BA LLB Syllabus and Subjects:

The BA LLB syllabus contains the subjects such as English literature, Indian Legal System, Managerial Economics, Constitutional Law and so on. The detailed syllabus schedule is attached below. 

Sem. I 
Sl. No. Subjects of Study
1 English
2 Law of Torts including MV Accident and Consumer Protection Laws I
3 Jurisprudence (Legal Method, Indian Legal System, and Basic Theory of Law)
4 Fundamentals of Business Organization
5 English Literature


Sem. II 
Sl. No. Subjects of Study
1 English
2 Law of Torts including MV Accident and Consumer Protection Laws II
3 Managerial Economics
4 Principles and Practices of Business Management
5 Language


Sem. III 
Sl. No. Subjects of Study
1 Special Contract
2 Constitutional Law I
3 Family Law I
4 Effective Communication Skills
5 Quantitative Techniques


Sem. IV
 Sl. No. Subjects of Study
1 Law of Crimes Paper I: Penal Code
2 Constitutional Law II
3 Family Law II
4 Business and Managerial Communication
5 Organizational Behaviour 


Sem. V 
Elective: Choose Any One of the following
1 Sanskrit I
2 German I
3 French I
4 Spanish I
5 Hindi I
6 Marathi I 


Compulsory Courses
1 Law of Crimes Paper II: Criminal Procedure Code I
2 Property Law
3 Company Law I
4 Administrative Law
5 Corporate Governance and Finance 


Sem. VI
Sl. No. Subjects of Study
1 Sanskrit II
2 German II
3 French II
4 Spanish II
5 Hindi II
6 Marathi II 


Compulsory Courses
1 Law of Crimes Paper III: Criminal Procedure Code II
2 Environmental Law
3 Company Law II
4 Principles of Taxation Law
5 Human Resources and Total Quality Management


Sem. VII
Compulsory Courses
1 Public International Law
2 Code of Civil Procedure and Limitation Act I
Elective: Choose any one of the following
1 Merger and Acquisitions
2 General Agreement on Tariff and Trade
Elective: Choose any one of the following
1 Banking Law
2 Insurance Law 


Compulsory Courses
1 Law of Evidence
2 Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act II
Elective: Choose Any One of the following
1 Information Technology Law
2 International Banking and Finance
Elective: Choose Any One of the following
1 Trade in Intellectual Property
2 International Trade and Economics


Sem. IX 
Compulsory Courses
1 Labour and Industrial Law
2 Drafting, Pleading, and Conveyance (Clinical Course I)
3 Alternative Dispute Resolution (Clinical Course II)
Elective: Choose Any One of the following
1 Investment Law
2 Trade and Services immigration


Sem. X 
Sl. No. Subjects of Study
1 Professional Ethics and Professional Accounting Systems (Clinical Course III)
2 Moot Court Exercise and Internship (Clinical Course IV)
3 Projects and Presentation


Syllabus for BA LLB consists of concepts and depth to the subjects of law and humanities.

SI No Syllabus
1 Definition of Law
2 Functions of Law
3 Law, Justice, and Morality
4 Sources of Law
5 Basic Concepts of Indian Legal System
6 Legal Writing and Research
7 Literature and Law


SI No Syllabus
1 Indemnity, Guarantee and Agency
2 The Indian Partnership Act
3 The Negotiable Instrument Act
4 The Consumer Protection Act
5 Evolution of Law and Legal Institutions
6 Constitutional Developments and Framing of the Indian Constitution
7 Modern and Contemporary India


SI No Syllabus
1 Hindu Marriage and Dissolution
2 Muslim Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage
3 Civil Marriage and Emerging trends in Family Law
4 Constitution
5 Constitutional Organs
6 Introduction to Substantive Criminal Law
7 Introduction to Economics


SI No Syllabus
1 Principles of Inheritance under Hindu and Muslim Law
2 Muslim Law of Property
3 Right to Constitutional Remedies
4 Directive Principles and Fundamental Duties
5 Offenses against the Human Body
6 Offenses against Property
7 Evolution and Scope of Administrative Law
8 Administrative Discretion and Judicial Control of Administrative Action
9 Issues in Economic Development
10 Liberalization, Globalization and Related Issues


SI No Syllabus
1 Environmental Protection: International and National Perspective
2 Prevention and Control of Water, Air, Noise and Land Pollution
3 International Environment Laws and Current Trends
4 Introduction and Relevancy
5 Emerging Areas in the Law of Evidence
6 Incorporation and Formation of Company
7 Corporate Governance
8 Appeal, Reference, Review and Revision
9 Negotiation and Mediation
10 Arbitration and Conciliation


SI No Syllabus
1 Sources of International Law
2 Recognition, Extradition and the Law of the Sea
3 Contemporary International Issues
4 General Principles Governing Transfer of Immovable Property
5 Concept of Property and General Principles Relating to Transfer of Property
6 Investment and Securities Laws
7 Foreign Investment Laws
8 Arrest, Bail and Pre-Trial Proceedings
9 Trial Proceedings
10 The Competition Law in India


SI No Syllabus
1 Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining
2 Standing Orders
3 Resolution of Industrial Dispute
4 Residential Status, Chargeability
5 Heads of Income and Rules of Tax
6 Residual Income and Procedure for Assessment
7 Instruments of Economic Coercion
8 Resolution of Industrial Dispute
9 Types of Taxes and Distinction between Direct and Indirect tax
10 Search and Seizure


SI No Syllabus
1 Notion of Technology
2 E-Commerce
3 Cyber Crime
4 International Human Rights Law
5 The Copyrights
6 Trademarks
7 Patent
8 Industrial Design


SI No Syllabus
1 The Minimum Wages Act
2 The Payment of Wages Act
3 The Factories Act
4 The Employee’s Compensation Act
5 Bench-Bar Relations
6 Legal Ethics
7 Fundamental Rules of Pleadings
8 General Principles of Criminal Pleadings
9 Land Reforms
10 Rights, Obligations and Privileges of Refugees under the Refugee Convention


SI No Syllabus
1 Dissertation
Internship (Lawyers / Law firms)

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