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Updated on - Feb 1, 2024

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BA subjects are covered across six semesters and are designed to give the students a deeper understanding of the course and specialization they choose to pursue. The BA syllabus focuses on a comprehensive understanding of various disciplines such as economics, history, sociology, psychology, and political science. 

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BA Subjects

Bachelor of Arts subjects are dependent on the specialization that the aspirants decide to pursue and are decided based on the core topics in humanities and social sciences, as well as the topics in the specialization. The elective subjects in BA are optional subjects that make the course flexible and diverse.

BA subject areas include Philosophy, History, Literature, Economics, Education, Political Science, Geography, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Library Science, Archaeology, and so on. The BA subject list is given below:

BA Core Subjects

BA core subjects focus on giving students the foundation knowledge required to excel in the course. Below mentioned are BA core subjects that all students from different specialization study:

  • Research Methodology
  • English Communication
  • Sociology
  • Mathematics
  • Education
  • Statistics
  • Environmental Sciences

BA Elective Subjects

The students can select various elective subjects in their BA third year according to their interest areas and knowledge. Below mentioned are BA elective subjects, that students can take accordingly:

  • Psychology of Individual Differences
  • Social Welfare and Administration
  • Social Action and Movements
  • Public Administration
  • Spiritual Literature
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Semester-Wise BA Syllabus

The BA subjects 1st year primarily focus on the foundational topics related to the field of humanities and social sciences. Due to this reason, the BA 1st year syllabus doesn’t change all that much. Listed below are the semester-wise syllabi of the BA, along with the BA subject list:

BA 1st Year Syllabus

The table below contains the BA subject list for the first year:

Semester I

Semester II

English Communication

Youth, Gender, and Identity

Development of Psychological Thought

Psychological Research

Political Science

Emotional Intelligence


Professional Communication

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BA 2nd Year Syllabus

The table below contains the BA subject list for the second year:

Semester II

Semester IV

Western Philosophy: Descartes to Kant

Social & Political Philosophy: Indian and Western

Text of Western Philosophy

Continental Philosophy

Life Skills

Writing Skills

American Literature

Canadian Literature

Cultural Education I


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BA 3rd Year Syllabus

The table below contains the BA subject list in the third year:

Semester V

Semester VI

Social Welfare and Administration

Social Action and Movements

NGO Movement

Spiritual Literature

Elements of Literary Criticism

Research Proposal


Research Project

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Specialization-Wise BA Subjects and Syllabus

Students often wonder, “What are the subjects in BA?”. The general syllabus of the BA subject will change according to the specialization. Listed below is the general syllabus for specializations.

BA Economics

BA Economics or Bachelor of Arts in Economics is an undergraduate course that trains a student to be able to analyze the processes and workings of the economy. The BA Economics course duration is 3-years in the social sciences encompassing both literal and quantitative courses.

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BA History

BA History subjects deal with the study of history and help an individual understand culture and society, and also give an in-depth view of the world. It is an undergraduate degree that focuses on the history of our society and reflects on its learnings.

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BA Political Science

A Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) is an undergraduate degree that is awarded to a candidate after 3 years of study. The BA in Political Science consists of 6 semesters. BA Political Science syllabus provides an introduction to the nature of politics and governments and how our government structure is being created to carry out an effective administration. Students who have completed their 10+2 in humanities are eligible to apply for BA Political Science Course.

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Other Important BA Syllabus and Subjects:

