Subjects and Syllabus for Distance Bachelor of Arts [BA]:

BA Correspondence Subjects are total five and the V subject have to be Choose by student among different languages like Bengali Marathi Punjabi Malayalam etc

Sl.No. Distance BA Syllabus - Course Name
1  Foundation Course in English-1 Or Foundation Course in Hindi-2
2  Foundation Course in Science and Technology
3  Foundation Course in Hindi
4  Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences
  Any one of the following Courses
1  Foundation Course in Bengali
2  Foundation Course in Kannada
3  Foundation Course in Malayalam
4  Foundation Course in Marathi
5  Foundation Course in Oriya
6  Foundation Course in Oriya
7  Foundation Course in Punjabi
8  Foundation Course in Tamil
9  Foundation Course in Telugu
10  Foundation Course in Urdu
11  From Language to Literature
12  The Structure of Modern English
13  Communication Skills in English
14  English for Practical Purposes
15  Understanding Prose
16  Understanding Poetry
17  Understanding Drama
18  Reading the Novel

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