percentile scored in the JEE Main 2024 exam. 

Using the rank predictor JEE Main 2024, students can identify the colleges to get admission into based on their rank for the desired program. Students can check their live ranks for JEE Main Session 2. The percentile predictor JEE mains 2024 session 2 anticipates ranks by analyzing the parameters of the previous year's opening & closing ranks published by the JOSAA board and the percentiles scored by the top performers.

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What is JEE Main Rank Predictor 2024?

JEE Main rank predictor 2024 can help candidates estimate their possible rank. To produce predictions, the JEE Main 2024 rank predictor takes into account variables such as question difficulty and past performance.

The fact that these are only estimates and could not be accurate must be understood by the candidates. However, the official rank and final rank list will be declared by NTA on the official website. The minimum marks to qualify JEE mains differ for reserved and unreserved candidates. Applicants must check the qualifying marks for JEE Mains 2024 shared below.

JEE Main Estimated Qualifying Marks
Categories Qualifying Marks
General 90
EWS 80
OBC 76
SC 57
ST 46

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How to Use the JEE Main 2024 Rank Predictor?

Candidates are required to provide valid details to avoid false predictions while using the JEE Main 2024 rank predictor tool. Candidates are advised to calculate their score using the official JEE Main Answer Key 2024 released by the NTA to predict rank.

Once the score is calculated, candidates can proceed to use the rank predictor of JEE Main 2024. The steps to use the same are as follows.

  • Applicants must register with GetMyUni to use the rank predictor JEE Main 2024 tool.
  • They must fill in all the required information such as name, mobile number, email address, registration no, total marks, choose a category, enter city, and preferred location.
  • At last, they must click on the 'Predict My Rank' option.

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What is the NTA Score?

The NTA score means a standardized score is calculated for multi-session papers by assessing the candidates' relative performance. The NTA score is published by the National Testing Agency. Students can use the NTA score calculator to estimate their ranking.

The formula for converting the NTA score to marks is determined from the raw marks obtained in each session. The marks received are assigned on a scale of 100 to 0 for each session and the position of a candidate gets derived by calculating simple percentile.  

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What are the Uses of JEE Rank Predictor?

The JEE Main rank predictor will significantly help save time after announcing the official results and the ranks. It helps in knowing the probable rank.

Some of the additional features of JEE Main predictor 2024 are as follows:

  • JEE Main rank predictor 2024 offers an idea of where candidates stand regarding admission to top colleges in India.
  • Additionally, it provides insight into the colleges where candidates can get admission. JEE 2024 rank predictor will also help candidates prepare for the counselling process.
  • Nevertheless, the candidates are satisfied with the JEE Main rank. In that case, they can proceed to set up all the required documents for their counselling procedure.
  • Suppose candidates are unsatisfied with their rank predicted by the IIT JEE Main rank predictor 2024. In that case, they can make arrangements to participate in another JEE Main 2024 Exam session.

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JEE Main Rank Predictor 2024- Key features

Applicants must check some of the key pointers related to the JEE Main rank predictor 2024 shared below.

  • Before the official announcement of the JEE Main results, students can predict their rank using the JEE rank predictor.
  • The JEE Mains rank predictor 2024 calculates the rank based on the exam's shift in difficulty, candidate experience, and professional analysis.
  • The accuracy of the JEE Mains 2024 rank predictor, which makes use of artificial intelligence to make rank predictions, depends on the information entered by the applicants.
  • Therefore, candidates must provide the correct information to the rank predictor of JEE Main 2024.

JEE Main Rank Predictor: Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of the rank predictor tool for JEE Mains 2024 are shared below for candidates' reference.

JEE Main Rank Predictor Advantages

Following are the advantages of using the rank predictor tool for calculating JEE Mains 2024 estimated rank.

  • JEE Main rank predictor will help applicants in calculating their estimated rank based on the marks achieved.
  • The college predictor JEE Mains 2024 will help applicants learn the list of colleges they can opt for based on the estimated ranks.
  • The rank predictor will help candidates to know if they are going to make it to the JEE Advanced list.

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JEE Main Rank Predictor Disadvantages

The list of disadvantages of using the JEE Main rank predictor tool is shared below as pointers.

  • Candidates must know that the predictions of JEE Mains rank predictor 2024 are only indicative and should not be regarded as final rankings.
  • Moreover, the output produced by the rank predictor of the JEE Main 2024 depends on the information provided by the candidates.
  • Thus, applicants need to be very careful while filling out the details for rank prediction.

Note: IIT JEE Main rank predictor 2024 is not a 100% accurate tool and, therefore, does not predict the final rank of any candidate.

JEE Main Marks vs Rank

Till 2016, the candidate's All India Rank calculation was carried out using a normalization score. About 60% marks weightage was given to the score, and 40% weightage was given to the percentage obtained in the 12th board.

In 2017, the candidate's score alone was considered in calculating their rank. Similarly, the 2024 All India Rank will be distinctly calculated based on the 2024 score/result. Apart from using the JEE Mains rank predictor tool, candidates can also check the tentative JEE Main marks vs rank 2024 list shared below.

