Kannada BA syllabus is an undergraduate degree of three years which is divided into six semesters. BA  Kannada syllabus is a study of literature, poem, prose, story, history, origin and much more. BA subjects in Kannada differ according to specialization and institutes.

Semester Wise BA Kannada Syllabus

Bachelor of Arts Kannada syllabus covers everything from origin, history, scriptures, literature and much more. BA Kannada syllabus covers both practical and theory papers. BA Kannada course is designed to make sure that students can understand all key points and important points to succeed in their degree.

Semester wise Kannada BA subjects list are given below:

Semester I

Semester II

Cultural History of Karnataka I

Cultural History of Karnataka II

Medieval Kannada Literature I

Medieval Kannada Literature II

History of Kannada Literature I

History of Kannada Literature II

Semester III

Semester IV

Modern Kannada Literature I

Modern Kannada Literature II

Old Kannada Literature I

Old Kannada Literature II

Cultural History of Kannada I

Cultural History of Kannada II

Semester V

Semester VI

Old and Medieval Kannada Literature I

Old and Medieval Kannada Literature II

Traditional Kannada Grammar I

Traditional Kannada Grammar II

Kannada Folk Literature I

Kannada Folk Literature II

Linguistics I

Linguistics II

BA Kannada Subjects

Bachelor of Arts Kannada subjects are history, literature, story, scriptures,  prose, poem and many more. Subjects of BA Kannada covers both practicals and theory. The curriculum of BA Kannada has both core and elective subjects.

Some of the BA Kannada subjects are listed below:-

  • Old and Medieval Kannada Literature
  • Kannada Folk Literature
  • Traditional Kannada Grammar
  • Cultural History of Kannada
  • History of Kannada Literature
  • Cultural History of Kannada Literature

BA Kannada Course Structure

BA Kannada Degree course is an undergraduate degree course or program usually in a branch of the Arts. Kannada is the Language that is being practised from ancient times to now. The structure of BA Kannada is made in such a way that it carries classroom training and practical sessions. 

Course structures for BA Kannada are given below:

  • Internship
  • Practicals
  • Elective Subjects
  • Case Study
  • Core Subjects
  • VI Semesters

BA Kannada Teaching Methodology and Techniques

BA Kannada course has different teaching methods. For those who are very passionate about the Kannada language and want to take it as their profession in future. BA Kannada course includes practical sessions along with classroom training. Some teaching methods of BA Kannada that are adopted in the course are listed below:

  • Case Study
  • Internship
  • Group Discussions
  • Classroom training
  • Practical sessions

BA Kannada Projects

Projects on some concepts are given to the student to make them understand clearly about the topic and some more knowledge. Projects should be completed within the sixth semester. Some of the BA Kannada project topics are given below:

  • Sudarshan Desaiavara Samgra Sahitya
  • Kannada Shastrasahityakke Jainkavigalla koduge 10ne Shatamandinda 16ne Shtamanada Kalavadi
  • Aa Na Kru Avara Katha Sahitya
  • Kannada Sahittyadalli Mahamaranna
  • Adunika Kannada Mahilla Kavyadalli Prathibatneya Nelegallu

BA Kannada Reference Books

Books are the things that give vast knowledge about any type of topic. There are many books in this world with different authors, topics and with different points of view. Some of the BA books PDFs in Kannada are available online. Books for this BA Kannada are available in both online and offline stores. Books for BA Kannada differ according to the specializations and Institutes. Some of the well-known BA Kannada books are listed below:

Name of the Books


A History of Kannada Literature

Edward P. Rice

Mookajjiya Kanasugalu

K Shivarama Karanth

Manku Thimmana kagga

D. V. Gundappa

Malegalalli Madhumagalu


Marali Mannige

Dr. K Shivaram Karanth

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