BA Hindi Subjects and Syllabus BA LLB Subjects and Syllabus BA Music Vocal Subjects and Syllabus
BA Sociology Subjects and Syllabus BA Philosophy Hons Subjects and Syllabus BA English Hons Subjects and Syllabus
BA Tamil Subjects and Syllabus BA Bengali Subjects and Syllabus BA Hons Philosophy Subjects and Syllabus
BA English Subjects and Syllabus BA Bengali Hons Subjects and Syllabus BA English Literature Subjects and Syllabus
BA Psychology Subjects and Syllabus BA Kannada Subjects and Syllabus BA Physical Education Subjects and Syllabus
BA Journalism Subjects and Syllabus BA Computer Applications Subjects and Syllabus BA in Fine Arts Subjects and Syllabus
BA Statistics Subjects and Syllabus BA LLB Hons Subjects and Syllabus BA Foreign Languages Subjects and Syllabus
BA Mathematics Subjects and Syllabus BA Marathi Subjects and Syllabus BA Political Science Hons Subjects and Syllabus
BA Criminology Subjects and Syllabus BA Economics Hons Subjects and Syllabus BA Functional English Subjects and Syllabus
BA Sociology Hons Subjects and Syllabus BA Education Subjects and Syllabus BA Geography Subjects and Syllabus
BA Journalism & Mass Communication Subjects and Syllabus BA Music Subjects and Syllabus BA Psychology Hons Subjects and Syllabus
BA Philosophy Subjects and Syllabus BA Hons Education Subjects and Syllabus BA Geography Hons Subjects and Syllabus
BA Public Administration Subjects and Syllabus BA Sanskrit Hons Subjects and Syllabus BA Home Science Subjects and Syllabus
BA Sanskrit Subjects and Syllabus BA Hindi Literature Subjects and Syllabus BA Tamil Literature Subjects and Syllabus
BA Hindi Hons Subjects and Syllabus BA History Hons Subjects and Syllabus BA Urdu Subjects and Syllabus

BA Distance Education Subjects

Distance BA is a three-year program that provides students with knowledge of literature, history, sociology, psychology, and more. The Distance BA Course syllabus follows a very consistent format across all universities, and the contents are mostly the same. The distance BA syllabus is shown in the list below. 

 The Structure of Modern English Global Politics
Psychology of Individual Differences History of the Modern World
Psychological Research Environmental Studies
Ethics In Public Domain Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences
Public Policy and Administration in India Foundation Course in Hindi
Understanding Prose and Poetry The Structure of Modern English
Indian Economic Development: Issues and Perspectives Foundation Course in Science and Technology

BA Course Structure

The BA course structure consists of both core and elective subjects. The course is a three-year-long undergraduate course, divided into six semesters. From the third semester onwards, students are introduced to specific subjects related to their specialization. The course structure is:

  • VI Semesters
  • Core Subjects
  • Elective Subjects
  • Undergraduate Course
  • Research Project
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BA Teaching Methodology and Techniques

BA teaching methodology and techniques encompass traditional lecture-based training. The traditional classroom teaching methods allow the students to ask the queries they might have and get answers to them. The course has teaching methodologies and techniques designed to ensure that the students pursuing this course have access to all the infrastructure and facilities available.

Listed below are the teaching methodology and strategies in general:

  • Lectures
  • Practical Sessions
  • Research Papers
  • Seminars
  • Group Discussions
  • Traditional Classroom-Based Teaching

BA Course Projects

When pursuing a Bachelor of Arts course, research projects are an integral part of the studies. These projects are assessed by the professors to judge the student's understanding of the subjects. Students can choose their project topics based on the specialization they choose to pursue.

Some of the popular research projects are listed below:

  • Opportunity Cost
  • Demand and its Determinants
  • Production – Returns to a Factor
  • Monopoly
  • The Poet And The Environment
  • The Historical Assessment Of Ekuechi Festival From Pre-colonial Era To Date
  • Pre-colonial Relations Among The Yorubas In Nigeria

BA Books

When pursuing a BA, books can be a great investment for students as they can help them learn about their specialization in great detail. Listed below are some of the popular BA course books that students can invest in:

Name of Book Author
Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics Chiang,‎ Wainwright
People's History of India Irfan Habib
Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics Chiang,‎ Wainwright
The Psychology of Selling  Brian Tracy
Compendium on Environmental Pollutions Laws,1985 S.K. Shukla
Public Administration Theory and Practice Sharma, M.P
Principles of Public Administration Willoughby

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Which BA specializations are the best?

Following are some of the famous BA specializations: English, Sociology, Journalism and Mass Communication, Psychology, History, Philosophy, etc.

What is syllabus for BA 1st year?

The first year BA syllabus includes English communication, Youth, Gender and Identity, Social Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Language and Professional Communication.

Which field is best after BA?

MA, MBA, LLB or PG Certification in Marketing is some of the best options for candidates to pursue after graduation.

How many subjects are in BA?

The curriculum of a student seeking a BA with honours is likely to include 2 electives in addition to 4 core units. The choice to choose all 6 subjects is available to students pursuing a general BA.

Which are the important BA Books?

The important BA books are Ancient India by R.S Tripathi, Public Administration Theory and Practice by M.P Sharma, Compendium on Environmental Pollutions Laws,1985 by SK Shukla, etc.

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