JEE Main 2024 Marks vs Rank
JEE Main 2024 Marks JEE Main 2024 Ranks
300 1
271 - 280 55 - 24
263 - 270 103 - 55
241 - 262 402 - 103
221 - 240 979 - 402
201 - 220 2004 - 979
181 - 200 3900 - 2004
161 - 180 7000 - 3900
141 - 160 12200 - 7000
121 - 140 21000 - 12200
100 - 120 35000 - 21000

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JEE Main Percentile vs Rank

There are several other ways through which candidates can predict their rank apart from using the JEE Main 2024 rank predictor tool. One such method is using the JEE Main 2024 percentile vs rank trends to do so.

There are several factors on which the JEE Main 2024 percentile vs rank method depends. The factors are as follows.

  • The total number of applicants.
  • The number of questions asked in the exam.
  • The level of difficulty of the exam.
  • Performance of the candidate.
  • Previous year JEE Main percentile vs rank trends.

The JEE Main percentile vs rank 2024 expected trends table is provided below for the candidate's reference.

JEE Main 2024 Percentile vs Rank
JEE Main 2024 Percentile JEE Main 2024 Rank
100 - 99.99989145 11 - 20
99.994681 - 99.997394 80 - 24
99.990990 - 99.994029 83 - 55
99.977205 - 99.988819 210 - 85
99.960163 - 99.975034 367 - 215
99.934980 - 99.956364 599 - 375
99.901113 - 99.928901 911 - 610
99.851616 - 99.893732 1367 - 920
99.795063 - 99.845212 1888 - 1375
99.710831 - 99.782472 2664 - 1900
99.597399 - 99.688579 3710 - 2700
99.456939 - 99.573193 5003 - 3800
99.272084 - 99.431214 6706 - 5100
99.028614 - 99.239737 8949 - 6800
98.732389 - 98.990296 11678 - 9000
98.317414 - 98.666935 15501 - 11800
97.811260 - 98.254132 20164 - 15700
97.142937 - 97.685672 26321 - 20500
96.204550 - 96.978272 34966 - 26500
94.998594 - 96.064850 46076 - 35000
93.471231 - 94.749479 60147 - 46500
91.072128 - 93.152971 82249 - 61000
87.512225 - 90.702200 115045 - 83000
82.016062 - 86.907944 165679 - 117000
73.287808 - 80.982153 246089 - 166000
58.151490 - 71.302052 385534 - 264383

JEE Main 2024 Rank List Weightage

The JEE Main rank list will be compiled based on the candidate's performance. The total weightage of JEE Main 2024 results will be provided. For ranking, the top two percentiles will be taken into account. Candidates will be called for the counseling session based on the merit list.

Colleges Accepting JEE Main Scores

Below mentioned are some colleges accepting JEE Mains scores.

Engineering Colleges in Delhi Accepting JEE Main Score Engineering Colleges in Mumbai Accepting JEE Main Score
Engineering Colleges in Pune Accepting JEE Main Score Engineering Colleges in Hyderabad Accepting JEE Main Score
Engineering Colleges in Bangalore Accepting JEE Main Score Engineering Colleges in Ahmedabad Accepting JEE Main Score
Engineering Colleges in Chennai Accepting JEE Main Score Engineering Colleges in Nagpur Accepting JEE Main Score
Engineering Colleges in Kolkata Accepting JEE Main Score Top Engineering Colleges in India Accepting JEE Main Score



What is NTA score?

The NTA scores are calculated based on the relative performance of candidates who appeared for the session 1 examination of JEE Mains. The marks obtained by applicants are converted into a scale ranging from 100 to 0 for each session separately.

What is the JEE Main rank predictor 2024?

JEE Main rank predictor aids candidates in calculating their approximate rank in the exam. The candidate's rank is calculated based on their estimated correct answers.

How is the JEE Main 2024 rank calculated?

JEE Main 2024 score is calculated on the basis of the raw score obtained by the candidate. The raw score is the total number of correct answers multiplied by 4 and the total number of wrong answers multiplied by -1.

What is a good percentile in JEE Main 2024?

A good percentile varies based on the institute and candidate's category. However, 65% is considered to be a good rank.

What will be the percentile if a candidate scores 100 marks in JEE Main 2024?

The candidate's marks will be transformed into percentile scores by the normalization method. Hence, a candidate who scores 100 marks in the JEE Main percentile will be between 95.42 and 94.40.

How many marks are required to clear JEE Mains 2024?

The passing marks for JEE Mains 2024 vary based on categories, such as, for general, it is 90; for EWS, it is 78; for OBC-NCL, it is 75; for SC, it is 55; and for ST, it is 44.

Which college can I get with 60 percentile in JEE Mains?

The list of colleges accepting 60 percentile in JEE Mains includes Vellore Institute of Technology, SAGE University Indore, Seacom Skills University, Terna Engineering College, etc.

How does JEE Main rank predictor 2024 work?

The JEE Main 2024 rank predictor uses statistical methods to predict students' rankings by analyzing factors such as the number of seats, category-specific seats, and the previous year's cutoff marks, etc.

What is the use of JEE Main rank predictor 2024?

Students can anticipate the rankings and percentile which will help them to know the expected cut-offs for admission & counseling process in different engineering and architecture-based colleges.


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