Bachelor of Planning Syllabus:

B.Planning syllabus might have slight variations from university to university but the ideology behind these subjects remain the same and the core concepts are Regional Planning, Materials and Construction, Elements of Economics, Geo-informatics and Research Methodology and Analysis. A sample syllabus schedule is annexed down.

Semester 1
S No Subjects
1 Basic Design
2 Fundamentals of Urban & Regional Planning
3 Evolution of Aesthetic, Culture and Technology
4 Fundamentals of Building Structure, Materials and Construction
5 Statistical and Quantitative Methods in Planning I
6 Research Methodology and Technical Report writing
7 Planning Studio I


Semester II
S No Subjects
1 Techniques of Planning I
2 Elements of Economics
3 Specifications, Estimation and Valuation
4 Applied Geology and Hydrology
5 Surveying and Photogrammetry
6 Statistical and Quantitative Methods in Planning II
7 Planning Studio II


Semester III
S No Subjects
1 Settlement Geography
2 Traffic and Transport Planning I
3 Computer Aided Design (CAD)
4 Planning Theory I
5 Techniques of Planning II
6 Demography and Urbanization
7 Planning Studio III


Semester IV
S No Subjects
1 Planning Practice I
2 Ecology, Environment and Resource Management
3 Housing and Community Planning
4 Planning Theory II
5 Traffic and Transport Planning II
6 Settlement Sociology
7 Planning Studio IV


Semester V
S No Subjects
1 Planning and Management of Utilities and Services
2 Sustainable Urban Development
3 Landscape Planning and Design
4 Real Estate Planning and Management
5 Planning Legislation
6 Geo-Informatics for Planning
7 Planning Studio V


Semester VI
S No Subjects
1 Urban Renewal and Conservation
2 Introduction to Urban Design
3 GIS for Planning
4 Urban Management - I
5 Project Formulation, Appraisal and Management
6 Planning and Management of Informal Sector
7 Planning Studio – VI


Semester VII
S No Subjects
1 Urban and Rural Governance
2 Introduction to Regional Planning
3 Metropolitan Planning, Development and Management
4 Urban Finance
5 Training Review & Dissertation
6 Elective I
7 Planning Studio VII


Semester VIII
S No Subjects
1 Planning Practice II
2 Urban Management II
3 Planning Thesis
4 General proficiency
5 Elective II

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